Monday, February 23, 2015

Forgive Me Mary! 1

My name is Adam. I am 35 years old. And today is My wedding day. It is meant to be the happiest day of my life. But I'm standing here, in front of the alter, with my best man beside me. We are waiting for Mary, my beautiful bride to show up. A part of me feels Mary will not show up even though she has promised me that she will be here. We have talked things through. Sweats won't stop pouring down my face and I'm so uneasy and nervous. It is that feeling you get when you are about to have a running stomach.  I keep looking at my watch. And my best man keeps giving me a sign to calm down assuring me that Mary will be here. I can see uncertainty written on the faces of the guests. A few of them are whispering to eachother. I'm sure they are talking about me. Even the bride's parents are yet to be here. I am not sure what to think but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. You get to hear stories of the bride being jilted at the alter but hardly do you ever hear a Groom being stood up at the alter. I mean, the wedding day is a day every woman looks forward to right? Well, I'm about to find out. 
 I know you are wondering what kind of a groom stands in front of the alter and is unsure of his bride to be. You see, it's a long story. As I stand here, sweating profusely like a criminal in the hottest part of the cell, my life flashes through my mind.  
 I had a perfect relationship with Mary. I Loved her deeply and she loved me too. Ours was a love made in heaven. But one woman ruined my life. Her name is Ms Trish Bell. We first met at the car park. 
I was late for work that morning. So I didn't want to use my car to avoid traffic. 
The BRT bus I boarded broke down. Th traffic was crazy. That day was a special day at work. Our M.D was going to introduce our new CEO of the company. 
There were rumors going round the office that some staffs will be laid off. So the week before, I made sure I finished all my 
Work. Cleared my desk. I really wanted to impress my Superiors, so they can put in a good word for me when the new CEO arrives. Mary had spent the night Ironing my best Shirts so I can pick the one I want on Monday. Mary was my FiancĂ©e. I met her in my final year at the university. She was a young and fresh Jambite. Very pretty and innocent. I was the first and only man in her life. 
She made me a better person. I changed a lot because of her. You see, I was a born play boy. I never believed in Love. It was just "Hit it and Quit it" Ever since I had my first heart break when I was 16years, I was unable to fall in love again. Maybe I didn't just trust women. 
I am every woman's dream man and I know  I am endowed. I am very good looking, tall, dark skinned and abs to die for. If there's a definition of 6pack in the dictionary then trust me, my picture is right next to it. Now sexually, damn! I'm good. I've got an 8inch dick and it's pretty fat. I know how to use it. I eat pussy real good. If the pussy is clean, I'm making a meal out of it. I don't mean to brag but I'm just painting a picture. And it's a fact. 
Girls from all over the campus used to fight over me a lot. There were lots of fight in my room at the hostel everyday. It made the University authorities to evict me from the Campus. And when I got an apartment off campus it got worse. 
Hey! Don't blame me. The Ladies loved my joy stick.  My friends envied me a lot. I never spent any night alone. 
I got to love and know about sex when I was 16 years old from Miss Kate, Our next door neighbor. She was this Beautiful, hour glass figure that had just moved into the vacant flat below ours few months ago. All the neighbors admiered her. The men, even the married ones drooled over her every time she walked by and the ladied envied her because they were threatened by her. I noticed I had an erection everytime I saw her. I think she knew because she would give me a flirty look and smile at me which made me really shy. She had invited me over one day to help carry a new TV from her car to her flat. I agreed. It was an honor to finally get to enter her flat. It was nice and cosy. Just enough for a single woman. After I helped her bring out the TV from the carton and fixed it up, she offered to give me a drink to say thank you. She handed me a glass of drink. I didn't ask her what was in there. I took it and sipped it. She asked me to wait for her to shower. That she had something else she wanted me to do for her. I was happy. I would do anything for Miss Kate. I couldn't wait to brag to my best friend Jake that I was invited into Miss Kate's flat. I looked around the living room. I saw a picture of her hanging on the wall. She was so beautiful and I wondered why such a goddess has no husband. Could it be that men are blind or stupid. If I was of age, I would have married her. Damn! She's hot' I said to myself. 5minutes later, I really had to go but not  without saying goodbye to Miss Kate. I called for her but she didn't respond. So I decided to go look for her and tell her I was leaving. Stepping into the corridor that leads to her bedroom I noticed she was talking on the phone. I moved closer so I can atleast wave at her and signal her that I was leaving. I could hear her clearly now and everything she was saying. I heard "Common Lucas, I told you I have a guest in the living room. Do we really have to do this right now? Hmmm ok, I mean what can I do? What Lucas, wants Lucas gets. Besides those Naughty things you are telling me has really turned me on. You won't belive it but my pussy is dripping" 
When I heard that I leaned on the wall just by the door. A part of me wanted me to run out of there but the other part of me was curious. I wanted to see where this was going. I peeped into the room cos the door was half way closed or half way open. Whichever way you want to look at it. 
I could see Miss Kate on the bed lying face up and naked. One hand in her pussy and the other hand held the phone. I could not believe my eyes. She was so beautiful. Fresh skin like butter, very big and rounded boobs. I stood there with my mouth wide open in shock. I kept listening to her on the phone. "Ohh Lucas, I'm rubbing on my clit, imagining it was your tongue. I want to have your cock in my mouth right now and suck it hard" 
Hearing this, I felt my dick hard. So hard I had to hold it and squeeze it hard. I started rubbing on my dick and I kept peeping and listening to Miss Kate. 
"Haha! Yes Lucas, I have my Vibrator here" 
She reached under the pillow next to her and brought out a dark thing that was shaped exactly like a dick. I was amazed. She pushed a tinny button on it and it started buzzing. I watched as she rubbed the thing she called a Vibrator on her pussy. By this time, she had turned her legs to face the door. It was as if she knew I was watching and wanted to give me the real front view. Her pussy was pointed directly at me. She kept moaning on the phone and it was like the receiver on the other side on the phone was ordering her and telling her what to do. Because she kept saying "Uhhh Yes Baby"  I watched as she rubbed her Clit with the buzzing Vibrator. She moaned so loud and it really intrigued me. I kept rubbing on my dick. I was so hard stiff. She played with her Clit for a while. Then I heard "Oh Fuck me Lucas, fuck me hard and deep" 
I watched her put the Vibrator into her pussy. And started moving it in and out of her pussy. This went on for a while. And she kept crying out in pleasure. She spread her legs wider as she fucked her pussy harder and deeper with the Vibrator. 
I have never seen a thing like that before. 
Her pussy was gushing out a lot of cum. I couldn't understand what was going on. I heard her say over the phone "Lucas, I'm cumming. Oh Fuck! I'm cumming" 
Then she started shivering like someone that was convulsing. At this point I got scared. I mean, I was 16 years old. And I had never seen a woman in that situation before. She dropped the phone. And and kept vibrating on the bed like she was experiencing an electric shock. I wondered if she needed help. Maybe that Vibrator had electrocuted her. Is she convulsing or being electrocuted? What if she's dying? What if she needed help. I heard her cry out "Oh my God" 
Honestly, I wasn't thinking anymore. All I wanted to do was to help her. I had forgotten that I was only a Peeper and an eavesdropping little boy, and therefore I shouldn't be seen. 
But I pushed the door open and ran inside the room screaming "Miss Kate! Miss Kate! Are you Okay?" I ran towards her. 
You can imagine the Shock on her Face.  
At first I didn't get it. She dumped off the bed, grabbed a pillow and covered her front body. "Adam, what the fuck are you doing here? How dare you come into my bedroom? Didn't your mother teach you to knock? I asked you to wait for me in the living room. What are you doing in here?" 
"I, I, I'm sorry Miss Kate" I stammered. 
"You took long and I wanted to come and tell you that I was leaving. I called and you didn't answer so I came to check on you" 
She gave me a weird look and said "and how long have you been standing there? What did you see?" 
"Not long Miss Kate I swear. I just got there. I was about to knock when I heard you crying and saw you shaking. I thought you were in pain and needed help. I'm so sorry Miss Kate. Please forgive me"  She smiled at me "Oh yeah? You just got here? How do you explain the buldge that wants to tear your touser and the wetness I spot on your trouser?" I was so embarrassed. I covered my my dick with my both hands. 
I told her the wet stuff she saw on the dick area of my trouser was the drink I spilled. 
I knew she didn't believe me. She asked me to come closer to her. I did. She ordered me to remove my hands. I did. What she did next almost made me faint. 
Miss Kate bent over and sniffed my dick area. "Hmmm this is no wine. This is precum. It means you were watching me for a while and you were even rubbing your dick" she said out loud. I prayed for the ground to open up and swallow me. But nothing happened. I wished I could just wake up from this embarrassing dream. But it was real. This was really happening to me. "I'm so sorry Miss Kate. I beg you, just let me go now, I swear this will never happen again. Please pardon me" 
She looked at me and wondered why I would have thought she needed help. "How old are you again?" 
"16years Miss Kate" I replied. 
"I'm wondering why you would think I was dying and needed help. Haven't you ever seen a woman having an Orgasm before? What are you? A virgin?"
I became even more embarrassed and looked at the ground. I couldn't face her. 
I think she really enjoyed humiliating me.  
It was clear to her that I had never seen a woman have an orgasm before. Atleast, what I saw on the internet was nothing like that. So when I told her I have never seen a woman have an Orgasm before, she became a bit calm. She told me the only way she would forgive me was that she got even. I told her I didn't understand her. She explained that since I had seen her naked and watched her masturbate, it will only be fair she saw me naked too. 
What? How could she say that. "Miss Kate, please let me go. I've already apologized and I'm still willing to beg you. I promise I won't tell a soul" 
She told me that she would go ask my mother the kind of son she raised. And would tell my mother everything. Everyone knew my Mother was a Born again Christian that hated sin so much. But Miss Kate had put me in a corner.  
By this time, Miss Kate took off the pillow she had used to cover her body. Now revealing her beautiful self to me. Her body shaped like an African model. She had a big hip, flat tommy and big rounded boobs with large nipples sitting on them. 
Looking at her gave me another erection which I had already lost. My dick grew in my trouser. Miss Kate ordered me to take off my clothes.  I was too shy to oblige.  "Now, let's get even"  She grined at me, waiting for some kind of response. I could feel my heart beat a little faster as my Dick began to stiffen. "Common, it's only fair" she giggled as she glanced down my crotch, edging me on. "You've seen my pussy so take off your clothes let me see your cock"  I unbuckled my belt and the top button of my jeans before hesitating as the reality of what I was about to do dawned on me. Miss Kate looked straight into my eyes before lowering her gaze to my now obvious buldge that had formed in the front of my jeans. 
If at all I was unsure of going on, my Cock wasn't. It was bursting to escape the confines of my jeans and under wear. 
I sighed deeply, undoing the remaining buttons of my jeans, and before I had a chance to talk myself out of it again, I just pushed both my jeans and under wear down my ankle in one quick motion. 
Whilst still bent over, hiding myself from Miss Kate's view, I awkwardly stepped out of them, kicking them to one side and almost tripped  over my feet. 
There was no turning back now!
I stood up again sharply, my hard cock springing out like a flagpole from a building. I could feel it throbbing as Miss Kate fixed her eyes on it.  
My cock was long and quite thick in girth extending from a thin bed of dark pubes that hid nothing. My nervous breathing was causing it to twitch slightly. The foreskin was already fully rolled back exposing the engorged dark head. My balls hung loosely below. 
Miss Kate grinned at me and said  "Hmmm for a 16yr old, you have such an impressive dick size. Hmmmm, Not bad at all. It's huge for your age and you've wasted it" then she  sat back on the bed gently opening her thighs and revealing her pussy to my view. I now had a wonderful close up view of the small neatly trimmed patch of Dark soft hair above her pussy. The skin around her pussy lips was clean shaved, slighty darker than the rest and the puffy thick lips pouted at me. She reached down between her legs and with two fingers, she spread her pussy for me before circling her clit with her fingers. As she did this, she looked up at me and ordered me to sit next to her. 
I immediately sat right next to her and we shuffled our bodies around to face each other. 
"You know" she said looking me directly in the eye, "I've always fantasized about you, you have this sex appeal. And you look too matured for your age" I was quiet. I didn't know what to say. She stroked her fingers through her short pubic hairs and all over her wet pussy lips before returning her attention back to her clit, this time she dipped two fingers into her pussy. 
"Do it Now" she purred. 
I was caught up in the building Sexual tension and all I could do was obey her every command. I shifted myself forward on the bed, getting myself into a more comfortable position. My hand immediately grabbed my hard shaft and I began moving it up and down with slow strokes while my other hand cupped and massaged my balls. I was quite aware of what I was doing. I had learned to masturbate from the internet and Porn magazine. But I had never imagined doing a thing like this in front of a woman who was twice my age. But the whole experience was making me more hornier than I had ever been. 
My eyes darted to hers and then drifted down her whole body before once again focusing on her open, pink and wet pussy. As she continued to rub herself more and more intensely. As I slid my hand rapidly over my rock hard cock, she began fucking herself with her index and middle fingers. 
There was no doubt she was really excited from watching me jerk off. It was more than obvious by the glistening moisture I could see covering her fingers each time she withdrew them from her pussy and the juices now coating the swollen lips of her pussy. She removed her fingers from her pussy and surprised me when she she held out her hand to me and said "put this on your cork" I immediately wiped up the juices that covered her fingers and palm and rubbed them around the engorged head of my cock and smeared the remaining around my shaft and resumed my stroking.     On each stroke I ensured that the foreskin was fully skinned back keeping the dick cap in view for her to see. 
I continued to stroke my cock harder and faster and I didn't know when I started to moan with pleasure but I was careful not to close my eyes in pleasure so I don't loose sight of the lovely view in front of me. 
She moved her body around more and opened her legs wider lifting one leg up. 
Miss Kate was loving what was happening as she began to jerk and I heard her gasp uncontrollably. She closed her thighs, clamping them tightly around her hand covering her pussy. She threw her head back, biting her lip and closed her eyes as she was clearly having a huge orgasm. 
She was delirious with arousal. 
"Oh fuck" she cried out as waves of pleasure rode through her body. I watched as her body shook and spasmed in thores of Orgasm. I had learned my lesson so I understood she didn't need help. It was Orgasm and not convulsion. 
I held the shatf of my cock tightly in my hand but I had stopped jerking off. I could see the juices coating her pussy and thighs and matting her pubic hair.  She looked at me and asked "Would you like me to put my pussy juice on your cock for Lubrication? " I nodded. I gazed at her as she reached down between her legs and rubbed over her pussy soaking up as much of her pussy juice as she could. She reached over and held out her hand to me and I looked at her palm and fingers holding her cum. "Let go of your cock" was all she said to me. As I did, she quickly graspped my erection tightly and ran her hand slowly around my shaft and around the head, causing my hard cock to jump wildly. I buckled my hips attempting to fuck her hand with my cock as she held me, I thought she was going to finish me up herself there and then but instead she only gave me three or four strokes twisting her hand as it slid around my corck just enough to spread her cum over the entire length of my cock. "There! Now get on with it" she ordered me.  
Without saying a word, I quickly grabbed my cock and resumed my stroking. Miss Kate watched every bit of what I was doing with so much intensity. "Come on Adam. You can do better. Wank that cock harder" she screamed in encouragement. 
Her juice all over my cock made it slippery and easier for me to wank faster. I think I was going to cum . She ordered me to let go. I did and she came on to me.  
She stroked the length of my cock faster, and then slowed down. Then she looked at me and smiled. She leaned forward and started licking the head of my cock. After she had licked the head of my cock for a few minutes, she licked down my shaft down to my balls. With her free hand she held my balls and started sucking on them. Taking one ball into her mouth and then the other ball. With her other hand she was still stroking my cock. She licked her way back to the head and slowly sucked on the head. Then she started working down my shaft till all inches gt in her mouth. This was a first for me. I could feel my balls lightly touching her chin, WOW!  She started to pick up the pace going faster. I told her I was about ready to cum, and she pulled her mouth off my cock. She then started to stroke my cock. When I came, I shot cum all over her face, mouth, neck and hair. She licked all over my cock till it became soft.
She went into another room and brought back a wet towel, and a dry towel. She wiped me off and then dried me.
 She asked me to get dressed and and I did. I was a bit shocked and disappointed because I thought my cock was going to feel a pussy for the first time. Oh well!! Atleast I got Sucked. I dressed up and walked out. I hurried into our flat, took a cold bath and layed in bed. I couldn't stop thinking about Miss Kate. I had fallen in Love.  I looked forward to seeing her everyday but it was like she was avoiding me. Few weeks went by and she kept ignoring me. One evening, I was sitting outside, on our balcony. I saw a sleek car pull in front of the compound, a tall man came out of it and walked to the passenger's side. He opened the door and a young lady came out. It was Miss Kate, she gave him a kiss and walked into the compound while he drove off. I was boiling with jealousy. I wanted to be the only one to be close to Miss Kate. I was very upset. I could feel my heart break. I needed to see her and talk to her. I wondered where they were coming back from? Did she go to fuck him? Is he the reason she has been avoiding me? 
That night, I couldn't sleep. I got up to go get a glass of water. My parents and everyone else in the house had slept. I looked at the time, it was 11pm. I went out to the balcony for fresh air. While I stood there, I heard some sounds coming from Miss Kate's flat. I guess she's still awake. 
I decided to go look for her. I opened the door and protector gently so I don't wake anyone. I got to her flat. To my surprise the door was unlocked. I opened and went inside. I was enveloped with thoughts. What if she was with a Man? What if I walked in on her doing that stuff with the Vibrator again? I concluded that I was going to take my chances.  There was no light in the living room. But the TV was on. 
"I see you have still not learned your lesson of not knocking" her voice scared me. 
"I'm sorry Miss Kate" I replied. Turning towards the direction her voice was coming from. "Don't worry, I was expecting you. That was why I didn't lock the door. I kinda felt you will come. I saw how you looked at the man that dropped me this evening" I finally had a glance of her. She was wearing a transparent lacy lingerie with a tiny G string and no bra. She asked me to sit down and I did. I told her I had something to tell her. She laughed and said "What? That you love me?" 
It was as if she was a mind reader . I nodded. She sighed "Adam, this here is not love. You can't love me. Its just a teen crush. You will get over it" I didn't care what she called it, I know I Loved her and I will show her it's more than a teen crush. We'll see about that. 
Her phone rang . She asked me to  excuse her so she can take her call. And pointed towards the bedroom. I knew she wanted me to go wait in the bedroom. I was about walking into the corridor. She asked me to wait. I turned around and she took off the G string and handed it over to me. "Take, something to play with till I join you"  This was a First! I went into her bedroom and jumped on her massive bed. The thoughts of my last visit to her bedroom gave me a hard on. I brought out the Pantie Miss Kate gave me. It was a Red G-string. I put it up directly to my nose and inhaled a large scent of her pussy and instantly my Cock started aching. I wanted to have her pussy so bad for my first time, the smell from the pantie was so sweet.  I then took her panties and shoved it directly in my face. The aroma of her pussy drove me wild. As I pressed it on my face, I felt something strange. Something wet. It hit me instantly: Miss Kate was wet. She was horny! For me!
That thought drove me wild as my dick grew even larger. It was twitching all over. I tried to calm myself down. I kept telling myself to relax and don't cum right away like an idiot. Take it all in and enjoy the night. This was the chance of a lifetime, grab hold of it. I was definitely prepared to do just that.
For the next couple of minutes, I layed back on the bed and just relaxed myself. My dick started to go down a little bit and I was feeling more in control of the situation. That feeling quickly went away in a matter of seconds.
Suddenly, the bedroom door opened and in walked Miss Kate. She took my breath away as she stood directly in front of me, totally naked. My dick instantly sprung back to life and grew at record pace. She had a huge smile on her face as she came towards me and knelt down on the bed.
She leaned into me and gave me a soft kiss on the lips, then took her tongue and ran it over my lips. I took my tongue and met hers with several strokes. Her tongue felt so good and I couldn't wait to feel it on other parts of my body. She then moved away from my face and moved over to my hard shaft. She grabbed it in her hand and stroked it a couple of times. My eyes rolled back in my head at the feel of her touch. 
Miss Kate smiled at me and said, "Do you know how long it's been since I've had a hard cock in my mouth? Mmmm."
I laid back and moaned softly. I started to buck my hips up and down, wanting her to stroke my cock faster.
She must have sensed what I wanted because almost instantly, she stroked my dick up and down very fast in her right hand. While she did that, she took her middle and index fingers on her left hand and rubbed underneath my balls.
The sensation was incredible. I started breathing heavy. I knew I was going to cum. I was going to screw the whole thing up. Suddenly, Miss Kate took her hand off my dick. She looked up at me and said, "Relax Adam,  Just lay back and enjoy this. If you cum now, don't worry about it. I don't mind taking all the cum you got tonight."    Her words of assurance seemed to calm me down greatly. I wasn't that worried about cumming now. But I was determined not to cum until the last possible second. I wasn't going to blow my load several times. I only wanted to do it once. I wanted to take everything Miss Kate had to offer and then shoot my cum all over her. She looked back up at me and asked, "Are you ready for this?" I nodded, assuring her that I was more than ready. 
My dick grew another inch as she lowered her open mouth closer to my cock. Her hot breath on my dick felt magnificent. But, not as good as it was going to feel in a couple of seconds. Miss Jane looked directly into my eyes and winked at me. Gosh! that was so sexy! I wanted to fuck her so bad at that moment, but I was more than happy to settle for what she did next. She stuck her tongue out and flicked it gently back-and-forth over my piss-hole. It felt incredible! 
Miss Kate kept licking over my hole several times. I moaned softly and it was very hard not to cum. The tip of my Cock was itching due to her soft licks. I yearned to stop the itch, but trusted that Miss Kate would take care of it soon enough.
And take care of it she did. She opened her mouth wide and brought it down the entire inches of my rock-hard cock. Then she wrapped her lips around it and slowly came up. My eyes were shut tight as her tongue made contact with the underside of my Shaft. She then sucked the rest of the way and let go of my cock, making an audible "pop" sound. 
Miss Kate had a small string of saliva on her chin, but she quickly took care of that with one stroke of the tongue. I looked and realized that she was only partially on the bed. So, I decided to scoot up all the way to the headboard, allowing her to get up fully on the bed.
She did just that as she got up on her knees and in between my legs. She smiled at me once again as she grabbed my cock. She lowered her head, stuck out her tongue and licked from right underneath my balls. She brought her tongue up over the middle of my sack to the bottom of my dick and up the shaft ever so softly and slowly. She was using just the tip of her tongue, tickling every last inch of my balls and cock. She then brought her tongue up to my head and licked across the bottom back and forth.
She then took her mouth off my cock and looked up at me. "How does that feel Adam?"
I moaned loudly, "Mmmmm, good Miss Kate that feels so good. Please Suck it some more!"
She chuckled at that comment and said, "Sure Baby."
She then wrapped her lips around my cock head and started bobbing up and down the length of my pole. The feeling was undescribable. I was trying to keep my mind off of cumming. I tried to think about anything except what was going on at the moment. That was very hard to do as She kept bobbing up and down on my cock. But now, she also took her right hand and massaged my balls over and over. 
I think she was almost willing me to cum, but I wasn't going to oblige her. I wanted to hold out for as long as I could. She took her mouth off of my dick once again. But, this time she wrapped her mouth around my left nut. I instantly shot forward as the sensasion was incredible. I honestly thought that I had cummed, but I didn't. I was very proud of myself. I wasn't going to let her make me cum without my cock going into her pussy like last time. It's time I get this Virginity thing over and done with. I wanted to feel what the inside of a pussy was really like. 
She kept my nut in her mouth as she ran her tongue over it repeatedly. I started feeling more comfortable and bold. I decided to talk and open up a bit more.
"Yea Miss Kate. Gosh! suck me. Suck my cock. God it feels so fuckin' good!" 
Miss Kate  did as she was told. She took her mouth off my nut and placed it back over my cock. She bobbed up and down on my dick some more. She already had her tongue running up and down my dick. I got even bolder as I placed my hand on the back of her head, encouraging her to suck faster and harder.
She didn't disappoint. She wrapped her lips ever so tightly around my dick and bobbed up and down very fast. I didn't even need to guide her. She knew exactly what I wanted and she had no problem at all giving it to me.
She kept this up for at least 3 or 4 minutes. It seemed like forever and that was ok with me. Every last second felt like heaven. I was totally shocked that I hadn't cummed yet. However, I did make that pact with myself not to cum. I am convinced that a "higher power" was with me, helping me not to cum.
Finally, she took her mouth off my dick. There was a little bit of precum starting to ooze out from the tip of my dick. She saw this and got the biggest smile of all on her face as she darted her tongue out and licked up all of the precum.
She wiped her mouth off a little bit and then straddled my chest. She bent down and again gave me a wet kiss on the lips. Our tongues explored each other's mouth as I allowed my hands to run all over her naked back. Her skin felt so smooth and silky.
She  broke off the kiss and said, "My my, you are one stubborn young man Adam, You know that? I want your cum  and you won't give it to me. Why not, baby?"
I replied honestly, "I wanna save the best for last Miss Kate. So far, you've made me feel excellent. But now, if you don't mind, I'd give anything to taste your pussy. Please teach me how to eat the pussy" 
Miss Kate almost purred as she rubbed her hands all over my chest. "You want this pussy? You want this wet Pussy?", she asked in the sexiest of ways. I just nodded and said nothing. But in my head I thought: Damn right you bet! 

"You want it? You got it, baby!" She  said as she got off my chest. I got up and got off the bed as I allowed her to take over my spot at the head of the bed. I got on the bed in her old spot and straddled her chest. I bent down and licked her sweet lips once over. I then went down a little further and grabbed her huge tits in my hand. I squeezed them gently, bent down and licked over her nipples on both tits. I heard Her take a deep breath and start to relax.
I decided to go straight to the main course. I moved down her body and stopped at her stomach. I kissed and licked her stomach over and over as I felt it up. Her body was fantastic. She had a great stomach, but what I wanted was down a little bit farther.
I slid my body down the bed a little way and then opened her long legs. I lowered my head and came face to face with with Miss Kate's beautiful pussy. I hadn't ever had sex or eaten a pussy in my life at this point, but I'd seen plenty of them on the internet and in videos. I've seen pussies of some of the hottest women I've ever seen, but Miss Kate had the most beautiful pussy of them all. Just like the first time I peeped at her having phone sex, I was once again, face to face with this beautifull pussy. 
Miss Kate was twice my age and she was in fantastic shape. Her pussy was an absolute thing of beauty. She had a little strip of hair right above her pussy lips, which I loved. Her cunt itself looked so delicious. I could also see a little bit of dampness on her lips, which turned me on even further. I never imagined I could make someone like Miss Kate wet. It turned me on even more than I already was.
I put my face even closer into her pussy and inhaled the sweetest scent. Her pussy smelled so sweet and moist. I stuck out my tongue and licked from the top of her slit down to the bottom and back up to the top quickly, getting the taste of it. I took the index and middle finger on my right hand to open her pussy lips revealing her nice pink pussy. 
I used my whole tongue to get a big taste of her pussy. I licked her insides in long, large strokes as I reached up and gently rubbed her clit with my left thumb. She started to squirm on the bed and moan softly. it was music to my ears. I then took the tip of my tongue and licked the sides of her pussy lips gently then brought my tongue to her clit and licked the very tip of it very so gently. She asked me to circle around her clit with my tongue and I did. 
With the touch of my tongue on her clit, She instantly moaned out, "Ohhh fuck yes!" She then took her hands and grabbed my head, uriging me to keep going.

I was more than happy to oblige her. I took my tongue and ran it up and down her clit very fast, flicking it over and over again as She was moving in all directions. I grabbged her waist and held it still as I wrapped my mouth around her little clit. I sucked on and my mouth was tightly wrapped around her hard clit. As soon as I did that, she gasped and moaned loudly, "Oh shit! Mmmmm yea! Suck my clit! Eat my pussy!"
I kept my lips wrapped around her clit as I stuck out my tongue and brushed it hard against her clit and licked it over and over, keeping my vice grip on her clit with my lips. She was moaning very loud as she started grinding her pussy into my face, giving me more of her clit and her wet cunt brushing against my chin. I slid my fingers in her pussy and shoved them in and out at a fairly slow pace, just wanting to feel her insides more. I bent down and started to lick her clit over and over as I continued to shove my fingers in her pussy. She continued to grind her pussy into my fingers, allowing me to go deeper and deeper into her pussy.
I decided to "go for the kill", so to speak. I started ramming my fingers faster and deeper into her pussy as I licked her clit very fast back and forth. her pussy was so wet, that my fingers squeeked as I slid them in and out of her pussy. She started squeeling, "Oh god, it feels so good! Dont' stop. Don't stop!" Her moaning and begging was driving me crazy. It just made me more determined to make her cum.
I decided to slide a third finger into her pussy. As soon as I did that, she let out a very loud moan and a "Fuck yea!" I sucked on her clit even harder as I continued finger-fucking her pussy very fast. Not only did I keep my fingers at a fast pace, I used more force, finger-fucking her harder. I kept shoving my fingers in her pussy as I licked her clit over and over.
I could feel or I thought that she was getting closer to her orgasm. She continued to grind her pussy into my mouth and fingers. Her moaning became more frequent as did her encouraging.
"Oh, Adam. Dont' stop, it feels so good. I'm gonna cum any second. Don't stop. Fuck, Gosh! Don't Stop!!!" 
True to her word, a couple of minutes later, Miss Kate let out her loudest moan of the night and started shaking. I held her waist still with my left hand as I kept my right hand in her pussy. Suddenly, my fingers became drenched with her warm cum. It wasn't a lot, but my fingers were fairly covered in it. I looked up at her and she had a satisfied smile on her face.

I got up off the bed and moved up by her head. I sat down next to her and stuck my three cum-covered fingers in my mouth and tasted her sweet cum mixed with her pussy juice. It tasted so great. The taste alone brough my dick back in a frenzy. I bent down and gave her a big kiss, probing my tongue in her mouth, making sure she could taste her own juices. She returned my kiss and attacked my tongue with her own. I broke off the kiss and said, "Miss Kate,  you tasted so good!"
She moaned and then smiled up at me. "Well, your cock didn't taste that bad either.", she said with a wink. I smiled, kind of embarrassed. She then said, "Adam, I think it's time for both of us to get what we want at the same time. I'm ready to fuck you. Are you ready to fuck me?" 
I definitely wanted to fuck her, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. The "moment of truth" was at hand. This is what I'd been waiting 16 years for. I had waited that long for someone I could fuck. I never imagined that person would be Miss Kate, but she was all I could ever want or hope for in my first.
I responded, to her question by saying, "I've never been more ready for anything in my life." She responded to me by getting up off the bed, coming to me and pushing me back on the bed in my original spot.
She then said, "Ok Adam, just sit back and enjoy every last minute of this. I'm gonna fuck you like you'll never be fucked again. I promise you that." 
With that, she climbed up on the bed and was directly over me. She lined her pussy up with my hard dick and slowly brought herself down onto it. As soon as her pussy made contact with my dick, I let out a loud gasp. I knew it would feel good, but I wasn't prepared for the sensation to be that strong.
Miss Kate stopped for a second, making sure I was ok to continue. I caught my breath and braced myself. I grabbed her waist and brought her down slowly onto my dick. Every inch she slid down felt fantastic. I knew I said I wouldn't cum unitl the very last second. This was what I wanted to do before I came: To Miss Kate. I was about ready to do that. I knew I wouldn't last long, but that I would hold on as long as I could. The fact I made it as far as I did was a surprise to me in the first place.
Her pussy was covering every last inch of my dick. If she would have stayed in that position the rest of the time, it would have been great, but she didn't and it was still great! She slowly brought herself up and slowly brought herself down again on my cock. I was able to feel every inch of her wet pussy. My eyes were rolling back in my head. I couldn't believe how great it really felt.
I wrapped my hands around her tight, wide waist as she rode my dick up and down very slowly, allowing me to feel every inch of her insides. I was moaning like crazy as I was rubbing her stomach up and down. I desperately wanted her to go faster, but I was sure that I'd cum right way if she did. I told myself that I was going to hold out for a couple more minutes, no matter what. I wanted her to ride me like a bull and I wanted to enjoy it for as long as I could.
I opened my eyes and said, "Oh Miss Kate, Mmmm it feels so good. Ride my cock please. Ride it so fast. I wanna cum all over you!"
Miss Kate didn't say anything, but she did as she was told. She started to slide up and down my cock a little faster. She had a steady pace going as I was holding onto her waist. She was going at a good speed but I wanted it just a little bit faster. 
I started to buck my hips, meeting her pussy with my cock thrusting upwards into her as she came down on me. I grabbed her waist and shoved it down harder on my cock as I thrusted up into her with all of my might.
She knew what I wanted and she obliged me. She put her hand on my chest and shoved me back on the bed gently, meaning for me to be still. I did as she wanted as I continued to hold and caress her sides. She started bouncing up and down on my cock very fast. She must have went up and down on it at least 20 times every 10 seconds. It felt incredible. I couldn't help but meet her with more hard thrusts that made my cock feel even better. I could hear her moaning, but barely as mine was a little louder. My eyes were closed almost the whole time, savoring every minute of it. I opened my eyes to see her riding my cock every 'which way'  as she ran her hands through her beautiful long braided hair. She looked so fucking sexy and I was in complete heaven. My cock felt so terrific. I never knew it as capable of feeling the way it was.
It was at the moment I saw her riding me, that I realized I was on the verge of exploding. I decided to thrust up into her a couple more times. I held her waist even tighter, allowing myself more leverage to thrust up into her harder. She was moaning and rubbing her hands over my chest. I absolutely was enjoying every second of this, but realized that I wasn't going to last much longer.
I decided to give her a warning. "Oh shit! God, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna Cum! Yea Miss Kate!"
She immediately pulled herself off my dick and got on her knees directly in front of my cock. She wrapped her right hand around my dick and started pumping it in her hand up and down as fast as it could possibly go.
I lasted as long as I could, I was going to explode right now. "Oh fucking shit! Here it comes, Miss Kate! Here it comes! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"
With that, I shot a huge wad of cum that landed directly on Miss Kate's face and slid down onto her tongue. I shot a couple of more good wads that she directed onto her sexy tongue. Once I stopped spurting my cum, after about 4 shots, she looked up at me. She opened her mouth and revealed a huge wad of my cum on her tongue. With one move, she closed her mouth and swallowed hard. It was so sexy. She stroked my dick a little more, getting every last drop out of it that she could. I had the biggest smile of all on my face. Nothing in the world could wipe it off of me. I just laid back and watched as she reached up and scooped the wad of cum off her chin and sucked it off her fingers.
When she was done with her snack, she slid up onto me completely and gave me the deepest kiss of all. Our tongues explored eachother's mouths for a minute or so. I ran my hands all over her body, wanting to feel her sexy body as long as I could. She broke free from our kiss, but started sucking on my neck for a few seconds. She wanted to give me 
something to remember this night for a couple days.
After she was through with my neck, she came face to face with me and spoke, "I hope that was everything I said it would be. Are you satisfied, Adam?"
The smile was still on my face as I replied, "Oh fuck yea. You're everything I could ever imagine. You're so fucking beautfiul! Miss Kate "
She smiled and chuckled a bit. Then, she gave me a quick peck on the lips. She then got up and said "Good, I'm so glad you enjoyed it because I sure as hell did. I needed a cock so bad! Thank you so much!" It took me one second to say "No problem, Miss Kate."
The next couple of minutes were uneventful as I went into the bathroom and washed my hands.
As I walked out, She was still naked. I walked up to her and said, "Thank you so much, Miss Kate! I'll never forget this."
She stood up and said, "Thank you, Adam. You were really great too. Not bad at all for a first-timer. Don't stay a stranger okay?"
something to remember this night for a couple days.
After she was through with my neck, she came face to face with me and spoke, "I hope that was everything I said it would be. Are you satisfied, Adam?"
The smile was still on my face as I replied, "Oh fuck yea. You're everything I could ever imagine. You're so fucking beautfiul! Miss Kate "
She smiled and chuckled a bit. Then, she gave me a quick peck on the lips. She then got up and said "Good, I'm so glad you enjoyed it because I sure as hell did. I needed a cock so bad! Thank you so much!" It took me one second to say "No problem, Miss Kate."
The next couple of minutes were uneventful as I went into the bathroom and washed my hands.
As I walked out, She was still naked. I walked up to her and said, "Thank you so much, Miss Kate! I'll never forget this."
She stood up and said, "Thank you, Adam. You were really great too. Not bad at all for a first-timer. Don't stay a stranger okay?" 
I nodded with a smile. Miss Kate gave me a parting gift. It was that same red G-string. She handed it over to me and said "Enjoy". I took a big wiff of the panties and inhaled her pussy. I smiled at her and put it in my pocket. She gave me a big hug and I headed out. It was 3am in the morning and I snuck back up to our flat. I tip toed into the house, locked the door behind me and went to my bedroom. I slept like a baby that night with the red panties Miss Kate gave me on my face. I couldn't wait to have more fun with Miss Kate. It was Saturday so I didn't need to wake up early. 
What woke me up was my mother's call. A friend had come visiting. It was Jake. "Adam, get up! You have a visitor. Jeezzzz! One would  think you went for a night vigil last night. Yet you slept early. My friend get up and make yourself useful" My mother yelled at me. I got up and prayed she didn't see the red panties beside me. Obviously she didn't. Jake came into the bedroom "Ohh Boy! Wetin dey happen? How can you still be sleeping  by 12noon? What were you doing all night? 
I laughed and responded "Omo! Jake if I tell you what I did last night you won't believe me but I will tell you any way". Before I could say anything else Jake stopped me "Adam, chill first. Let me tell you something important that brought me here first. I need a favor. I need you to help me talk to your mother so she can rent the vacant flat below to my Mother  abeg" 
I was surprised. I didn't get why he needed to rent a flat in our compound when we didn't have a vacant flat. "What are you talking about Man? We don't have any Vacant flat" I replied. But he laughed 
"Ofcourse you don't know. You've been sleeping like a log. Flat 4 below you will be empty in a few minutes. I saw the moving company moving everything into the big truck outside. I asked and they said the lady that lived there was getting married today so they were moving her stuffs"  I couldn't believe what I was hearing. But I felt it was a sick joke. I got up and ran outside. I ran down to the flat below. I saw some men carrying the last set of furnitures out of the flat. What is going on. One of the men looked at me, "You must be Adam' I nodded   "you fit the description " he handed me a note. "She said I should give you this" I stretched out my shaking hand and collected the note. I couldn't open it because my hads were shivering uncontrollably. Confused Jake had chased after me. He held me by the shoulder and said "Oh boy, are you okay" I turned to him and struggled to speak. I couldn't find the words. After a few seconds of stammering I found the strength to speak. I opened my lips and the only words that came out of my mouth was "SHE'S GONE!"

To Be Continued........

Monday, February 16, 2015

Mmakamba's Dilema 3

"You can explain what? Ehhen Mmakamba? Explain what? Better start  talking o before I loose it" Ubong Yelled. 
His voice could be from across the street. "Shhhh Ubong keep your voice down. Don't shout. The neighbors will hear you" I tried to calm him down. 
He picked up a bottle, threatening to hit me with it if I didn't talk. 
I became so scared. I was shaking. I began to beg. "Ubong please drop the bottle, I will tell you all you want to know, remember you promised not to hit me again. Please don't do it"  He grabbed my top. And warned me that it was the last time he was going to ask me. He's anger was something I was very afraid of. But when he slapped me, I knew I was gonna die. He kept screaming so loud that even the deaf could hear him. He hit the bottle on the wall and it broke. He brought a sharp piece close to my neck and said  "Where the hell are you coming from? You went to fuck someone, who fucked you? If you don't talk I will kill you and kill myself. I was crying and begging . But he was going to kill me if I didn't Confess. "Ok please I will tell you. I went to see Ubon" 
There was this shock on Ubong's face. He was in a high level of shock like he was going to have a heart attack. He's mouth hung open, he's face was red and he was speechless. He released me from his hold. Walked away and sat down. It was like he lost his voice and was trying to figure how to get it back. I was scared for my life, I dint know whether to keep standing there or run for my life. Everything stood still. Even the wind. Total Silence!!! 
Then He Spoke "How long has he been fucking you? How many times has he fucked you?". Honestly, I didn't know how to respond to that. So I was quiet. But his scream brought me out of my silent mode. He got up and walked towards me. I quickly replied him. I told him everything. He was silent again. Then I made to run towards the door. But he grabbed me and threw me on the floor. And told me he does not have my time yet. That he will deal with me when he returns, but first, he will go and see Ubon so they can trash this Man to Man. He went out and locked the door behind him. Locking me inside the house. What do I do? How do I get out of this? How do I warn Ubon? Why is Ubong so hot tempered and violent? I began to Pray for God to get me out of this shit alive. I am my Ma's only child and I didn't want to die here. I tried to force the door, but that was not possible. I found myself a "Nutty" corner, and sat there. 

I tried to think, what can I do? I thought hard and long. Then an idea hit me. I got up and started screaming for help. I was hitting and kicking on the door with all the strength remaining in my weak body. I cried for help! Until the neighbors heard me. I begged them to help me please help me that he was going to kill me. Nobody wanted to mess with Ubong, their Landlady's son whom everyone knows is so violent. While they were still contemplating if it was worth the risk, Dara (Ubon's friend. Who happens to live in Ubong's compound) pushed them and with a machete, broke off the door handle. He saved me. I ran out out of Ubong's house. I needed a cab so badly. I needed to get home. I swore to myself that I would never return to that house again. Just when I was about to hit the road, a cab pulled over, the driver came down to help the passenger out. Who was the passenger and why did he need help coming out of the cab. It was already very dark so I couldn't see clearly. But I needed that cab, so I was going to wait for the driver. I went closer to take a look and what I saw made my heart jump into my mouth. It was Ubong. Hes clothes were torn, he was bleeding from his nose and mouth. Omygosh, what happened to him? The neighbors helped him into the house. I was curious. I wanted to know what happened to him. He was in so much pain that he didn't even notice he's broken key. I walked in and one of the neighbors gave me a look that said "run for your life". 
But I stayed, I asked Ubong what happened to him. He told me he went to confront Ubon and his brothers attacked him. He told me that he was in that condition because of me and that when he gets well, he will teach me a lesson. He threatened he will remind me that he owns me and won't share me with any one and if I thought I will leave him for Ubon that I had better be careful. 
With that, I knew I needed to get out of there. The neighbor gave me another look again that said " I told you so" 
I walked out of Ubong's compound and didn't look back. 
That night, as I laid on my bed, in my Ma's house, I had a lot of things going through my mind. What happened at Ubon's place? Is Ubon okay? What really happened? 
But why will Ubon let his brothers attack Ubong? Was he trying to have him killed?
I couldn't sleep a wink that night. I was really upset with Ubon. You can't take a man's love and still add insult to injury by beating him up. It's not fair. I could not wait for dawn to come. I laid in bed with my eyes open monitoring the movements of the ceiling fan. It was a long night. Few hours later, I have never been that happy to see the breaking of Dawn. 
Later that Morning, I went to a super market to buy stuffs for my Ma'. Guess who I ran into? It was Ubon's little sister, the same one that massaged me the first night Ubon took me home after Ubong had beaten me up. She ran to hug me and I was equally excited to see her. I wanted to know what had happened yesterday between Ubong, Ubong and his brothers. I didn't even ask her when she started blabbing  like a chatter box. "Hmmm Mmakamba you won't believe what happened in our compound yesterday. One guy they called Ubong showed up from nowhere and started shouting that Ubon should leave his wife Mmakamba alone. That he was going to kill my brother. My brother challenged him and told him he had already taken Mmakamba and he was going to Marry her. That it was Ubong that pushed Mmakamba into his arms with his physical abuses. Ubong made to attack my brother, that was when all my Brothers beat him up. Ubon being the eldest just sat and watched. They almost killed him. Then Ubon finally asked them to leave him alone and they threw him out" 
I stood there in shock as she kept talking and talking. Finally she stopped talking and we greeted eachother and parted ways. I couldn't believe what I just heard. Ubon was not violent, he was too calm. So why would he watch his brothers while they almost killed Ubong? Have I become a Prize that childish men fought over? 
I made up my mind not to see anyone of them anymore. Before someone got killed. I was really disappointed in Ubon. I got home and decided I was never leaving the house again. I was a bit anxious to know what was happening to Ubong and if he was okay. But I wouldn't dare go there. He will kill me and still marry my corpse. He was obsessed with me. 
I hated Ubon for what his Brothers did to Ubong, But I did not regret meeting Ubon. 
Ubong really did push me into his sweet arms. Still, it was time to end the game before someone got hurt. I made up my mind to leave for Lagos in a few days. I will stay with my Aunty till Ubong and Ubon found something else to drag. 
That night was again a long and cold one and sleep was far from me. A part of me wanted to be in the arms of Ubon but I tried to fight the thought. I was really going to miss his sweet touches. He made my head spin. There was a huge difference between Ubong and Ubon. Ubong loved sex too much. To him, it was about pleasing himself. The romance was short. But Ubon on the other hand, took his time to give pleasure to a woman. He would Lick and nibble on every part of my body. He was a 'Girl Pleaser' and he made Sex worth it. He was what ever a girl wanted him to be. A Sex giver, a Fucker or a Love maker. He taught me the difference between a Sex, Fuck and Love making. He gave me an opportunity to choose which ever one I wanted and depending on my mood I will go for the one that best suits my mood. 
I kept comparing these two men in my life. I came to a conclusion. I tagged Ubong 'The Lion in Bed' and I tagged Ubon 'The Royal peace maker in Bed' 
The difference was huge. The Lion was proud. And felt he owned the jungle so he can take whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted it. The Lion was domineering and arrogant and wanted to be pleased. His big Cock size and the fact that he didn't need drugs to get it hard and erect gave him so much confidence he wouldn't mind walking naked at the Village square to show off and intimidate other men  and another fact that he can go as many rounds as possible made him so proud he felt he was God's gift to women. And he also felt with a Cock like that, a woman should be at his beck and call and worship him. 
Now, the disadvantage of this is that He is ignorant. He still has a lot to learn. It is never about the big Cock size or how many rounds you can fuck. 
'The Royal Peace Maker' on the other hand is Humble. He has the confidence and charisma of royalty. He makes peace with the body through the art of seduction. He wants to be needed so he gives his best that way, he can't be forgotten. The royal peace maker is a pleaser. He is not carried away by his endowment. He understands it takes more than a big Cock to please a girl. He knows a girl needs more than just being banged endlessly for ages. So, like a humble royalty, he will enquire what will sooth you. He will want to make sure you are okay with whatever he is doing and he will ask you questions. You just have to relax and be yourself around the Royal Peace Maker. He will not judge you or make you feel bad over what you don't know, he is willing to teach you and learn from you as well. He does not assume he knows everything. He derives so much joy in knowing the woman is satisfied and he touches where no man has touched a girl before so he can leave a mark in your heart. He derives pleasure in seing a girl enjoy Sex. Her moans and whins are his motivations. You can't help but want more. I could go on and on about the Peace Maker. It is something every woman wants to experience and not just some idiot with a big Cock who will pound on your pussy like he's digging for gold and expect you to say Thank you afterwards. 
I mean, the difference between Ubong and Ubon was out of this world. Very obvious even a Frigid woman can tell. 
I can't believe I spent the entire night comparing these two men. But there was no going back. I was leaving for Lagos and I didn't want to see any of them. 
I don't know why but I felt really sad about leaving. I just wanted to go away. Ubong will not let me have peace neither  will he let any other man have me. 
I walked around all sad and moody that day. Till something happened around 4pm. Ubon came looking for me.  

Ubon had driven in his Father's PAN 504 to my street. Everyone was scared of my Ma'. So he sent a neighbor (who had just returned from buying something) to call me. The neighbor whispered into my ear. I went out to see Ubon. "What are you doing here? Please go away, I'm not interested in whatever you have to say" I said to Ubon. "Common Mmakamba, I needed to see you. I Love you a lot and I just want you to be mine. Ubong was going to stab me with a knife that was why my brothers beat him up. I did not have a hand in it. Just come with me. We need to talk". I tolld him I wasn't going anywhere with him but he persuaded me that he just wanted to talk. Let's see how we can resolve this whole thing. After a long chat and loads of appeal and persuasion, I decided to go with him. I asked him to wait let me to get some stuffs, then we caan go.  I went back into the house and told my Ma' that I had an emergency. That my Bestie sent a cab to pick me up because her Mother was ill. My Ma' gave me her fierce look and asked "Are you a Doctor?". I said No but that she just needed a friend's support. I walked into my room, took my Puma bag and packed a few stuffs. Then jumped out the room window. I ran to where Ubon's car was parked and I got into the front seat. He drove off. I sat there quietly frowning my face and refusing to talk. "Mmakamba, why is your face like that. You seem too quiet". I gave him a stern look and eyed him. I was wearing a short skirt that revealed my lap. Ubon laughed and Licked his lips. He put his hand on my lap. Now holding the steering with one hand. I slapped off he's hand from my lap. He touched it again. I slapped his hand again. This went on for ten times. I just got tired. So let him. He rubbed my laps and found his way to my pussy. I didn't even know when I opened my legs as he rubbed on my Clit. I tried so hard to stay strong. That was a tough one. I was wet. Ubon touched my wetness and brought out his finger filled with my moist and said "Look at this Mmakamba, stop being mad at me. You know you want me as much as I want you" then he asked me to look at him. I did. he put the same fingers from my pussy in his mouth and Licked it. I was like Oh Shit! WTF!! My body was shivered a little. I could see his Cock erected. He took my left hand and put it on his hard Cock then he said "Mmakamba, See what you do to me. You make me loose my mind". Feeling that hard cork made my Clit throb. Then we were in his compound . I got down from the car and all I could think about was his hard cork in my Pussy. Then I wondered, why was I even Mad at him again? Then it hit me. Oh! Ubong! Ubon's brothers attacked poor Ubong. But I couldn't get his hard cork off my mind. Then it hit me. Mmakamba, stay focused. Remember all the decisions you have made.  You came here for a talk not Fuck.
"But you shouldn't have let them beat him Ubong" I  yelled at Ubon.  
He gave me a surprising look and was like "Really? Mmakamba are we gonna do this because of that little boy?"
I yelled back. "What do you mean? He's my first Love. He may be little to you. But he's older than me and I Love him. You know this" 
Ubon got so mad and was like "if you Love him then what are you doing here? Is it because I handle you better? Go! Leave! Go to him"
I lost it. I slapped him. The slap was so hard and hurting to even my palm 
OMG! What have I done? I got scarred. What if he hits me back. I know Ubon is not a beast like Ubong that hits women. But I didn't want to take the chance of waiting to find out. I grabbed my Puma bag and ran towards the door. Just as I was about to open the door I noticed the key was not there. The door was locked. I was scared. I turned around to look at Ubon. He was standing on the same spot with his palm caressing his face with a wicked grin.  
OMG!! What have I done? What do I do? Should I go on my knees and beg? Naaaa. I can't be a Wuss. What if I get more aggressive and order him to open the door? That was not an option either. I could end up aggravating him to hit me. What do I do?Then I became calm and in a meek voice I said "Ubon please open the door let me go. You asked me to leave your house. Give me the Key let me leave"
Ubon didn't talk to me. He opened the door and walked out of the room. I ran outside. It was dark. Ok, where will I get a cab or bike to take me home from this Village. Ubon's  family's house was quite far from the main rood.  I walked for twenty minutes. I got to the main road. There was no car. I had no money on me. Then I saw a car light coming from the village towards the main road. I was very happy. I flagged the car to stop. The car pulled over. I bent to talk to the driver. Opppps! It was Ubon. He didn't talk to me. I didn't talk to him either. I stood there for a few seconds thinking of what to do. I had no choice. I entered the car. Thinking he was gonna take me home. But he turned back to his house. I said nothing. Ubon had showered. He smelled so nice. I didn't say anything. We got back to his house. I got out of the car and walked into the house. Dropped my bag and headed to the bathroom. I showered came out. Ubon was on the bed. I went to the dressing mirror and sprayed my Body spray. Put on a transparent nitie. As I turned to the bed what did I see. Ubon had been starring at me dressing up and he was hard. He had brought out his hard cork and was rubbing it. What a sight to behold. He was looking me straight in the eye. (what a devil)
I stood there dumbfounded. He kept looking me in the eye. And moaning softly. I couldn't get my eyes off his cork. I lost my mind. I was Horny. I went to bed. I lay facing him. He kept wanking and playing with his cork. A lot of thought went through my mind. We were not talking. But was Horny. What do I do? I wanted him so badly and I know he wanted me. But pride got in the way. 
Suddenly.... I felt my Clit throbbing. I wanted me a piece of that. The moans from Ubon was not helping matters. I was dripping. I needed that Cock in my mouth. I wanted to suck it. He was so devious. He could see the passion burning in my eyes. I put my index finger in my mouth. And Sucked on it. I was so hungry for his cork. I could not help it anymore. Fuck that pride. Jeezzz. I got up and crawled to him. He kept looking me in the eyes. I went to his ears and whispered "Ubon, I'm Sorry. Please forgive me"
He didn't answer. I kissed his ears, his neck. He still didn't talk. 
"Ubon, please talk to me. I said I'm sorry. Please stop punishing me. Let me taste your cork please" 
I was breathing heavily. I Licked his nipples. I could feel his heart race. But he still blanked me. I went for his cork. But he wouldn't let me suck him. I was like oh yea? Two can play that game. I sat opposite him. Spread my pussy right in front of him and I started rubbing my Clit. Ohhh Fuck! I moaned. Uhhhh yeah! Uhhh. I avoided eye contact with Ubon. I shut my eyes and kept rubbing my Clit. 
I was long gone into the world of ecstasy, when I felt someone grab my two legs. I opens I'm eyes. It was Ubon grabbing my legs. He pulled me to himself. Then he came over me and starred me in the eyes. Spread my legs. Took his cork in his hand and rubbed the dick cap on my Clit. I moaned. "Oh Ubon! You do me so well. You know I want you" Then he said to me 
"Why don't you Love me like you love him Mmakamba. You only want my cork and what I do to you. You know I fuck you better. You know I eat your pussy so good. I understand he's your first Love. But I'm here now. I'm better and I love you. Mmakamba, I want you to Love me. Please my Mmakamba" 
I felt so bad. So guilty. I said Shhhhhh Ubon don't spoil this moment. Please. Let's talk about it later. The he went down on me, and started licking my Clit. Ohhhhhh Fuck! Ubon you are killing me. His tongue and my Clit were dancing tango. Then he put a finger inside my pussy while his tonhue worked my Clit. I was vibrating. I lost my mind. I felt my feets go cold. I was in heaven. I was cumming. I grabbed his head. I screamed. "Ohh Fuck! Ubon I'm cumming. I'm cumming. Mme di, Mme di. Abasi mbok! (Ohh my God I'm coming). 
I was vibrating. I began to have a desperate need for a Cock in my pussy. I beckoned "Ubon please fuck me. I beg you. Fuck me like never before. Please Ubon. I need you". 
I begged but Ubon got up and left me on the bed. My legs were shaking. I couldn't get up to go after him. I couldn't move. I was shivering and vibrating. It felt like I was on drugs. Only a Cock inside my pussy could calm me. I laid there. Begging admist tears. "Ubon please don't do this to me. You know how I am. You know only you inside me can calm me. Please don't do this to me" 
Ubon looked at me and said "you want my Cock?" I said "Yes please" 
Ubon said "on one condition. I need you to stop seeing Ubong. You will only love me. 
I screamed "Ubon I promise, I swear. I won't go back to Ubong again. I swear. Just fuck me please. I beg you" 
He came to me. Put his dick at the entrance of my pussy. I tried to pull him inside me. But he stopped me. 
He said "Shhhhh look me in the eyes Mmakamba " I looked him straight in the eyes. Then he rammed his Corck inside me. I let out a scream "Ohhhhh Ubon Fuck me. Fuck this pussy. It's yours henceforth. Please don't stop" 
You could tell Ubon was hungry for me. He jerked in and out of me just how I wanted him. He put his hands under my Butt and lifted my Butt up and fucked me hard. OMG!! I Love this. I Love this Cock. 
He got off me and flipped me over. I took the doggy position. My Butt in the air. He Licked my pussy from behind. I moaned. Then he put his Cork back inside my pussy. And fucked me silly. He fucked me so hard I could feel his balls slap my pussy when he thrusts in. He spanked my Butt. Oh how I loved being Spanked. I started moving back and forth to fuck him back. "Mmakamba, you are so sweet. Your pussy is made of Honey, I want you all to myself My Mmakamba" 
It was the best fuck ever. Then he increased the speed. I was cumming. He was cumming too. We both screamed as he poured his cum inside me. "You are so addictive" I said. He laughed. I lay back and and he laid beside me. We were both gasping for breath. I rushed into the bathroom to wash off. Had a cold shower. My legs we shaking. I was dizzy. Then I returned to bed. Passed out. And Hungy. He got something for us to eat. We made Love all night. 
But there was one thing I didn't tell him, which was the fact that I was leaving town. 
Though I made sure I gave him the best of me, I kissed him like never before. (If only he knew) 
The next day at noon, he dropped me at home. That evening, I packed up and boarded a Night bus to Lagos. I left my story with Ubong and Ubon behind. I don't know how they felt when they found out I have left town. A couple of times, I was tempted to write to Ubon. But I didn't. I only dreamed of him. But I was determined to go on. 
I moved on with my life. I'm sure that if there was nothing for them to fight over that there will be peace. Many years have gone by and I have forgotten Ubong completely. But Ubon, I will never forget. 
How can I? 

The End

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mmakamba's Dilema 2

I checked myself over and over again the mirror. I kept wondering what I was even going to talk about with Ubong? 
Sure he was gonna beg, make promises he won't even keep and even cook for me. Yeah! He was a great cook and loved doing it for me. It was a delight to watch him cook. Especially when it was fresh fish. I just loved the way he made it. 
I was still standing in front of the mirror, smiling as I thought of Ubong. I really loved that idiot. Even after all he does to me, the physical and verbal abuses? I still loved and cared about him. Then I thought of Ubon. The sexiest man in my world. 
Sai mbok! That guy has fingered my brain and I wanted more. I couldn't stop wanting him. Oh Dear! What have I gotten myself into? Anyways, I grabbed my purse and left. Thirty minutes later, I was in Ubong's place. I could feel the eyes of the neighbors feasting on me. They were shocked to see me there. It was like they couldn't believe I was still crazy enough to show up in that compound after all that happened two nights ago. The stares was as if they were trying to Psychoanalyze me because I didn't appear normal to them. I can just imagine what was going through their minds. I greeted them with a smille  as I walked boldly past them and they greeted and smilled back sarcastically. It was very obvious. I won't lie but it was one of the most embarrassing moments of my entire life. It was like taking the walk of shame, the morning after a Fling. I got into Ubong's room, he's eyes lit up and he got up to hug me. "Mmakamba, you came, how are you?" I responded "I promised you I would come didn't I? And I was fine till your neighbors began scanning my brain to see if I'm normal because I came back here. "Mmakamba, don't mind them. They are just jealous of our love. And because I have the most beautiful girl in Calabar and they don't. Just ignore them, when they are tired, they will get busy. All I want is for you to forgive me please"  
He knelt down and held my feet. And he began to cry. "Ubong, you know I love you but why do you do the things you do? Why do you treat me so bad? You hit me all the time at every slight provocation. You used to tell me you hated your late father because of the way he used to hit your mother. And when he died, you and your siblings were relieved because you felt your mother will finally have peace and enjoy life. Why have you taken after your father? What kind of a future will I have with you?" He stopped me there and begged me not to keep saying those things that I was breaking his heart. He held me and promised he willl change. I hugged him back. I loved him. Yes, people may think I'm crazy but he is suffering. This is one of  the consequences of having an abusive father who beats his kids mother in front of them. If only these father's knew how much they ruin their children's lives by indirectly turning them into monsters. They just don't get the damage they cause. I felt bad for Ubong. I held him tight as he cried. He repeatedly promised to change and made me promise not to leave him. We kissed and we ended up under the sheets making love. It was the same old thing. The caressing and penetation. Now here is something I am  ashamed to admit but while Ubong was ontop of me, all I could think of was Ubon and the things he did to me. I wished it was Ubon. At some point, I shut my eyes and tried to imagine it was Ubon but it didn't work. They were just too different. I mean, the touch, the kisses, the manly smell, the rhythm that came with the thrusts even the moans. Nothing was even a bit related for me to use and compare Ubon with Ubong and as much as I tried to imagine it was Ubon fucking me and not Ubong, it just didn't work. I couldn't wait for Ubong to get off me. Few minutes later, it was all over. I got up and washed up, got dressed and so did he. I sat on the bed whille Ubong went to get us something to eat. While me ate, He looked at me and asked if he could ask me something. I asked him to go ahead. I became nervous but kept a straight face. "Mmakamba, something is not right. I noticed you didn't give into the love making like you used to, you didn't make those sexy faces you used to. It was like you were somewhere else. You know I know you so well. Talk to me" 
I smiled, and assured him it was nothing and I'm sure it's as a result of the fight few days ago and that I needed time to trust him again and be sure he has changed.  
He said he understood and wishes I could heal fast because he missed his feisty Mmakamba. I smiled at him and nodded. We ate, talked and laughed. 
In all this, I couldn't stop thinking of Ubon and wanting him. I needed to see Ubon. I could not help it. I must see him. So I made up a story that I needed to go run some some errands for my Ma'. 
Knowing that Ubong will sniff my undies when I returned, I went into the wardrobe and snuck a set of new undies into my purse, gave Ubong a kiss and left. I took a cab and headed for Ubon's place. I got there and He was so happy to see me. 
He  rushed towards me and hugged me. He grabbed me by the hand and dragged me straight to the bedroom.  
I made to kiss him but he stopped me. I asked him why and he said he knew I was coming from Ubong's place and that I should go shower, brush and freshen up and meet him in bed. I felt ashamed like a cheat. But the truth is that I was not cheating on him so he could spare me the jealousy. In the end, It was Ubong I was cheating on . It made sense to go freshen up so I did. I came out of the shower and he was in the bedroom waiting for me. He asked me if I've ever been Sexually in control. I said No. And he said, well, here's your chance, I want you to be in control now, do to me as you wish. I was shy, where do I begin? I laughed and covered my face. I felt his Cock hard already. I asked him how long this hardon had existed, was it before or after I got here? 
He said it was before I got there because he had spent the entire day thinking of my pussy. "When you came in and began to undress to go to the shower it just got harder. I couldn't just help myself or rather, my body couldn't help itself because as you can see, I'm obviously not in control here! You are the one with the gear shift in your grib. Don't worry, I trust you will do fine. He laughed. 
I laughed too but it was true he had given me full control of the situation and he was hoping to be at my mercy. 
The thought of being in control rushed wildly through me and turned me on even more. "So what do you want to do first? You are in control here...." He reminded me. I pretended to be thinking for a few seconds then I said to him "Eat me, lick my pussy like there's no tomorrow and don't stop till I have cum all over your face. After that, I want you deep inside of me, fucking me hard till you cum. Do you understand?" I asked him. "Yes Ma'm. I'm very capable I assure you. Laying on my back in the middle of the bed with my legs spread widly apart, he leaned in hungrily and soon his tongue ran the full length of my pussy lips and over the tip of my swollen clit. He looked up at me and he lowered his head back down. The look of extacy on my face was one that he had never seen before but was going to make happen again and again. He's tongue again met with my pussy lips and I couldn't believe the electricity that was flowing through me as his tongue spreasd the lips and probed the inner folds of my pussy as well as my vaginal opening. He was taking great care not to touch my clit yet. It was like his tongue was having foreplay with my pussy all on its own and apparently, it was working. Finally, his tongue made it to my extremely engorged Clit. It potruded as his tongue crossed it over and over again causing my ass to come off the bed.  
Not one to loose contact, he raised his body in an effort to keep his tongue on my Clit through the entire motions. As my body met the bed again I began to grind against the his face. He's assault on my Clit was undying and soon I felt his finger probe my hot opening and slide in without any difficulty. This added sensation was just too much and I had to work hard not to cum immediately as the finger penetrated me I laid still without response and his tongue had stopped it's movements just in that moment allowing me to adjust to the extra stimulation. Slowly his tongue begain movement on my clit  as he pumped his finger in and out of me in rapid pace. Everything was happening so fast now and the stimulation was almost over whelming for me and I knew I wouldn't last long. The constant licking and sucking of my clit including the the finger deep inside my pussy finally gave was to a phenomenal cum. My ass lifted high up the bed again while he removed his finger, grabbed my ass under while he remained focus on my Clit so my cum could last as long as possible. Things seemed to get fuzzy and I knew I had parted ways with my own body for some few heavenly seconds of cumming. I collapsed back om the bed. I was panting and sweating as if I had ran a long race in a hot sun. Ubong propped himself beside me and watched me as I lay there recovering. As I turned towards him, he leaned in and gave me a hot passionate kiss, intense and calming both at the same time. He pulled awaay like he suddenly remembered something. "Now if I remember correctly, I believe I'm supposed to fuck youu next. So now, what position?" He asked 
"On top. I want to ride you. I have to have you as deep in me as you can go and just feel your Cock rub against the deepest part of me" I said slyly. "You got it Ma'm" and with that, we switched positions and I straddled his body. Holding his Cock in place, I aligned my hot hole with it and it was only seconda before he felt the hot, wet insides of my pussy, his new favorite place to be. He watched and felt me slide all the way down. Finally he was all the way inside my pussy and I stopped a moment to let my inner walls adjust to the intrusion slowly. I began to rock my body back and forth grinding and stroking his Cock with amazing precision deep in my pussy. He looked up into my eyes which were absent with deep intention being set on the task at hand. Our eyes met and there was a connection made. That just said that the fucking was not good enough and it had to be more than that. It wasn't really love but it was the most passionate throes of love making and that's what was setting this apart as something way more than just fucking. The motions continues as we read eachother's soul and the deepest wanting of our bodies. My grinding got harder. I was cumming. I rode him fast and hard with my eyes tightly shut and I locked my fingers in his squeezing it tight as I came. It was amazing. His Cock did wonders to me. Ohhhh Fuck! I moaned. I was weak after that cum. I slide off him and laid on my back gasping for air that I had been deprived of in the middle of my Cum. He pulled closer to me and kissed me passionately and climed ontop of me. He guided his Cock into my pussy which welcomed him in a slippery way and he began to thrust. First reallly slowly and then fast. I raised my waist to meet his thrusts there by fucking him back. I moaned, I screamed. I held on tight to him. He fucked me hard and I loved it. "Ohh Ubon, you fuck me so well. Fuck me harder, deeper, yes! Deeper" 
He obeyed every instruction I gave him and not too long we were both cumming. He fucked me so fast in such a speed I Ned knew was possible. "Mmakamba you are sweet, your pussy is the best. I love fucking you, I love your beautiful sweet pussy. I Love you!!" he screamed as we came together. He fell off me and wa were both gasping for breath. 
Look at the time, It was 6pm. Ubong will kill me. I quickly got up rushed to the bathroom to shower because I knew he will check my pussy. I washed thoroughly. 
I put on the spare undies I had in my purse because I knew he will sniff my undies to check for my moist. I smiled because I was a step ahead of Ubong. 
 I noticed the frown on Ubon's face. "Why is you face like that? We just had a good fuck and you are looking so unhappy"  "Must you run off to him? Why can't you just leave him and come be with me? I am in a better position to take care of you and treat you like a Queen. I hate the fact that I have to share you with that little boy. Mmakamba this is not fair and you know it"  I was late and not in the mood to go into this discussion. I finished dressing up gave him a kiss. He offered to drop me off. But I declined. It was too risky. I rushed off. Got a cab and headed back to Ubong's place. Feeling so satisfied but tired. I needed rest.  
When I got there Ubong was standing outside. When he saw me get out of the cab he went inside. I got in and his face was red. "Where in the devil's name are you coming from?" I stuck to my story that I had to go do something for my Ma'. I told him I was really tired and needed to rest and reminded him he promised not to hit me again. He said fine, but that he needed to see my Panties. Hahaha I laughed in my heart. With pride I took off my clothes, pulled my pant and handed it over to him. I looked at the pant and smiled. I was feeling like a smart winner. As I made to walk away to get a sleep wear. I heard him call me, "Mmakamba" I replied "Yes, how may I help you?" He replied, "Can you explain to me how it's possible you left this house with a Black Pantie only to return with a Red Pantie?" I was in shock! "Ermm Ermm, I can explain. Ermm" 

To be continued....

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mmakamba's Dilema 1

 Ubong was my childhood love, my first love. We fell in love from the first day we met. It was a sweet and soar love.
Ubong was as naive as I was. He loved me so much as much as I loved him.
Maybe a little too much if I may say. He was obsessed with me.
The thought of another man touching me drove him crazy. It was hell.
His jealousy made him aggressive and he wouldn't  waste time in getting
into a fight or even hitting me. Yes, it was that bad. Our love making was average
though I had no complains. I mean, what did I know? The normal boobs sucking, pussy touching, dick touching, deep kissing and finally the penetration. Ubong monitored my movements, he must know who my friends are, and I had to explain every new item i got.
It was so crazy, to a point that every time I went out, he will time me and when I return, he will sniff my undies and put a finger in my pussy to check for left over semen. One day I had spent so much time at Eno`s place, the usual girlie gossips. I got to Ubong`s place. he was fuming with anger. Ubong was Very fair skinned so when he was angry i could tell easily by his red face. "Hello Dear" I greeted.
But he did not answer. ohhh I knew I was in trouble. But honestly,
I was tired of his controlling and overbearing attitude. I was going to stand up to him today.
Enough is enough. "Mmakamba, where the heck are you coming from?'
he screamed. 'Ubong, abeg abeg abeg, I am not in the mood for your wahala this night. I am tired and I need to rest. If you wont let me rest, I will just go home to my Ma'. Mbok, Ubok Abasi, just let me be"  I screamed back.
Just as I was about to sit on the bed, a heavy slap landed on my face.
Before I could even say a word another slap came then the hits. I began screaming for help till his neighbor Dara and his friend who had come visiting ran in and rescued me.
Dara's friend managed to take me out of the house in  my torn clothes and swollen face.
While Dara remained in the house to calm Ubong and stop him from coming to attack me more outside. Dara's friend took me to a 504 car parked outside his compound
and pulled off his shirt for me to wear. while he was left with his white singlet.
He asked me "Where do I take you to? I can't let you go back in there. Where do you live?"
I was still in tears. I can't go home to my Ma' like this. She will be so angry and never let me go out again and she will kill Ubong. I turned to him and said, I have nowhere to go.
He exhaled heavily and without a word, he started the car and drove off.
Where he was taking me to? I didn't know and to be honest, I really didn't care. I seriously did not give a fuck. Anything to get out of there and far away from Ubong and his madness. We got to a Beautiful house, Dara's friend got out and came to
 my side and opened my door for me. He obviously lived with his parents Just like Ubong. He held me and led me inside to a big bedroom. I was in serious pains, I couldn't move. He put me on the big couch and left, Few minutes later, he returned with a pail of hot water and towel. He removed the shirt he gave me and asked his younger sister to come and use the hot water to massage my body. I tried to reject the offer but he insisted that it was best else i will not be able to move in the morning and the pains would be worse. So I agreed.
He left the room and gave us privacy, shutting the door as he walked out.
After his sister had finished, I was relived. He came back with some pain killers. He said he got them from his Mother and told me it would help me sleep. I took it and he gave me another shirt to wear and carried me to bed. I didn't know when i slept off. I woke up the following morning alone in the room. Where was my good samaritan? He left me here to sleep alone? I laid there staring at the ceiling. Then I heard a voice from the door "Good morning Mmakamba" I was like huh? "what? surprised I know your name? I have seen you a couple of times when I come to visit my friend Dara. I inquired from Dara about you and he told me you are his Landlord son' s girlfriend and that you were a no go area. I had my fingers crossed because I knew one day our paths will cross, although I wasn't expecting it to be in such a painful manner. 
If I may ask,  what is a beautiful girl like you doing with a beast? ohhh I'm sorry if I am sounding rude. By the way, My name is Ubon"
He stretched his hand towards me offering a hand shake. I shook his hand too and smiled.
He told me to open the door by his wardrobe, that it was the bathroom. So I went to shower. While I was In the bathroom he knocked and said  that he got me a new toothbrush. Without caring about my nakedness, I opened the bathroom door. You can imagine the shock on his face. i took the brush from him, said thank you and shut the door.
A mischievous smile crossed my lips and I wondered what was going through his mind. After the shower I came out and a wrapper was on the bed,
I dropped the towel, took the wrapper and wrapped it around my body. He came back into the bedroom with the a balm and said I should hold on for his sister to come and massage me. Because part of my arm and shoulder was still swollen. I looked him straight in the eyes and told him I wanted him to massage it for me. And since I didn't like
hot menthol from balms he should get a massage oil. He was bewildered, though he smiled and nodded. I sat on the couch and waited for him. He came back and put some oil on my shoulder and pressed hard. "awwwww" I muttered in pain.
He kept saying sorry repeatedly. He was good at this, the massage I mean. At some point, it became a mix of pain and pleasure. I was loving it. I started dropping the wrapper gradually as his hands descended to my lower back. He could sense the pleasure in my utterances. The wrapper had gone down completely, I could  feel him try to peek from behind so he could view  my front. I knew he wanted to see my firm boobs. I told him
my chest hurts to. so he switched from behind me and came to to my front.
He applied the oil into his palm, rubbed them together and he started massaging my neck. I loved every bit of it. I closed my eyes and let out a soft moan. To his surprise, I held his both hands and cupped my breasts with it. I noticed he was hard. I looked him in the eye and he looked in mine. We starred at each other for a while, our faces drew closer till our lips met. He kissed me in a way I have never been kissed. His hands kept running all over my body and he made his way to my pubic area. I suddenly withdrew, and told him to lock the door. He got up and locked the door. And hurried back to me. He pulled me off the couch and the wrapper fell off completely. His tongue swam in my mouth like a fish in a tiny pond. I have never been kissed like that. I was feeling things I have never felt. It was amazing. He kept pushing me backwards while kissing me at the same time till I got to the wall. My back was leaning on the wall. He kissed my neck, rolled his tongue through my chest till it got to my nipples and he sucked on them one after the other like a hungry baby.
I was so excited. I could feel my pussy dripping . That has never happened to me before.
He pulled me off the wall and took me back to the couch. The he whispered in my ear "Have you ever experienced Cunnilingus?" I replied, what is that? He said "to be given a head"
I replied again Head? He said "Yes, to have your pussy eaten" Hmmmm I said No.
He said "Ok, just relax". He spread my legs open and knelt in front of me, I was nervous. I watched him bury his head between my legs. I closed my eyes.
 The  feeling was different, out of this world. I felt his tongue licking me all over my pussy. He sucked and licked every bit of me. My clit became two times bigger. My feet were cold.
I was shivering and wining  my waist. He inserted a finger into my pussy and finger fucked me while his tongue licked my clit. I could hear the sound of my pussy due to the wetness.
I grabbed his head and I kept screaming uncontrollably. "Ubon, what  are you doing to me? feel so sweet. I do not understand the way I am feeling. Ubon what is this? something is happening to me. My waist is on fire"
Honestly, I was feeling something weird in my pussy. "Ubon you are killing me here. Please stop. I feel the need to scream. I feel the need to let out this scream, can I scream? is it safe?"  I heard him say go ahead scream. no one is home and continued sucking and licking my clit while finger fucking me. I lost it, I could not hold it any more. I threw my hands and legs up in the air and screamed so loud. My entire body was shaking. It was obvious I just experienced my first major orgasm. Cum gushed out of me in a way I have never seen. Ubon, got up and smiled at me, I felt so embarrassed.
He got up and pulled off his trouser. I could see his stiff, hard cock.
Quite big and so fine. He knelt in front of me again, parted my legs and plugged his hard cock into me. He was very gentle obviously
he noticed how tight I was so he started with the dick cap slowly till everything was in.
Then he started thrusting slowly. I was loving every bit. He kept asking me "Mmakamba, do you like it, am I fucking you good? Are you ok, are you enjoying it? Tell me how you want it. Tell me I fuck you good" Omg!!! Ubon was killing me. He started rubbing my clit while he fucked me. aaaahhhh please fuck me Ubon. deeper deeper.
faster faster. more Ubon. more please. I was cumming.
I began to shiver as he fucked me hard and deep.
Few seconds later he was cumming he pulled out from me and came in his hand. then got up to the bathroom and washed off. I was tired. I needed sleep and rest.
I got off the couch and went to bed. After a short nap, Ubon brought food and we ate
together while we talked about ourselves. Ubon was an undergraduate in a Federal University. Very intelligent, from a good home, very gentle, good looking and
ofcourse, a good fucker, an amazing fuck if I must say.
I knew there and then that this was the beginning of a Fuck I was not going to give up on.
We spent the whole day fucking our brains out. I did not want to stop.
Later that evening, Ubon took me home. He dropped me few blocks
away from my house. Then he asked me, "Mmakamba, now what? Where do we go from here? I told him to give me time. My heart was still some where else. I needed some time.
   We both got out of the car and he gave me a tight hug. He made to kiss me, but I pushed him off, Hey what are you doing, we are in the open and this is my Street. What will people think? Please go away before someone sees us. It is only Ubong that every one knows
me with so please go away. I ran off as he drove off too. Few steps to my gate, I heard a
familiar voice. "Mmakamba, so this is it? I have been searching everywhere for you.
I have been to your house over 10 times since morning.
And all the while, you were with that Bastard?"
I turned around, your guess is as good as mine.
It was Ubong. I was scared, but I put up a brave attitude.
"Ubong you have the guts and gulls  to show your face here after
what you did to me in your house yesterday? What if you had killed me?
For your information Ubon took me to the hospital and I have just been discharged.
He came to pick me from the hospital and brought me home"
Please go away don't make me call the neighbors to mob you"
I made to move away. but he stopped me and knelt down "Mmakamba, please don't leave me I beg you. 
You know I love you so much that's why I protect you. 
Please forgive me. I swear I will never lay a hand on you again. I swear on my life. Just give me one last chance" 
With tears in his eyes my heart just melted. I hugged him. I asked him to go home. That I will go and see him  in the morning so we can talk. He made me promise him that I will definitely come. He left and I went into the house. That night, I couldn't stop thinking about both men. Ubong and Ubon. What's with me with men with this kinda name? Only the "G" made it different. I Loved Ubong so dearly. 
He's beastly childishness has pushed me into the arms of Ubon. I felt guilty cheating on Ubong as I have never done it before. But what I experienced in the arms of Ubon was something I was not ready to give up. I wanted more of that amazing feeling. I just can't stop. It's not possible. 
But what do I do with these men? One my heart loved and one my body loved. I got tired of thinking. I decided to just rest my head and let tomorrow take care of itself. 
I couldn't sleep well. Every time I closed my eyes, I could see Ubon fucking me. I just knew I was in deep shit. A little sleep and it was morning. 
The day I am to see Ubong. My first Love. I wonder what we were going to talk about. I ran some early morning errands for my Ma'. Took my bath and got dressed. It was time to go see Ubong. 

To Be Continued...