July 22, 2015

Lucy's Vengeance 6

Mo and I sat quietly on the plane for a while. I couldn't get my mind off what the doctor said, 'I am pregnant? Was this really happening? Should I be happy or sad? How could I not know?' 

"A penny for your thought Lulu" Mo said. 

"Huh?" I replied startled

"Sorry, did I say something wrong? 

"No, I'm sorry. Just that there's someone who used to say that to me. So when you said it, you kinda reminded me of him." 

"I see. Well, I only wanted to know why you seem so distraught since we left the hospital in the morning. Even at home, you walked around like a ghost. And at the departure hall, you barely said two words. Now we are on the plane, you are still so distant." 

"I just don't get it Mo. I knew something was wrong with me, but Pregnancy was the last thing on my mind." 

"How do you mean Lulu?" 

"Listen, I was visited by Aunty Flo and cousin Red the first month I was in America......" 

"Sorry to interrupt you Lulu, but Aunty who and cousin what? When?" 

"Ohhh Sorry Mo. Hahaha actually that's another code name for menstrual flow." 

"What do you mean another name? You mean menstrual flow has more names?" 

"Code names Mo. We also call it 'The red flag'. If I say, I'm flying the red flag, it simply means I'm in my period." 

"Jeezzz, women are so secretive. What's the big deal? Why not just say you are in your period? Must everything be so complicated with all women?" 

"Shut up Mo." I said as I poked him and we both laughed. 
"Anyway, the thing is that I had my period when I arrived the USA. Just that once. So when I didn't see it the second and third month, I was not worried because I knew I have not had sex since I left home. How could I have known?" 

"Well you heard the doctor. He said you didn't pay attention to details. Because the flow couldn't have been much." 

"Yeah, I guess I was dealing with a heavy heart then to be worried about the amount of flow and how red it was." smacking my forehead, I said "I can't believe I'm talking about this with you. Must feel very awkward for you Mo." 

"No no Lulu. We've come a long way. I just want you to know that I will be there for you till the end. Do you wanna talk about the father?" 

"No Mo." 

"Well, just incase, I don't mind being the father of this baby. We can get married ‎and this baby will be mine." 

I didn't say anything. Mo really needs to slow his role. If only he knew I was carrying a gifted grandchild of a gifted King. I wonder what will happen when he finds out who I am. Since we are from the same place, then he must have heard about the 'rejected princess. I ran my hand on my tummy and smiled. 
'Oh Eric, I wonder what will happen to us now. What will be my fate? But I just can't wait to see you my Prince.' 
I was so happy about my decision to go home. Although I was a bit skeptical, I didn't know what was waiting for me at the other side but I was going to confront my fears. 

After the plane had taken off, I suddenly noticed the lucious lady sitting by the aisle, just by Mo. I sat by the window and Mo was. In the middle and the beautiful lady sat by the aisle. I don't know why I hadn't noticed her before. Then I remembered she boarded late. Actually, she was the last person to board so I guess she arrived the airport late. She was dark skinned and very pretty, her lips, red as blood. Her blouse, partially opened and I could see part of her right breast as it was ready to fall from the restraint of her bra and her red silk blouse. I also noticed that her hands were inserted inside the front of her Jean skirt and it was unzipped. Then she pulled the blanket and covered herself with it, she slept beautifully and her head tilted, making her face us. Mo must have noticed her too, afterall, he was the one sitting right next to her. I saw Mo's cock build a tent in front of his trouser and I couldn't help feeling wet. Now I could see her lips pursed and I could hear a soft moan coming from her lovely lips. I took my blanket and covered myself with it. I could smell the sex that was wafting from her skirt; she was obviously pleasuring herself before she passed out. As I caught Mo eyes wandering down her breasts to her skirt, her hand which he had gently moved fell into his lap. As pleased and as nervous as Mo was, I was also getting pleased now. I was praying in my heart that Mo would get carried away with what we were being entertained with. 

"Wow, she has gotten you so hard Mo." I whispered. 

"You've noticed it yeah?" he replied. 

"What am I? Blind? Ofcourse I noticed. But too bad there's nothing you can do about it. She can't help you." I mocked. 

"Oh really? Lulu, you don't really know me. I can get what I want. You are the first woman to ever resist me. But I forgive you because I now understand you are pregnant." 

"Oh please be quiet. You are just a brag Mo. You Can't do shit. I dare you."

"Oh yeah? Are you daring me?" 

"You heard me Mo. I dare you." 

"Okay Lulu. Be prepared to feed your eyes on this. But swear to me that we will never speak of whatever will happen on this plane ever again. Deal?" 

"I swear and cross my heart. Never again will it be repeated." 
"Cool then."

With that, Mo whispered something in her ear and she blushed. For a few minutes, they were whispering in eachother's ears. Finally, Mo raised the arm rest from between them and moved even closer to her, then he  pulled the woman's blanket and covered himself with it too, making room for me to lift it and see underneath the blanket. She looked over at me and winked her approval for me to watch closely, I smiled in satisfaction. Unbelievable! 

"I'm actually wet." she whispered to him but looking directly at me. I blushed. I was a bit embarrassed. Some women can really be crazy. But what she requested for next shocked me. She actually asked that she and Mo exchange seats. She she would be in the middle thereby letting me have a close up view on her pussy. Mo obliged. They exchanged seats and she sat right next to me. I couldn't believe it. She was really willing to give in. Obviously, Mo had won this bet and I would never know how he did it or what he said to her to make her act like a slut because we had agreed never to talk about it. I could feel her body heat because she was now very close to me even with the air condition on the plane. 

Mo got comfy in his new seat and almost before he realized what was happening, she took his hand and slid it under her blanket where he quickly found that somehow she'd already lifted her skirt out of the way. She guided his hand up her smooth thighs and straight to her hot pussy, where he discovered that she really wasn't wearing any underwear and was as wet as she'd thought. She obviously waxed recently as she felt so smooth, and Mo could feel his cock starting to swell as she held his hand over her pussy. I watched as he lightly stroked his fingers over her slick mound she breathed heavily and kissed his neck before resting her head on his shoulder. He used his middle finger to part her smooth pussy lips and found her hole wet and ready, so he slid one finger up her pussy, as her breathing quickened, he swiftly followed that with another finger. 

Her hand still held his wrist and kept his hand firmly in place, slightly restricting his movements. He moved his fingers in and out of her at a steady pace, rubbing his thumb over her clit. Her hand tightened on his wrist and she turned her head into his shoulder to stifle her quiet moans as she came, coating his fingers in her juices.

He slowed his movements and she released her grip on his wrist.

"Thank you," she murmured. "Now let's see what else we can do quietly." she said to him. 
Her hand moved under the blanket and her fingers traced the outline of his stiff cock before moving to his fly and opening his trousers. She slid a hand under the waistband of his shorts and grasped him firmly, running her thumb over his head and squeezing his shaft, pumping him a few times before pushing his shorts down a bit to free his cock a bit more. I put my index finger into my mouth to prevent me from moaning. I could feel my pussy moist and drip as I watched her pump Mo's cock. 

"Hmmm," she whispered. " I wonder if we could...". She trailed off as she again glanced around the cabin. It was quiet and no one was even awake any more, except for me ofcourse!. 
She turned back to Mo and kissed him for the first time, her soft lips pressing urgently against his mouth and her tongue darting out to play with his. He was surprised when she pulled away and seemed to be moving away from him, and then he realized she was turning slightly on to her side and pressing herself against his lap. Now she was facing me directly while her big ass was press against Mo. What happened next made me blush. She brought out a condom from nowhere and handed it over to me. Then she asked me to unwrap it, I bit the wrapper with my teeth and it tore, I brought out the condom and she instructed me to put it on Mo. " I felt really embarrassed, 

"No, I'd rather not." I said with a giggle. 

"Its the least you can do. Common girl. Don't keep a sister waiting." she replied with a grin. 

Damn it! Oh what the hell? I thought to myself. After-all, we were never gonna talk about it. Mo, on the other hand was happy about it.  He was smiling sheepishly like a complete idiot, enough to make me pissed because it seemed like he had prayed for it. I attempted to move closer to Mo but she interrupted me. 

"No Darling, you are putting that on him with your mouth. Now put the condom in your mouth and wear him. Do it fast." she ordered. 

Whadafuq??? This was not happening to me. I looked at Mo and he had a very wicked grin on his face. I frowned, but there was nothing I could do about it? I started it . I unwrapped the condom and put the tip of the condom in my mouth. I unfastened my seat belt and got off my seat, stretched over to Mo and skillfully slid it down his shaft with my lips. He was so big that I couldn't slide the condom with my mouth. I only managed to cover his dick cap before I unrolled it another nine inches with my right hand on his big erection. I couldn't believe how big Mo was. The biggest cock I've ever seen. And he must have been over ten inches. Wowzzers....... I tried to avoid looking at it again as Mo looked at me and enjoyed the lust in my eyes. I didn't want to give him the satisfaction so I tried to look away but couldn't so I peaked again, allowing myself a longer glance this time. I was in a trance by then, but had I been paying attention I'd have noticed the flood gates had opened between my own legs. Forcibly preventing myself from looking a third time was possibly the most difficult thing I'd ever done in my life, and I could only do it for a few seconds. My eyes snapped to his groin and I took it all in hungrily. His dick was so fucking big I could hardly believe my eyes. His massive, hairless balls traveled up his shaft, his head was engorged and beautiful. Mo had always been an attractive man, somewhat muscled, and tall, and dark skinned, but I'd never seen him in this achingly-beautiful light before even though I had listened in on him fuck a couple of time. How could Alexandrea cheat on a cock like this after fucking him a few hours ago? She must have had issues. What a bitch!  

I took my seat and fastened my seat belt, relaxed and enjoyed the exhibition before my eyes. I pulled at my nipple, hoping it wasn't obvious through the covers, and allowed my other hand to gently stroke my pussy over my panties. Then I slid my hand inside my panties and found that I was a wet, and started to use that lubrication to, hopefully, inspire more. 

Mo turned so they were spooning on their reclined seats, hidden under their blankets, and pushed himself towards her buttocks. She moved her hand behind her to hold his penis and guided it in to her. She was so wet that he slid in easily with his monster cock and her pussy gripped him firmly. He held himself still inside her for a moment, reveling in the wet, tight heat of her, before slowly moving back so just his head was held inside her. I heard her breathing pause as she anticipated him pushing back in, and as he eased his cock back in as she pushed back against him, quietly whispering to me 
"oh God that's good". She was looking at me as her back was to Mo.

It must have been twenty or thirty seconds that I sat staring slack-jawed at his naked big cock pumping in and out of her pussy, my hand now working furiously at my soaking-wet pussy, my chest heaving and my nipples hard and pointy. It seemed like eternity. I managed to break the spell long enough to glance quickly at his face before locking in on his huge cock in he pussy again, I expected Mo's eyes to be closed while he enjoyed fucking this luscious woman, but wait, he's eyes wasn't closed! He had been looking right at me! An unexpected wave of pleasure washed through my body. My face flushed as I blushed when I met his eyes again, but I didn't care. Actually, I loved it. I wanted him to know that I was embarrassed, but completely enthralled by his body and actions. I wanted him to see me full of desire, staring at his massive dick pumping her pussy. I wanted him to know he was sexy as fuck, and that he was about to push me to a gigantic orgasm by allowing me to see him pleasure another woman. Thank goodness he didn't say anything, he just kept looking at me. I could read his eyes. It said "I am fucking her but I am thinking of you, Lulu.". Yes! He didn't say it, but I read it in his eyes..  Next I dragged my middle finger deeply between my pussy lips, my fingers began to move in and out of my obviously soaked pussy. I was lost from there, thrashing against the seat, looking frantically for any way to stop myself from screaming out in ecstasy as wave after wave of bliss radiated through my body. Even when I thought I had been cumming for an hour and I must surely come down at some point, my legs jerked and shook with the shock-waves of orgasm. When I became conscious of the world around me again I found the covers on the floor and the lady looking at me and shivering.

Mo on the other hand was trying desperately hard to be quiet, knowing that any moans or groans would be sure to wake someone. He moved his hand to her waist to pull her firmly against him and slid his cock slowly and smoothly in and out of her, his breathing getting heavier as he felt her tightening around him as she started to come again. Her backwards pushing movements became firmer as she came and she put her hand over her own mouth to try to muffle her gasps. The feeling of her orgasm and the flood of wetness he felt covering his cock was too much and he came with her, his hips spasming against her soft ass and his hand clenching tightly on her waist. Even after they had reached orgasm, Mo still remained inside her till he went limb. After a few minutes, he got up and went to the lavatorry, I guessed he was cleaning up because he took a while. When he returned, the lady left for the lavatory too and Mo sat down. I needed to clean up too, I was a mess, I had cum all over my pant so I also went to clean up. When I returned, Mo and the Luscious lady had taken their original seats. They excused me as I made my way through them to to my seat by the window. I was so embarrassed, I looked at Mo and he'd smiled. I really wanted to talk about what had just happened but I was concerned because of my promise to Mo. But what the hell? I was dying to get it out of my system. I turned to Mo, and he knew exactly what I was up to. 

I began talking but he interrupted me immediately. As if he knew everything I was going to say. He could finish my sentences. 
"So, we are really not..."


"I'm sure that...." 


"I never knew that....." 

"Well, now you know." 

"Well, I'm really dying to......" 

"To bad. You swore not to." 

"Do you really understand what...." 

"Yes I do." 

"Truth is, I am really...." 

"Well, so am I. And there's nothing you can do about it." 

"How come you are able to......" 

"Finish your sentences in my head?" 


Because I know you Lulu." 

"Okay, so we are just going to....." 

"Yes! Pretend it never happened." 

It became frustrating so I just went quiet on Mo. Not too long, the lights came on and the air hostesses came in with the trolleys and served us food. After I had finished and restored my table, I went to sleep, I was exhausted and needed rest. 

Two hours later, we landed. I was so excited, I couldn't wait to see Eric. Immediately the plane landed, the Luscious lady got up without a word and left just as the door was opened. Mo didn't even bother to talk to her. 'Talk about hit it and quit it'. Mo and I remained seated as other passengers got up and began to grab their hand luggage which were in the over head locker. Mo held my hand and and I turned to face him. 

"Lulu, I don't know what fate awaits us out there. But I want you to know that my feelings for you have not changed. I want to be with you and believe me, I will take responsibility for your unborn child and we can raise him as mine." Mo said. 

"Oh please Mo, don't say these things to me please. I told you that my life is complicated right now. I need to figure things out. My unborn child has a father. He does not know yet, when his family finds out, things could change and there maybe no room for you. I really like you too Mo. But I can't give you false hope. Find someone else. I have beautiful friends I can introduce to you." I replied. 

"Oh! So without pregnancy his family wouldn't want you? That's not love Lulu. You deserve so much more. And I can give you that." 

"Its not that simple. And hey! His family loves me, pregnant or not, he loves me. You just don't understand. " 

"Ok fine, but don't push me away Lulu." 

Mo and I agreed to meet later in the day. I gave him my address and he was surprised. He said he stayed quite close to me. What a coincidence. We got different cabs and parted ways. I thought of going straight to the Palace, but I needed to see my parents first. I asked the cab driver to honk in front of my gate, it took a while for someone to open the gate. I saw my brother come out to peek into the cab. As soon as he saw me, he screamed for joy and flung the gates open. He was helping me get my suitcase out of the cab when my dad came out shouting at him. 

"What in the world is the noise all about. I asked you to go check who was at the gate and you are barking like a wild...." just then he saw me and his mouth hung open, he was shocked. 

"Papa you are not seeing a ghost. It's me, your daughter. Remember? Lulu." I giggled. I ran to him and hugged him. My mother heard my voice and threw the broom in her hand away and ran to hug me. The reception was not really what I expected, I had expected a tongue lashing from my father and a scolding from my mother. But I got quite the opposite. They were so happy to see me that it scared me. If they had missed me, all they needed to do was ask me to come home, but they had encouraged me to stay in America. My mother dotted over me as if I was a new bride, she almost bathed me that morning, I practically drove her out of the toilet. What was going on? The whole reception was very suspicious. After I had freshened up and had breakfast, I joined them in the living room. 

"Papa, Mama, what are you both not telling me? You are acting so suspicious." I began to cry. "What has happened to Eric? Where is my Prince? Is he dead?" 

"God forbid!" Mama exclaimed. "Lucy, whatever gave you that idea?" 

"So where is he?" I asked. 

"We don't know. But we heard rumors, that he's sick." Papa said. 

"Sick? What's wrong? What happened?" 

"We don't know. The Queen mentioned it when she came here, begging for your contact. She said he had been calling your name." 

"Why didn't anyone tell me?" 

"Lulu, you had already been through so much. We didn't want you to keep suffering. Look at how lean you look. You have suffered enough. We just wanted you to get through this whole mess Gift caused." 

I got up and ran to my garage, I screamed at my brother to get me the car key. I pulled off the car cover from my Jeep and drove out of the house. First I headed to our love nest at the Ahulu's estate. The securities at the estate gate told me that they had not seen the Prince for over two months. Now I panicked, I became frightened. I couldn't believe my parents had kept something as important as this away from me. If anything bad has happened to Eric, I will never forgive them. My mind went wild, I lost it. I drove straight to the palace, fuck the traditions. But another funny thing happened at the Palace, the guards at the gate flung the gates open without hesitation, some maidens saw me and ran inside. Why did they run inside? What was chasing them? As soon as I came down from the jeep, I saw the Queen running out. She was looking so depressed, she wasn't dressed in her usual royal attire, no make up either.  She ran towards me in tears. I couldn't help but run to her to. She took me in her arms and hugged me. 

"Oh Lulu, oh my baby. Your parents finally brought you back. Lulu, we have searched for you. We have combed everywhere. I am sorry about your last encounter with the king. Lulu, my family is in shambles. My life has fallen apart. I wish you came earlier, my life is almost over." the Queen cried. 

I was lost, I was confused, tears flowed down my face. I cried too. "My Queen, what is going on? What happened to my Prince? Where is Eric? My Queen where is my Prince? I want to see Eric." 

She took me by the hand and led me inside the Palace. All the maidens were in tears. What was going on? The cabinet chiefs were all seated sadly. The throne was empty, where was the King? I cried bitterly. I was scared. My hands were trembling. The Queen took me into her chambers and asked me to sit down but I refused. I told her I wanted to see Eric. 

"Lulu, Eric tried to find you. For weeks, he didn't sleep nor eat. He drank all day and night. When he had not seen you for one month his depression got worse and he became very suicidal. He's moods began to switch from being very sad to being extremely calm and appearing to be happy. We had to bring him to the palace because I feared he may do something to himself. My child has lost it, he nolonger recognizes anyone, he has attempted suicide a few times, the only thing that saved us was that the King could see it earlier and ask us to put preventive measures before it happens. There are guards in the room with him round the clock. My only child does not even recognize me." She cried. 

I couldn't believe what I had heard. It sounded like fiction. How was that even possible? How? I cried bitterly, I blamed myself for leaving Eric. Oh God! Please forgive me. 

"And the King, where is he?" I asked. 

"He's lying very ill. He couldn't handle his son's condition. He got so heart broken. He's been bed ridden. There's been rumors of a coup among the chiefs." 

"Take me to My Prince." I demanded. 

"Lulu, that will be risky. My son does not recognize anyone. He attacks anyone that goes in there." 

"But you said there are guards in there too." 


"Good. Then they will help me if I need it. But I doubt I will need it. Please take me to see him." 

"Lulu, do me a favor. Please, come with me to see the King first." 

"Sure your Majesty." 

The Queen led me to the King's quarters. I had never been there before. It was like walking into a palace. Oh wait! Ofcourse it is a palace. It was so beautiful. As soon as we got to the door, I tried to take off my shoes but the Queen stopped me. Okay, that was a shocker. We went in and there the King was, on his massive bed made of steel and gold. As soon as he saw me, his eyes lit up and he smiled. 

"Lucy, I see you found your way home. Your parents were not willing to help. Come give me a hug." 

I didn't know whether to be happy or scream for joy. I was just so elated about the King's welcome. But I just smiled. I went over to the King and hugged him. Immediately after I hugged him, he sat up and pulled out the needle from the drip in his hand out by himself. And ordered the drip be thrown away. Everything that was happening around me seemed strange. 

"Lucy, you have to go see the Prince." he said to me. Then turning to the Queen, he said "Tell the guards with the Prince to leave." 

"What? My Lord, is that safe for Lucy?" the Queen panicked. 

"Don't worry my Queen. The feet of a mother hen can never kill it's chicks." the King replied. 

"Whatever do you mean?" the Queen asked. 

"Just do it!" the king ordered. 

I could see the fear in the Queen's eyes. Which made me scared too. I mean, how bad were things around here? As soon as we got to the Prince's quarters, she ordered the guards to leave, they did so reluctantly. 

"My Prince." I called out. 

"Leave me alone." his voice growled from within the large room.

"Lulu, please let's go. I can call the doctor to come and sedate him before you see him." the Queen said. 

"No my Queen, I'm not going anywhere. Eric can not harm me. He Won't attack me." 

I went into the room and found Eric sitting on the bare floor, it reminded me of the night I found him in his house.
"My Prince, its me Lulu, your Princess. I've come back, I'm so sorry i Ieft. I'm here now and I'm never leaving again." 

"Lulu, is that really you My Princess? Is this another trick? Because if it is, I'm going to spill blood." 

"Why don't you come and take a look and tell me what it is." 

"Its your voice. Your perfume. The fact that my mother is here too means..." then he screamed out loud. "Its really you. LUCY!!!!! You came back." he got off the floor and ran towards me, lifting me off the ground into his arms. "LUCY!! MY PRINCESS! IT'S REALLY YOU." 

He's screams attracted the guards who rushed in as if the Queen and I were in danger, but the Queen hushed them and signaled them to leave. After they left, she ran to us too and hugged us tightly, she had tears on her face.

"My son, my son, my only child." she cried, I cried, Eric cried. The Queen's heart couldn't contain her joy. She wept so much. She hadn't seen Eric in over a month yet they lived in the same palace. She couldn't let go of us, she almost strangled us with hugs and our faces were covered with her kisses. 

"My Queen, you are ruining my moment here." Eric giggled. 

"Shut up son. Don't ruin this for me. This is the happiest day of my life. What more can a mother ask for?" she replied. 

"I need to see my father." 

"Yes but not like this. You must wash up and dress in you princely robe before you come to your father. He has to see you fully recovered and well. I'm going to get your bath water ready and bath you myself." 

"Mother, common. Do you think I deserve that punishment?" we all laughed. "Look at you mother, you are not dressed either. Go and make yourself beautiful my Queen. Please prepare me something to eat." 

"True my son. That's a better idea. I will see you guys later." she hugged us again and left. 

"Oh Lulu, you have no idea what I've been through. I searched for you everywhere. I couldn't live anymore. I needed you so much My Love." Eric cried. 

"I know, I needed you too. That's why I returned. When I heard that no one had seen you for two months, I made up my mind to come back home and look for you." 

"I don't blame your parents for not telling us where to find you. My family had complicated your life enough." 

After we had talked for a bit, Eric had his bath and I helped him get dressed. We descended to the dining where the King and Queen were seated. I was surprised to see the King so healthy. They had said he had been ill since the Prince suffered depression and lost his mind. Both father and son were very happy to see eachother. They talked and we all settled down to have lunch. The royal dining is quite a large one. Enough to take about fifteen people. I glanced around and wondered where the bitch (Gift) was. I attempted to ask severally but couldn't. Anytime I heard the door open by any of the maidens I will look up, thinking Gift was coming to join us. 

"Are you expecting anyone Lucy?" the King asked. 

"No your highness." I replied. 

"I can't help noticing you are not relaxed and you seem to be looking at the entrance to the dining a lot. What is it Lucy?" 

"Nothing my King. I was just wondering why Gift is not here. I just didn't want things to get awkward." 

Then the Queen sighed and finally broke the silence. 
"Well, I heard Gift is in the hospital. I don't know if she has been discharged." 

"Wow! Is she okay? What happened?" I asked. 

"Something about the pregnancy being tubal. I don't know much. My hands were full with a sick husband and an only child who almost killed himself due to depression. All caused by one woman." 

I felt so bad for Gift. Tubal pregnancy was not a good thing at all. After lunch and the King and Queen went to the Lounge for a meeting with the Chiefs, I told Eric we needed to go and see Gift. It took a while to convince him but he finally agreed. We got the Queen to call her parents and they gave us the details. About an hour later, we were there. Gift was shocked when Eric and I walked into the ward. But not as shocked as I was when I saw who was sitting next to Gift. It was Mo! What in the world was he doing here? He was shocked to see me too. Eric hugged him tightly and they greeted eachother. Then Mo turned to and said 

"Lulu, what brings you here?" 

Before I could even reply Eric interrupted us. "Moses, what do you mean? This is Lucy, my wife. Have you forgotten the girl I met in your house?" 

"Ohmy God!! No wonder she was familiar. What a world. I can't believe this." Mo exclaimed. 

"How do you mean Mo? Where did you guys meet?" Eric asked. 

"Eric, I met Mo on the flight. When I was leaving town. I actually stayed with him all this while." I replied. 

"What? Mo! What's this? What's going on here. You've been with him all this while? Mo, how dare you?" 
Eric got so furious. I've never seen him like that, he dashed at Mo and swung a blow at him. Mo swung back. I got into the middle and separated them. I yelled at them to take their childishness outside. We had come ‎to the hospital to see a sick woman and no one seemed to be paying any attention to her. They both got escorted out of the ward by the nurses. After they had gone outside, I turned to Gift who had tears flowing down her face. 

"Gift, what happened? I am sorry." I said. 

"Lulu, heart of Gold. You came to see me? You even brought Eric." 

"Oh please don't get emotional on me now Gift." 

"How did Eric recover? He attacked me the day I went to see him. I heard he attacked his parents too. If not for the guards, he would have torn me to pieces. It was like he didn't recognize anyone."

"Well, immediately he saw me, he's got his senses back. He was overwhelmed with calmness as soon as he laid his eyes upon me." I gloated

"That man really loves you. You are both really meant for eachother." 

"From your lips to God's ears Gift. By the way Gift, where is your baby?" 

Gift broke down and cried. "Oh Lucy,  I have suffered, I almost died. They had to do an emergency evacuation. It was an Ectopic pregnancy." 

"What? Did the doctors have to wait till you almost died for them to evacuate? Didn't they know? This hospital should be sued." 

"No Lucy, its not their fault. I already knew. They told me since I was about eight weeks gone. They suggested abortion but I refused. I was desperate, I thought I could carry my twins to term. I am prayed so God will help me carry my twin girls to term miraculously, but now I understand the meaning of 'the prayer of the wicked, is an abomination unto God'. Luly please forgive me." 

"I just have one question for you Gift. Why?" 

"I don't know Lulu. Jealousy, envy? I just don't know. Whatever it was has ruined my life. Look at me, I have a huge scar on my stomach, my womb has been damaged. Not the fault of the doctors. They did their best. It got worse because I chose to carry the pregnancy to term which has caused my fallopian tubes to rupture. If only I had allowed them terminate it when it was discovered, my life would not be ruined like this." 

"You are wrong Gift, if only you didn't let envy drive you to mess up my life, you wouldn't have drugged Eric, you wouldn't have been pregnant and you wouldn't have landed in this shit." 

"You are a lucky woman Lucy. Look at you, two men are fighting for you, the Prince and my only brother, Moses. They didn't even remember I existed. They fought over you like some piece of jewelry." 

"No Gift, you are wrong again, I am not Lucky, I am Lucy and I am Blessed." with that I got up and left as she kept crying bitterly. On my way out, I met her parents in the hall way going in. The look on her mother's face was priceless. I didn't know whether to stare back at her, I just grinned and walked past them. 
When I got outside, I saw Eric standing by the car, Mo had left. I got into the passenger's seat and few seconds later, Eric joined me in the car and without saying a word to me, he drove off. I didn't say anything either, Eric drove us back to the Ahulu estate, our love nest. We got into the house without saying a word to eachother, I went into the bathroom to take my bath. As soon as I began soaping my body, the bathroom door flung open and Eric walked in with anger written all over his face. 

"Lulu, did you fuck him?" 

"What kind of a stupid question is that Eric. Please get out of here and let me shower in peace." 

"Answer me gadammit! Did you fuck my best friend?" 

"Eric, I didn't know he was your best friend. I couldn't recognize him. Besides, I was out of your life then. Please don't stress me. I need rest." 

"You fucked him didn't you? I can't believe you fucked my best friend. I was here dying of depression while you were there fucking my best friend? He turned you into his slut didn't he?" 

"Watch your tone with me young man. I'm not in the mood. So what if I fucked him? So fucking what?" 

"You are such a slut Lucy. I hate you!" 

"Yes Eric! I fucked him. I fucked his monster cock and it was delicious. I loved it. I enjoyed every bit of him. Fuck you Eric. Now get out of here. We will talk when you are ready to stop acting like a savage." 

I finished bathing and stepped out of the shower and proceeded to the dresser to cream my body. I had a towel tied tightly around my chest. Eric was in the way so I just pushed him and passed. ‎I got to the dresser and sat on the short stool by the bed.

"Lucy, you called me a savage?" 

"Yes I did. When you act like one what do you expect?" 

"Fine then, I think you need to experience how savages behave. You had the guts to tell me you fucked someone else?" 

Before I could say a word and stop the fight  from going any further, his strong hands gripped my head and he stepped forward pulling me forward into his crotch. His large penis slid along my cheek and across my lips. I felt a shiver travel up my spine. I had never been treated like this by him and it excited me. I didn't even notice when he undressed. He was fully naked.
I snaked my tongue out across the tip of his cock and then he pushed it into my mouth. He pushed more than half of his cock into my mouth and I gagged. He pulled his cock all the way out and then continued his assault on my mouth. With his hands guiding my head and his cock thrusting into my mouth, I was at his mercy but I loved it. I tried to struggle but it was futile, he was too strong. then he pulled his cock out while his hand still gripped my head, he slapped my cheeks with his cock and pushed it back into my mouth.

"Open your mouth Lulu" he moaned. 
Each time he pulled out and entered my mouth he went a little bit deeper and I started to relax, giving him full control. I was an expert cock sucker, just the way he had trained me over the years, it's just that I had always performed oral sex on my terms , insisting on being in full control. But it was different this time. Eric was taking control of my mouth. I licked the tip of it, feeling it jerk a little. I did it again, then threw inhibitions to the wind and just started licking it like an ice cream cone all over. He leaked precum and I lapped that up, tasting like ambrosia on my tongue. I took the large spongy crown inside my mouth, savoring it, in heaven. I made love to it with my mouth, taking my time, wanting it to last. He forced it deep into my mouth, I was gagging, and was finally able to get it past my throat's opening. I would never be able to swallow the entire thing, but I wanted to. 
I ran my tongue down it to the base, then lower, nibbling his balls, feeling them draw up, lifting them to lick lower. I was enraptured, over the edge. I wanted to resit him but I couldn't This wonderful thing I had inside my mouth was all that mattered at the moment. He forced my mouth down on it and held it there, I tried not to suffocate as I breathed through my nose. I licked and sucked as he fucked my mouth. My pussy was dripping and I couldn't help moaning as I sucked.

"My cock was meant for your mouth Lulu. This mouth fucking belongs to me. Now suck my cock, taste it. None can taste as sweet as mine." ‎he growled as he  increased his speed and I grew more accustomed to the large invader in my mouth. His cock seemed to grow larger and I knew in an instant that he was about to cum. He was actually about to shoot his seed into my mouth! He grabbed my hair with more force causing me to wince in pain as he ejaculated into my mouth.
The amount of his sperm caught me off guard and I had to swallow two mouthfuls of his sperm before he let go of my head and pulled his cock out of my mouth.

"You don't know how much I needed that baby." he said smiling down at me.  "Its been over three months Lulu. I was dying. And now you tell me you fucked somebody else?"

He grabbed me and flung away the towel that covered my body, my breathing increased and I was frozen with inaction. A part of me wanted to be taken by him like this. What was wrong with me? I couldn't stay mad at Eric no matter how hard I tried. 
I jumped as his finger slid across my labia and I felt his hot breath on my pussy. I shivered in anticipation. Eric looked up at me said, 

"You want me to eat your pussy don't you?" he mocked. 

"Ohgod Yes!" I coed 
"Say it." he ordered 

"Please eat my pussy Baby. Please I beg you, eat me." I said as lifted my waist off the bed to meet his mouth. 

"Whose pussy is this Lulu?" he asked. 

"Its your pussy baby. Please eat me up, im dying to have you taste me. Please eat my pussy." I begged.

 Just then, his tongue flicked out and licked my clit. My eyes rolled back into my head as I moaned.
 "Ohgod. Yes baby, eat that pussy good. oh fuck!" I felt embarrassed. One minute I was mad at Eric and the next minute I was moaning and begging him to eat my pussy? 
His tongue was like a snake as he expertly worked it across my clit and my pussy lips. I found myself humping his face in time to the thrusts of his tongue. My entire body was undulating and I was gasping for air. I almost stopped breathing when he gently bit and started sucking on my clit. I screamed as waves of pleasure coursed through my body. I almost passed out. Eric was merciless and continued to work my clit through the course of my orgasm.
I whimpered. "Oh my Prince, only you can make me feel like this way." 

He then knelt above me on the bed and slid the head of his cock across my slit, he certainly wasn't going to wait for permission. He pumped forward sliding his entire length deep inside me. My whole body tensed. He was so big and felt so good. 
At first he went slowly, but feeling my hand moving around between our legs spurred him on, and before long he was plunging in and out of me as quickly as he could. My pussy kept expanding and contracting around his cock, alternately gaping so he could really only feel my pussy lips sliding along his shaft, and then suddenly squeezing tight around him so that he could feel every bit of me wrapped hotly around the head of his cock. 

"I love your big cock, Eric." I moaned up at him looking into his eyes. "Only you can fuck me. No one else." 

Eric pulled all the way out. "Beg for it."

"What are you doing?" I screamed at him. 

"I said beg for it." He said again. "Tell me what you want."

I couldn't play his games anymore and I certainly couldn't resist him any longer.
"I want your cock my Prince and I want it inside me. Please?" I grunted. "Please put it in me." 

"Can anyone fuck you like I do?" 

"No baby. You've got the best cock. I swear no one touched me. No other man has seen this pussy Eric. Please fuck me. I beg you. Fuck me PLEASE!!" 

"Ofcourse I know you could never fuck anyone else. I own this pussy." 

"So you know, now Shut up and fuck me or I'll kill you." 

Eric grabbed my ankles, holding them high apart as he slammed his cock into me. Finally, after what felt like twenty minutes of hard fucking, I felt my body release in orgasm. My whole body shook as my pussy clenched and unclenched around his thick cock. 

Eric pulled his cock out and moved up towards my face. Still lost in the last throes of my own orgasm, I didn't catch on until it was too late that he intended to cum in my mouth again. After he had emptied in my mouth, he collapsed beside me on bed and we slept off. 

From that moment, I felt my life restored, my joy was back, my life had a new meaning. But wait, what will happen to Gift? To make matters worse, Mo and Eric are fighting. Gift's family wont let me have peace after the way she has ended up. Will they ask Eric to compensate her by marrying her? Was the joy I was feeling premature? What has tradition got to say this time? What's next?

                  To Be Continued.....................

July 17, 2015


I trace your lips with a fingertip. 

"Don't you bite me..." 

You open enough and I slide my finger in. 
I feel you wrap your tongue around it and suck it. 
With sparks of passion in my eyes I whisper, 

"That's just like sucking my cock isn't it..." 

I slide a second finger into your mouth. 
I caress your cheek where it hollows with the fingertips of my other hand. 

"I love this bit," I say. 
"You know, 'Cock' is the largest thing that you will ever put in your mouth..." 

I slide my fingers slowly in then almost out again, watching them, 
Feeling your tongue, 

"You are a good cocksucker now aren't you... 
Do you like thinking of yourself as a good cocksucker... 
It's naughty isn't it... 
Yes, a good cocksucker..." 

I caress your hollowed cheek more. 

"Such a pretty cocksucker too..." 

I reach slowly down trailing my fingers down your neck, 
Down the slope of your breast, 
Cupping it. 
Gently pinching the nipple. 

"You really enjoy it don't you... 
Good girl." 

I slide my fingers smoothly back and forth. 
I roll your nipple. 

"There is something unbearably sexy about a woman sucking my cock... 
The tight suction and wetness... 
Her beautiful face 
Mouth impaled 
Cheeks hollow 
Eyes on Mine 
Makes me hard just thinking about it..." 

I take your hand and place it over my cock 

"I bet that made your cunt tremble... 
Get on your knees... 
Take my cock out cocksucker... 
Get your knees apart and rub your cunt... 
Dirty girl... 
Pinch both nipples... 
Lick your lips... 
Look into My eyes..." 

"My little cocksucking slut... 
Do it dirty girl... 
Rub your cunt... 
It's wet isn't it... 
You've been wet for a while haven't you... 
Lick the head, you know you want to..." 

I slide my fingers up the length pressing on the fleshy tube underneath. 
I smear the seeping precum over the head. 

"Nice and shiny... 
"You like precum don't you..." 
"It's tasty isn't it... 
Rub your clit gently... 
Suck the end of My cock while I slowly stroke it... 
Move your tongue in smooth slow circles around the head... 
"Close your eyes... 
If you taste precum lick over the opening... 
And suck a little harder for a moment... 
Your little rewards... 
For being a good cocksucker..." 

I wind my fingers into your hair, 
I slide your mouth down my cock. 

"Look at me cocksucker..." 

I hold you down. 

"Pinch your nipples... 
They're hard aren't they... 
Hard nipples and a wet cunt..." 

I slide your mouth slowly up. 

"Slide two fingers into your cunt." 

I slide your mouth back down my cock, 
And hold you there. 

Keep fucking your wet little pussy, cocksucker... 
Feel how wet you are... 
Feel how your clit tingles... 
Feel the hardness in your mouth... 
So hot and unyielding... 
Touch your clit..." 

I slide your mouth back up and off my cock, 
Holding your hair. 

"Such a pretty pout..." 

I grasp my cock and paint your lips with my oozing precum. 

"There... that's pretty... 
Now you really have a cocksucker's mouth... 
Lick your lips you dirty little cocksucker... 
Pinch your clit gently... 
Now rub it... 
Soothe it..." 

I slide your open mouth down again firmly. 

"I want you to cum on your fingers... 
Fuck your cunt and rub your clit... 
I'm going to cum so hard... 
Can you feel me throbbing... 
God, I'm so hard... 
Your mouth is so hot and tight..." 

I slide your mouth slowly up and down, 
Groaning through clenched teeth. 

"My balls are tingling... 
Suck really hard while I fuck your mouth and I'll cum..." 

I arch and tremble, muscles tightening. 


I clench inside and creamy spurts of hot cum splatter onto the roof of your mouth. 
I hold your mouth down on me and groan. 
The hard throbs become pulses of pleasure. 
Your mouth still sucks.

"Now cum for me, cum with my cum dripping down your chin... 
That's right fuck yourself, rub your clit faster... 
I want you to cum with a mouth full of cum... 
Mmmm... pretty cocksucker... 
That's right, cum for me... 
Good girl, yes. 

We are done here... 

Lick your cocksucker lips... 
Yes, you really do love it don't you."

by Sir_Nathan 

July 14, 2015

Lucy's Vengeance 5

I prayed that boarding would be announced soon because I feared Eric might track me down. Nothing was impossible for that man to do (except turning back the hands of time ofcourse). 
Finally, heavens heard my prayers. Boarding was announced and I couldn't wait to get on the plane. That was the only time I will be sure that I was safe from Eric. Tears welled up in my eyes as I sat down and fastened my seat belt. I was missing Eric so much, how was I going to survive without his love? I was tempted to abort the plan and just head back home but that would ruin Eric's life. I couldn't get the words of the King out of my head. I wanted to hear Eric's voice, just for one last time before take off but I couldn't gather the courage. I brought out my phone and turned it on for the first time since I switched it off. I had to call my parents and let them know I was boarding and that I was okay. Immediately the phone came on, it rang. Caller ID? Eric. Why was I not surprised? I contemplated whether to pick up the phone or not. 

"Ain't you going to get that?" the man sitting next to me asked. 
I looked at him and rolled my eyes, 'what the hell was his business' I thought to myself. I starred into the phone in my hand, it was as if Eric had put the phone on automatic redial. I couldn't even get to call my parents because the phone won't stop ringing. The guy beside me kept making uncomfortable sounds which I found very irritating. He was murmuring under his breath "If you don't wanna pick, then turn the damn phone off"
I pretended not to hear him. After a few seconds, I decided to pick the call. 

"Hello." I said. 

"Lulu, my love, my life, please don't do this to me. I'm going to die. Where are you? I will come and get you. Remember your promises, think about my kisses and caresses. Please I beg you Lulu, don't leave me. I beg you in the name of whatever you hold sacred. Don't go please baby. I will figure out a way for us to be together." Eric cried. 
I didn't say anything, I was dumbfounded. My heart skipped a beat and I swallowed hard. But how could I ever forget the King's words? I needed to stay strong. 
"Okay Lulu, if you must go, please take me with you. Let's go away together, I will go to the end of the world with you. Please my love. I beg you. Please say something my Princess." 

My heart broke into a thousand pieces. Tears welled up in my eyes. I finally found my voice and replied. "Eric, believe me, I would give anything to be with you right now, but I can't let you throw your life away. I can't let you disappoint our people. Posterity will never forgive me and you know I will become an outcast. We will never be welcomed in our own town again. I love you baby, but this is for the best. I will always love you."

What happened next shocked me. But thinking about it later, I understood. Eric screamed so loud as he cried into the phone. "You are a coward Lucy, do you know that? You don't fucking fight for love because you are too terrified of it. I hate you Lucy. I hate what loving you has done to me. I hate that day I set my eyes on you. You are a bloody coward who does not know what love is and how to hold onto it. I curse you Lucy, you will never be happy I swear. And you will never forgive yourself when you have my blood on your hands. I hate you Lucy. And don't you dare come to my funeral. I hate you."

The line went dead. My heart almost stopped beating. I clutched my chest and breathed in deeply and exhaled heavily. I felt sick to my stomach. I had to rush to the lavatory to throw up. I came back to my seat, covered my face and cried so bitterly.

"Are you okay?" the man sitting next to me asked. I couldn't even bring myself to answer him. I tried but choked on my own saliva. So I I just kept quiet. I was sitting by the window so I faced the window and turned the back of my head to him. I called my father to let him know I was safe and boarded. I also told him what Eric said to me in tears.

"Lulu, don't worry, he's only hurting. Ofcourse you know he does not mean those things. He maybe angry now, but he will soon realize all you did was for his own good."
Those were the exact words of my father and honestly, it was soothing. I felt relieved. I also spoke to my mother and I begged her to keep an eye on Eric for me. My parents were very supportive and their words encouraged me, I felt a bit relived. I sent Eric a text.

"My Prince, the love of my life, my treasure, my hero, forgive me please. I'm doing this for you, for us. Yes you were right, I will never be happy, how can I be? When I'm not with you? You will always be the man for me. My regards to your mother, please ask her to forgive me. And tell the King I said Thank you, he was right. I LOVE YOU!."

Immediately, my phone beeped. Eric replied.
"The King? Did you see him? What did he say to you? What is he right about? Is he responsible for your leaving me? Lucy, what transpired between you and the King?"

Oops, I may have said too much. I quickly switched the phone off and put it in my bag.

"Feeling better I see." the voice beside me said.

I smiled and replied, "Yeah, better thanks."

"Glad to hear that. I've been watching you right from the departure hall. You have been gloomy. Wanna talk about it?"

"No thanks. I'm good. So you've been stalking me?"

"Hahaha Na, We are sitting together by coincidence. I was looking at you because you look very familiar. But I can't seem to place your face or where we met."

I smiled, and for the first time, I gave him a good look. He looked familiar as well. But I just couldn't remember him either. I felt a bit more at ease.

"By the way, my name is Mo." he stretched forward his hand for a hand shake.

I took his hand in mine and we shook. "Lulu here." I replied.

"Oh! Nice to meet you Lulu. What a weird name I must add."

We both laughed. I just didn't want to tell him who I was. Since he already said I looked familiar, I didn't want to be recognized by someone who knew Eric and I together. I hadn't gone that far only to be discovered. Mo was a good spot, he joked a lot and made me laugh.

"So tell me Lulu, where are you coming from and where are you going?" he asked

"Well, I'm on the same fight with you. So obviously we are headed to the same location. As for where I'm coming from, let's just say that as long as you don't get nosy about the life I just left behind, you and I can be friends. Deal?"

"Opps! I'm sorry. Didn't mean to pry. Just wanted to get to know you. Deal."‎

"Well, let's just say, my life just began today. I won't ask for your information and you won't ask for mine."

"Hmmm, you must be running away from something bitter. So where are you heading?"

"New york."

"Wow, same here."

"And where will you be staying?"

"I will be at my dad's cousin's place. I've not spoken to her though. But my dad talked to her and shw will pick me up. I will only be with her for a while."

"I see. Okay then Lulu. It's a pleasure meeting you."

I smiled. Mo and I got talking all through the flight, except when we slept. He told me about his work in New York and about his relationship. I only told him I left my life behind to start afresh. Mo was a good distraction. Atleast he got my mind off my worries and Eric. I was dying to talk about Eric, but I didn't want to. I felt not talking about Eric will make me heal faster. As if........
Anyway, we arrived and I called my father's cousin who was supposed to come pick me up with Mo's phone. But no one would pick. Mo was a gentleman, he said he would wait at the airport with me until my relative came to get me. I must say, the weather was cold. I didn't have enough time to shop back home  for clothes suitable for the weather. Mo was kind enough to open his suitcase and give me a jacket. After we waited for three hours and nobody called me back, picked my calls or even came to get me. Irrespective of the fact that I left voice messages on the answering machine. I was tired and frustrated.

"I don't know how to say this Lulu, but you can come wait at my place. They will call my phone anyway, and when they call, they can come and pick you at my place. You Can't sit here like this. Trust me, you need some hot coffee."
Mo made sense. It was really cold the morning we arrived. So we left for his place. I don't get it. If papa's cousin didn't want me in her place, why did she say I could stay there? I had a very hot shower and Mo made us something to eat, the hot soup was nice. Surprisingly, no one returned my call. I was very upset. I told Mo to take me to a hotel but he declined. He said I could stay in his spare room. Truth is, I felt safer being around someone. I don't know what I would do to myself if I was alone, I missed Eric so much. I had promised my parents I'd call them on arrival but I didn't. If Papa knew how I was left stranded at the airport, he'd be furious. Besides, Mo was nice. He would go to work and I would stay home, and when he returned in the evenings, he would either cook or we will go out for dinner. We became very close friends and got used to eachother, it was as if we knew eachother for so long.
Mo told me about his girlfriend, a white girl called Alexandrea. He preferred to call her Lex. She was a pretty girl and nice too, with a long blonde hair. Mo told her we were related and that I had come to America to study for a few months. Lex didn't mind at all, we actually got along just fine. Every time Lex was around, I will give them space and just remain in my room. Having Lex come over had its pros and cons. ‎I had a female to relate with in the house and the cons? The fuck sounds that came out of their room made me want to go home to Eric. It left me wet and horny all the time. It was like Lex was insatiable. She could hardly keep her hands off Mo. They were both like wild dogs. She brought out the fuck beast in Mo.
Bang! ‎Bang! Bang! Bang!
That went on almost every night on the wall next to mine. I knew what was going on because loud moans of ecstasy always accompanied the banging. I was surprised they hadn't torn down the wall yet. Ah, young love, or hot-fuck-me-senseless-now lust rather.  My cries for Eric at night were mostly interupted by their fuck sounds, the squeaking bed, the moans and groans, the head board hitting the wall which happened to be the wall that separated me from them even-though the wall was not really thick. This particular night was a disaster for me. They have never been so careless about the fact that someone else slept next door. But that night, caution was thrown to the wind. I had spent the entire night crying and thinking about Eric when I heard the sounds. However, my side of the wall was always quiet everynight. I laid on my queen size bed, silk sheets covering my aching naked body and sighed in envy. I tried to tune out the pleasure emanating from the room next to mine, but it was hard to do so when the sounds of fucking is an automatic turn on for me.  I tried hard to stay focused but the sounds grew more frantic from next door. How could they go for hours like that and not stop for a break? I gave up trying to ignore the moans and scooted over towards the edge of my bed and placed my ear to the wall. Mo was fucking Lex again. I don't know Why but I became really jealous. Mo was a very hot guy. He was tall dark and handsom and he had a killer body just like Eric's. His looks were similar to Eric's especially the long Afro hair. I got wet just thinking he was doing me and not Lex.

I didn't know how it happened but my left hand caressed my breasts. My other hand drifted from the bed up my leg and flicked my clit. I inhaled sharply and followed the noise from the other room. Mo was doing something right I guessed, because Lex had started her keening-which always preludes her big O.
I flipped over onto my knees and imagined Mo grasping my hips as he plunges hard into me doggie style. My pussy got wetter and my clit started to throb, I massaged my clit hoping to take away some of the tenseness, but that only made me hotter. I reached for my bedside my bedside drawer and brought out a Vibrator Eric got for me on one of our trips to Europe. I found it in my bag when I unpacked. Truth is, I hid it in one of the compartments in that particular travel bag many months ago so when I packed it up I unknowingly came along with it. Who knew I would ever need it? I guess Eric did. I got the battery out of the wall clock and inserted it into the vibe. I swirled my tongue around its tip and on a 'bang' I stuck it to the wall-hoping it stays and it did.

I switched the vibe to 'random madness' and massaged my clit some more. Still on my knees I drew the vibrator into my mouth to lube it up. Wowsers, the vibes felt sexy wrong in my mouth. I gently plunged my 2 middle fingers into my now sopping wet slit, ohmygosh, was I wet and clenching with anticipation. Mo was fucking faster and Lex was now keening in shorter gasps. She was close, maybe. Can someone really go that fast, as the thought came I realized I was now dripping.

I turned around and scooted towards the wall and my red silicone cock. I was so wet I didn't need to push back more than once and I impaled myself with the beautiful feeling of being filled. I moved back and forth every other bang on the wall, which was fast, but I was too fucking horny and worked up to care about speed. My left arm held me up and my right hand went to work swirling hard around my clit. The tension started building low in my groin and I clenched my clit between two fingers. Sharp, pleasurable pain. I thought of Eric and my body vibrated.
I doubled time my thrusts against the wall to match Mo's erotically fast speed. My hips thrust up and down as my arm pushed me back and forth. I heard a loud smack and Lex moaned louder. Mo just spanked her. Yah, my pussy just clenched in raw, animalistic jealousy.

I started pushing back harder and faster, now bumping against the wall at the same time Mo was making the bed move. I moaned to my own pleasure as I felt an earth shattering orgasm take me over. I clenched the juicy slick cock inside me and bit my pillow to stifle my orgasmic groan of relief, my hips still thrusting and my pussy still clenching. After I orgasmed, I fell to the bed and passed out. Very early in the morning, I heard a knock on my door, I quickly took the vibe off the bed and put it back in the drawer.

"Come in." I replied to the knocks.

The door opened and I saw Mo standing at the door all dressed up.
"Morning Lulu. I hope I didn't wake you up?"

"Morning Mo. No you didn't, I was already up."

"Anyways, I came to let you know I'm going on a business trip to East Orange, New Jersey. I won't be back till after two days, I want to inspect an art gallery over there. If you need anything, talk to Lex. She will be here till I return."

"Wow! Two whole days? Seriously? Okay then. Stay safe."

I've been with Mo for four weeks and that was going to be the first time he was not be coming home. But the good thing was that I had Lex next door. I went back to sleep almost immediately.

"You still sleeping Lulu? I hope we didn't keep you up last night?" Lex's voice woke me up. She walked right up to me and sat next to me on the bed.

"No Lex. Don't worry about it. I slept right through it." I lied through my teeth.
Later that evening, Lex said she was going out for a drink while I stayed home and cried as I yearned for Eric. I felt quite dirty having to fuck myself last night and even imagine another man's cock. But then I thought, I'm only human. I'm just a woman. I decided to call my parents with the phone Mo had gotten for me.

"Lulu, what happened? Are you okay? Where are you?"

"Slow down papa. I can't catch a break. I'm fine."
I replied. I went ahead and told Papa how his cousin left me stranded and how a good Samaritan came to my rescue. Papa was disappointed in his cousin but at the same time he wasn't happy I was squatting in a stranger's house. I assured him I was fine. I spoke with my mother and she was glad I was doing well. I asked after Eric and my mother told me he's been combing the whole town, looking for me and that he had been to our house uncountable times in the last few weeks. But that for the past few days, they have not heard of him nor seen him. I was worried, what if something bad has happened to him? But Mama said that if that were to be the case, then the news would have been everywhere. I was very sad with the fact that no one had heard of Eric.

I cried till I drifted off to sleep, but was awakened a few hours later by the front door. It was 1AM and Alexandrea must have been drunk I thought, hearing her giggling and stumbling into the house. Then I heard a male voice. I couldn't make out any words, just the sound of voices coming through the living room. I rolled my eyes, turned over and attempted to fall asleep again. I thought maybe Mo had cancelled his trip.
What seemed like a few minutes later (but could have been longer, I had kind of drifted into that space between waking and sleeping where time doesn't seem to really mean anything) I heard a soft moan, or at least I thought that's what I heard. Was it? I held my breath and strained my ears to listen. Did I just imagine it or did I really hear it? I heard another moan, a bit louder this time. I got off the bed and walked ‎towards my door. Mo's door was just next to mine and it was open which meant I was close enough to hear the moans even though the male voice was not familiar, it turned me on to no end. I'm not a Voyeur or anything like that but hearing a man being vocal gets me turned on and wet in an instant. I stayed standing there, my ear pressed against the only barrier between Mo's room and I, imagining what was going on in the other room. We're they naked? Was she exploring his body with her hands, or was she using her mouth?

"Yesss....Oh god, Lexie, please suck my cock harder..."

Ah, she was taking him in her mouth. Oh how I longed to be her right now, taking his hard cock in my own mouth. I slowly let my hand drift down under the waistband of my shorts to rest on top of my panties and lightly rubbed myself. I didn't want to cum too fast; I wanted to cum with him.

"That's it Lexie...God your tongue feels amazing! Keep doing that..."

In my head, I was on my knees, taking his cock as deep inside my mouth as I could, holding the back of his legs for support. I saw him looking down at me, and then throwing his head back as he pulled on my hair.

"Yes! Oh god, yesss....ohhhhh Lexie stop! I don't want to cum yet!"

I was slightly disappointed, but only slightly, at his proposal to stop, and took that opportunity to walk to my bed, silently opened the drawer and took out my vibrator. I needed it. I crept back to the door, but this time I sat on the floor with my legs spread out in front of me.

"God, you're so wet Lexie!"


I wished at that moment that there was a hole in the wall or that I could phase through the solid material, ANYTHING that would let me see what was happening. I was left with only my imagination, which was driving me wild, but was keeping me so hot. I slid my shorts and panties down now, lightly rubbing my clit with the wetness I was leaking.

"Come on, just slide a finger inside me! You're driving me crazy! Please!"

Hearing Lex, the same woman who was furiously fucked last night, beg to be touched as if she was sex starved, turned me on even more. I lifted the shirt I was wearing and unhooked my bra, letting my breasts fall free. With one hand I ran my fingers around the nipples, circling closer and closer until I was pinching my nipple between my fingers. With the other, I was still stroking my clit, but I went just a little faster.

"Lick my clit please! Just like that...god I'm gonna cum! Ohhhh yessss FUCK!"

I could hear the squeaking of bed as she thrashed around. I could feel her orgasm as if it were my own, feel his tongue rubbing my clit and his fingers thrusting in and out of my body. I allowed myself a small orgasm, keeping as quiet as I could.

"Get up here now and fuck me!"

"Oh yes, with pleasure Lexie!"

I heard them both moan as I assumed he slid himself inside of her. With that, I placed my feet flat on the carpet, raising my knees, and slid the vibrator inside of me. I didn't turn it on, just slowly slid it in and out, steadying myself by leaning back on my hand.

"God, you're really wet. Fuck!"

She only answered in moans and whimpers. I closed my eyes and started thrusting the vibrator just a little faster. I could almost feel his hot breath on my cheek and neck as he panted, see the sweat glistening over his skin and felt it against my own hot flesh. I'd place my lips right against his neck, feeling his heartbeat against them, gently biting him as his pace quickened.

"Yes! Oh GOD! Ohhhh!"

"Get on your hands and knees."

I did as he had said, pretending it was me he was talking to. I got on my knees, resting my head against the wall, making sure the vibrator didn't fall out as I changed positions. I finally turned it on, assured that their own passions would cover any sounds me or my vibrator might make.
"Fuck me hard! Yes! Ohhhh goooodddd....I want to cum! Make me cum!"

"Fuck...yesss....god you feel so tight like this...."

"Pull my hair! Yes!! Harder! HARDER!!"

In my mind, it wasn't her screaming for him to fuck her harder, it was me. I turned the vibrator up more, thrusting it hard into me, using my other hand to rub my clit furiously. I wanted to cum, I NEEDED to cum, and I was going to cum hard, but not without him. I could just barely make out the sounds of their flesh as he fucked her from behind and the groans of the bed as their passion rocked it. Their moans and groans were getting louder, I could almost hear him growl. God, how I wanted that cock to be Eric's cock fucking me, feeling his cock slamming in and out of my pussy.

"Oh god, Lexie...yes...Ohhhhh....."

"Fuck me harder!! FUCK!!, I NEED it harder! Slam it into me! OH pleeaassseeee!"

I didn't know if was just the drinks that had made her so vocal but she was expressing everything I was feeling. I didn't just want it hard, I needed it. I switched the vibrator to high, pulling away from the wall slightly and bucking my hips back and forth as I rubbed my clit.

"Fuck! Ohhhh fuuuuuckkkkk....Lexie, I'm....ooohhh god I'm gonna cuuuuuummmmmmmm"

"yesssssss....oohhhhh gooodddddd" I whispered. I couldn't have stopped even if I tried. In my head he was cumming inside me, filling me up. My body went rigid as I came, and came hard. I kept plunging the vibrator inside of my pussy to the sounds of her squealing as she came, but I was thinking about Eric writhing behind me as he unloaded into me. My body was writhing and twitching, now, as I was panting and biting my lip to keep from screaming as I felt my juices slip out of my pussy past the vibrator.
I came down, panting and trying to catch my breath, and slowly made my way back to my bed. Part of me was embarrassed that I had listened in on other people's intimate moment and gotten off. ‎I was so weak and fell asleep.

I woke up late the next morning but that wasn't a problem. I had no where to go afterall. While in the kitchen making pancakes, I decided to call out for Mo and Lex to find out if they wanted some.

"Mo, Lex, I'm making pancakes, want some?" I called out from the kitchen.
Next thing I knew, Lex came running out of the room screaming like a mad woman. Her blonde hair scattered all over her face enough to scare a child and she barely wrapped her naked body with a white sheet. I was in shock myself.

"What? Lulu, did you say Mo? He's back? Where is he?"

"What do you mean where is he? Wasn't he the one you came home with last night?" I asked in confusion. "I thought I heard the both of you come in together around 1AM. I heard voices so I just thought....."

"Well, you thought wrong. I didn't even come home till 6AM. Maybe you were dreaming."

Was this lady kidding me? I know what I heard for heaven's sake. I even got off listening to their fuck noise. Now she tells me I was dreaming? I ignored her and walked right into Mo's bedroom but to my surprise, there was no one there. Except for the scattered bed. I felt lost. Was I loosing my mind? I was very sure about what I heard last night. So what was she talking about? I didn't want to ask her anymore questions so I went back to making breakfast for us. We ate and went out to see a movie together. Mo returned the following day. Damn! Was I glad to see him. After we had lunch, I went to my room to call home, no one still heard of Eric. I said a little prayer for him and hoped that he was okay. While I was still lost in thought, I heard sounds, I thought the wild dogs were at it again, fucking eachother's brains out. But then, it was wasn't the normal moans, it sounded like an argument. Their voices became louder. I went closer to my door, our doors were open so it was easy to hear them clearly.

"That bitch be telling you lies about me right? I'm sure she wants to have a feel of you that's why she's telling you nasty things about me yeah?" Lex said.

"Oh please Alexandrea! Just shut up! Jeeez. No one told me anything and you know that. For god's sake, you are such a pathological Liar. I would respect you more if you accept you messed and do the honorable thing by leaving quietly." Mo replied.

"Oh really? Mo, you had to use a lie to get rid of me? That is so low Mo, even for you. I'm gonna kill that bitch. ‎No one messes with me and gets away with it. You'll see."

"Really? I'm gonna prove to you that no one said anything to me. I've not even been alone with that innocent girl since I returned."
There was silence for about two minutes. Then Mo continued.
"Here, come and look at this."
First thing I heard was a gasp from Lex. She seemed to have been in shock. Again there was an awkward silence that seemed to have lasted forever. Finally, Lex broke the silence.

"I'm so sorry Mo. I didn't know...." Lex began to say but Mo interrupted her.

"Please just leave. Have some dignity. I can't even stand to look at you anymore. Just go."

I quietly sneaked back to my bed and a few minutes later I heard the main door slam. Alexandrea had packed her stuffs and left. I was lost, what could have happened between those two? Few nights ago, they were fucking like crazy dogs, today, they are broken up. I wanted to go and ask Mo what had happened but I felt he may not want to talk about it. So I decided to give him space. Especially hearing him growl to himself in anger. I sat on my bed and thought about my own shattered love life. Again, I cried myself to sleep. I woke up the next morning and tip toed to the kitchen, I didn't want to wake Mo.

"How long are you going to avoid me Lulu?"

I was startled. "Jesus! Mo, you scared me. I didn't know you were awake."

"I didn't sleep. If I had slept, I wouldn't have been able to hear you cry last night. So you still do that? What did that man do to you?"

"Don't start with me this morning Mo. By the way, tell me, what happened here last night? Why you and Alexandrea fight?"

"Lulu, I thought you and I were close enough that you could tell me anything? We're you ever going to tell me?"

"What do you mean? Tell you what?"

"That Alexandrea brought a man to my house and had sex with him on my bed."

"Oh! So I wasn't dreaming afterall. And that girl made me look like I had lost my mind. I even doubted my own sanity. So how did you find out?"

"Let's just say I have a hidden camera in my room."

I almost went into shock. Does that mean he has a hidden camera in my room too? That would mean he's been spying on me and seeing everything I've been doing. OMG!! Mo has been watching me fuck myself to the sex sounds coming from his room. I was so embarrassed and wished the ground would open up and swallow me. If that was the case, I was going to pack up and leave his house.
"Mo, don't tell me you've been spying on me. Jeez! I don't believe this."
I made to turn away from him but he held my arm.

"No Lulu. Believe me, there's no camera in your room nor the bathroom. I only have a camera in my room." he said.

"I don't believe you Mo. I'm moving out to a hotel till I can get an apartment."

"I swear to you Lulu. Okay come with me."

He took me by the hand and led me to his room. When we got there. He closed the door and put off all the lights. It became very dark.

"What are you doing Mo?"

"Shhhhh, just wait."

Suddenly, in the dark room, I noticed a red light blinking just above the door.

"You see that? That's a camera. You can tell if a room has one when it's dark. The red light is very tiny, but if the room is dark and you look for it, you will find it. Check your room Lulu, its not there. I have never spied on you."

Pheww! Boy was I relieved. I went into my room and investigated. I found nothing of such. I sighed in relief. I returned to the kitchen and continued with the breakfast. We ate together.

Mo and I became very close friends. Even though I still refused to talk to him about my life, my hurts and why I ran away to America, we were still more like best friends. We did almost everything together. After his break up with Alexandrea, he never brought any other woman home. I guessed he didn't want to jump into a new relationship so soon.
We went out for coffee or dinner several times over the next few weeks. He never made any overtures, which confirmed my instinct that he wasn't interested in me romantically. Each time we sat closely and talked, he wondered at my familiarity and tried to determine when we might have met before. I was amused by his fixation with it, but didn't give it much thought.

One weekend he asked me to accompany him to the house warming of a friend in Brooklyn. The turnout was huge and, unnerved by the crowd, I positioned myself at the open bar, quickly making friends with the bartender. I drank much more than I normally did. By the time Mo was ready to leave, I had to lean heavily on him in order to maintain some semblance of walking. He took me home. I wasn't worried about Mo taking advantage of me in my drunken state, thinking he wasn't interested in me. He was a perfect gentleman, only promising that once I was sober, he would be teasing me about this behavior. I laughed drunkenly and tumbled on the couch when we finally arrived at the apartment.

"Oh, my God," he said, laughing and pulling me to my feet. "Come on, you lush."

He made efforts to lead me to my room but I wobbled on my feet and laid back on the couch, he left me there and went into his room to change into something more comfortable. I got up and started taking off my coat and shoes. I think I forgot where I was and who I was with, because I just kept undressing until I was in my panties and the camisole I'd worn under my dress. He returned after he wore a boxer short and a t-shirt and looked at me in shock.

"Jesus Christ, Lulu," he said in amusement.

I glanced down at myself before looking up again, trying to focus on him. I shrugged and lost my balance. He caught me and sat me down on the couch, grinning.

"Okay, the bathroom's right there if you feel like you're going to be sick. Just incase you have forgotten," he told me, pointing.

I nodded, then dropped to my back on the couch with a sigh. Mo laughingly lifted me off the couch and took me to the my room, he moved me to the top of the bed, drawing the covers over me. He made to leave but I grabbed his hand.

"Stay," I mumbled.

"What?" he asked, his eyes wide.

"Stay here," I said. "Just until I fall asleep?" I pleaded.

"Oh. Sure," he said comfortingly.

I woke in the morning curled up in the fetal position, clutching a pillow against my chest. I felt disgusting. I was clammy and could feel the makeup I hadn't washed off caked around my eyes, and could tell my hair was curling more than usual thanks to a restless night of sleep. Fortunately my head and stomach didn't seem to be suffering any ill effects of my alcohol intake. I laid there with my eyes closed for as long as I could, stretching my body and rubbing my face. When I finally looked around, I saw Mo sitting at the foot of the bed, watching me with an amused expression, that cryptic smile playing on his lips.

"Uh, hi," I said lamely, propping myself up on my elbows.

"Morning," he said cheerily.

"I'm really sorry about getting so drunk," I muttered.

"Oh, please, don't apologize. It was immensely entertaining," he told me.

I snickered. "Did I say anything interesting?"

"Oh, yes," he confirmed. "But I won't be telling you what you said now. That'll come later when you've recovered and think I've forgotten about this."

"Great," I said sarcastically.

He laughed, suddenly holding up a hand when I started to get up.

"Lulu, would you let me draw you?"

"Would I - what?" I asked dumbly.

"Well, when you stripped down to almost nothing before getting into bed," he said with a smirk. "I got a good look at your body."

I fell onto my back and covered my face with a pillow. I don't know if it was the alcohol still buzzing through my system or because of how comfortable I was with Mo, but I wasn't embarrassed about undressing. I did feel uncomfortable at his request to draw me, though.

"I'd love to have you pose for me," Mo said.

"You don't mean now, right?" I asked, my voice muffled by the pillow.

He plucked the pillow off my head, laughing.

"You do look pretty right now, even hungover," he said mischievously. "But I'm guessing you're not in the best shape to stand still for posing."

"Oh, really?" I said haughtily. "I'll have you know I am a spring chicken, only twenty-four years old. At this age, do not get hangovers. We bounce right back."

"In that case, let's go for a morning run," he said brightly.

I groaned and rolled over. "Shut up."

He laughed again and poked me in the arm.

"Go take a shower, you look awful."

"Oh shut up Mo. Few minutes ago you were begging to draw me. I can't look that bad duhhhh."

I got up and ran into the bathroom to clean up and Mo laughed at me, making me more embarrassed but in a good way.
I called my parents again and still no one had heard of Eric. Not even Vera and Linda. I couldn't call the Queen, I was scared. She had trusted me to fight alongside Eric for our love. Gosh! She would be so disappointed in me.
I made a big decision, a decision that would either make or brake me. I WAS GOING BACK HOME!!! Yes! Nothing was going to stop me. The best thing was to keep quiet about my plan. Not even my parents could know. They will discourage me. If only I knew that Eric was okay, I would have stayed back. But since no one knew what happened to Eric, I was going to find out for myself. I will walk straight into that Palace and demand to see Eric. It was time to fuck the traditions.

I told Mo about My plans to go back home and he was sad about it. He tried to talk me out of it but I told him I couldn't stay. I had something to take care of. He held my hands and looked me in the eyes and said, "Lulu, I have something to tell you, I've held this back for weeks, I've come to really care about you Lulu. I can't deny that I'm attracted to you. I love you Lulu."

I couldn't believe Mo just said that. I can't deny the fact that I knew this would happen. I noticed how he looked at me. And I also felt attracted to him but my heart, body and soul still belonged to Eric. I sighed and replied, "Mo, I have also felt attracted to you. But I am still in love with someone else back home."

"Lulu, I'm not asking you to love me now. I just want you to know how I feel. We can take it slow. Give me a chance to fill the gap in your heart."

"I can't promise you anything. My trip back home will determine my future. Until I go home, I can't guarantee you anything."

"I have a way for us to know if we have a connection." with that, he pressed his lips on mine and kissed me. I quickly pulled away.

"Hey hold on. I've got to run something by you. I really do like you. But we've got to take this attraction slow."

"How slow Lulu?"

"Let's just say that until I go back home to find out some things for myself sex is completely off the table and off any other furniture." I said rolling my eyes.

"Hahaha slow down Lulu. I wasn't saying we should have sex or anything like that. I only want you to keep an open mind. But please do me a favor."

"‎What is it?"

"Let's travel together. I want to go with you. I want to be by your side when you make up your mind about your future. If it favors me, then you can introduce me to your parents."

"Well, Since we are from the same place, that won't be a problem."

Mo got us a date to travel and it was in two weeks. By the end of that two weeks, I would have spent Fourteen whole weeks away from Eric.
That was not enough time to get over someone you truly love. I had thought that with the combined hurts and rage I felt, I would have been able to sleep with other people. After all, ever since I met Eric, that was the longest I had gone without sex. I noticed my pussy was moist at the slightest though of sex but I couldn't. Yes, when I left home, i with the ideology that 'The best way to get over somebody is to get under somebody' and I said to myself 'If it stands up to pee, I'm banging it' but here I was, living in a house with a very hot guy whom I was sexually attracted to and yet, I couldn't help feeling bad about getting off at the thought of another man's sex noise let alone being touched by another man. I will hold off till I was sure my life with Eric was really over.
‎Mo and I grew closer like best friends in fact, but living together changed our relationship slightly after the day he tried to kiss me. Although we were able to move past that awkward moment. He was really a nice guy. We were scheduled to travel the following night. I don't know if it was the fact that I was living with him, or the fact that I would soon be leaving, even though we were traveling together it was still going to be our last night together in a house but our friendship had become much more flirtatious in the last few days. Suddenly his jokes took on a more sexual nature and his glances down my shirt became much more frequent and obvious. I loved watching him emerge from the bathroom after having taken a shower, a towel wrapped around his hips and the water shining on his body. I imagined walking over to him and licking the water droplets off of his lean torso. Since the couch in his apartment was nothing more than a loveseat, we sat very close to each other, and the heat radiating from him rivaled that of the hot sun back home. I'd stare at the TV, fantasizing about turning towards him, pulling his head to the side and licking his neck. I didn't do anything about it, however, not really wanting to make the living situation awkward or by chance ruining the friendship we had. Atleast we had agreed to put every physically sexual activities off the table till I was certain.

The sexual tension between had grown as the day of our departure grew near, and in that last week it was like lightening. The night before we were scheduled to travel, we listened to music and chatted, enjoying my last night together with him in a room. He sat on the couch while I sat on the floor in front of it, giving him a great view down my shirt and the opportunity to drape his leg over my shoulder. It startled me, this overt physical contact. Until this point, all contact between us had been accidental, but this was intentional and it got my heart racing. His skin was hot and I absentmindedly stroked my fingers up and down his leg as we continued to talk. Nothing was said about what he had done or what was happening, just the usual chatter, but it did take on a more sexual nature from then on. I had a hard time really concentrating on the conversation. I can't even recall what we talked about, just that suddenly everything he said was loaded with double meanings. I was much too distracted by thoughts of rising to my knees and slowly unzipping his pants, taking the cock that I had fucked in my head (When I used to listen in on him fuck and moan) out of those pants and feeling it in my hands, in my mouth. My face was hot, I was trembling slightly, I was getting wetter by the minute, but I did nothing (Which I am now grateful for). Eventually he decided it was getting late and headed to bed.
 I had fallen asleep on the couch in the living room that night because I was too tired to go to my room. The layout was such that the bedrooms and living room were connected, he slept with his door slightly open. That night, I laid awake in the dark thinking to myself "His door is open. I could just walk in there and slide into the bed with him. If he came out and asked me to suck his cock right now, I would. Oh god, he needs to come out here right now and ask." I fought with myself, weighing the pros and cons of just walking in there when I heard the bed squeak. I strained my ears, hoping the squeak I heard was more than just him moving around. The thought that he might be jacking off in there, possibly thinking of me, made me even wetter. I slid my hands down between my legs, slowly rubbing myself through my shorts. There! I heard a slight moan. He was indeed touching himself! I slid my hands underneath my shorts and panties, slowly rubbing myself but avoiding my clit.
Mo moaned again, and I heard the rustling of the sheets. Did he think I had fallen asleep? Did he want me to hear? I started to hear pants and little groans, and I slid my finger along my slit, feeling the wetness that had been building all night. I gasped, half hoping he might hear me. The bed in the next room squeaked again and I heard the bed frame hit the wall. I let my finger rub the wetness over my clit and listened to him groan again. "He has to know I can hear...He's doing that for me". The thought that he was in there, touching himself, probably imagining sliding himself into me, thrilled me, and I threw my leg over the back of the couch. The bed was creaking more often now, indicating an increase in his pace. I started rubbing my clit faster with one hand and slid one of my fingers slowly inside me. I wanted to know what he was thinking. Was he sliding his cock in my mouth in his mind? Was he slowly entering me while I leaned over the couch? Was his dick sliding in between my breasts? The once quiet moans grew slightly in volume.

I rubbed my clit harder and slid my finger inside me faster; letting out a moan I'm sure he had to have heard. I didn't care. I wanted him to hear. I wanted him to know that was listening to him jack off. All this got me so wet I had to fuck myself. I imagined going in there, climbing on top of his body and sliding his cock inside me. I wondered how big it was, how hard it would feel inside me. I groaned again, sliding a second finger inside myself. The bed was creaking steadily now, and he was making no attempt to hide his moans. He was panting, and I could just make out the slapping sound of skin on skin. I drew up my other leg, both knees in the air and spread wide. The two fingers inside my pussy were going faster and faster and I moaned loudly. In my head, he was on top of me and I was digging my fingernails into his back, begging for him to go faster, deeper, harder. He was almost continually moaning and groaning now, and my moans were matching. The finger on my clit was flying. I was so close. I started to hear his grunts, the bed was squeaking even louder and the headboard was continually hitting the wall behind it. I knew he must be close and I wanted to wait for him.

"UHHHHHHHHH.......OOOHHHHHHHHHHHH" With that loud grunt I knew he had cum, so I plunged a third finger into my pussy as my finger flew over my clit and made myself cum as well. Just as I was about to Cum, a picture of Eric and his big hard cock came to my mind and I imagined Eric, sliding his cock into my pussy and pounding me hard.
"Yessssssss....." My back arched and my stomach spasmed. I could feel my juices leaking out of my pussy and my breathing stopped. I panted as I came down and brought my fingers to my mouth, licking myself off of them. My heart raced and I passed out. I fell asleep immediately.

I woke up the following morning feeling really sick. I couldn't eat, whatever I put in my mouth I threw up. So Mo took me to the hospital. I was put on a bed immediately while the doctor ran some tests. How could I be sick? Why then? Just when I was going back home? After I had packed up? Mo did not leave my side. He was very supportive.

"Lulu, no matter what it is, I want you to know that I will be here for you 100 Percent. If you want, I can reschedule or flight or put it on hold till when you get better." Mo said.

"Mo, don't even say that, I beg you. Nothing will stop me from leaving this country tonight. Get it? So don't even think about it. I must be home by tomorrow even if I have to be flown home in an air-ambulance. I have a credit card that can make that happen, so believe me when I say Nothing will stop me from leaving tonight."

Just as Mo tried to calm me down the doctor came back in.

"Doctor, what's wrong with me? How soon can I leave here?" I asked. 

The doctor turned to Mo and asked him if he was my husband, Mo said no. The doctor asked him to excuse us. When Mo got up to leave, I asked him to stay. 

"Doctor, please, I'm sure whatever you have to say to me, you can say in front of Mo. He's Family." 

"Alright Ma'm, that's fine. Well, the test we carried out shows you are fine. No cause for alarm." the doctor replied. 

"So doctor why am I feeling this bad?" 

"You mean you didn't know?" 

"Know what doctor? Know what?" 

"You are fourteen weeks Pregnant! Congratulations Ma'm. 


           To Be Continued.....................  ©