Monday, November 16, 2015

I Still Don't Feel Better.... 12

*The Plot And The Solution..........

 The next morning, I pretended to be asleep while Frank dressed for work. Deep in my heart, I was excited about the new day and the plans I had in mind. I was nolonger angry at Frank, honestly, I didn't care anymore about him and the frustrations he put me through the previous night. I grinned, if only he knew what I had planned, maybe he wouldn't have gone to work that day. Frank on the other hand, seemed pretty happy that morning, he smiled, whistled and did a little dance move around the room as he dressed up for work. 

"Morning Baby." Frank greeted as I got off the bed and walked towards the bathroom.

"Morning," I replied "You dumb clueless bastard." I added as soon as I shut the bathroom door and went on with cleaning up for the day.

"Lisa, I'm off to the office, I have a very important meeting to catch. See you in the evening Darling. Love you!" he yelled through the bathroom door. 

"Whatever!" I yelled back. I didn't really care about Frank. I just wanted to clean up and get my plans going. As soon as I was done having my bath, I put on my sexy lingerie and went to have breakfast. One thing was certain, I wasn't going to work that day. I picked up my phone and sent a text to Lara. 

"He's gone, where are you?" 

"On my way dear. I'm almost there." Lara replied.  

I spent most of the next few minutes in an exuberantly happy daze. Yes! Everything was going as planned. After I had breakfast, I rushed to the room to get out my toys and I grabbed the biggest Phallus. A devious grin spread across my face. To hell with Frank. I was going back to my old girls loving. "Fuck you Frank, you rotten bastard." I said to myself. I cursed so much at Frank. Not too long, I heard the doorbell ring and I ran to get the door. My heart quickened its pace with excitement and fireworks went off in my head as I opened the door and saw Lara standing there.
"Hi, Lisa," She started, but I cut her off with a hard kiss while my eager hands kneaded her sexy ass. At first it began hard then I withdrew when I tasted something sweet from her mouth. 

"Mmmmm. Cutie, what on earth have you been eating?" I ask, amused. 

"Candy." She smiled up at me prettily. I leaned back in for another taste and sucked her tongue and the sweet saliva from her happy mouth, I pulled away again.

"But you only eat candy when you are nervous. So what are you nervous about now?" I asked as I pulled away from the kiss to make sure the door was closed. 

"Well, it's been a while we did this and you know I'm not so comfortable about doing this in your house. We could have gone to the hotel." she said. 

"The hotel ain't that safe you know. What will people think seeing two women going into a hotel room? You know the families we both come from and the stanch Christian families we married into. My house is better, no one will suspect a thing. Relax baby. What's the worse that could happen? Only Frank and I live here and he's in a very important meeting. You already know this." I said. 

"Then maybe I'm just nervous about getting my pussy eaten. It's been so long I got pussy licked. And I can't wait to have you fuck me with a big toy. You know I love my husband but I just want something bigger. Please give it to me." 

Lara threw her arms around my neck and tilted her face up for a kiss. I indulged her rather more intensely than she expected, but her lips immediately parted for my tongue as my hands slipped under her waistband to knead her ass in the lace panties she wore for me. I can never get over how soft she is. Her lips, her ass, her tummy, her cheek. I walked her backwards without breaking our kiss, reluctantly withdrawing my hands to unbutton her top. I pushed the kiss till we got to the dinning and I set her onto the table, I tangled my left hand in her hair to hold the kiss and start rubbing and tweaking her left nipple with my right hand. I loved how immediate and unconscious her reactions were to my touch. And not just her nipple rapidly hardening. She instinctively wrapped her arms and legs around me and moaned her need into my mouth. I switched hands, but kept teasing her until she started to slowly gyrate against me. I kept teasing her a while longer, because I liked it. 

She eventually broke the kiss, ‎panting, she says. "Please...?" 

"Mmmm, take off your bra." I ordered and I had my lips clamped on her right nipple before her bra hit the ground. She spent the next ten minutes with one hand in my hair and the other grabbing on her left breast. She was moaning, whimpering, and rocking on my dinning table as I licked, nibbled, sucked, and nipped her breasts to my heart's content.

"Please, baby, Please." Her voice was getting slightly more urgent and breathless, but I wanted to take her further.

"Please what, Lara?" I broke for a second to feign ignorance.

"Please, I need you!" She groaned out audibly.

"Need me to what? I'm busy here, Sexy." I turned myself to the right in the vice grip of her legs to feel her grind against my left hip.

"I, I need you to take me." she said.

"Hmmmmm," I brought myself to her eye level and looked at her with mock-seriousness. 
"I'm pretty happy right here, Lara." I reclaimed her lips and took hold of her ass again, scooting her to the edge of the table and lightly grinding her against myself. "PLEASE FUCK ME!?" She all but screamed in her frustration when I finally release her mouth for air.

I picked her up off the table and set her on her feet, then smirked down at her as she pouted. I was getting pretty turned on too and very much wanted to fuck her silly.

"Get naked and let's go to the bedroom," I ordered, slapping her butt playfully. 

When we got into the bedroom, she was already naked and then she laid on the bed, I was still standing so I began to take off my lingerie slowly, giving her a strip tease. She spread her legs and played with her pussy as she watched me strip seductively for her. 

"Go on baby, fuck your pussy for me, stroke your clit." I said as she fucked her pussy and I watched. 

"You excite me so much Lisa." she moaned. 

"You excite me too baby." I replied.

She made a sound, though a moan of joy and satisfaction at the first slide of her entire palm over her pussy, then more as her fingers slid back. Her middle finger penetrated her pussy lips, finding hot moisture inside. She flicked her clit. She did that for a while, one knee up, pussy wide open, keeping the show going for me. She had her free hand on her tit, pinching and eventually pulling her nipple, until she needed that hand. The fingers had to go to her pussy, go inside her, while the other hand worked her clit feverishly, strumming like she was both the guitar and guitarist. She did this until she grew dangerously close to cumming, but couldn't quite reach it. She was surprised that she couldn't cum, maybe knowing she was on display couldn't let her get off. 

I became very wet and horny myself, I couldn't wait anymore, I got on the bed, pounced on her and seized her left nipple between my lips. I suckled as hungrily as I was. She sighed and threw back her head, reveling in the sensation. I felt a thrill rush through me. Having power over this gorgeous, full-figured woman again after such a long time turned me on so much. This was a part of my life I had given up just for the love of Frank, but he had pushed me back into it. I was loving this moment and I didn't want it to end.  So I just suckled her nipples, one after the other, until she urged me to travel lower south. 

The order came quickly. Lara's voice was hoarse with arousal. 

"Please," she said. "Taste me."

Feeling in control, I told her to sit up on the bed while I knelt on the floor. She did. She faced me where I knelt and put her legs on the ground, without being told, spread her legs wide. I found her gaping, pink pussy. It was slick with juices and it needed me. I licked my lips and bent down, resting on my knees. I dove in. I placed a soft, gentle kiss on her bulging clit, causing her legs to twitch with pleasure. 

I put my hand on her pussy and lightly touched her clean, smooth pussy lips. I could feel the warmth emanating from between her legs and I felt a tingle between my own pussy. I rubbed my fingers lightly around her outer pussy lips feeling the softness of her womanhood. I rubbed my fingers up and down her pussy making small, circular motions around her clit. I couldn't believe how horny I was getting myself.‎
I put my face right above her pussy and ran my tongue across her pussy lips. Lara responded by spreading her legs more and lifting her ass up to meet my tongue. I slid my tongue up and down her slit. I flattened my tongue licking the soft outer folds of flesh like an ice cream cone. I lapped at her pussy taking long strokes with my tongue. I pointed my tongue now licking the inside of her pussy lips. I moved my tongue over her clit and lightly flicked my tongue across it and then circled my tongue around the outer edges of her clit. She lifted herself up and arched her back allowing more access to her pussy. I licked at her hole before sliding my tongue inside her pussy. I rubbed at her clit then I rubbed a couple of fingers around her hole before inserting them inside. I started to finger fuck her pussy faster and faster as her breathes got faster. She was getting very close to climaxing. Her pussy began to contract as she lowered her hips back down on the bed. I lifted my head and withdrew my fingers from her pussy. 

"No no no, don't stop please. I've missed this. I've missed having my pussy eaten. Please!" she cried. 

I watched as she threw her hips at me, bringing her pussy closer to my face, her clit was so swollen and pink, I eyed her clit, then I extended my tongue and lapped at it in well-timed intervals. One, two, three. One, two, three. Above me, Lara shuddered.

"That's it," she cooed. "Lick my clit, oh Lisa, I've missed you so much."

I traced the fingers of my right hand along her thigh. Her skin was as soft and creamy as it looked. She felt like silk. My hand reached her pussy again within moments. I wanted to tease her by dragging out the anticipation by pulling away again, but I couldn't wait. I slid my index finger deep into her wet core. Her hips rocked a little as she purred.

"Yes, baby. Fuck me. Fuck my cunt."

I curled my finger to bring her the pleasure she needed. I sawed back and forward, stroking the roof of her pussy. Encouraged by her increasing moans, I slid in my middle finger, too. I lapped at her clit even faster. By now, I was truly fucking her with my fingers. 

"That's it! Yes! Yes! Ohhh, I'm gonna come, baby! I'm gonna come!"

I rode her straight to the point of ecstasy without slowing. I wanted her to burst. I wanted her juices all over me. I wanted her to scream my name. I kept fucking her as hard as I could. Before I knew it, she was screaming.

"Ohhhh, yes! Oh fuck, yes! I'm coming! I'm coming! Fu-u-u-uck!"

Her hips bucked wildly. I struggled to stay attached. Her clit slipped away from my lips, but I kept my fingers plunged in her. I fucked her for the length of her orgasm. I watched her closely as she came. Her face was red and contorted and beautiful. 
She calmed down eventually. She was flushed and exhausted. She looked at me. I wanted to take her in my arms and hold her. As her breathing steadied, I slipped my fingers out of her pussy. She grabbed my wrist and took it to her mouth. She sucked her juices off of my fingers. I felt like I would cum just from that. When she was done, she released my hand. I climbed back up onto the bed beside her. 

Lara got off the bed and went to the bathroom to clean up, then she returned to find me holding the big strap-on. I was so horny and I wanted her to fuck me with it. She walked up to me, took the cock from me and strapped it on her hip. I noticed that Lara had assumed the dominant character and I was loving it. I loved to dominate and be dominated. Seeing Lara stand there with the strap cock dangling from her hips made me so wet I could feel my juice dripping from my pussy to my thighs. I walked up to her and she grabbed me by my hair and pushed my head down till I was down on my knees and the cock was just inches from my face. I licked my lips gazing up at the strap cock. I wanted to wrap my petite fingers around her wide and lengthy cock as my mouth wanted the first turn. 

"Not yet," she commanded, gazing down at me, and ran her fingers through my hair. She moved to the bed four feet away from me, and motioned for me to follow. I stood up, but she clicked her tongue and said, 

"I want you to crawl." 

Shivers ran up my spine and a breathy moan escaped my lips as I crawled towards my lover, never once breaking eye contact. I sensed her composure wavering as she let out a breath of excitement from watching me slowly crawl on all fours to between her legs. 
I started by kissing the insides of her left thigh and rubbing her inner right one lightly with my thumb. I licked, sucked and kissed her tender skin, blowing with my puckered lips to chill her dampened thigh. She moaned and tilted her head back, steadying herself using my shoulder. I repeated that on her right thigh, while dragging my fingernails across her near the apex of her other thigh. I was sure her cunt was aching again. 
I kept caressing her inner thighs as I finally moved my mouth to her strapped cock. I made an 'O' with my lips lowering my mouth onto her cock and I heard a loud moan escape her lips. 

"Finally, you little tease," she whispered when she caught her breath. Her hands found their way to my hair, which she lovingly stroked. She caressed the back of my neck, as I sucked her cock. 

"I want to look you in the eyes," she said, giving a tug on my hair. As I looked up at her I bobbed my head up and down the length of her cock. Her loving caresses on the back of my neck had become less gentle and absentminded as she squeezed firmly, holding onto my neck and upper back. I could tell she was really enjoying watching me suck the fake cock on her hips. It was a turn on. I bobbed up and down on her cock faster and I lightly scratch her inner thighs. She licked her lips. ‎I loved looking her in the eyes whenever I felt so intensely animalistic. The only purpose my body had in that moment was to give and receive pleasure. There was an artful and intense communication between our bodies, but between our eyes, it was instinct. We both equally wanted to keep looking in eachother's eyes. The gaze we shared intimidated us equally as it enthralled us. Sucking my lover's cock on my knees between her legs made me feel so submissive and wonderful. As I scratched, teased, and caressed her thighs, it became too much for her. She broke the eye contact first by rolling her eyes back into her head and letting out a loud moan. Gazing down at her soft, feminine, and submissive lover was a powerful view. Being dominant became so intense she gave into her urge to move her hips slightly as she pushed her hips and cock into my mouth and grabbed onto the back of my head firmly. 

"Get up Hot stuff, I need to fuck you." she ordered. 

I rose up from between her legs and leaned into her body, she shifted her body down on me till her mouth got to my tits. Her warm mouth enveloped my nipple as she put her hand on the small of my back and she pulled me onto her. We fell together onto the bed, her biting my nipple lightly, grazing it and holding it between her tongue and her upper teeth. I moaned out her name, and she bit harder.  

"I'm so horny Baby. Just fuck me please, my cunt is aching. I need you." I begged. 

"How much do you want me." she asked. 

"So bad. I'm so horny. Fuck me." I said.

She smiled, and with swiftness and tender firm strength, she flipped me onto my back and growled at me. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand down to my cunt, murmuring, 

"Feel me." 

She spread my pussy lips and she slid her fingertip inside me. I caressed her hair and watched her eyes close as she moaned. When she opened her eyes, I recognized a feral glint in them. I shiver from mixed anticipation and delight. 

"Pleeeeeeeease!. See how wet I am?" I begged emphatically and shamelessly.

"Aww, that was cute, Pretty girl. 'Please.' But 'please' isn't really a magic word for you is it?" 

Warm breath tickled my ear. She accentuated the word "please" in her whisper each time by tweaking my nipple in addition to her tortuously airy strokes, "You say 'please' to your parents when you want something, you say please to your boss at work. I'll need more than 'please' if you want to be fucked to satisfaction."

"Pretty please?" I pleaded out vocally and with my eyes.

"Damn, but you're sweet." She chuckled and spread herself over me, her body weight and hands on me and her lips caressing mine forcefully. We broke for breath, "'Fuck.' Your magic word is 'fuck.' Ask me to fuck you, and I will."


"Tell me," she kissed me,  "you want me," she kissed me again, "to fuck you." 
Her breathing was labored. She put a love bite on my collarbone. Her patience was limited.

"Please...fuck me, Baby, mmm?" I panted out. Saying the words at her insistence felt oddly liberating.

She sat up to position her cock, and slipped just the tip into me. I closed my eyes, waiting for the plunge. I didn't feel her moving, so I opened my eyes to see a devilish grin painted on her beautiful face. She pulled the tip from my soaking cunt and I gasped in frustration, my cunt aching to be filled. She grabbed my chin between her thumb and forefinger. 

"Do you really want it?" she asked teasingly. 

I moaned with exasperation at the question and nodded, my eyes pleading. 

"I want you to beg me for it," she said. 

My face lit up with excitement.Where did I find this wonderful woman who knows me so well? Begging makes me so wet, it's unbearable. Just like when Frank made me beg him, it made me want him more. 

"Please please please, my cunt is aching for your cock," I gasped out with ragged breaths. She slid the tip of her cock back in me, but I knew I had only earned that much.

"I'm not convinced you want it bad enough," she said in response to my efforts, grinning. She was making me work for her cock. "Explain what you want. In detail."

Blood left my brain, and I fought to find my vocabulary. 

"Love, I want you to thrust your cock deep in me hard and fast and don't stop until I am thoroughly fucked and exhausted. I am desperate for you to sink your cock into my cunt." 

I was quite pleased with my latest attempt, so I was surprised that she didn't move and didn't say anything. 

"Please please please. I'm begging you to fuck my horny cunt. I'M BEGGING!" 

I tried to move my hips to swallow more of her cock, but my hips met with her hands and a mischievous smile. 

"Do you want it?" 

she asked coyly. I nodded desperately. 

"Tell me again." 

"Please, I'm beg-" and in the mid-plea she thrust hard and fast into my cunt with her hard cock. My body moved with her thrust, and my eyes rolled back. I moaned and arched my back with delight. She held still after she entered me, knowing that I loved to savor the feeling of fullness inside me. After a moment of stillness, she slowly pulled almost all the way out. I felt the detailed grooves of her cock and bit my lip with pleasure as she thrust in just as slowly. She fucked me deep, hard, and slow. Breathy moans escaped our lips, and we knew there was no rush. 

She looked down between our bodies to watch my cunt swallow her whole length, then she pulled out only to watch it again. She moaned at how easily my body yields to her. I was so wet there was no resistance. My cunt was hungry, and greedily consumed her cock. She looked at my face, watching me moan. I was so aroused from the submissive awareness that my entire body yielded to and trusted my lover. It was sacred to have someone inside you, even more so when your body submits to it lovingly. That was why I couldn't go to another man to fuck me since Frank wouldn't, I couldn't bare to think of it. Knowing how easily her cock occupied my cunt turned me on just as much as it did her. We both praised my submissiveness. 

She built her tempo, from a slow pace for a medium one. Just as soon as she started fucking me quickly, she was back to slowly fucking my body. She did it one too many times, and I moaned out in exasperation, 

"Please, fuck me faster." she was teasing me, I knew by the grin on her face. She liked to hear me beg. I grabbed her ass firmly and demanded, "Faster." 

Finally, she built her tempo again and didn't break it this time. She thrust in and out, fucking me faster and faster. All I could do was close my eyes, moan, and enjoy the rhythmic fucking I was receiving. Her cock filled me so well that in between thrusts I was aching to be full of her again. She was fucking me so quickly that full and empty were almost one and the same to my cunt. Her giving her cock to my cunt felt like a gift, she was giving a thousand times a minute. My body, my cunt, was insatiable, and I never wanted the fucking to end. 

"Kiss me," I gasped out, "Kiss me, please." 

She thrust into me and I reveled in the still fullness of her inside me. I cradled her cheek with my palm and she kissed me strongly and sweetly. 

"My body is full of you," I said out loud and moaned. She kissed me again, and pulls out quickly. I moaned in contempt and she distracted me with another kiss. 

"I want to fuck you from behind," she hissed in my ear. 

Without warning I was flipped over, and she grabbed my hips, pulling me up onto all fours. She said, "Fuck yourself with my cock," as she slipped her tip inside me. I pushed my hips back into her, and moaned reveling in the fullness. My moans were matched by hers, as she groaned a guttural, "Fuck," dragging her nails down my back. 

I felt primal on all fours. I was fucking her still body, her cock pumped in and out of me. She reached to grab my hair and tugged on it. I fucked myself harder. I slammed my hips and butt back into her over and over. I slammed back onto her cock roughly and quickly, then pulled out slowly, feeling her textured cock. I heard my cunt slurping at her cock. She moaned so loud when I slammed my hips hard and fast, perhaps out of amazement. I slammed backwards into her over and over. 

She couldn't take it anymore, she grabbed my hips with her hands and thrust into me. We built a perfect cadence. We both moved apart from one another and came together again at the same time. It doubled the force of the fucking my cunt was receiving. We were in a perfect sync. We were fucking so fast, it was satisfying a craving I didn't even know I had. I yelled out, 

"Fuck. Don't stop!" She dug her nails into my soft hips as she fucked me quickly. It made me think about Frank and the last time he fucked me. 

I was insatiable. That was so much, and yet, I wanted to feel more. My cum was dribbling down my thighs. My greedy cunt wanted more. I made my body rigid and unyielding to her thrusts. There was no give 'in' to my body. I was feeling her fucking me roughly, I was taking it all and loving it. I wanted to feel her cock slam into the back of my cunt and my body not move an inch. She felt me not moving anymore and understood what I wanted. She stopped fucking me so quickly, and arched her body around mine and thrust deep and hard. She was using her whole body, her whole force to fuck me. She was pounding into me. Pounding over and over into my slick wet cunt, I made noises I didn't even know I could. I felt delirious from the pleasure. My arms and legs began to tremble. She was enjoying this just as much I was and she too was making unfamiliar noises. I have always known my lover is strong, but I now have an intimate knowledge of her strength as I was feeling her slam into me with her whole force. She couldn't fuck me harder if I wanted her to. I felt nothing but feverish pleasure as she hammered into my cervix. 

I almost collapsed from exhaustion and pleasure, but that fucking can't stop. I was surprised I could call out to her, "Don't stop." She held my listless body to her as she continued to thrust into my cunt a few more times.
She flipped me over again and before I knew it, I was on my back again with her on top of me.
Her hips moved in steady thrusts that I rose to meet. I held onto her supple cheeks to pull us together. We found our harmony and friction. My excitement climbed. Lara had been so brutish and fast. 

"Good girl, very good girl." She petted me and nibbled my neck.

We fucked like that. She stayed gentle and caring. Her hand went to my clit. Soft touches deepened my pleasure. She built progressively to the satisfaction I needed.

My whole body seemed to tighten and flex. Warmth in my tummy spread to my toes and fingers. She knew how close I was. Her speed increased. Her thrusts shortened. The angle changed.  Her thumb maintained the soft caresses of my clit.

"I guess you like the Cock, Sexy?" she asked. It was still buried in me.

"Yes!" I replied as fully relaxed as I was, I could feel the tension still constricting my body. 

"Can you take any more?" Her finger barely traced my uber-wet and uber-sensitive folds. A line of sparks followed wherever it went.

"Yeahhh." I wanted more. And I wanted her to cum too.

Her moans and sighs rose in volume and pitch as she rode me to her orgasm. She seemed so engrossed and driven, like she was taking precisely what she knew she wanted precisely how she wanted it.
She Pounded me, my hips bucked up to meet her turbulent thrusts. I rumbled and roared with the pleasure crashing onto my clit. I emitted a sexy mixture of sighs and little grunts, with a steady stream of verbalization nearly as obscene as the sloppy sloshing sounds of my pussy.

"Oh fuck, so deep, keep it going, yeah, fuck, fuck, fuck, so fucking deep, fuck, keep fucking me, oh fuck, deep, fuuuuuuck, so, fuuuuuuuck!"

I came almost right away, although she only realized because she felt the dampness seep in through my thighs. She kept sawing in and out of my inviting snatch long after she felt my second orgasm.

she began verbalizing fairly extensively and more coherently as her ardor rose.

"Mmmm, take it! Your don't get fucked like this often yeah? Damn you're good, bitch! Should get better, fucked better all the time! Keep moving your waist! Hooooooooooooh!

Her climax overtook her without warning as she plunged into me. Waves of pleasure rolled through her and she collapsed on top of me with her strap-on still inside me.
‎Finally she collapsed from exhaustion. My lover, panting and breathing heavily, whispered into my ear and asked me coyly, 

"Was I thorough enough, love?" 

I looked at her and smiled, then I exhaled, "Ohhh fuck yeah!" 

She got up and unstrapped the cock, cleaned it and kept it on the bed side table. Then she got back into the bed with me. ‎I pulled her against me assaulting her lips with mine. The kiss started out slow but became more passionate as it continued. I felt her tongue flow over my bottom lip and granted her the access that she was seeking. I took her bottom lip into my mouth and sucked and bit it softly thoroughly bruising it. Her hands found residence in my hair and she tugged on it lightly as I drew a moan from her throat. My hands gripped her ass and my nails dug into her soft flesh. She moan into my mouth and bucked her hips against me. I broke the kiss and started leaving kisses along her jaw line and neck. I bit down on the sensitive spot where her neck and shoulder met. My name fell from her mouth breathlessly and laced with lust. I moved my hands down to her legs and lifted them to wrap around my waist. I sucked on her neck and collar leaving hickeys. I could feel her hard nipples pressed against my chest. I started playing with her nipples. I was rolling it between my teeth and bit down and she cried out my name. I could feel the heat emanating from between her legs as I was grinding slowly against her body.

Her hips rocked in tune with my body while I was still teasing her nipples. I immediately latched on to her nipple and bit down making her cry out. I flicked my tongue over it and she shivered, dragging her nails down my back. I wanted to have her under my control because it was amazingly sexy and I wanted to feel her lose control. I needed to feel her throbbing around my fingers and thrusting against me wildly.‎ 

"You are firing me up Lisa. Touch me please. I need you." she moaned.

Giving in to her pleas, I slipped my hand down to her pussy and we both moaned at the skin to skin contact my fingers made with her slick wetness. My fingers slid past her pussy lips and instantly found her clit. I ran my fingers over it in slow motion and she dug her nails into my back screaming my name.

"LISA, please don't stop..."

Without warning I thrust two fingers into her and pumped them in and out at a slow and steady pace. She met my thrust with everything she had and I increased my speed massaging her walls as I did so. Her screams got louder as she got closer. I could tell she was close because of how tight her pussy contracted around my fingers. 

I pumped her tight pussy, stretching her, and she came instantly with juices pouring out of her like a warm water faucet. I continued thrusting inside of her harder and she was coming again instantly walls contracting around my fingers violently. Even after the second orgasm my fingers stayed inside her exploring her, making her beg for a reprieve.

"B-baby... p-p-pl-lease st-stop... I can't... I can't take it anymore."

I smirked at her. "Baby you're not in control. Your body belongs to me, and I want it to cum again." I found her g-spot and rubbed it, gently scrapping my nail against it. When I noticed she was almost close to cumming again, I pulled my fingers out of her and got off the bed leaving her frustrated and horrified. 

"What the fuck did you do that for? Are you crazy Lisa?" she screamed. 

I smirked at her, "chill sexy thing, I just want to strap on the big cock. Let's not waste your final orgasm, let me use the cock." I grinned. 

"Please hurry, hurry, hurry. My body is almost exploding." she begged. 

I strapped the big cock on my hip and the Harness dangled from between my legs. I stroked on the cock in front of Lisa. 

"What are you waiting for? Come fuck me please. Fuck my pussy please. I need you." she cried. 

"You really want my cock in your cunt?" 

"Yes please fuck me. Fuck my cunt. PLEASE!!" 

"Good, now spread your fucking cunt for me. Spread it wide. Show me how much you want my cock little slut." 

"Yes! Yes! I'm spread, fuck my cunt. Yes! I'm your slut. Please fuck me." 

I got onto of the bed, in-between her legs, I held my cock in by hand and aimed it at her hole. Her heart was raising and for some reason my heart began beating fast too. Immediately the tip of my cock touched the entrance of her hole, the worst thing ever happened. 

The door opened, Lara and I jumped up and behold, a shocked looking Frank was standing there. Staring at us all frightened. 

*The Nightmare..............

"Oh my god! Frank, what are you doing here?" I panicked. Lara and I struggled to cover up. I almost burst into tears, my heart almost just into my mouth. I felt my whole world crashing down right before my eyes. 

"Frank Please, I can explain." I begged. 

Before I could say anything else, Frank brought out his phone and took a picture of Lara and I naked in bed. "I've always known you are a slut. But this?" pointing to Lara, he said, "Lara, even you?" 

"I'm sorry Frank." Lara said and made to get off the bed, "I will just go." 

"No body move. Just stay where you are. Lisa, do you have any idea what you have done? I bet with this picture, the judge wont think twice about granting me a divorce." 

"Yes I do Frank! You pushed me to this. You starved me." I gathered confidence and screamed at him. 

"Sure, let's see what the world will say about this." to Lisa he said, "As for you, I'm calling your husband now to come see what a slut he's married to." 

"Oh no Frank! Please don't. Please, my husband won't be able to handle it. My life will be ruined. Please Frank I beg you." Lara cried. 

I have never seen Lara in such a depressing state. It broke my heart, in as much as I was scared and worried for myself, I was more worried for Lara.  

"I can't believe this. How long has this been going on?" Frank asked.

"Since I met you, Never. Frank, I promise this is the first time since we got married. I was just so frustrated. Please forgive me. Let Lara go and then you can do to me whatever you like." I begged. 

"Nobody is going anywhere. Lisa, I'm going to inform our famines. What a shame, my wife is a Freaking Dyke. And Lara, you disappoint me, you are married to a saint, I bet he has no idea you are a slut." 

"Please Frank, what can we do for you to forgive us. I swear we will never do this again. Please Frank, our parents will disown us. You Can't do this to Lara and I. Please I beg you." I pleaded.  

"Please Frank, we will do anything to make you delete that picture and to prevent you from destroying our lives. I can't deal with the scandal. Please Frank, you know how our society is. I beg you." Lara begged. 

Frank acted as if he was thinking for a while, then after pacing about the room for what seemed like a painful eternity, he turned to look at us and said, "Well, I have an idea, there is a way we can make all this go away." 

Lara and I both chorused, "What?" we seemed a bit relieved that atleast we have been able to get through to Frank. Then he said something that made me wish I was deaf, 

"When I walked in, Lara was going to get fucked so she could achieve an orgasm. I want in on it. I will fuck Lara to orgasm and Lisa, you will watch all that happen." 

"WHAT?????" Lisa and I both chorused. 


To Be Continued......... ©

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I Still Don't Feel Better.... 11

I shot out a hand full of quick breaths as anticipation burned through me. I couldn't imagine why Frank would leave me waiting in the most demeaning way. There I was, naked as Eve, sitting on the couch Frank placed me, with my slutish cunt wide open, my fingers in my cunt and Frank was no where to be found? My brain began to play back and forth, should I quit this whole game and pick up my naked pride or should I just go on and hope that Frank will return. That idiot! That fool! He stood me up and left me hanging, I thought.

But I was wrong, Frank came back still fully dressed with his right hand behind his back as if he meant to hide something. He motioned me to carry on with my clit action. As I did I gasped in surprise as Frank knelt between my legs and from behind his back, pulled out my biggest ten inch dildo. My eyes were wide in surprise, Frank didn't even know about my sex toys as far as I knew. I kept them in my own bedside cabinet hidden underneath my smalls and random junk. I guess he knew about them all along and didn't seem to want to discuss it. I felt a bit embarrassed that my secret had been unearthed and wondered if Frank was upset that I looked for sex elsewhere. But who would blame me? 

"I've always wanted to tell you about......" I tried to explain but Frank signaled me to be quiet. 

"Shhhhhh, my beautiful Slut, I asked you not to talk. There are a lot of things I know about you. I married you right? Well, tonight I'm going to give you the opportunity to unleash the Slut within, the slut you have kept hidden. I want to you do those things you do in secret. "

I panicked, how much did Frank know about me? Does he know about my love for girl on girl sex? Ofcourse not. Frank would never tolerate Lesbianism. He hated sin just like our parents. But if so, why would he tolerate sex toys? I guess he's not as naive as I thought. I saw a whole new Frank that night. I was excited but I was also curious as to where the night will lead. 

"Your instructions my little slut," he said, waving the big black dildo in the air somewhat ominously, "You're going to spread that slutty cunt of yours open and I'm going to slam as much of this plastic monster inside you as I can manage. Once I've done that, you're going to fuck yourself with it while I slide my very real cock inside your mouth. You're not allowed to come until I've filled that mouth of yours with spunk and you've swallowed the lot and then cleaned me up. That OK with you?"

I couldn't answer, I could hardly breathe I was so far gone in lust and erotic fever at this unexpected change of pace. I just nodded my compliance as Frank took effortless control of me.
At that moment in time all that mattered was feeling that rod of cock flesh sliding in my mouth. I loved Frank so much at that moment for treating me like this, it was everything I wanted him to do and I was now desperate to play my full part and accept his cock submissively into my mouth. Please use me, husband, I thought, you've known what I like and what I want, take what I am giving you freely, the use of my body for your pleasure, use my mouth right now for your cock. Take mastery of me and allow me to submit to you. I want you to dominate me and use me for your pleasure. 
Frank enhanced my feelings of submission by pushing my other leg over the other arm of the chair. I was now completely open for him, or more accurately, for the huge plastic cock. He looked intently at my soaked pussy and helped himself to it. He looked me deep in the eye before running his index finger along the length of my slit a few times. 

He seemed amused as I thrust my hips towards his fingers to try and get it inside me. He then pressed two joined together fingers knuckle deep inside me, smiling again as he felt how ridiculously wet I was. He then stroked them in and out a few times. Satisfied thus far with his game, he then leaned over and pressed his fingers into my mouth which I sucked wholeheartedly and eagerly, tasting the wetness of my pussy on his fingers:
  "Mmm, you filthy slut, are you ready to suck my dick like that?'d better be...." he said.

"Yes...please, I want to suck it,...please...." was about all I could manage to say, even those words were difficult as I felt I had hardly any breath in my body to speak.

As these delicious thoughts and sensations washed over me and almost made me sick with excitement, Frank prodded the dildo towards my pussy entrance. I showed my keen compliance by opening my hole up for him. He completed the job by firmly pressing the first inch or two inside me. Almost like a relay baton, he let go as it started to penetrate me and I grabbed it as I arched my back enjoying the feeling of my pussy being split open by the thick dildo. 
I adjusted the angle of penetration slightly and continued to press it home, inch by inch starting to wreak havoc with my cunt. Frank watched, fascinated as I could barely breathe in ecstasy as what felt like a mile of plastic cock invaded me. He watched it all slide in before he stood rigidly up over me, obviously content I was well and truly stuffed and that part one of his orders had been met. I began to slide the dildo in and out of my cunt. Despite its thick and lengthy size, I had little trouble taking it as I felt the plastic in my hands soak with my juices. As I did this my eyes were inflamed as I watched Frank at his domineering best. He stood over me, almost tore his pants off, unzipping rapidly before slamming his boxers onto the floor to reveal that gorgeous dick of his which I was now required to service. It was already rock hard and horizontal, the engorged head and shaft demanding attention. Frank gripped it and moved in close to me. I looked up at him just in time as he looked down in lust before sliding his left hand through my hair and feeding his thick pole into my mouth, gripping the shaft at first but letting go as my mouth accommodated him. 

I moaned in pleasure as I felt the thick veins of his dick pumping in my mouth, having to concentrate carefully on maintaining my self-fucking with the dildo. I fought back the urge to grab his cock, I so wanted to feel it throb in my hands too but for now, Frank only wanted my mouth and of a sudden, he was quickly becoming good at taking what he wanted from me, I guess I was becoming good at obeying him. He surprised me then, in a good way, by taunting me as he began to fuck my mouth:

"Mmm yes, what an enthusiastic cock sucker. A cock in both ends, carry on being so slutty like this and you might have to get used to this!" He blurted as he started to enjoy the sensation of my tongue and my lips pleasuring the head and shaft of his cock.

I wondered for a few seconds where such a comment might take us but the frantic and erotic events occurring in my mouth and my pussy were too urgent to allow me to think of anything just then and the thought process escaped me for the time. 
Frank was in heaven. I had slipped down the chair, my legs spread wide over it, I must have looked quite comical. He had his left knee on the part of the arm of the chair my leg wasn't covering and he was pressing his rock hard cock deep into my mouth. I welcomed it each time as my tongue was pushed aside by the invading length as he occasionally made me gag as he pressed against my throat occasionally. I concentrated on bobbing my head back and forth over his hardness, my eyes looking from his stomach and down to his balls which were flopping back and forward erotically in time with his cock sliding in and out my mouth.
A few minutes of slurping on his shaft and I could sense he was close. He announced it with a low guttural groan and a verbal announcement,

"Aaghhhh, yes, here it comes, taste it, take it, I'm gonna fill your mouth...ahhhh.." 

His words turned me on even more, I was glad to be his slutty cocksucker and I let out my own moan, low and long as I wrapped my lips around his luscious shaft and felt the release of his pleasure burst in my mouth, jets of come slapping against the roof of my mouth, my tongue and my throat. I savored this sensation before acting like some sort of bitch on heat and thrusting my mouth sharply over his entire length over and over again like I couldn't get enough. The cum was so much and so thick, it was obvious my husband hadn't had any sex in ages. I licked and drank hungrily like a bitch, not letting any drop waste. 
I guess I was complying with his request to clean his cock but really I wanted it in my throat, I wanted it hard, I wanted to feel thoroughly owned by the steel rod that was now jamming my throat. I thought, as he pulled his glistening cock finally from my mouth, about how fulfilled I felt mentally, having just submitted completely to the masculine power of my husband and his cock and how I wanted this treatment all of the time.
Of more immediate concern however was my own physical fulfillment. I had stripped for Frank, I had displayed myself, fetched him a drink, fucked myself for his viewing pleasure, sucked him off, swallowed his thick cum and cleaned his cock. The only remaining order of his was not to cum until he had done so himself in my mouth. Well, that had happened now and the dildo was still lodged in my frothing pussy as my stomach, loins and all my nerve endings all screamed for release. 

Frank looked at me, determined to tease me a little more. He had noticed I had begun to fuck myself with the dildo again as the distractions of his cock had been removed but to my exasperation, he reached between my legs, put his hand on my wrist to remove it and then pulled the dildo clean out. I cried out at the physical shock of this withdrawal, the dildo had been stretching my pussy for a good twenty minutes or so, and I needed to release but now my pussy seemed so empty. Frank leaned towards me, his fingers tracing a line across my damp slit:

"Does my dirty little slut wife want to cum?" He said mockingly.

"God....yes, please Frank, please...I need..." I could hardly speak, the room was spinning and I felt my pussy, or my head, might explode at any minute. I spoke desperately and demanding at him.

"How much do you need to cum?" He said, trying to make my desperation last a little longer, teasing with his fingers.

"FRANK!!! for fuck's sake, make me cum, now...pleassseeee!" I wailed, almost cried, in anxious desperation.

With a satisfied smile, Frank dove between my legs. I screamed audibly as I felt his tongue reach straight for my clit, his fingers no longer teasing but now sliding in and out of me. I don't think I had been able to count to twenty, I wrapped my legs around his neck and felt my whole body tense and buckle. I screamed and cried I think at the same time as my pussy exploded over Frank's tongue. I held his head in my clutching and sweaty palms as pleasure convulsed through my body until I was spent, I just melted into the armchair, feeling physically exhausted and almost sick from the strength of my orgasm. 

This had the potential to have been an awkward moment. Finished with our sex Dom/sub role play, did we just go back to being 'ordinary' again? Was the Dom/sub thing now a permanent feature of 'us' or was it just a sex thing? Will Frank go back to his prude nature. I prayed in my heart that Frank shouldn't change, I wanted to continue like this. I loved the way he made me feel. After a few minute of recovering, I collected my senses and looked at Frank, who had sat himself on the sofa next to me. I noticed his cock was still pointing erect at me, a few minutes after he had cum so powerfully in my mouth. I wasn't sure what to stay:

"Wow, that was just so....amazing!" I managed smiling at him. 

He surprised and delighted me with his reply, "Yeah it was slut, but you're not done yet, far from it. Go and fetch the rest of the wine, two glasses, and get your hot ass into the bedroom. You're my slut now and every slut deserves a hard fucking and that's just what I'm going to give you!" 

He looked at me with that peculiar combination of arrogance, amusement and surprise, as if he couldn't quite believe himself how he was speaking to his wife just after one week in marriage or how his wife was so eagerly obeying every word and encouraging him to speak to her like that.
I stared open-mouthed at his brashness for a few seconds, before rushing off to do as I was told. 
I raced out into the kitchen post haste, anxious to receive my now promised hard fucking thinking how successful the evening had already been and knowing there was still lots more to come. Of my initial elegant attire I started the evening with, I now had only the heels on. My carefully prepared hair and make-up was ridiculously disheveled, the look that has now become the sign of a thoroughly successful evening!

I grabbed two glasses and the remnants of the bottle of wine which no doubt had helped to loosen us both up (I don't think I could be any looser!) and headed into the bedroom. As I opened the door, Frank was lying relaxed on the bed, his head on the pillow. He motioned for me to lie next to him and to put the wine on the bedside cabinet.

"As soon as you can get me back in the mood, I'll give you that fucking I promised," he said, turning his back to pouring us both a glass of wine and handing me one. I took a long slurp of wine and put my glass on the cabinet.

"That will not be a problem!" I said, a mischievous smile on my face. I gradually slid down the bed, allowing my hair to roll down his body, following my head, as I allowed my tongue to roll slowly down his body. First across his chest, I kissed and licked slowly, then across his stomach, low enough now that my hair was between his legs and across his thighs. I continued my licks and teased him as I felt him gasp expectantly. I moved past his groin and ran my tongue down his right thigh and then across to his left thigh. As I did this, I allowed my hand to almost casually roam between his legs. I did this for a few minutes to give him some decent recovery time. I murmured appreciatively as my fingers found that he was hard again, or at least semi-erect. As I lapped at his thigh, I held his cock in my hand and began to run my fingers over the foreskin and head. I moved my tongue further in and started lapping my tongue over his balls, savoring the taste and the feeling of them move against my tongue within their sack. 
I could feel his cock hardening more and more in my hand and decided this was the moment to employ my mouth again. I leaned up and kissed the head of his cock several times, running my tongue over his cock slit, licking up and down his shaft, popping the head in and out of my mouth. In a few minutes, his cock was a rock hard slab of meat again. I knelt on the bed, his cock pulsing in my hand and said as saucily as I could muster, 

"Looks like Sir is ready to fuck his slut!" I said quite proudly, I was pleased to see how quickly I had managed to get him hard again and held his pulsing cock in my hand like some sort of trophy. 

Frank laughed at this and nodded in agreement, "Sluts do all the work, now sit and slide on it..." He said, smiling back at me casually.

"Yes of course Sir," I said, playing along with the delicious game as I held his cock in my hand at the root and held it solidly upwards as I bent over it and lowered myself down on it. I was in bliss as I felt my pussy lips being driven apart again by my husband's thick shaft. I slid my hands through my hair and arched my back as I squatted down his pole all the way until he was buried balls deep inside me. Finally! A real big cock, I thought. ‎
Frank enjoyed the feeling of his tool being buried deep in my cunt as he reached for my heavy tits and mashed them in his hands, rubbing my nipples until they stiffened and made me light-headed with their sensitivity. I closed my eyes in bliss as I squatted up and down, clenching my pussy walls around his cock massaging him and holding him in place as I slid my slippery pussy lips up and down his cock, pausing for a few seconds at a time so I could enjoy the sensation of his big cock filling my pussy fully, enjoying the feeling of my outer pussy flesh rubbing against his balls below me.

I was enjoying myself, lost in pleasure but Frank had different ideas. I felt him push me over on the bed and I relaxed, waiting to see where he wanted me. He actually took my hand and pulled me off the bed, leading me over to the small table in the bedroom. With a small push against the small of my back, I realized he wanted me from behind. I loved how he preferred to dominate me in silence, it was somehow more authoritative. I compliantly placed my palms flat onto the far end of the table and pushed my butt up as far as I could, waiting submissively for him to take me.

I turned around slightly to look at Frank and giggled a little as I saw him a few paces behind me looking at my ass and stroking his cock. What a sight I must have looked, bent over a desk, bare butt poking high in the air, pussy lips inflamed and ready, feet in stilettos, waiting to be taken hard like any good slut should. I didn't have to wait long as Frank walked towards me gripping his thick cock. He practically walked his shaft up into me as he hardly broke stride, walking towards me, aiming at my cunt and finding no resistance, burying himself deep up me.
I groaned loudly with the sudden force of being filled completely and quickly, the momentum of him pushing me forward against the table, which rocked on its legs in time with his long thrusts. He began to give me the previously promised hard fucking, gripping my shoulders strongly as I closed my eyes and took what he gave, his balls slapping my pussy gently as he took what he wanted. His hands moved from sometimes pinning me down by my shoulders so he could rut me, to moving to my front where he mashed my breasts. I thought with everything he did, he was rougher than normal. Frank has always been a gentle man but that wasn't so that moment. With this game he was rougher, more urgent, but still I could tell, trying to give me what he thought I wanted. It was working! He continued to fuck me and in our excitement, we talked dirty and filthy to each other almost as if we were sharing something completely new, a Dom/slut marriage that we would never have thought possible only last week.

"Oh yes, you little slut, take it all, I'm filling up your beautiful cunt!"

"Yes, take me, make me your slut, fill me up!" 

"Tell me how much your enjoying my cock, tell me you like me fucking you hard."

"God yes, I love being fucked hard, take me, pump me full of cum, use my whore pussy!"

"Good from now on, this pussy is mine, I'm going to take you hard, whenever I want it!"

"Yes, I want you to, my pussy is yours, fuck it hard whenever you want, I'm your slut..!"

As I said this, he stopped suddenly and abruptly. Thinking I'd said something wrong, I turned my head around to face him, his hard rod still buried deep inside me. I saw his face, it was quite a surreal sight as he smirked as if suddenly struck by a cunning idea.

"You know, you are MY SLUT now. I think that entitles me to access all of your charms, don't you?" he said, still not removing his cock at all, it throbbed inside me. 
He slowly pulled his thick shaft a couple of inches out of me, and then back into me.  Frank picked up a baby oil from the table and poured it on my back then he rubbed it in. I felt Frank moist my ass hole with the baby oil. It felt good, but strange. Then he began to rub and massage my ass hole gently and then he finally pushed his middle finger into my ass hole slowly.
My eyes watered a little but the sensation was erotic and heady as Frank grunted in pleasure as he enjoyed the close attention of my pussy on his cock shaft.‎ The weirdest thing happened, I experienced the strangest feeling I ever had. Then he paused again and withdrew his cock half way out of my pussy and also removed his finger from my ass.

"You know what I want, ask me to do it and I will!" He said. He was certainly getting the hang of this, he was telling me he was going to fuck my pussy and ass at the same time. And also at the same time getting me to ask him for it. I was worried and nervous but excited and thrilled at the same time. I was determined to rise to the bait, he was trying to get me to show him how much of a slut I wanted to be. I was determined to show him just that and that I could go as far as he wanted me to down the path to debauchery. With a nervous intake of breath I blurted it out,

"Yes Sir, please fuck my slut cunt and slut ass. Fill my ass with your finger, stretch my pussy and and fuck it hard, I want to feel your cock pump my pussy full of cum!"

With my slut submission talk, he pushed his cock back inside me and roared in excited approval. He told me to hold still exactly where I was and not to move a muscle. The first contact with him was feeling his hands pulling my ass cheeks apart slowly but deliberately with one hand. As he did, he resumed thrusting into my pussy and slowly pushed his finger into my ass hole at the same time. I was really tight there. I couldn't believe the sensation I got from his finger fucking my ass at the same time his cock was fucking my pussy. My head almost exploded.  
I was being ass finger fucked nicely but in a lovely rhythmically firm way. I was enjoying the closeness of him, the noise and feeling of his hot breath behind me.
Frank picked the pace up, my pussy was sufficiently pliant now that he was pulling his dick almost all of the way out of me, before pushing it all the way back in. I could feel his heavy balls pressing against my  pussy. I had my eyes closed, bent over the table, taking the hard shafting my husband had promised me, feeling light headed and lusty.

As Frank's pace continued, I knew he would cum soon, as he responded keenly to the sensation of fucking my pussy. He began slamming me quite roughly, my boobs rocking back and forward against the table. Frank was moaning louder now as he took me, he gripped my shoulders harder with one hand while the other hand had his middle finger in my ass almost trying to force my whole body onto his shaft and I also backed up my butt to meet his thrust and let all of him into me as deep as possible.

"Fuck. I fucking love it when you fuck me back. I want to make your fucking cunt feel so fucking good when I fuck your pussy. I want to make you so fucking wet and- fuck. Oh, fuck, god, you're so fucking good, you feel so fucking good. I've wanted you so fucking badly and... fuck."

He lost his words, just repeating fucks, as he let out a low, long growl and, with his cock buried deep in my cunt as he announced he was cumming. My pussy spasmed in pleasure as I felt his cock throb violently inside me and empty the contents of his balls deep in my womb. As he came I tilted my head around and we kissed deeply through his orgasm, as we shared the thrill of feeling his cock spasm inside me, our tongues entwined as I heard him moan and low growl as he filled me up, his tongue throbbing on mine.

A minute or so later, he pulled his slippery cock out of my well used hole and he withdrew his finger from my ass hole. I felt every bit like the dutiful slut, having given up my ass to be finger fucked on his orders, maybe it will be his cock that will fill my ass hole next time. His closing comment before going to freshen up was, 

"You'd better get used to that, it's going to become a regular thing!" That was fine by me I thought, as I joined him in the bathroom to freshen up and finally get my shoes off as I felt oil and sperm trickling out of me.

Recovering from the most amazing night of our lives Frank and I cuddled together. Obviously without being able to read his mind, I felt pretty sure he was thinking very similar thoughts to me such as what all of these experiences meant and how it might change us. Actually I thought again, he's a guy, he's probably just thinking what a great shag he'd just had I joked mentally to myself! He wasn't though. He surprised me by calmly saying, 

"I love you Lisa." 

I sat further up the bed and looked at him, he looked thoughtful and earnest, "I love you too Frank. ," I said and kissed him. 
I laid on his chest and we passed out in eachother`s arms. I must have been really exhausted because I woke up late the following morning. By the time I woke up, Frank was gone. I found a tray containing my breakfast on the table and a note that said,

 "I just couldn't wake you up. You look so beautiful asleep. I made you breakfast, I hope you like it. Last night was amazing, You are a complete woman and I cant wait for more. I Love You.

I smiled.

*Joyful.. But Wait, Too Soon?..... 

If my heart was cut open, nothing would have been found in there but Gold. That was the only way I could express the joy I felt. I was so happy, I had my first cock in Pussy' experience. I Love Frank so much but after that night, I love him more. I was smiling even without being poked, I did better at my work. I was just a new woman. While at work, I called Kimberly and Lara on a conference call and told them all about it. They were happy for me and a bit jealous about Frank's big cock and his freakish side, not to mention his pussy eating skills. My best friends were all uuhhhs and aahhhhhs through the call. 

"Wow Lisa, you got yourself a good deal." Lara said.

"You sound too excited Lisa. Why not just go naked and do a dance on the streets." Kimberly mocked.

"Shut up Americana, don't be a jealous bitch." I replied.

"I wish my husband would do that to me too. But what I get is missionary sex twice a week." Lara said.

"Why do they even call that position missionary? You know, I had sex with a missionary once and oddly he was not a fan of that position" Kimberly said and we all roared in laughter.

"I see you haven't changed at all Kimberly. Same old mean bitch." I said.

Later that evening, Lara and I met up to go pick her cousin. Jess was Lara's beautiful cousin who has been out of the country for so many years. She was their family rebel, I had not seen her since Lara and I left for high school but I heard a lot about her. She hardly visited home so Lara was very excited about seeing her.
Lara and Jess hugged as soon as they saw each other at the airport. Jess just kept looking at me with her eyes full of lust. I didn't care to reciprocate, I mean, that is Lara's family. And I respected the sisterhood code. While we were having lunch, Jess would stretch her feet under the table and caress mine. I tired as much as I could to avoid the awkward situation. She is a very beautiful woman, very sexy, tall and elegant. But hey, that was a no go area. I love and respect Lara a lot. We were no-longer in high school so I won't even claim naivety. I left them for my home, I couldn't wait to go back to Frank, I planned to have an amazing night. ‎I made a delicious dinner, cleaned up and put on my sexy lingerie. I waited for my Frank to return and when he finally did, he blanked out on me. I felt he was tired and I let it slide after all, we had an amazing sex the night before. 

But, things didn't change. Frank went back to being his old prude self again and I went back to making excuses for him or being in denial. One week, two weeks, three weeks and still, nothing! I can't leave him, not now, not after the things he did to me few weeks ago. Frank had brought out something in me and I wanted more, besides it was my right as a woman, as his wife. I was tired, I was frustrated. One night, I had tried to seduce him and he told me he was tired and needed sleep, I was so upset an I lost it.

"Frank, why are you frustrating me? What's all this rubbish? Why won't you touch me again?" 

"Here we go again. Lisa, what is the matter with you? Sex sex sex, fuck fuck fuck. Don't you ever get tired? I need my sleep." 

"Frank, what is it again? I thought we had passed this stage?" 

"Your libido needs to be checked Lady-panty-loose." 

"Stupid prude. I don't blame you, I should have married a man who will follow me around with his tongue hanging out but Nooo, I was foolish enough to allow myself get stuck with you." 

I hissed and turned over to sleep but who was I kidding? I couldn't sleep. I felt awkward about fucking myself as I laid beside him too since I found out he knew I had sex toys and that he heard me each time I did. I didn't know what else to do. Even if I went elsewhere to get a release Frank would know what I was upto. I had seen a movie where a woman sedated a man only for her to fuck him, I thought about a lot of things. But I wasn't willing to go that extreme just to fuck my husband. I began to think about my precious toys which I had tucked away in the cabinet. The angrier I was at Frank, the hornier I became. I made a decision to sort myself out somehow the next day, but that decision ruined my life. What happened the next day changed my life forever. If only I could see into the future. If I had known. I try not to blame myself too much after all, Frank pushed me.

                                             To Be Continued......... ©‎     

Saturday, October 24, 2015

I Still Don't Feel Better.... 10

*Head Filled With Fantasies And Panties Moist With ANTICIPATION..........

I wanted to see my husband take me powerfully and masterfully, dominate me sexually as he wished. I yearned for something exciting to happen to me. A cute delivery guy with a hard cock, flowers from a mysterious admirer, anything! I've never been one to be sex starved. Not even in high school or when I was in the university. I always got orgasm from another person whenever I wanted it. But here I am in marriage with my‎ head filled with fantasies and my panties moist with anticipation. All for a man I got married to. What could be his problem? Was he gay? Did he not find me attractive? Then why marry me? Who wouldn't find me attractive? I look good and I take great care of my body and I'm an absolute smokeshow? I waited and waited for Frank to return from work that evening, I called his phone but there was no response. I laid sprawled on my bed, quietly fuming. I called Lara on the phone so we could meet and freak fuck but she was out of town and wouldn't be back till two weeks. I was frustrated and angry. I really wanted to feel the hands of someone else on my body. I wanted to be ravished, for my pussy to be licked, sucked and fucked, but I guess that wont happen.
My mind went back to the little argument Frank and I had that morning. Could that be the reason he didn't return early? But it wasn't that serious. I remember what led to the argument that morning. Frank sprung a surprise at me about his nephew who would be stopping by in the evening to spend the weekend. I was furious that it's barely a week into our marriage and Franks relatives were already intruding. I wanted my privacy, I wanted to enjoy my marriage. I loved walking about the house in my lingerie. Now, because of one brat, I have to cover up. I asked Frank to ask his nephew to go to another relative's house and Frank got really upset and stormed out of the house that morning. So I assumed he must have called his nephew to cancel. I felt really bad after Frank had left, I called him severally but he wouldn't pick his calls or call me back. I assumed his nephew was nolonger coming since we had an argument.  

Later that evening, when I heard the door bell, I was glad Frank was finally home. I ran out of my room in my sexy lingerie hoping to throw my arms around Frank immediately I open the door so that I could overwhelm him with hugs and kisses and apologize to him about my outburst in the morning. As soon as I opened the door excitedly, I said "Welcome Hon........" I swallowed the last two letters before I could say honey. It wasn't Frank. It wasn't anyone I had met before. It was a tall dark young man. He was in shock too when he saw me. 

"Oh my God!" i exclaimed in shock. "Who the hell are you?" I asked as I tried to cover my body with my hands. I walked slowly backwards and grabbed the little cushion on the couch to cover my lower body.

"Good evening Aunty. My name is Frank. I'm Uncle Frank's nephew. I can see you weren't expecting me. Didn't my uncle inform you I was coming?" 

"Umm... actually, he did. It must have skipped my mind because of the argument we had this mor......." I paused  "Never mind, come in. So you said your name is Frank?" 

"Yes, I was named after my grandfather who is also uncle Frank's father."

"Uhumm, I see." just then, I noticed a tent well up in his pants. What I saw got me curious. The bulge in his pant gave an xray sort of the boys cock. Sooo BIG! I guess it runs in the family because my husband's cock is huge too. I noticed the crotch of his pant was moist with precum, he noticed my eyes were fixed on his cock and he used his hands to cover it. He was as embarrassed as I was. I couldn't believe he caught me lusting at his cock. I quickly excused myself and ran to my room to put on some clothes. I noticed my lingerie was socked with my horny juice. It made me really horny but I couldn't do anything about it. Atleast not yet. I walked back to the living room and from behind, I could tell he was rubbing his cock through his pants. I wondered why he did that, I guess it was to sooth the erection and make it go away, or maybe he just gave into the urge to play with his cock a bit. But whatever it was, he made it worse because his cock got harder and bigger. What a pervert, I thought to myself.

"Frank?" I called from behind him. 

"Yes Aunty." he replied as he almost jumped out of his skin. 

"Follow me, let me show you where you will be sleeping. How old are you?" 

"I just turned 18 last week." 

What a big cock for an 18years old, I thought. 
Frank and I lived in a small two bedroom flat, that was because our big house was not yet ready and would be ready in about three months. The next room was very close to the room Frank and I stayed. The house was not big, that was why I was against any type of guest. I led Frank to the room and I could tell his eyes were fixed on my ass as I walked in front of him. I swear I could hear his heart beat behind me. I showed him the room and bathroom and I also told him where he could find something to eat in the kitchen if he was hungry. Then I walked back to my room. 

*A Slut Unleashed.......

I had spent most of the late afternoon and early night moping in my room, trying to find a way to distract myself from what I had seen earlier. But I couldn't get my mind off that hard cock. 'Oh! Common Lisa, that's your husband's nephew. I cautioned myself. But I was so fucking horny. I had a few toys and other things that could have dealt with my frustrations quickly and easily, but  Frank's presence in the house killed that possibility. I get quite vocal, and even if he was plugged in front of the TV, there was a significant chance he could hear me, so I was forced to try and ignore the problem, yet I couldn't. I needed to think of a way to get him into my room. I inserted a porn video. It was a girl on girl porn. Both girls were eating eachother's pussy in a 69 position. I increased the volume so that Frank could hear. Then I left the room, leaving the door widely open and I hid in a darker part of the corridor, waiting to see if he will come to check out the moans. I stood there leaning on the wall and thinking of his huge cock which drove me wild that I began to let out some very soft moans and even hearing myself moan got me revved up. I started rubbing my pussy through my panties and I was barely able to lean back out of sight. Just as I thought, the little pervert emerged from his room. I saw him pause, looking at my door intently, before creeping quietly down the carpeted hallway towards my door. 
I slipped my hand into my pant and started rubbing my pussy lips as I saw Frank pause outside my door and, after several tense seconds, he began to rub himself. His eyes were fixed on the TV and after a minute passed he got more confident and pulled out his big cock and started jerking it. I waited until he leaned back against the wall and closed his eyes before making my move, removing my hand from my pant before sneaking towards him. I was five meters away when he opened his eyes and saw me. Frank paled faster then I would have believed possible and staggered backwards, trying to stuff himself back into his shorts. I jumped forward, yanking down his pants before he knew what was happening, and he fell onto his back. I was vaguely aware that he was crying out wordlessly, no doubt to plead his innocence. He had released his dick briefly in an attempt to pull up his shorts, and before he tried to cover it again I grabbed it and wrapped my lips around it. His cock had wilted, no doubt because being caught by his Uncle's wife scared the shit out of him, but as I sucked it, it flexed and hardened and he suddenly stopped struggling as his brain realized what was going on. His dick was slightly sweaty, and I made a note to tell him to wash it, and then he was shooting in my mouth. As I swallowed and released his dick, an awkward silence fell and his dick flopped weakly against his leg. He stared at the ground to his left, his body stiff and I suddenly realized he was scared. I rested a hand on his knee and he shook slightly but didn't pull away. 

"That was your first blowjob, wasn't it?" I asked. I wasn't expecting a reply neither was I disappointed. "Just wash your dick next time. It was a little sweaty."

He looked up disbelievingly. "Wash my dick?" he said incredulously. "My Uncle's wife trips and falls on my dick and all she has to say is 'wash your dick'?" He struggles to his feet and steps back. In the background the moans from my TV continues. "Aren't you mad?"

"Not really," I shrugged. "I didn't really fall on your dick, I just put it in my mouth. Tasted okay, apart from the sweat."

He was confused by my casual attitude. "What? That's weird?"

"You're the weird one," I countered. "I wasn't standing outside your room and masturbating." Technically not true, but he didn't know that.‎ "You were the one who had an erection when you saw me and then you came to peep into my room and started masturbating." 

He smiled at this, then seemed to realize my room was still emitting female moans. Frank wasn't stupid, and it only took a few seconds for him to understand.

"You planned this, didn't you?" It wasn't a question, not really. "Why?"

"I've been frustrated since I married your uncle.. he wouldn't fuck me and I'm dying here," I admitted. Despite his protests, he didn't seem too freaked about having his cock in his Uncle's wife's mouth, so I figured it was time for the truth. Besides, my vagina was so wet my panties was beginning to stick. "I saw you checking out my ass when I showed you where you will sleep and I saw you had an erection when I opened the door and you saw me and checked out my boobs, don't deny it." 

"Bu.. but, my Uncle is your husband. Isn't this incest? And what if he finds out?" 

"Well, it would have been incest if I was directly related to you by blood, but I'm not. And as for your Uncle, I won't tell him if you don't. I know you want this as much as I do so stop acting hard to get. I know this must be your first blow job."  

He raised his eyebrow at the implication. I raised my hands to stem his angry retort. "I didn't mean it like that. I just know you don't have much experience, and I'm super horny okay."

"Understood," he huffed. He paused briefly, and then asked, "Why didn't you just ... you know ... masturbate?"

"I'm pretty loud, so you would have heard," I said, shifting from foot to foot slightly. I really needed to take care of myself, and soon. "Besides, I prefer a dick this time. Tired of toys." 

"You preferred a dick, even your husband nephew's?" I heard the disbelief in his tone so I forged on.

"Yes, even yours." I smiled to take the sting out of the words. "Now I'm going to go into my room and moan for real. You're welcome to join me if you want. Otherwise I'm going to take care of myself, and we're not going to talk about this again, okay?"

Before he could respond I stepped into my room, leaving the door ajar. I stopped and closed the video and yanked off my panties and bra as I stepped to my bed, shoving a finger inside myself. I whimpered with relief and laid back, starting to saw it in and out of myself rapidly. I added another finger and resigned myself to being alone with the door opened and he stepped through shyly, standing against the wall and looking at me. There was another bulge in his pants. I kept fingering myself but turned to him and smiled. I was beginning to pant and my fingers were making loud squelching sounds as I signaled him with my middle finger to come over. 

He dawdled but approached me, as if at any moment I was going to declare it all a trick and embarrass him. 

"Now Frank," I said between pants, "I know you haven't been with a lot of girls, but I'm not in the mood for a slow build up today. If I wasn't so horny we'd proceed slowly, and maybe we will another day, but basically I just want you to shove your dick into me. Is that okay?"

He nodded but didn't move, so I stripped off his pants and pulled him towards the bed. I figured it would be best to let him control our first time, so I laid on the edge and spread my legs, and then waited impatiently while he shuffled between them. He paused with his dick against the lips of my pussy, and I almost screamed and pulled him forwards but quelled the impulse with difficulty.

"Can I touch your boobs?" he asked timidly, and I couldn't help but laugh. He immediately looked offended, and I wrapped my legs around him before he could pull away.

"Frank," I said calmly, "you can pretty much do whatever you want. If you're cool with this being a regular thing, you can tit-fuck me it you want. Just stick your dick in me and do it now."

Stiffening at the idea of fucking my breasts, he thrust into me in one quick motion. If I wasn't so wet it probably would have hurt, and I shuddered with pleasure as I felt him enter me. He paused within me for a few seconds as I clenched and squeezed him, relishing the feel of a big hard cork inside my pussy and I remembered his request. I took his hand and put it on my breast, and he gazed at my breasts with such a look of lust I actually had a miniature orgasm, and my pussy clamped around his big cock. 

He began thrusting into me rapidly, supporting my right leg with his arm as he tilted me to the left. The sensation of his hard cock pistoning in and out of me was amazing, and we grunted in tandem as we humped against one another. I've fucked my pussy with artificial cocks before and I know I've been with women and had passionate sex before but this was a new high. It was almost animalistic. He was so big and so energetic that we fucked almost in a frenzy. He latched onto my right breast with his mouth and sucked and teased the nipple with his teeth while mauling the other with his left hand. He was rough but it felt right, and I felt myself squirting as he stiffened and came inside me. His cock shriveled somewhat but stayed reasonably stiff inside me, and he panted as he looked at me. My right breast was wet with saliva and he looked at it apologetically.

"I came inside you," he said slowly but with mounting panic. "And I didn't use a condom."

"It's okay," I soothed him. "I'm safe and we're both clean, right?"

He relaxed slightly, but still looked tense, so I reached up and kissed him. I didn't realize until we did it that we hadn't actually kissed, and oddly enough it actually felt weirder than having him thrust into me. He didn't react at first, but then I felt him start to kiss me back, and then the even more welcome sensation of his cock stirring within my seeping pussy. I was surprised and delighted to feel this. My husband wouldn't touch me but here was a younger man having an erection three times because of me in one day. I pulled him to me and rolled over so I was now on top. I felt a mix of our cum drip from my pussy as I sat on him, feeling his cock harden, but he seemed enraptured with squeezing and fondling my boobs. I started to rock back and forth as he squeezed my breasts and flicked my nipples, and then we were fucking in earnest. I rode him cowgirl, leaning over him as I frantically jerked my hips back and forth, feeling his cock slide in and out. My breasts were dangling over his face and he suddenly popped up and nipped one of my nipples playful right as his cock brushed my clit. I screamed as I came hard, my pussy clamping so tight to his throbbing cock I felt like I could feel the ridges of his veins.
Below me, he grunted hoarsely and bucked, thrusting up into me desperately. I collapsed onto his chest and heard him pant into my ear, 

"Holy fuck, I've wanted to this right from the second I set my eyes on you." His admission triggered something within me and I came again. And still he humped up into me, and I couldn't help but think I could have saved myself so much grief if I'd done this earlier, I mean getting another man to fuck me since the moment my husband ignored me. I couldn't believe it felt this good to be fucked by a man.

I was spent so he pulled out and shifted out from underneath me. I heard him jerking himself and turned weakly, to see him looking at me and smiling as he furiously tugged on his dick. It looked dark pinkish and angry, and I instantly wanted it back inside me.

"Doggy style, Now!" I said tiredly and parted my legs.

He was there in a flash, forcing himself eagerly into me. He was pretty close, and after a minute of rough thrusting he shot within me, and I came with the thought that I was cheating on my husband with his own nephew. He became as tired as I was and shuffled to the side and flopped beside me on my bed. I rolled onto my back, and he immediately started squeezing and kneading my breasts, and his dick actually stiffened a little bit, albeit in an exhausted sort of way. I looked over at him, and then down at his hand touching me and raised an eyebrow.

"You sure got over your reluctance," I said. He only shrugged in response. I let him continue fondling me though." 

"So Aunty, is this only a one time thing or will we do this regularly?"

I snuggled up against him and cupped his balls and flaccid cock, instantly regretting it as I got a palmfull of our mixed juices. 
"I'll work out the details later, but basically while no one's home but us and we are both horny, we can fuck. But for now I'm tired, so let's clean ourselves up and get some sleep." I peeled myself off him and, cupping my dripping vagina, waddled towards the bathroom. After I had showered, I returned to bed and slept, I don't know for how long I had slept. But I woke up when I felt a set of hands caressing my body. I was lying face down on the bed and without opening my eyes I moaned in a sleepy voice. 

"Common Frank, get out of here. I told you I needed to rest. Besides, he will soon be back. Please go. Now!" 

"What is the meaning of that?" 

I heard a familiar voice say in a shocking tone. I opened my eyes and I saw my husband starring at me very confused. My eyes widened and my mouth hung loose. I was shocked too. 

"Frank, you are back." I said with a smile. 

"Yes, I'm back Lisa. Now explain to me what you meant by what you said earlier. Who is Frank and what did he do to you that made you tired?" 

"I was dreaming of you my husband. Or is your name nolonger Frank?" 

"So why did you ask Frank to go away? And who is the 'He' that will soon be back?" 

"I don't know what you are talking about Frank. All I know is that I had a dream and you were making love to me. You have frustrated me to a point where I only get fucked in my dreams right. See what you have turned me into?" I managed to put on an angry face 

"Again with this Lisa? ‎Don't you ever get tired of this fuck talk all the time?" 

"Seriously? Get tired? Have you ever touched me? What kind of life is this? By the way, what are you doing home and why haven't you picked my calls all day?" 

"Can't a man return to his own house anymore after a hard day's work?" 

"Have you seen your Cousin.?"

"My nephew you mean?" 

"Yes your nephew I mean. Frank?" 



"You called my name that's why I said 'Yes'." 

"So, about your nephew?" 

"Ohh yeah, I thought about it when I got to the office and realized you were right. Even when I spoke to my mother, she said you were right too. The house is not big and we need our space. Besides, why would I want to leave a big boy in the same house with my very hot wife? I picked John from the Airport and took him to my parents place." 

It was then I realized Frank's nephew didn't come to the house. Infact, no one came. Everything was just a dream. Then it hit me, how lucky I was that the guy in my dream had the same name as my husband, if not, I would have called another man's name. After I finished processing the whole event, I put my angry face back on. 

"So Frank, you mean you won't let a man stay with your hot wife yet you won't fuck this your hot wife? Aren't you selfish? Come to think of it, send him over, maybe he will do what you can't do." 

"Woman! Why are you so Vulgar? Since when did you have such dirty mouth? You sound like a slut." 

"Yes, I'm a slut. Treat me like one. What Frank? A grown up woman like me can't say the F word? How does it make you feel? I'm tired of this your sanctimonious nonsense. It's time you fuck me. Yes! I said Fuck. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" 

I closed my eyes and kept screaming 'Fuck' repeatedly and didn't even realize Frank had left the room. By the time I got tired of screaming, he was gone. I heard his car zoom off. What a bastard! I was furious. I paced about the room angrily. I swore I was going to put an end to the madness that night unless Frank does not return to the house ever again. 
A few minutes passed and I was calm, I began to think about the dream I had earlier that evening before Frank woke me up.  I couldn't imagine myself being such a day dreaming slut. The dream felt so real that I had my pussy juice soak my panties. I knew I had to clean up. Am I really capable of fucking another man not to talk of my husband's relative? Whatever the reason for that dream, it had awakened the inner slut that was in me, and Frank would either fuck me that night whenever he gets back or I will inform our families and file for a divorce. We were both from a Christian family and neither of us wanted to appear like a sinner before our families because of the way they hated sin. I was very sure Frank wouldn't want a divorce on his record. I mean, the man was spotless. I waited patiently for him to return so we could talk about our problem. Either we fix it or we break it finally. I went to the bathroom to draw myself a bath.

As I soaked myself in the bath, I began to think about the dream, trying to reenact the dream and young Frank's cock thrusting in and out of me,  I soon found my hands wandering over my body. My nipples were moist and hard as I grazed them with my fingers in the warm, soapy water. I recollected the stunning sight of young Frank stripping urgently and his cock bouncing out of his pants in the desperate rush to wank while he stood at the front of my door. My fingers slid between my legs and I arched my back in tingling pleasure as I rubbed my clit thinking of his hard cock sliding between my pussy lips.

I started fantasizing about what could happen tonight if I was able to seduce Frank. With that thought however, I snapped myself out of my erotic thoughts and gathered myself. I wouldn't masturbate, I wanted myself to be on a sexual edge, I wanted to show Frank that I needed him and wanted him, desperately. 
With that, I slipped out of the bath, got myself dry and began a lengthy beauty routine. I took time and care with everything,  nails painted, alluring make up, whore-red lippy and a dab of expensive perfume on each side of my neck.  I chose some lacy black knickers and a matching black bra which was all for show, my nipples clearly visible through the dainty fabric. I looked at myself in the mirror and grinned. I looked sexy, so sexy I would do myself. I then put on a high heel shoe..  
The final touch was a little black dress that Frank had bought for me just before I graduated.  

The dress was just above the knee length, only a little revealing in the cleavage department because of the lace and quite demure and elegant, I wanted him to see me and somehow think 'classy lady and my slut' all in one look! 
I certainly felt the part, feminine and as elegant as I could be, determined to snare my man! As my personal preparation was complete, I looked at myself in the full length mirror in the hall again and smiled; he's not going to be able to resist you girl, not tonight, I thought. 

I got tired of waiting, I picked up my phone impatiently and called Frank.

"Yes Lisa, what do you want? Are you calm now?" he spat through the phone. 

"Come home Frank. We need to talk." 

"What about?" 

I want to know why you have never touched me. I want to know why you married me. I want to know why you won't make love to me. Why won't you fuck me?" 

"Are we still on that nonsense? Why don't you just get a hobby Lisa." 

"A hobby you say? Really? Well, I've made up my mind to file for a divorce first thing tomorrow morning. Intact, I have called my Lawyer and as soon as I get off this phone call, I'm calling your parents and then mine. Enough of this bullshit!" 

"Lisa, what is wrong with you? Why would you do that?" 

"Listen Frank, I never signed up to be married to a gay man. You are a homosexual and that's a fact. I have nothing against you being gay, but the fact is that it's detrimental to my own happiness, I am done. Now you can go to hell......" 

I didn't finish that statement when the door opened and an angry Frank walked in. I dropped the phone quickly and I soon regretted those words. But he left me no choice. I was tired of sexual starvation and needed an explanation. I deserved it. ‎I looked Frank in the eyes and he starred right back at me. 

*Yes Sir!........... 

"Gay? Lisa! Me Frank, gay? Me, a homosexual? I will teach you what a straight man does to a slut like you."

Okay, my head backed up a bit. Did my Sanctimonious Frank just call his wife a slut? Seriously? I couldn't believe my ears but for whatever reason, I was turned on by his anger and by the slut he called me. Frank charged towards me and my feet shook, part of me wanted to run but I stood still. In my deepest heart, I knew Frank wouldn't hit me. He wasn't that kind of man. So I stood still and kept looking him in the eye. When he got close to me, his face inches away from mine. He held my chin up and looked me in the eye. 

"So you think I'm gay huh?" he asked. I didn't say anything. Then he glanced at me from head to toe. "Were you going out or are you dressed up for me?" 

"Its for you Frank." 

"Call me 'Sir' you Slut." again, he called me a slut. I found it exciting. He held the hem of my short gown and lifted it up and looked underneath. Then looking me in the eye again, he said "So all this is for me?" I nodded, wordlessly. "But you should take the dress off immediately, Sluts don't wear clothes." he said as he went to sit on the chair and turned on the TV. 

"Really Frank?" I said nervously and somewhat expectantly. I didn't quite know why I said that, I think I wanted confirmation that I really heard what I heard correctly. I said it in a hopeful way as if to say I really want to but was he sure it's what he wanted too?

The answer he gave left me in no doubt, and started the best and happiest period of our marriage. Still sitting in his chair but already seeming more in control of his world, he said, 
"Yes I'm sure and you call me Sir when you address me. Now take that dress off, take your bra and knickers off and come sit next to me. I want to inspect this body that I'm going to be using from this point on!" 

He sat back as he said this and glared at me to study my reaction. It was probably completely out of place, but I turned to him, beamed a broad smile at him and with a mock soldier-style salute, said, 
"Yes, Sir!" 

I wasted no time and used little finesse. I stood up, unhooked my dress and practically threw it over the chair. While it was still in the air, I repeated the process with my bra, before wiggling my hips and sliding my dainty panties down my legs and kicking them across the floor. It was amazing how quickly a slut could strip!  

"Now pour me a glass of wine." 

I almost protested because since I've known Frank, he has never been the drinking type, except on social occasions. I was the one who drank and Frank spared no expenses in getting me exotic wines. But I didn't know what had gotten into him that night. Well, whatever it was, I was loving it and didn't want to ruin or say anything that would ruin the moment I had waited a week for this to happen. (because our marriage was just a week old) I quickly obeyed, I went to the kitchen and got a bottle of alcoholic wine from the fridge, and in no time I handed Frank a glass of wine and stepped back. 

"Come closer." he said. 

I walked boldly and confidently towards him and stood there right in front of him, my now throbbing and exposed pussy only inches from his face, my nipples hardening in excitement as I was fully on show for him as he had commanded. Frank did nothing for a minute or two, he just took in the sight before him and sipped his wine as if watching a TV program. I saw his gaze start at my feet (I still had my black heels on), wander up my legs and hover over my pussy before he moved his gaze up to my full breasts and occasionally to my face and my eyes, where he locked his gaze onto mine, seeming to enjoy the fact that I was naked solely because he had requested I be so and that I was so obviously keen to be totally obedient and compliant.

Just this act was so thrilling to me. Women often read more into these things than men but his lingering inspection of my body seemed to confirm his calm ownership of it to me. Almost like he was inspecting his latest toy, knowing he could play with it whenever he wanted. I was rapidly becoming impatient for an order.  (Make me suck your cock I thought, I want it in my mouth, this minute, please!) 
Frank. '.however, had much more patience than I did. He looked at me again, and said:

"More wine slut, get me more wine. When you've done that, sit there (indicating the seat just opposite him) and spread your legs wide for me. Do not speak." 

I looked at him wide-eyed and amazed, he was speaking with calm authority as if understanding completely my desire. Although I practically snatched the glass from his hand as I turned towards the kitchen, I wasn't sure if my legs, now turned to jelly, and my head, now turned to mulch, would allow me to complete the task satisfactorily. I managed to walk to the kitchen and retrieved the wine from the fridge. I had sat Frank's glass down on the work top and pulled another glass from the cupboard for me. I poured Frank's and was about to pour my own but I stopped....HE DIDN'T SAY YOU COULD HAVE ONE...I thought to myself. I sniggered at myself for this thought; he's your husband, this is a game, a very sexy one yes but a game nonetheless, of course he won't mind if you help yourself to your own wine! I continued this internal debate but almost to my own surprise, eventually decided that no, Frank has not indicated that I can have wine, so I won't.
The thought of my servile obedience made my head swim in lust even more as I returned to continue my submission, struggling to walk as my pussy throbbed between my legs as I became accustomed to the new rules of our marriage that seemed to be forming there and then.

I also remembered the silence instruction, and handed Frank his wine without a sound before sitting on the armchair in front of him. Looking him square in the eyes, I parted my legs immediately, watching his eyes intently as he lowered his gaze to take a full view of the hotness between my legs.

"Few nights ago, I heard you moan while you fucked yourself all night. You may have thought I was asleep but I heard everything. I want to watch you do it. Now put your left leg over the arm of the chair and hold your cunt open for me," he said, in a calm, authoritative voice that I had never really heard from him before.

I did so immediately, wondering as I did whether that really was fluid leaking out of my slit or if it had just felt like it was. I looked at Frank again and my head was giddy in lust as I slid my fingers down between my legs and teased my pussy lips open for him. No, not pussy lips, cunt lips, I must use 'slut language'. I had never heard Frank saying that dirty word. Things were changing second by second and I was becoming increasingly excited by how.

"Play with your clit for a few minutes but don't come. I'll be back in a minute," he said, smirking as he left me there, legs akimbo, cunt wide open and on display. I had no problem obeying the first command, but I knew if he wasn't back soon I'd have trouble obeying the second. I'd never been so turned on so quickly. 

As I started to stretch my fingers over my engorged clitoris, feeling my juices starting to run down between my legs, I wondered where Frank was and what he was doing. My guess was he was freshening up and he was going to come back naked....naked and hard and ready to give this slut what she so obviously wanted. But wait, what if Frank just wanted to treat me like a slut just to humiliate me? What if Frank does not return and is sound asleep in the bedroom. Why would Frank humiliate me like this? I snapped out of the negative thought and tried to imagine Frank walking back to me completely naked with his rock hard cock in his hand. 
But wait, what if he doesn't return? 

              To Be Continued............