Thursday, October 8, 2015

I Still Don't Feel Better.... 8

*The Day After....... 

I could hardly sit still, I felt like everyone knew I was naked beneath my skirt and I constantly smoothed my skirt down and tightly crossed my legs. Even though I was terrified that someone might see up my skirt, I couldn't help feeling slightly empowered in a strange way. I felt so sexy! I wanted to explore the feeling a bit more but I had to wait and save my orgasm for Ms Joyce. It was hard enough trying not to think about her in case I phased out and came all over the floor without also thinking about the new thrill of exhibitionism I suddenly felt. So I tried to focus on whatever the fuck the teacher was droning on about and watched the clock tick around. The hours were so long and excruciating, at some point I found myself wishing I could fast forward the clock, I paid more attention to the clock than anything else. During class, Kimberly caught me staring into my watch severally but I pretended everything was just fine. I was so stiff with tension and anticipation.

At lunchtime, I sat in the large dining room with Lara and Kimberly as usual, it was a pretty big room full of noise, tables and heat from the kitchen. I wasn't eating anything, the sheer thought of swallowing something made me feel nauseous. It was like I was waiting for a massive examination, all I could think about was how things would go with Ms Joyce. I just couldn't wait. I began to day dream about her, how I'd walk into her office and the second her lips part to say something, I would push my tongue in between them, I'd taste the insides of her mouth, drawing her tongue into my mouth so I could close my lips around it, sucking it.  Then maybe I'd tear open her shirt and slip my hand inside her bra, cupping her breast as I continue my assault on her beautiful lips. She would reach around my waist and pull my short skirt up before sliding her hands down to cup my buttocks. Then, she'd take hold of the waistband of my panties and roughly pull them apart, tearing the soaking wet garment away from my damp skin, then she would pull me closer and guide my head down towards her breasts. I'd kiss all around her nipple first, and then guide the tip of my tongue around it, making her shiver and squirm, then I'd give her what she wanted, my lips would part then close down, sucking the little bud into my warm mouth. While I ever so slowly tease her nipple with my tongue I'd take hold of her other breast and gently give it a squeeze lest it would feel left out as I continued to arouse its twin. Finally, her hand would glide over my clean shaven, and now fully exposed, pussy. Her fingers would lightly brush against my slit first, and then she'd gently stroke up and down, with each stroke she'd push a little harder and part my wet pussy lips a little wider, and then, I'll feel Ms Joyce's finger on my clitoris and.....oh fuck!!!
But who was I kidding? Ms Joyce liked to dominate. I've always been used to taking care of my girls in bed. But with Ms Joyce, it was different. She intimidated me and made me feel like a new kid. She made me blush, she controlled me. When I was around her, I felt like I've never been with a woman before. I found myself acting like a naive kid for her, I couldn't even be myself.

"You are not eating Lisa. Aren't you hungry?" Lara asked and I snapped back to reality and the beautiful imagery dissolved into the noisy dining room, which seemed much hotter than before. 

"No Lara. I'm not hungry." I replied nervously. I didn't know how long I had been lost in the fantasy but I really could feel fingers on my pussy, unfortunately they were my own. Somehow, probably while my mouth was full of my teacher's breasts in my head, I had allowed my hand to slip under the table and into the waistband of my skirt. It was easy because I wasn't wearing any panties as instructed by Ms Joyce. I quickly withdrew my hand from my pussy slowly and scanned around the room to see if anyone had noticed what I was doing, luckily for me, Kimberly had turned her head and was talking to a girl sitting next to our table and Lara was looking at my face and not where my hands were. My pussy juice was leaking and I feared I might soil my skirt. Good thing, the color was mixed so it wouldn't have even been obvious.  For a couple of seconds my head was on a swivel, I must've looked like some kind of nervous and horny owl! I was relieved to see nothing that indicated I had been watched and breathed a sigh of relief. We cleared the table and returned to the classroom.

"I'm very worried about your issue with Ms Joyce." Lara said to me.

"I'm worried too Lara. But don't let it get to you. Everything will be fine." I replied. 

"I wish you could see her today. But that will be tough." she added. 

"Why is that?" I asked. 

"Well, I heard all the teachers have a meeting today with the Principal. So I'm sure you won't be able to see her today. That's another day gone without us knowing your fate." a worried Lara said. 

I shrugged my shoulders in ignorance. All that while, Kimberly said nothing. It was true that the teachers were having a meeting that day, but Ms Joyce asked me to see her that day, so I guessed she must have something planned out. When it was almost time to see Ms Joyce, I became nervous. I didn't know how to disappear from Lara and Kimberly. It would be difficult. Lara, I could easily manipulate, but Kimberly? There was no fooling that one.
Few minutes later, the best thing happened. Kimberly said she had an aching stomach and had to quickly run home to go use the loo. I almost jumped for joy because I had been beating myself up over what to tell her. Immediately Kimberly left, without much time to waste (as where Kimberly was going was not even far) I was glad I only had Lara to deal with. I told Lara I was going to look for Ms Joyce, and if I found her in the meeting, better. So that other teachers can help me talk to her. Lara said 'Okay' and wished me luck. I left immediately, both running and walking. I was nervous and my heart beat was very fast. But I made it to Ms Joyce's office in no time. I took a minute or two to catch my breath outside her door before giving it a soft knock. 

*Punished Or Pleasured......

"Come on in Lisa." a voice answered from the inside and I was sure it was Ms Joyce. I opened the door, walked in quietly and there she was. Sitting at her desk, just like she was the previous day, alone. She looked quite sexy and I felt my clit throb in anticipation of what was going to happen in the next few minutes. My pussy clenched and I could feel myself dripping wet.

Without being told, I sat down on the same chair i did the previous day. She looked at me sitting in the chair and looking down at the floor. I was remembering what I did the previous day. I was picturing myself in that same chair, naked from the waist down, my legs spread wide open while Ms Joyce watched me fuck myself to orgasm.
I looked up and she gave me a smile as I sat there. I lowered my head again, I wasn't at ease, not completely but I wasn't as terrified as I was the day before. The fear had gone.

"Prompt as ever Lisa." she said with a smile and I looked up at her. I was blushing slightly as she gazed at me.

"You asked to see me same time today Ms Joyce?" I said.

She leaned forward, carefully moving the paperwork from the desk. She had no desire for it to get in the way later.

"Yes Lisa I did. It seems we have a punishment to discuss." she replied.

I squirmed slightly, my skirt rode up as I adjusted.

"So Lisa, you invaded my house, hid in my closet and watched me have sex. And to make it worse, you played with your pussy while you watched Anne and I fuck. I hope you understand that was not exactly a respectable behavior."

I nodded, "I'm sorry Ms Joyce." in my head, I was wondering why she never forgot about that incidence. I mean, It happened a long time ago. I almost got scared again, by th way, how did she even find out?

"I thought when I punished you yesterday by making you fuck yourself until you came in my chair that it might be punishment enough but I think now I was mistaken. I think it will take a great deal more than that to make you understand just what it is you did." she put heavy emphasis on the F-word, as she watched me jump and take a hitching breath. She took a look at my nipples and noticed they were hard under my shirt and she smiled to herself, pleased that our previous play was still having a profound effect on me.

"So I have come up with the following, You will be at my disposal in any way I see fit for as long as I desire. You will do whatever I ask, without hesitation, without questioning. And you will enjoy everything I do to you."
As she paused, my eyes widened and I looked at her, a touch of panic in my eyes as she continued. "Now, first things first, let's see if you've managed to follow my first rule. Stand up."

I hesitated only a second, still under the spell she cast on me from the day before but also feeling a bit overwhelmed at the mess I've found herself in. My short skirt fluttered as I stood up and she knew I was naked under it, just as she had asked.

"Good girl, I see you obeyed me and didn't wear any panties. Pull up your skirt, spread your legs and show me your pussy." she barked at me in a clipped tone and I found myself obeying before I even completely realized she had spoken. Pleased, she watched as my pussy came into view. I felt embarrassed because my pussy was dripping like a river. The sight of me standing there, holding up my skirt was too much for her and she rose to her feet approaching me aggressively as she turned me to face her. She fell on her knees, taking my skirt in her hand as she gave into the hardcore need to finally taste me.

She buried her face between my legs, grabbing my ass to pull me further onto her mouth and without preamble, she let her tongue plunge inside my pussy. I jerked, crying out before grabbing her hair in both my hands. My hips were rocking, rubbing my pussy against her face as she fucked me with her tongue. She moaned at the taste of my pussy, so wet, so sweet before drawing her tongue out to flick repeatedly across my clit. With a free hand, she spread my pussy opening with a finger, pressing against it but not entering my hole.

"Ohmygosh, fuck yeah! That feels so good oh fuck! Ms Joyce, I'm so close." I cried.
It did not take long, I went off like a rocket, cumming on her face and mouth as she took my clit in her mouth and began to suck it gently. I moaned loudly, my hips snapping back and forth as she continued lathing my clit with her tongue, drawing out my orgasm for as long as she could. When it finished, I collapsed back into the chair while she gave me one last lingering lick. Then seizing control once more she calmly stood up, wiping her mouth off before moving behind her desk. She looked at me sitting there dazed and confused and she continued speaking as if nothing had happened.

"You will report to me, at my house, every other day after class, some days, we may play here in my office and you will give yourself to me while I fuck you."
She gave me a stern look as she tried to make me understand exactly what she was saying.
"Make no mistake, I will continue to give you the greatest pleasure you've ever known, you will never leave my presence without having cum several times. But there is a price; you are mine unless I say otherwise and you may not refuse anything I wish to do to you."

I took a deep breath, looking at her in shock and acceptance, sitting up slightly, trying to shake off the fogginess from my powerful orgasm.

"So I hear the seniors fought over you. Were you that much of a slut? I bet you think they fucked better yeah? Did they fuck you well?" she asked with a straight face.

"Ms Joyce?" I was confused. I didn't know how to respond to that.

"What? Are you deaf now? I asked if they fucked you well." she asked again, this time looking more serious than ever.

"Yes-yes Ms Joyce." I replied slowly.

"Did they eat your pussy well?"

"Yes Ms Joyce."

I noticed she had a bit of a jealous look in her eyes.
"Uhumm, has anyone eaten your pussy out so bad that you squirt? I bet you didn't get that." she said with a grin.

"Actually Ms Joyce, once, I did squirt once." I said softly, wickedly bursting her bubbles.

She looked at me carefully, and smiled seductively. "After today, you will realize I am the best." she said as she watched me shudder again, crossing my arms over my breasts. Almost as if I was having second thoughts about what I was allowing her do to me. That simply will not do, this Bitch was determined to fuck me.

She stood up again, this time coming to sit down on her desk right in front of me. I stared at her in confusion as she sat there, her own legs spread wide. She nodded at me.
"I want to see your boobs, take off your shirt." her eyes watched me avidly, her gaze burning bright as I reached for the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head.

"Hmm, Nice lacey bra.  I can't see your breasts but I know that they are a nice handful and I can't wait to touch them, take your nipples into my mouth and watch you writhe as I suck on them." she said. Why would she even tell me that? Those were supposed to be her thoughts. Well, I understand that sometimes our lips mistakenly blurt out what our head is thinking. But in Ms Joyce's case, I knew it was no mistake. She did it deliberately to make me desperately want her to touch me. I dropped my shirt and stood there in front of her  with my head hanging down. She reached out to touch me gently, I leaned into her touch despite the touch of fear in me, the one I got when she told me that she was going to fuck me that day and that I would be at her beck and call. She pulled me to her, pressing our bodies together as she buried her nose in my neck and inhaled deeply before moving up to my sensitive ears and blew gently. I shuddered as my own breath started to come in harsh pants. Then with deft hands she reached up and undid my bra. I let it fall between us and it caught on my breasts as she pulled my arms out of it. I was shy once more, not wanting to look at her as she slowly began kissing my neck.

She lathed her tongue across my skin, tasting my sweet flavor as her hands wandered up my ribs and across my stomach before she grabbed my bra. As she pulled it out from between us, my breasts filled her hands and she found my nipples easily. They were hard and ready, poking into the palms of her hands nicely. I moaned and the sound drew her to my breasts like a bee to honey. She closed her eyes as she took one of my nipples in her mouth, rolling it around with her tongue, being sure to softly rub the other one with a free hand. My legs gave way and she pulled me against her as she continued lathing attention on my breast. Then she turned her attention to the other one, bringing it to hard attention in the hot wet confines of her mouth. I was moaning out loud now, my eyes closed, as I leaned against her, letting her have her way with me. After several moments, she set me gently back from her, making me stand on my own as she began undressing. I looked at her with lust as she dropped her skirt, her own pussy dripping down her thighs. My gaze is riveted on it and she smiled to herself. She pulled off her shirt and bra and I watched avidly as her large breasts were freed to my gaze. Suddenly feeling impatient and needing to feel my naked skin against hers, she reached out and wiped the entire surface of her desk free and all her books and papers fell to the floor. Then she turn back to me.

"Bend over the desk Lisa."

I did as she demanded, bending over the desk quickly. She watched me hungrily as I braced myself with my arms, forced to spread my legs as I leaned forward. I stood there, my hands on the surface of the desk, my butt in the air and my pussy gaping open for her to see, she walked around to where she stowed her hand bag. She reached into it and pulled out a toy. As the strap-on came into view, it was the biggest I had ever seen, my eyes widened. I felt my pussy dripping even more as I stared at the latex dick in her hand.
She walked over to me slowly, noticing that my eyes followed her as she moved behind me. She bent over to put it on, tightening the straps and settling the cock into place as I stared at her in lust. It extended out from her, a touch obscene and highly erotic. I licked my lips slowly, unable to look away. She reached down and stroked it slowly for her avid audience. She stepped closer to me, still stroking her dick. She let go of the cock and it hits me softly on the ass making me shudder again and pull away. She slapped my ass lightly, grabbing hold of my hips firmly.

"Don't even think of denying me Lisa." she pulled me back against her, letting me feel the reality of the dick against me. I shuddered but did not resist.

"I'm not trying to resist you Ms Joyce. It's just too big." I moaned.

She smiled as she reached out to touch my ass, letting her hands slide over the smooth skin of my ass. I cried out in pleasure, my hips jerking as I tried to stay still. I had to fight the urge to simply grab her cock and plunge it deep inside my pussy and begin fucking my brains out with it.
She moved closer slightly, and let me feel the sensation of her dick pressed against me. I sighed as her hand fell between my legs and then to my very eager pussy. She began teasing me, sliding her fingers along my cleft, coming so close to my clit but avoiding it. I whimpered in frustration, bucking my hips against her, trying desperately to get her to touch me where I needed it most. But she continued to stroke me, teasing me. She slid her fingers down, towards my pussy opening and there she teased me again, pressing into my hole then withdrawing.
"Oooowwwwww." I cried in disappointment every time she withdrew without truly entering me.

Finally she let a finger slide inside my pussy slowly, teasingly until her knuckles brushed against my pussy. Then she drew her fingers out slowly as my pussy walls clenched around her fingers. She pushed her finger back into my pussy and began to slowly finger fuck me for several minutes. She listened to my cries and moans before adding a second finger, stretching my pussy, prepping me for the fucking to come. I wanted her badly, my pussy was sopping wet like a river but there was nothing I could do. Ms Joyce was in charge and only she knew when it was time to fuck me. Even though I was so fucking horny, I was at her mercy.
I was near the edge, so close to cumming that she feared even brushing my clit accidentally might bring me to orgasm. She leaned over me, pressing her breasts into my back as she spoke into my ear.

"I'm going to fuck you now Lisa. I simply can't wait to get my cock inside that wet pussy of yours. I promise to go slow so just relax and let me fuck you. And don't worry, I'll make you love it. Do you want it?"

"Yes Ms Joyce. I want it. Please fuck me. Fuck my pussy please." I cried.

She grabbed the base of her cock, rubbing the head of it through my pussy lips, using her thumb to find the entrance to my hole. I shuddered as she pressed the cock head into me, its girth slowly stretching me, forcing my pussy to open up around it. She reached around me and placed two of her fingers on my clit, rubbing it lightly as she pressed forward. She had me pinned to the desk as she kept thrusting her cock in and out of me. She moaned at the sight and kept rubbing my clit harder as I whimpered at the sensation.
She pulled back slightly, giving my clit a pinch as she surged forward, burying her cock deep into my pussy. Her pelvis came to rest on my ass as her cock hit the end of my pussy. I jerked, crying out sharply. I tried to get away but she pinned me against her desk and I had no where to go, I stayed still. She kept teasing my clit and placing lingering kisses on every inch of the skin on my back. Slowly, I began backing up against her, encouraging her to go deeper again into me, the need to cum rose again in my pussy.
She flexed her hips, pulling back slowly and I moaned at the loss of her fullness. But then, she pushed forward again, filling my pussy once more.

"You know what Lisa, I envy that cock in your pussy. I wish I could truly feel what it is like to be inside you. But the erotic sight of you bent over my desk, your legs spread wide while I fuck your pussy more than makes up for it." she coed into my ear. "Are you enjoying it?"

"Yes Ms Joyce." I moaned.

She leaned over me, thrusting easily as my pussy adjusted rapidly to the invader.

"Do you like the feel of my cock inside you?" She asked and I nodded wordlessly.
"Are you going to cum on my cock?" ggain, that wordless nod. She smiled as she continued her slow assault on my eager pussy. I was pushing a lot back against her and she picked the speed. I was ready, panting and writhing under her.
I felt my pussy begin to clamor for faster and deeper thrusts, despite my earlier earth shattering orgasm, I was still horny as hell and ready for another orgasm. She slid nearly all the way out of me, holding herself still as I whimpered at the loss.

"Good, because now I'm really going to fuck you." and with that she slid back into me, her cock thrusting into my pussy hard, fast and deep. I cried out loud in pleasure, shaking on the desk as she continued to slam into me from behind. She released my clit to grab my hips and pull me back against her.
"Touch yourself, make yourself cum on my cock. Now Lisa, play with your fucking clit. Rub that clit till you cum while I fuck your pussy" she panted and I quickly obeyed. I pushed my left hand between my legs and rubbed my clit which was wet and covered in my cream.
Her cock slid back and forth rapidly as she fucked my eager pussy on her desk. She knew I was going to cum any second. She leaned over again, fucking me harder, harder and harder.

"I need you to cum for me Lisa. Cum for me, cum all over my cock you slut."
I shuddered beneath her, my cries rising in volume as orgasm tore out of me. I writhed as I laid on the desk and Ms Joyce fell on my back, pinning me to the desk and waiting for my orgasm to come to an end. Her cock was still buried deep inside my pussy. When it is finished, she slowly pulled out the strapped cock from me.

I wanted to make her cum just like she did me. I needed to see her vulnerable and at my mercy. No woman has ever overwhelmed me with her charisma like Ms Joyce did. I didn't know if it was the age difference or if it was because she was my teacher, but I feared her a little. I have never been intimidated during sex with any girl. I had always taken them however I wanted. I watched as Ms Joyce unstrapped the cock, I finally managed to get myself off the table and stared at her beautiful body. Gosh! She was sexy, I breathed in and out deeply, then suddenly, I was overwhelmed with courage, I walked straight to her, looked her in the eyes and said.

"Ms Joyce, I have to taste you," I gasped, my hands shaking and my feet trembling and wobbly from the orgasm I just had. She was now standing in front of me and before she could say anything, I was on my knees now staring directly at her pussy as if I was about to have a conversation with her pussy. Her hands rested on my head and I bent to lick and nibble my way towards her most sensitive areas. I breathed in the smell of her arousal. I ran my tongue up her thigh, teasing closer to her slit. I ran my tongue closer to the edges of her pussy before allowing my tongue to connect with her clit, I concentrated my attention at that point wanting desperately to give her the same pleasure I had just received from her. Her taste had me intoxicated instantly. She cried out and I looked up briefly and I noticed that her breast were covered by both of her hands. She was firmly holding her breasts from beneath as her fingers tweaked and pinched her nipples as I licked a vertical line along her pussy. My tongue ran its way from the bottom of her pussy all the way to the top and then paused briefly to lick on her clit. I drove my tongue deeper into her folds. Her taste and smell filled my senses as I started to eagerly lap at her pussy like a dog, circling her clit with my tongue, teasing along the sides, before sliding one, then a second finger into her. Her hands pressed more firmly on my head, pushing me into her groin. I reached around to squeeze her ass, it was so firm and round. I stroked and kneaded it and she spread her legs farther apart in a tacit request to give me more room to eat her pussy out. Her breath was coming more raggedly and I focused my actions on her clit, feeling it become harder as her orgasm approached. I finger fucked her harder as my tongue continued to lick her clit aggressively.

"Ohhh Lisa, I am almost there. Keep going," she moaned. "There it is, Ohhhh, I'm cumingggg!!!"

She gasped once and came with a small gush over my fingers. My own clit pulsed and throbbed as I slowed my tongue movements. Her orgasm appeared to be as strong as mine had been. Her body shook and spasmed as her eyes rolled back into her head. Her hands clawed at my hair. Her breath coming in short deep gasps.

"That was amazing," she finally said.  Her hands on my head loosened. "Now I see why they fought over you. You eat pussy so beautifully."

I blushed, feeling very proud of myself but still a bit embarrassed about having sex with my teacher. But I was fulfilled that I had a chance to be 'LISA' again. I had made a woman cum. That was the real me. The real me was not one scared girl, atleast not when it came to sex.

She pulled me off my knees and planted a wet kiss on my lips. I could smell my pussy aroma all over her mouth. She hugged me for a few moments then we got dressed. She asked me to pick the books and papers from the floor and arrange them back on her desk. I did as she ordered. After we had sorted our looks out I decided to leave before anyone found out I was there or the other teachers returned from the meeting.

"Tell your class that the Mathematics test has been cancelled, and that they will write it in three days. Better be in class on that day."

I looked at her, smiled and nodded. Then turned to leave. I opened the door and walked out quietly. As soon as I shut the door behind me, I heard a familiar voice.

"Hello SLLLUT."

I turned around and it was my nightmare, Kimberly. I almost fainted in shock‎.

"Please don't pass out, I don't have the strength to carry you back to your dormitory. After the multiple orgasms you just had, I'm sure you must be exhausted." she mocked.

"Kimberly, what are you doing here? How did you know?" I asked.

"What do you take me for you little slut. You are one serious wacko doodle if you think you can fool me."

"Shut up Americana. Ms Joyce may hear you. Let's leave here first." I said and tried to grab her hand so we could leave.

"No please Lisa. Don't touch me. We both know where those hands have been."

"What are you insinuating Americana?"

"Oh my God! Can opened, worms everywhere! Are you still going to pretend like I'm insinuating something? Okay let me jog your memory, "owww, I'm not trying to resist you Ms Joyce, it's just so big." Kimberly moaned my exact my words to me. Mimicking me to make me understand she was there all along and that she heard everything.

"What?" I exclaimed in shock.

"Oh! You still can't remember? Okay then, how about this one? ""Yes Ms Joyce. I want it. Please fuck me. Fuck my pussy please." and........."

"Shut up Americana. I'm not denying anything. I just want us to talk elsewhere. By the way, how did you find me?"

"I noticed your body language since morning, I pretended to go to the house, I waited by the corner and when I saw you heading for the staff room instead of the meeting hall, I followed you. I listened to you both through the window. I left the class because I pitied you. You had that stupid sluttish look in your eyes and I knew you were up to no good. You should have just confided in me and i would have gotten Lara out of your way. You poor horny daughter of a gun."

"Americana, please just go and study Criminology, you will be good at it. Idiot."

Okay, for Kimberly to be able to say the exact things I said when I was moaning meant she heard everything from the beginning. She followed me to a tap where I washed my face and hands and also rinsed my mouth, before we headed back to the class and talked along the way. I couldn't hide anything from Kimberly, so I told her everything. Every single detail. She was not upset with me, she liked hearing those things. She only wanted to know if I liked it, she said if I felt cornered or used or abused that she could put a stop to it.

"Are you kidding me Americana? Put a stop to what? Please don't, I'm loving it. That woman is on fire. She is so fucking hot." I said to Kimberly.

"Now you are making me want to be fucked by her. I'm getting so wet just thinking about it."

"That can be arranged. No shit! We can make it a threesome."

Kimberly and I laughed over the idea but it was doable. When we got to the class, Kimberly informed the class that the Mathematics test has been cancelled, everyone was happy saying they were not prepared for the first test and this will give them the opportunity to do better. I was glad that the news was received positively. I wasn't expecting that, but I was happy it turned out well. I loved what was going on between Ms Joyce and I. I enjoyed how she made me feel, she was the first woman to ever intimidate me and I enjoyed it. I wanted more of her, I just couldn't help it. I managed to keep everything a secret with the help of Kimberly. Sex with Ms Joyce was the best I've ever had and I couldn't stop.

*The Last Night..........

Few months later, my set graduated from high school. Kimberly was returning to America to attend Harvard University. Two nights before she left, the three of us decided to go clubbing, dancing and drinking. Luckily, my mother had gone to see her sister who had just given birth and my father was out of the country. We were home alone and bored. So we hit the club to spice up our lives. We agreed not to drive, because we may be too drunk to drive back home. It was an amazing night, we danced so hard. We were so excited about gaining admission into the University as soon as we left high school. I missed high school, I missed Ms Joyce but I was glad I was unto the next levels. After dancing, we went back to the bar to get some drinks. We noticed two beautiful girls sitting at a table across the room. One was dark and the other one was very fair. Kimberly began flirting with with one of them. She was making eye contact with the dark one. She would look her straight in the eye and pout her lips, then wink and then blow a kiss. Lara and I laughed each time Kimberly did that to the dark skinned girl. We teased Kimberly and she would laugh too

Few minutes later, we noticed the dark skinned girl walking towards us. The three of us looked at each other.

"Americana, that girl is coming towards us. What do you think she's coming for?" I asked but Kimberly was quiet.

"Maybe she's coming to ask you out." Lara said to Kimberly. Again, Kimberly was quiet. I thought the girl was coming over to get Kimberly's contact.

"Hey, listen, I don't know who you are but I have to warn you to stop hitting on me. I'm here with my girlfriend and you are making her uncomfortable. " That was the most embarrassing moment I've experienced in a long time. I couldn't believe what that girl said to Kimberly. Did she really have to? But knowing my Americana, she would not take that shit lying down, she will hit back. And just like I thought,

"Ohh sorry darling. I wasn't hitting on you. I don't like chocolates, I'm a vanilla fan. I was actually flirting with your girlfriend, the fair one. Oh! Did you think I was making those faces for you? Naaa. I'm interested in your girlfriend. Tell her Kimberly said hi."

Okay, that was quite humiliating. The dark girl was so humiliated that her knee weakened. I bet she wished the ground could swallow her up.

"You are so despicable." the dark girl spat and made to walk away.

"Yes I know, please tell your girlfriend that." Kimberly said to her in a loud voice. And winked at the fair skinned girl across the room. And the three of us burst into a roar of laughter as we watched the dark girl hurry back to her table in shame and grabbed her friend by the arm and dragged her out of the club.

"Americana, you completely humiliated that girl. Why are you so mean." I teased.

"Well, I did to her what she came here to do to me. She didn't have to come here and spit that shit out off her mouth. Who does she think she is? She could have just enjoyed the flirts. Not come to rub junk all over me in front of my friends. Damn her!"

Kimberly was right though. We continued dancing and drinking until we were totally wasted. We got a cab and went home about 2am. We managed to shower and continued drinking in the bedroom with the loud music. I was so horny and I knew my friends were too. Before I knew what was happening, I felt a hand on my thighs, and it was not Lara's. It was Kimberly's.

                    To Be Continued........©

Friday, October 2, 2015

I Still Don't Feel Better.... 7

Sisters In Sin.......

The years went by so fast and finally, we made it to our final year in high school. We were very excited to finally become Senior Misses.
Lara (who was somehow still a virgin) and I were still very close and still inseparable. We loved each other dearly, but we were scared that getting involved romantically would ruin our sisterhood. We talked about it and decided that being Sisters was better for us, because I didn't want to give up freak-fucking with other people. It was best we loved each other but we fucked other people. We also agreed that we would not let anybody come between us, we would not fall in love with another girl and the only person we will love will be our future husbands. Kimberly challenged us that we won't be able to stay without fucking each other in the end but we just laughed it off.
Even though Lara and I had an agreement, we couldn't help being jealous when we saw each other close to other people. We pretended not to notice the sexual tension between us and we ignored it as we involved in a lot of sarcastic flirting.
One day, we chugged a bottle of peppermint schnapps together and ended up kissing quite a bit more than most best friends do. Sadly, that was the end of that. Until two months later when we had to go for holidays.

I can still remember how we made love for the first time. It was like a joke. You see, Lara wasn't actually disvirgined, apart from having her pussy licked and scrubbed with another pussy, nothing was actually inserted into her love box. She was a bit reserved but I loved adventures although I was going to respect her one hundred percent.

Lara and I had gone home for the holidays after our first term as Senior Misses. We were in my house playing some stupid children's board game, each taking a shot of peppermint schnapps. Eventually, we moved the game aside and collapsed beside each other, wasted off our asses, staring at the ceiling and laughing about absolutely nothing. She was telling me about her trouble using the vibrator that we actually bought together. She said it was too big for her, and that she couldn't get it in without hurting herself. I offered to help, half joking and half serious, but the only response I got was more deep laughter.
Somewhere in her incessant giggling, she mumbled, "We should just, not wear shirts."

I laughed, thinking she was just being dumb, but she stopped me with a mischievous,
"I will if you will." I raised an eyebrow, and agreed. We moved closer together, and I grabbed the hem of her tank top. Through our giggles, we counted down from three, and took off eachother's tops, revealing her breasts, nipples fully erect, and my own perky breasts, hard as well. I was glad we were both too overheated earlier to put bras on. We took a final peek at eachother's boobs and melted into puddles of laughter, but for some reason, I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. I just couldn't help it, she was- is, absolutely beautiful. How had she managed to avoid sex from both men and women? Not to talk of our school. Lara noticed my staring, and smirked,

"Do I have nice boobs?" I dragged my eyes away from her large breasts, and to her face.

"Oh, yes," I replied, swallowing my lust with a single gulp. I had to show some self control there. She's my best friend, for God's sake! Although we've seen each other naked before, I've never looked at her the way I did that day, with lust!‎
I reached out and tenderly caressed each breast in each of my hands.

"One of my boob is bigger than the other." she said as she rolled her eyes, trying to ignore the potential of the situation. "It's so annoying," she slurred, "Does it feel weird?"

In response, I gently began circling her nipple with a single finger, erecting a small gasp from her. Her nipples stiffened beneath my touch, and I gently began to brush the tips with my finger. A moan slipped through her lips, and I took it as a sign to pick up the pace. I moved my fingers across her nipples harder now, and faster than my former, tantalizing slowness. I received a louder moan from Lara.

"Oh my god, Lisa, that feels so good." She stammered.

She began to grind her hips against the air, and I could smell her pussy from where I was. I shivered with delight, then looked at the contorted face of my best friend and quickly pulled away. How could I do this to her? We are like sister? The second I unlatched from her sweet nipples, I was met by a cry of protest. Panting, !I explained, "Sober consent or no consent," a phrase I often use in both sides of the situation, and planted a kiss between her breasts, on her sternum,

"But no, they don't feel weird. You have amazing boobs, babe."

Her eyes lit up at the compliment, and I laid down beside her, with my head against hers.

"We're so about to make out right now," she giggled.

"Are we?" I joked, moving my lips closer to hers.

"Oh yeah, definitely, we're gonna make out," she slurred against my lips. And with that, our mouths tenderly collided. Her lips were the softest I've ever kissed, and she was surprisingly good considering the fact that I was the second person she had ever kissed. I felt her tongue peeking through, and I instinctively met it with mine, attempting to invade her mouth, but she quickly pulled it back. She teased me like this for a few minutes, not quite getting that she had to open her mouth. I stopped kissing her and laughed, before laying my head on her stomach, my attention again going to her breasts.

"You could suck them..." she shyly suggested. I bit back a moan, though I had been licking my lips at the sight of them ever since I laid eyes on her nipples in lust.
"I know you're a tease, Lisa, and I'm going to get what I want." My mouth opened slightly in amusement at her sudden dominance. This wasn't the Lara I knew.

"Mmmmmmm, you want me to suck them, huh?" I smirked, my dominant side now taking control. With one swift move, I straddled her, and began kissing every inch of her right breast, avoiding her nipple, while my finger gently circled around the other one. Her eyes fluttered shut. With that, I flicked my tongue over the tip, my other hand mirroring what my mouth did. Lara whimpered beneath my touch. Feeling empowered by the submission of this confident driven beauty beneath me, I gently pulled on her nipple with my teeth, before roughly sucking up and down. She tasted heavenly.

"I could do this all day, " I whispered before quickly pinching both of her nipples, and kissing my way up to her neck. Her hips were bucking hard at this point, and I knew she had probably soaked her thin pajamas shorts.

"You need to learn to keep still, dear," I breathed into her ear, nipping at the edge and giving her nipples one last, hard pull.
"And I need to learn how to control myself."

With that, I left my sexy best friend writhing on the carpet beside me. I could tell she was on the edge of an orgasm, which I would happily bring her to if she just asked...

"I have to pee," she panted, and ran to the bathroom. I took the opportunity to gather my toys, thinking I would seize the opportunity to teach her how to pleasure herself... I hid them beneath my crumpled shirt just as she emerged from the bathroom.

"Please do that all the time," she smiled as she lay down beside me again, eyes wide.

I smirked."You are a horny, horny girl, Lara."

She bit her lip and nodded, then grabbed my hand and guided it back to her breast. I raised an eyebrow and laughed, but began tracing over her nipple again. I decided to push it further, and slowly moved my hand down her stomach, then to her soaking crotch. She gasped, and softly cried,

"Please don't tease me!"

I ignored her request. I rubbed her pussy gently through the sopping wet fabric, while my remaining hand toyed with her nipples, and my mouth feasted on her soft neck.
"Lisa no, you can't do this," she whined at my gentility.

"I'm just trying to control myself here, Lara," I whispered against her neck. "Would you rather I just-" I drew both hands away, "stopped?"

She cried out loudly in protest. I loved the noises she made. It was like I had my own personal porn star.

"Well fine, then!" I teased, "But I can't do anything with these on."

With that, I yanked down her shorts and underwear, and the smell of her sweet juices was absolutely intoxicating. She was breathing heavily now.

"I'm going to teach you how to use these," I explained, revealing my vast array of vibrators, dildos, and bullets.

"Don't worry, they're clean," I winked. She nodded wordlessly. "Now, the most important part of this is proper lubrication," I smirked, placing a small bullet into my mouth and sucking for a few seconds. I flicked it to "ON", and held it against one of her nipples, then moved it to the next. I trailed it down her body to her clit, and pressed it against her for almost a full minute. Her juices were running down her thighs now, and I moved the bullet toward her entrance.

"We'll start off small, yes?" I asked.

"Can you find my hole?" She asked, laughing nervously. I smiled hungrily. Suddenly I plunged the bullet into her, and began masturbating her with the tiny object.

"Oh my god, yes," she breathed heavily, aggressively grinding against the vibrations.

I continued to plunge it in and out of her pussy, and moved back up to her nipples to suck to my heart's content. She was obviously nearing orgasm, but I didn't want to grant it to her yet. I wanted to make it earth-shattering. I grabbed a blue, 5-inch vibrator, and ran it between her swollen pussy lips. Her eyes opened quickly at the new object between her legs. I pulled out the bullet, and stuck the tip of the blue vibrator, now dripping with her wetness, in her hole.

"Relax, baby. It's gonna go in really easy." I coaxed, knowing she was scared.

"Please," she moaned, much to my surprise and delight.

"I love it when you beg," I growled, and plunged it into her with a powerful thrust.

She cried out in pleasure as I continued to move it in and out. I decided she was ready for more, and turned it to ON. "OH MY GOD," she cried, breathing heavily and grabbing at my arm. I licked my fingers until saliva ran down the sides, and pressed them directly to her clit, then rubbed her hard, still pumping the vibrator in and out.

"Are you gonna cum for me, baby?" I growled again.

"I w-want to, please fuck meee." she blurted out, almost pleading, "I need to cum, so, so bad."

"Then cum. Let it go. Cum for me. Now."

I could feel her orgasm shaking her body, and I slowed my thrusting and rubbed her clit with wild abandon. But I wasn't done with her yet.

"I've thought about this so many times, Lara," I moaned as I slowly pushed the vibrator all the way in. She gasped at the deep penetration,

"R-really?" She asked.

"Oh, yes. You're in all my fantasies," I smirked. I kept eye contact with her as my head moved between her thighs. I pushed her legs open further, and slowly moved my tongue in circles around her clit.

"Oh, my god, Lisa, yes," she stammered, grabbing my head in both of her hands and forcing me further against her pussy. I happily obliged, and began flicking my tongue and sucking her clit hard.

"You taste," I panted, "SO good." She shuddered against me, and I could tell she was about to cum again. I bit down on her little button as another orgasm took over her body. I could tell she was getting really worked up, and that the next one would come easy. I moved my face back up to her nipple and she held my head.

I smiled, "Good girl."

Lara laughed softly. "That sentence doesn't have the same effect on me that it does on you," she mumbled.

"Not yet," I replied, attacking her nipple with my teeth and reaching down to flick her clit again. She groaned loudly and attempted to stop my hand from touching it, now very sensitive after multiple orgasms, but I immediately grabbed her hand, and pinned it above her head.

"I'm in charge," I instructed, staring into her eyes, "and I know you want to cum again."

"Yes," she begged, "yes, yes, YES," with that, she lost all control of her body, and after a few minutes of spasms she laid lifeless on the floor. I cooed in satisfaction, and told her I was going to remove the vibrator.

"Good luck..." she teased. Her pussy muscles were tightly clenched around the toy, but I managed to gently pull it out, and turn it off. I brought it to her mouth, and instructed her to taste herself. She obeyed immediately, cleaning her cum off of it, surprised to know that she did, in fact, taste as good as I told her.
With that, I lay beside her, and pulled her against my chest. I kissed her forehead and stroked her hair, reaffirming her importance to me through some very needed aftercare. She snuggled against my chest, and mumbled, "Let's do that again, when you teach me how to give orgasms. I also need to know how to use the toys on you and how to make you cum."

"Sure Lara. I will teach you. All in due time. When we are not high on alcohol maybe. We will fuck because we want to fuck and not because I want to help you and teach you to use a Vibrator." I replied.

"Okay Lisa. That makes sense. But this may seem like you helping me or teaching me, I value these moments."

"Me too Lara. Me too." I said as I kissed her and we cuddled and fell asleep.

We woke up after a few hours, sober and awkward. When my mother knocked on the door to inform us we had a guest, Lara and I quickly hid the toys and put on our clothes. Few seconds later, Kimberly came into the room.

"Whad'up Bitches?" Kimberly greeted.

"Shut up idiot. My mother could hear you." I cautioned.

"Americana, must you always cause problems wherever you go?" Lara scolded.

"Wow! If it isn't Hickory and Dickory. Can you both just shut up and spare me the bullshit." then she paused and sniffs the air, "haha. I knew it." Kimberly said.

"Knew what?" I asked.

"Nope, I won't say. I would rather have the both of you fess up."

"There is nothing to confess to you Americana." Lara said.

"Oh really? Then why is there smell of pussy juice in this room? SLLLUTS!"

Lara and I looked at eachother and giggled.

"You finally did it right? I knew it. I knew you Sluts could never keep your hands off eachother."

"Stop calling us that." Lara cautioned.

"What would you rather have me call you? Bitches or Fucklicants?"

There was no way we would succeed in hiding it from Kimberly, so we told her the truth and she didn't even act surprised.

*Back to school.........

A few weeks later, the holiday was over and we returned to school. I had managed to stay from Ms Joyce even though she made life hell for me in school because she was our Mathematics teacher. She would ask me difficult questions and never encouraged me for doing anything correctly. Gosh! I hated her. She knew Senior Miss Anne had a junior lover but could she have known I was the one?

On afternoon, during break, I had gone to the shop outside the school compound to buy some items I needed. I ended up spending time with the pretty shop attendant who always flirted with me. Instead of going back to school after I had gotten what I needed, I ended up sitting down to listen to her chit chat about her life history. Well, that was my fault, I had asked her why she didn't go to school like her mates and what she was doing as a shop attendant. Before I knew it, I had spent two hours in that shop and it was way past break period.. ‎When I left and headed back to class, I met with a nightmare. Ms Joyce had come to the class and given an impromptu test. Out of nowhere!

"Where have you been?" Lara queried.

"I went to the shop to get some items against the Maths test we are supposed to have tomorrow." I replied. My voice shaky.

"So? Why take so long?" Kimberly queried too.

"I spent some time talking to the shop keeper." I replied.

"Oh! That pretty girl. Don't tell me you missed a test because you were doing the 'Naughty do' with that slut." Kimberly teased.

"Americana, cut that out. I did no such thing, we only talked. Besides, how do you know she's a slut? Don't tell me you've fucked her." I replied.

"Who haven't I fucked?" Kimberly threw those words at me sarcastically and walked away.

My heart began to race, I was not too good with Mathematics, not to talk of missing the test. I needed to go see Ms Joyce and explain to her. It wasn't going to change anything, that woman hated me. But I had no choice. Kimberly and Lara wanted to go with me to beg her but I told them I would do it alone. I didn't want her to humiliate me in front of them. Kimberly informed me she had no hold on the teachers and could not challenge them like she used to do with the Seniors when we were Juniors and that she was queried by the family many times already for terrorizing the school and her grandmother had threatened to send her back to America. So I had no other option but to beg.

I headed to the teacher's room to look for Ms Joyce. I was thinking that I would meet other teachers there but unfortunately for me, Ms Joyce was alone. After I knocked on the door, I heard a voice respond with "Come in." I opened the door and saw Ms Joyce alone in the room. Sitting at her desk and going through some paper work. I guess she was marking the test scripts. Without looking up she said,
"Whatever it is, I don't want to deal with it. I'm done for the day."

"Pardon me Ma." I said and she looked up at me as my head hung down and unable to meet her eyes. She dropped her pen to give me full attention.

"Sit." she ordered. Pointing to the chair at the other side of her table.

"No thank you Ma. I will stand.." I replied in fear.

"Sit!" she repeated, this time, giving me a stern look.

Out of fear, I quickly sat down. Truth is, I was not scared of her just because she was a teacher or because I missed her test. That wasn't too much of a big deal. But what scared me most was what I had seen her do to Senior Miss Anne. I couldn't get her violent image out of my head as seeing her made the images hit me like a runway train. The way she hit Senior Anne with her belt and dragged her on the floor, the way she dominated her after beating her up. Being in the same room with Ms Joyce gave me the creeps, I sat in complete fear.

"Lisa, what can I do for you?" She asked. Feigning ignorance of the reason I was there.

"About the test Ma." I began to say and I told her how I went to buy something from the shop. Luckily I had the items with me, I showed them to her. I told her how I was expecting the test the next day. She replied that she had the right to fix the test any day she pleased. Unfortunately for me, I was wearing my shortest skirt on that day. I followed her eyes and noticed my skirt had risen up my thighs when I sat down. I looked down and tugged nervously at my skirt, trying to perform some magic and make it longer so it could cover my thighs. But No, Lisa was no magician. I quickly crossed my hands on my laps.

"What is wrong Lisa? Are you uncomfortable? That wasn't the case when you used to intrude my home and roll on my bed. Relax, atleast we had something in common. Or should I say we had someone in common."

I looked up at her for the first time since I entered her office, my eyes wide in disbelief. "I am so sorry Ma." I said almost inaudibly as I shifted in the chair nervously. She smiled, I felt so embarrassed, more of scared though.

"No need to apologize Lisa. I only have one question for you. If you answer me honestly, I will let you off the hook."

"Okay Ma, I promise I will answer honestly."

She got off her sit and walked around her desk and over to where I was sitting, she pulled up a chair right next to mine and sat down.
"Tell me the truth Lisa, when you were hiding in my closet and watching Anne and I, what did you feel.?" she asked looking me in the eye.

"No-nothing Ma, I felt nothing. Just shock Ma."

"Lie! And here I was thinking you will be honest. Wrong move. I have nothing more to say to you. You may leave now." she said as she made to get up from the chair.

"I'm so sorry Ma. I didn't mean to lie. But at first I was in shock. Please forgive me Ma. I promise not to lie."

She pretended to be thinking for a while as she sat back in her chair. She sighed and then she said, "Okay! Fine. You've lied. So I won't ask that question again. I will change the question. And you will be punished for lying to me. I will give you a task to serve as your punishment. But after you answer the next question honestly. And if you lie, I will throw you out of this office."

"Ye-ye-yes Ma." I stammered.

"Good! Now tell me, while you hid in the closet and you watched Anne and I, what were you doing all that time?"

I tried to answer her but she interrupted me and warned me to think carefully before I say anything as one more lie will make her throw me out. ‎So I paused for a while before I replied.
"I touched myself Ma." in a shaky voice. By this time, I had already began sweating nervously even under the air condition. I had never been that embarrassed before, and I thought facing the Wolves in the good old days was bad enough. But it was nothing compared to what I felt that day.

"Nice, good girl, very truthful. I like that." she smiled and patted me on my cheek. I didn't know if I should take that as a compliment or of I should run out of the office. But I couldn't bring myself to stand up. I was weak, very weak.

"How exactly were you touching yourself?"

I couldn't believe what I had just heard. How could she ask me that? "I don't understand Ma. You said after I answered a honest question you will give me a task that will serve as punishment for failing the first question."

"And who told you that you have any right to tell me how to go about it?"

"I'm sorry Ma."

"Anyway, that was part of the task Lisa. Well, the word is apt, but I don't understand how exactly you touched yourself."

I looked down again, my voice became softer and unsure. "I was touching my clit Ma." I said as I shifted a bit, still squirming in my seat. It was clear to me she wanted to ridicule me by playing stupid.
She watched me squirm, feeling a great deal of power from my discomfort as she leaned back into her chair. She continued to play stupid.

"Touching your clit? Exactly how were you touching it Lisa?"

"I was...I was...masturbating." I felt so much shame and my voice, barely audible as I admitted to my indiscretion.
I could feel my heart flutter in my chest as I found myself picturing exactly when Ms Joyce had sex with Anne while I watched with my skirt raised, my panties down around my knees as I played with my pussy, desperate to cum. The image became so vivid but then I pictured how she hit Anne and fear overwhelmed me again.

"Hummm, I don't believe that. You were in shock, how could you have been aroused to a point you touched yourself? That's hard to believe. Maybe if you show me exactly how you did it then I will believe you."

Realization of what she asked of me dawned on me slowly. Horrified, I shook my head, begging. "Please Ma, I beg you, don't ask me to do this. I promise never to do anything like that again. Please Ma." I said as I tried to force myself to get up.

"Sit!" she ordered, slamming her hand on the desk and giving me a stern look. Out of fright, I jumped and quickly sank back into my chair and went completely quiet.

"Now, I must insist you show me exactly what you were doing. I cannot have any hope of determining your punishment if I have no idea what you did to deserve it. Now, explain by actions how exactly you touched yourself in my closet while watching Anne and I Fuck, show me now."

Did she just say the 'F' word? I couldn't believe Ms Joyce could be so indiscreet with me. But I must confess, hearing her say 'Fuck' suddenly made her appear so hot in my eyes. I felt quite humiliated and thought of tuning away, but then, seeing the resolve in her eyes, I knew she meant business. I took a deep breath before slowly spreading my legs and drawing up my skirt. My hands were shaking a bit and I noticed Ms Joyce took a deep breath as well. She held her breath until my panties came into view.

My hand reached for the elastic circling my thigh, disappearing underneath it. I let out a soft sigh as my fingers made contact with the heated flush beneath them. I noticed she bit back a moan of her own at the erotic sight before her. My fingers began moving slowly under the underwear. She couldn't see my fingers but I knew she was imagining what they were doing.
She sighed softly as I continued to play with my pussy in front of her.
"Ah, I can see that you were really masturbating." she said while my fingers continued to circle my clit slowly, waiting for her to give me permission to stop. But obviously, she had no intention of doing that. Instead she leaned closer, her eyes gazing at my spread thighs hotly as she watched the show.

"Tell me Lisa, were you enjoying touching your pussy?"

My fingers pause in my puzzlement. "Ms Joyce?"

She shook a finger at me in admonishment. "I did not tell you to stop."
My fingers begin moving slowly again, the bump of them moving slowly beneath my underwear. "It's a relatively easy question Lisa, simply answer yes or no. Did you enjoy touching your pussy?"

I was overwhelmed with shock once more but I stammered out the truth. "Yes Ms Joyce. I enjoyed touching my pussy."‎

She leaned forward even more, never taking her eyes away from what I was doing between my legs.

"And are you wet from touching your pussy right now?" she dropped her voice, making it low and sultry as the lust built in me. I was so wet, I could hear my fingers moving in my pussy as I continued circling my clit. I realized Ms Joyce was hot and wet as she watched me. She began to sweat I could almost smell her as she leaned closer.

I sighed, my eyes closed for a second as my own lust took over me. "Yes Ms Joyce. I'm wet, very wet." For a moment, my fingers speed up a bit, then slowed back down.

Unable to resist any longer, she stood up and stood next to me. "Show me."

My eyes flew open, meeting her's as I again became confused. "Ms Joyce?"

She knelt next to me, her eyes inches from my pant clad pussy. From her eyes, I could tell she was hungry to see what the panties was hiding.
She was eager to smell me in the air in her office. She looked at me heatedly. "I want you to move your panties and show me your pussy Lisa. I wish to see for myself how wet you are."

I hesitated only a second before reaching down with my free hand and did as she asked. As my wet pussy came into view, I noticed she had to bite back both a moan and the urge to simply reach out and bury her tongue inside me. Instead, fighting her own desire, she reached out to touch me softly. I moaned at her touch, my eyes closing once more.

"Yes, you are quite wet." she stroked me softly, gently, her own breath coming faster and faster as I simply sat there and let her continue to stroke my hot wet pussy. She reached up to circle my clit as she  asked me the next question. "Tell me Lisa, did you cum before you ran out of the closet that day?"

My eyes were glazed. There was no more hesitation there, I was horny and I wanted what was happening to continue as much as she did.  "No Ms Joyce. I couldn't cum because you finished fucking Anne before I could cum." that was a lie but she believed me. I just wanted to see how far I could push that.
She continued circling my clit slowly, teasingly. I secretly began to wish she could put her finger in my mouth so I could suck my own juices from it. She gave me a lusty grin.

"So we interrupted your orgasm when we stopped fucking?"

I nodded, "Yes Ms Joyce."

She removed her hand from my pussy, denying me the pleasure of her touch as she moved between my spread legs. "Well then, I can think of only one punishment fit for spying on me right in my closet and for missing my Mathematics test. You will finish masturbating in that chair."

Again, I looked unsure. "Ms Joyce?"

"I want you to pull down your panties Lisa, and play with your clit until you cum in that chair. And I want to watch you do it."
I did nothing and she slapped my leg lightly, her voice firm as she repeated her command.
"Now Lisa!"

I did as she demanded. Slowly peeling off my panties and dropping them onto the floor. She took my leg and propped it up on the desk. She wanted a completely unimpeded view of what I was about to do for her. My touch was hesitant and tentative at first, my earlier embarrassment returning as she sat on the chair and watched me rub me clit. But that did not last long as I quickly lost myself in the sensations the fingers in my pussy was evoking.‎

In moments, my head lolled back, my breathing growing labored as my hand picked up speed on my clit. She looked up to see that my nipples were hard, poking through my shirt. I looked in her eyes and saw that so badly wanted to see them, touch them, taste them. But decided it wasn't the time for that. Whatever she was waiting for, I had no idea. As far as I was concerned, I couldn't care whatever she wanted to do to me then, I was too hot and horny to give a fuck.

I was close, she could see it. My hips were rocking slowly on the chair as my pleasure grew.
She decided that the time had come for her to join me. She stood, leaned close to whisper in my ear softly as she slowly rolled up her own skirt.

"Are you going to cum soon Lisa?" She asked.

I moaned softly, the feel of her breath on my ear turned me on even more. "Yes Ms Joyce."

She smiled, reaching between her own legs and felt her own wetness running down her thighs. She let her pussy come to my view. She touched herself, pinching her clit, feeling her legs buckle a bit as pleasure courses through her. I watched her as she watched me too. Her eyes were on fire with lust as she watched my hand, busy between my legs.

She smiled, knowing she had me where she wanted me. "Good, I want you to cum when I tell you to. Do you understand?"

I nodded dumbly. "Yes Ms Joyce."
My hand picked up speed and I moaned louder. I was so close.

"Good, now I want to watch you finger fuck yourself." she moaned as she watched me do as I was told, burying two fingers deep inside my wet pussy, all the while, my right hand was busy strumming my clit.
"That's good Lisa, bury your fingers deeper in your pussy."
She could barely speak and was so turned on at the sight of me sitting in the chair, my legs spread and my hands buried between  them as I finger fucked myself. Her eyes closed as she did the same, knowing that I was watching her even as she has been watching me. She moaned as her fingers sank went in deep and sank in easily into her pussy. I was close to cumming and so was she.

"Now keep playing with your clit. I want you to watch me play with myself. I want us to cum together. Are you close Lisa?" she asked in breathless words, I nodded. "So am I. Are you ready to cum for me Lisa?" I nodded again, my hand going even faster on my clit, my fingers fucking my pussy even harder. I felt myself reaching the peak, my orgasm catching me off guard.

"Good, cum for me Lisa, cum for me now." she managed to pant out her final command before it crashed over her, bringing her to her knees with a loud groan.

I came with a harsh cry, my hips jerking in the chair as my pussy clenched on my fingers, still buried deep inside my hot love box. I continued to moan and cry out for at least a minute before I went limp in the chair. She watched me in wonder, amazed at the power of my orgasm. Feeling a bit weak in the knees herself, she reached out, slowly pulling my hands from my pussy and gave into the impulse to taste me, licking and sucking my fingers clean. I knew she was dying to taste my juice from the source of my pussy, but she resisted the urge. I guess my juice from my finger was enough for her.

She stood up, dizzy and jelly legged, she straightened her skirt and sat back in her chair behind her desk once more. She took several deep breaths to calmed herself before she once more turned stern with me.
"That will be all for now Lisa. You are free to go." I grabbed my pant from the floor, preparing to put it on when she again stopped me.

"Lisa, you will leave that here." I nodded and simply dropped it on her desk. I turned to the door, again she stopped me. "Oh and Lisa, you will be back here same time tomorrow, we need to discuss the rest of your punishment and arrange a test for you. Make sure not to wear any underwear this time, do you understand?"

I swallowed audibly as I nodded, "Yes Ms Joyce." Then I left her office, shutting the door behind me quietly. I stood outside the door in awe of what just happened and wondering just how the hell I'm going to go back to face Ms Joyce after what just happened. And to think that I loved it, I enjoyed it. But why would Ms Joyce do that to me in her office. Even-though I loved the experience, I was ashamed. I didn't want Lara and Kimberly to see me. Kimberly will perceive my juice. Instead of going to the class, I hurried back to the dormitory to clean up. While in the bathroom, my mind flashed back to what had just happened, as embarrassed as I was, I loved the experience and couldn't wait to see what she had in stock for me the next day. After I had dressed up, I chose not to go back to class, it was almost closing time anyway so I laid back in bed and slept.
I was woken up be Lara and Kimberly.

"Why the hell didn't you get back to us? We were worried sick." Lara said.

"Speak for yourself girlfriend. You were worried sick not me. I can never be worried for this bitch. She's a pussy with nine fucking lives." Kimberly shot.

"Oh good lord!" Lara exclaimed. "Americana what is wrong with you?" she turned to me, Lisa, did you find Ms Joyce?"

"Yes I did, but she gave me no audience. She asked me to leave. That woman hates me." I lied.

"We hate her too. for whatever it's worth, Americana, are you sure there is nothing you can do to help?" Kimberly lamented.

"I told you I have no hold on the teachers. So leave this bitch to clear her mess. She's a pussy with nine lives remember? By the way Lisa, where did you say you went to again during break and what did you do there? I don't think you were completely honest." Kimberly said.

"What is this Americana? This is beginning to sound like a case of C-S-I could careless. I don't give a fuck what you think. Go do your stupid investigations somewhere else bitch.." i shot at Kimberly who laughed at me and made me look stupid.

"Wow Lara, you are beginning to talk exactly like Americana. What has gotten into you?" Lara asked.

"Don't mind her, she's frustrated over missing a simple Mathematics test as if it was an Uterus examination. I hope Ms Joyce does to you what she did to Anne, fuck you furiously till you have an Hernia in your brian, so bad that you will never open your legs again, idiot!" Kimberly replied.

"Don't even joke about that Americana. It's not funny my friend." Lara warned Kimberly jokingly and we all burst out laughing.

If only my girls knew what Ms Joyce had me do few hours ago, how much I loved it and how much I couldn't wait to see her again the next day.
'Oh! Lisa, you are such a baaaaaddddd girl' I thought to myself as I laughed with my friends who had no idea what was on my mind. And yet, I anticipated about the next day.

                                 To Be Continued......... ©‎

Monday, September 21, 2015

I Still Don't Feel Better.... 6

What next?.....

People tell stories of how they fell in love, how they knew that the person on their mind was the person they wanted to spend forever with, and that's something I could never quite wrap my head around. Because I've fallen in love with Lara a thousand times over as our friendship developed right from childhood, and it's the culmination of those moments that led to where I am right now. 

Everything was just fine for the next few days until Lara brought her reply letter to show to me. She actually wanted to give the relationship a try. 

"Are you sure you want to do this Lara?" 

"What type of question is that Lisa? Why can't you ever be happy for me?" 

"Common Lara, what did I do wrong? I only asked if you were sure." 

"Oh shut up Lisa. I saw how you made your face the first day I showed you the wooing letter. You arrogantly ignored me."

"Lara, for goodness sake I was having very serious issues. Have you forgotten we were all worried about me that day?" 

"Yes, we were worried about you. You seem to be the only one good enough to have lovers and I can't? Where do you get off making the rules to be Sexually voracious and no one else dares?"

"I never said you can't. Just that I had always thought that you and I belonged together so no need for you to  gloat and goad over a stupid chike letter you got. Besides, it wont last. The seniors are leaving."

"You know what Lisa? Fuck you!" 

Lara walked out on me angrily. I didn't get her, what was her problem? She has always acted jealous about me and anyone I was with, now she's angry at me for being jealous? I don't get women! 
By the way, the Senior Misses were leaving school in one week, I didn't know whether to be happy or to be sad. But I was glad the Era of the Wolves was almost over. I was really going to miss Senior Adidi, even though she had made me promise her that we would continue our relationship even after she leaves school and goes to the higher institution. She gave me her home address and her home phone number. "I promise." I said to her even as I crossed my fingers behind me. In my heart, I knew I was done with that whole shit. I wanted to be there for Lara. But now she was acting like a crazy girl. Why didn't she just sneak to go get freaked? Why did she have to tell me? I went to see Kimberly and told her about the little fight I had with Lara and she just laughed her head off. She acted as if she didn't get it either. But if I knew Americana well enough, there was something she was not telling me. I knew Lara loved me as much as I loved her, but that she was considering being with someone else? I didn't know what to make of that. Why would she want to be with another when I was the one she really cared for. 

"Kimberly, has anyone ever looked at you like you were the greatest thing on the planet?" 

"Do father's count?" she asked and I shook my head, then she said, "In that case No." 

"Well, that's the way Lara looks at me." 

"Yeah yeah! I know that. She thinks you can do no wrong and she worships the ground you walk on. But you are an idiot and you and I know this." 

"Oh shut up Americana. You are the last person I should be talking to about this. You are a cold devil." 

"Whatever Lisa. Whatever." 

Just then, we noticed Senior Anne walking towards us. Kimberly's countenance changed but I stayed calm. Senior Anne and I had barely spoken to each other since the incidence and seeing her walk towards me made it so awkward.

"Hello girls." Senior Anne greeted us. 

"I was convinced that nasty smell was coming from the toilets. Oh it's you Senior Anne. Hello yourself." Kimberly said. It was the most horrible insult I've ever heard. 

"Hello Senior Miss." I greeted Senior Anne. 

"Hi Lisa. And hey Kimberly, if your nose didn't loose it's senses, you would have sensed that the smell is your own heart rotting." Senior Anne shot back. 

"Can I help you with something Senior Miss?" I interrupted. 

"Yes Lisa. I wanted to talk you. We've not really seen since that incidence?" Senior Anne started to say but Kimberly interrupted her. 

"What incidence? Ohh you mean the one where you set her up to be devoured by the wolves after she caught you crawling and kissing feet? By the way, how is your Mistress? I've wanted to meet her, maybe I can make her my slut." 

I almost laughed out loud but I knew it would be awkward so I tried my best to hold the laughter in my stomach. It was a painful swallow. Senior Anne looked at Kimberly from her head to her toe and looked away. She turned to face me and backed Kimberly. 

"I'm so sorry about what happened Lisa. I hope you hold no grudge." Senior Anne said to me but Kimberly interrupted before I could say anything else. 

"Which one are you sorry for? The fact that she caught you being screwed by your Aunt who turned out to be a FEMDOM mistress and she got traumatized that I fear she may become the world's worst slut. Or the fact that you set her up to be punished and devoured by the wolves?" 

"Americana please don't do this." I pleaded with Kimberly. But she shut me up. 

"Oh please Lisa leave me alone let me talk to this slut. A while ago she insinuated that I don't have a heart but in real life, she's the heartless bitch. Imagine what she was willing to have those witches do to you if I didn't show up. Now she walks up here to apologize? What the fuck took her so long by the way?" Kimberly snarled.

"Well, she has apologized." I said. 

"And that makes everything okay? So what now? You people want to suck face and organize a fuck party to make up? What rubbish!" Kimberly said to me angrily. 

"I object to you speaking to me like that Kimberly." Senior Anne shot. 

"Objection noted and ignored." Kimberly replied. 

"Kimberly, Is it lonely up there?" Senior Anne said to Kimberly very sarcastically.  

"Where?" Kimberly asked. 

"I meant on your cloud of judgment. Is it lonely up there?" ‎Senior Anne repeated. 

"I don't know, maybe you should leave so I can find out you slut. And FYI, I don't judge, I love what you and your mistress did. But the fact you set her up for a ritual humiliation is what's driving me crazy." Kimberly shot. 

"Americana that's enough." I yelled at Kimberly. "She has said she's sorry. So let's leave it at that." 
Turning to Senior Anne, "It's okay Senior Miss. All is forgiven." 

"But not forgotten." Kimberly yelled.

Senior Anne walked away and Kimberly and I continued to argue till we were tired. We fell back laughing after we had cursed each other out and there was nothing more to say to eachother. We later went to search for Lara and we found her by the well. Kimberly told her how she attacked Senior Anne and we all laughed. 

*The Night Graduation Party...........

The days went on fast and a night before the Senior Misses left the school, there was a graduation part that day and after the main party, those who wanted to leave the school compound did so with their families who had come to pick them. Those ones we refereed to as 'the good girls' while the ones we called 'the girls who know what's up or the current or happening girls' stayed back in the dormitory for 'The graduation night party. I never planned on having goodbye sex with Senior Miss Adidi. She seemed sad she was leaving me but I was indifferent. That night, the Senior Misses had a big party in school. There was music, food and drinks. I think the girls found a way to sneak some alcohol into the school. The junior students were not to come near the hall. But Lara, Kimberly  and I were Seniors in waiting. No one cared about the Seniors in waiting though, but the fact that I had a lover who was a Senior Miss gave me access, as for Kimberly, that bitch could enter wherever she wanted. And Lara, she was invited by the Senior Miss that sent her a wooing letter. I noticed how the Senior paraded Lara all over the party and danced with her, but I tried not to care, after all, they would be leaving the school compound the next day. So what could really happen. Everyone flirted openly with eachother, and others kissed openly too. I don't know if it was the alcohol but no one cared. Kimberly had warned us against drinking anything in that place and if I knew Americana well enough, her warnings meant a lot and not adhering to her advice spelt doom. I later got to know that the drinks were laced with some kind of Placebos. I pulled Lara's ears and reminded her not to drink anything offered to her.
There was something Kimberly said when we got to the entrance of the hall that at first it seemed funny, but I was soon going to find out the depth of those word. She had said, "Girls, I must warn you, that once you cross the threshold, you wave your right to Sobriety, Chastity, Dignity and a couple of other 'ity's. So girls, welcome to the house of lust. And please, if you see me, just move on like you don't know me."

We had laughed and took it like it was one of those Americana drama moments, but I was soon to find out that Americana was not just talking shit.
Later that night, the lights in the hall were dimmed. We have never attended any of these parties, but Kimberly has, so I tried to get some pointers from her. Senior Adidi, didn't let me out of her sight either, and I wondered why.
Now, the person I wasn't surprised to see was Angela. She was a slut and had been freak-fucked by a lot of Seniors. So if she wasn't in that party, no other Junior student could qualify to be there. I don't blame Angela for being the choice of fuck by everyone, she was so beautiful with tall, long and full legs. She wore her uniform a bit short and she had no problems. I remember how much scolding I got for wearing a short day wear. But Angela got no scolding. I felt cheated but felt there must be two reason for that. No 1, either they enjoyed looking at her full sexy legs or No 2, her legs had opened to a lot of people so they looked the other way.

That night, Angela danced seductively around the Senior Misses. When she got to where I was I decided to tease her.

"Nice legs Angela. What time do they open?" I said.

"Stay tuned Lisa and you will soon find out." Angela replied.
She didn't care about my sarcasm, if anything, she was all smiles and care free. Angela began dancing seductively in the middle of two Seniors. One was dancing in front of her and the other was dancing behind her and grabbing tightly to her waist. The Senior in front of Angela began kissing her while the one behind her traveled her hands around her from behind and reached for her boobs. Angela grinded her big ass into the Senior behind her. The Senior in front soon pulled away from the kiss and Angela while still in the same position turned only her neck to kiss the Senior behind her. The Senior in front of her lifted her blouse and put her mouth on Angela's nipples and sucked it into her mouth while playing with the other nipple. The hall was some how dark but I could see everything. I heard some moans coming from another corner of the room. I got up to go see what was happening because the voice sounded familiar. When I got closer, what I saw made my heart almost jump into my mouth.

Lara, my very own Lara had a Senior's tongue in her mouth. The Senior kept taking Lara's hand to her nipple, she repeatedly said, "Common Lara, touch my nipples. Play with them gently Lara. Yes, just like that." Lara finally summoned courage and played with the Senior's nipples and the Senior began to moan. "Oh yes Lara. Suck my nipples. Please suck it gently. You know I've wanted you for so long."
Lara sucked on the Seniors nipple one after the other. Few seconds later, the Senior pulled Lara up and started kissing her. Then she trailed her tongue down Lara's neck and then to her breasts. She bit Lara's nipples through her blouse and teased her. Lara giggled like a little naive kid. The Senior lifted Lara's blouse and took her tits in her mouth. Lara exhaled.  I almost exploded with jealousy but I was too wet to even react, besides, Lara would hate me if I interrupted her. She had a look of pure, innocent ecstasy on her face. Her eyes were half closed, she was panting; sweat ran down her face. She blushed as she noticed my look and a warm feeling spread though my own body as our eyes met. I couldn't stand watching Lara do what she was doing, I was furious, I had to speak to Kimberly so I went across the hall to look for Kimberly, but funny enough when I found Kim, she was having fun. She had a huge Penetrix (Strap-on) around her waist and was giving orders to a Senior who was on her knees to suck on it. The things the came our of Kimberly's mouth would have shocked me if I didn't know her.

"Common bitch, suck that cock real good. You love that cock don't you?"

I watched the two girls go at it. After a few minutes, Kimberly re-positioned the Senior on her back, laying between her outstretched legs as she wrapped her legs around Kimberly's waist. Their breasts mashed together as Kimberly kissed her passionately. I watched as she sucked Kimberly tongue which slithered in her mouth and danced along her pouting lips. I could hear the squishing sound as the Penetrix moved in and out of her wet hole, the chair, creaking violently under their passionate dance.
 Before I could blink, Kimberly was pushing the Penetrix into the Senior's pussy, centimeter by centimeter, relishing the tension of the Senior's body and the pressure of the base against her own clit, I guess. It was the biggest strap-on I've ever seen. Kimberly pulled nearly all the way out and started a gentle rhythm of long strokes until the Senior's legs locked at Kimberly's back and her hips rose to increase friction.
"Harder, Baby! Ahhhh!Please harder! Fuck me harder.!"

Then Kimberly who had earlier been whispering softly  into the Senior's ear became more vocal in her attacks, asking if she liked her cock. "Tell me how much you love my cock baby," she chided as the Senior ground her pussy against Kimberly's pelvis.

"Oh, yes. Give it to me. Fuck me baby...make me cum," the Senior panted.

Kimberly sped up to match the Senior's thrusts.
I watched as the strap cock around Kimberly's hips went in and out, in and out. Each time, Kimberly was conscientiously ensuring that she stimulated the Senior's clit. Kimberly thrust harder, each time ensuring she hit the bottom of her pussy and popped her eyes back open with the force. I noticed the Senior start to jerk as is if she was reaching orgasm but then Kimberly stopped fucking her and pulled out the cock.
She looked up at Kimberly, her face was quite horror-stricken and her mouth hung open, she couldn't even voice her frustration in more than whimpers. She tried to raise her hips to meet the contact she craved for and she later tried to use her hands to touch herself, but Kimberly was effectively holding her down so she couldn't mover her hand. Finally, Kimberly put the cock back in her pussy entrance but without moving or going into her pussy, she looked her in the eye and said,

"Who do you belong to?"

"YOU!" she answered emphatically, seeing a verbal path to renew the pounding she had been receiving.

"Whose girl are you?"

"Yours. I'm yours!"

"Tell me. Tell me you're my slut!"

"I'm your slut!"

"Say it again. Keep saying it."

"I'm your slut! I'm your slut! I'm your slut! I'm your slut! I'm your slut! I'm your AAAAAh! Please fuck me hard. Please!!! Arrrghhh!!. Please, Baby? I'm really fired up. Please don't tease me? Fuck me please!! I'm your slut. yes I'm your slut!!"

In a single thrust, Kimberly was back inside her, wildly driving the Penetrix in and out of her. Kimberly released her wrists and she grabbed Kimberly's shoulders, arching her back as far as she could and thrusting up so violently that only her shoulder blades and head remained touching the chair, the rest of her body was up in the air, trying to meet up with Kimberly's thrusts and making sure Kimberly's cock went into her pussy as deep as she could get it in. Which made me wonder, exactly how deep was her pussy? Because that Penetix was ridiculously big and I was sure it was over ten inches. So for her to be able to take it all in and still throw herself up to meet it was fascinating.

The Senior suddenly whimpered as if in pain, "owwww! I'm cumming! Fuck me harder please, I'm cummingggggggg!"

I had seen enough, I went back to the center of hall. Angela was nolonger dancing. She was lying on a bench while one Senior sat on her face, grinding her pussy on Angela's face. While another Senior was actually eating Angela's pussy. Angela moaned loudly into the pussy she was eating. I could imagine that Angela was on the 9th cloud. The hall was filled with moans and whimpering. I was so turned on.

*Lara!!! Nooooooo............

I decided to go and check on Lara but this time, I found her on the chair with her legs up in the air.
Her lover started with soft kisses and worked her lips down Lara's body to her breasts, tracing her nipples with her tongue, flicking the little nubs which she sucked on. She loved Lara's tits and obviously Lara loved her sucking them as she moved them to her mouth, one then the other.  Her lover was kneeling in front of her and had her face buried in Lara's pussy. She was moaning and talking to Lara as she feasted on Lara's delectable Pussy.

"Tell me Lara," then she licked and flicked her tongue on Lara's clit, "how do you feel?"

"I feel really wonderful. I love what you are doing to my pussy."

"Mmmm, tell me more."
"Yes, please, slide your tongue in my pussy. Taste me. Eat me love... that feels so good, Ohhh my god!"
Lara encouraged her lover as she used her fingers to probe her hot box as she flicked Lara's clit with her tongue.

The Senior then slid up and placed her leg inbetween Lara's and ground her pelvis into Lara's crotch. Each grasping the others hips as they pulled tightly against each other, moving, sliding as their pussies rubbed together. Lara had heard of Seniors using dildos and strapons to fuck their young lovers but here was a Senior fucking her with just her pussy. Just their hot boxes moving together as the Senior bit lightly into Lara's neck. It was a slight pain and I could see that Lara loved it. She loved the feeling of intensity and moaned loudly as the Senior bit lightly and then harder as they ground their hot wet pussies into each other.

"Fuck me, Fuck me Senior," Lara cried out as the very experienced Senior pushed harder, their legs tangled together. "I want you, I want you so bad, I want to cum for you," Lara gushed as she felt her orgasm building. Her toes pressed against the Senior as she felt her lust consume her as the Senior sought Lara's mouth with her own and thrust her tongue in between Lara's soft lips.
As they came together, they slowed their dance and held each other fast in their arms. The Senior placed a warm gentle kiss to Lara's forehead covered in sweat.

*Stranger Or Not..........

I almost exploded with envy again but ‎just like I did earlier, I kept calm and walked away. I had seen enough, I was aroused and pissed. I needed to vent. I needed to vent so bad. I went to look for Senior Adidi. Funny enough, when I found her, her lips were locked together with a Junior. I didn't know if it was anger I felt or jealousy and betrayal or if it was just the arousal that overwhelmed me. Senior Adid's eyes met mine and she quickly pulled away from the kiss. But before she could say my name, I took off and got lost in the crowd. I made my way to the large bathroom. While I stood at the sink to wash my face and cleared my head, I heard a voice coming from one of the doors.

"Damn that idiot. She left me hanging to go fuck that stupid bitch."

I smiled to myself. Obviously I wasn't the only one that was betrayed that night.
"You and me both Stranger." I yelled out so she could hear me.

"Who are you and why are you eavesdropping? I wasn't talking to you stupid bitch." she growled.

"Ahhhh somebody is feisty. Just how I like them."

"Go away." she cried.

I became even more curious. Instead of going away, I peeked under the set of doors to see which of the doors she was behind. I saw her legs under the middle door and I walked to it. I pushed it open and I found one of our school mate sitting on top of toilet cover, holding a Penetrix in her hand. She wore a very short skirt and her legs spread loosely. I could see she wasn't wearing any panties. I could also see her glistening pussy.

"I asked you to go away you nosy fool." she growled again.

"Common, easy does it babes. You need a release yeah? You have the tool in your hand and with that strapon, I can give you that release you seek only if you say please."

"I never beg for anything. So you can just get out."

She was a proud one but she was so beautiful. I was very aroused and so fucking horny. I looked at the Penetrix in her hand and it was so lovely, it had a little edge to please the person that was wearing it. I walked in and took the Penetrix from her and I took off my clothes and strapped it around my waist. I pulled the girl up and spun her around switching positions. She was facing the door so I pushed her breast up against the door.

"So, are you going to tell me your name?" she asked.

"I won't tell you mine and I don't want you to tell me yours." I replied.

"So then, what am I supposed to call you?" she coed

"Just call me 'Stranger' and I will also call you 'Stranger'" I replied. "So are you going to beg now and atleast say please?" I asked.

"No, never. I never beg. I won't beg. If I Could beg, I would have begged the idiot who gave up on me for my friend tonight." she spat.

"Alright Stranger. We'll see how that pays." I said as I pushed her breasts against the door. I put one arm across the back of her shoulders and I  kept her pressed tightly to the door. Another hand brazenly cupped her heated pussy. Two fingers pushed easily inside with the ample assistance of her liquid need.

"Damn, stranger," I whispered deviously. "You really need a good fucking, huh?"

She moaned as my fingers inside her curled to probe her g-spot. That answer wasn't good enough for me though.

"I found you in the toilet all randy as a stoat, already buck-naked, and all you can do is moan?"

My fingers began a stabbing rhythm targeting her vulnerable g-spot while I ground the strapon slowly into her ass through her skirt. "You're not being too subtle here anyway, . Just tell me what you need."

"Just take me? I need it," she breathed, "I need you, fuck me NOW!!!" She cried.

The verbal surrender in concert with the physical surrender of her gorgeous hot body to lust suited me very well. I spun her around again so her back was to the door and rewarded her compliance with a deep kiss.

Her arms draped over my neck. She knew from experience that things would speed soon, but she loved the taste of softness before the thunder. My tongue slipped easily into her willing mouth to loll about cavalierly. The warm press of full lips and moist cavern between smooth teeth welcomed me fondly back. I enjoyed the relaxed comfort I found in my laid-back lover. I found myself moaning as I sucked gently, knowingly firing her libido.
After a few more tranquil moments of kissing and touching, my hands grabbed her juicy ass and kneaded rudely. With almost the same motion, I popped my hips forward and banged my knuckles against the door. My hands traveled down a couple inches to where her firm ass met her toned thighs. As my hands lifted, she caught on and hopped up to wrap her lovely legs around my waist.
I continued kissing her until her leg muscles untightened a bit, then managed to pull her hips back enough to insert the silicone cock into her ripe and ready pussy in one unhurried, steady movement.

She groaned loudly, both at the insertion itself and the satisfying feeling of fullness. My own weight pushing the toy further inside caused a well-placed bump to press directly against the g-spot I had teased earlier. She let out a small gratified sigh and laid her head on my shoulder.

While she adjusted to her position, I adjusted my stance slightly wider to support more weight with my calves and pressed her upper body firmly into the door with my chest and shoulders
Her impatience bled through quickly and she said something rather foolish.

"Are you going to get started anytime soon?"

I laughed.

"Now you wanna beg, huh?"

"I'm not begging."

"Really?" my right hand briefly relinquished its hold to hit three buttons on the remote control attached to the Penetrix. A light buzzing started on my end of the dildo, ending in the bulb against my own g-spot and strongest on the ripples designed to rub across my clit when the action started. I exhaled at the nice new sensation. Things weren't as calm on her end of the stick. The vibration overwhelmed her with unexpected speed and intensity.

"Ohoo, ah, fuck!" she gasped. Her body naturally tried to propel itself off the surprisingly overpowering cock, but she had no purchase with her feet, no leverage with her legs and hips, and nowhere to push off to with her arms.

"Well then, you're rather compromised now, huh?" I laughed aloud. "You may want to rethink that stubborn refusal of yours to beg?"

"Heartless,"  she gasped, "bitch!" She spat.

"Common Stranger," I continued to chuckle, knowing that she was more frustrated than angry and thoroughly relishing her discomfort. "You're not helping your case. I think you should be nice to me, Slut."

She still refused to outright beg out of sheer mulish pride, but she turned her head on my shoulder. Concretely, she put wet kisses on my neck and under my jaw.

"Mmm," I complimented her. "That's better."

I drew my hips back a few short inches and began thrusting. In my position, I couldn't provide long strokes into her ready pussy. I made up for it with vigorous speed.
My hands clinched into tight fists, arms still locked around the back of her neck. The blow to her pride proved worth it as I fucked her so fast and short that the friction of the bump sliding back and forth under her g-spot felt like I was trying to spark a literal fire inside her overheated pussy. Coupled with the delicious ridges raking pass her clit, I knew she wouldn't last very long.
Although the act of rogering her pussy turned me on the more and felt great, I only worked towards her orgasm for the moment. I partially wanted the delayed gratification getting her off first would provide, but mostly didn't want my knees to buckle while her ass was still in my hands and have us both come crashing down. Nonetheless, my labor was enjoyable and little grunts of pleasure and exertion escaped from my mouth as I sawed rapidly in and out of her pussy.
She was much louder, especially with the speed with which she careened toward her climax. My voice in her ear and fingers on her clit got her wet. My magic vibrating cock got her soaked. She screamed with joy as the drenched toy practically sloshed inward and outward.

The Penetrix was one of the best and most popular toys in school for translating tactile sensation between partners, so I could acutely feel when that sloshing began to slow spasmodically as her pussy  walls clamped down, I maintained my rapid thrust rate. Carefully avoiding rhythmic or speed changes would allow her to concentrate on achieving and savoring an extremely powerful and physically exhausting climax.
Short, swift, smooth strokes continued to stoke her fires until she felt herself reach her boiling point. Her back pressed harder to the door. Her buttocks tensed in my hands and her legs squeezed hard around my waist. Her sweet pussy contracted on the Penetrix and her frustrations were justified in an eruption of rapture.

"Oh fuck! Yes! Strangerrrrrrrrrrrrr"

Her body slumped and hung on mine, but I didn't pause.

Her pretty pussy had become too stressed to continue to accept the wild fucking, but I didn't pause.

"Please?" she moaned, her head rested again on my shoulder.

"What?" I asked and still I didn't pause.

"Please," she managed more forcefully, "My pussy can't take it!"

Finally, I  paused.

"Are you begging Stranger?"

"Yes I beg you. I can't take any more. Please, I admit you win. You are a good fuck. Please.

"Fair enough." I said and dropped her legs as I pulled the cock out of her.

"Thanks Lisa. Now I understand why they fought so much over you. You are a natural." she said with a grin. Leaving me in shock.

whatdafuck? I thought to myself. She fucking knew my name? Damn! I figured it was time to get out of there. I took off the straps and put my skirt back on and left the scene immediately I couldn't believe she knew me all along and didn't say anything.

*Dont Do The L Word........

I rushed back into the hall and went back to where I had sat earlier, I found Senior Adidi sitting on the couch alone looking worried. As soon as she saw me, she hugged me.

"I've been looking for you Lisa, where did you go?"

"I just went to clear my head." I lied. Why would I tell her I had just finished fucking someone whose name I didn't know in the toilet.

"I'm so sorry baby. You were no where to be found and all the moans and groans plus what I saw tonight made me so horny so when that girl came unto me, I just couldn't help myself. I'm sorry. I love you."

"That's okay babe. I understand. I felt same way too. No hard feelings. I completely understand. " I quickly said to her. Pretending not to notice that she said the 'L' word. Why should she say that to me? There is only one woman I've always loved and I know she loves me fron the depth of her heart. I hugged Senior Adidi right back and tightly. I didn't really plan on being intimate with Senior Adidi that night though but our lips locked, and I felt her moist lips sliding over mine. I tasted the sweet strawberry tang of her lip gloss and breathed in an intoxicating aromatic fragrance.  I began responding to her passion, embracing her tongue with mine as she continued to explore every inch of my mouth. ‎I traced my hands down her body and put my hand under her skirt. I went on my knees in front of her and filled my mouth with her pussy while my finger stroked her hole. Making sure with every stroke that deep in the depths of her mind she knew she's being fucked and proper. Right up until I felt her on the very brink of an explosively satisfying orgasm.
Her hips twitched as I went to my knees and began licking up her cream like a starving cat, holding her thighs open and still. She never got a chance to stop moaning, but it intensified as I began tongue-fucking her hypersensitive pussy.
The groaning started when I curled two fingers inside her, stimulating her thus far ignored g-spot. I kept the fingering of her g-spot going until her hips stopped moving completely, but her cum was nearly flowing out of her. Then I teased her clit with my left thumb, quickly latching onto the throbbing bud with as much suction as I could produce while flicking it rapidly with the tip of my tongue. In a couple minutes, she was mewling and clearly on the cusp of a second climax. I bite down on her clit and she came screaming my name.

"Ohh fuck yes! Yes! Lissssaaaaaaaa."

She came hard and her juices gushed out on me. She pulled my face up but my two fingers still fucking her pussy. We kissed passionately as she began to recover from her orgasm. Finally I pulled out my fingers from her pussy and lifted the glistening digits to show to her. She took my hand and guided the both fingers into her mouth, tasting her cum. I was so turned on at the way she rolled her tongue my fingers which I had just pulled out of her pussy, I joined her in licking the fingers. This drove me insane and I felt my pussy soaked. When her lips pressed against mine, I  responded with all the passion that had been building up in me all night long. My body shivered as her snaking tongue invaded my mouth.

"Lisa, I'm going to miss you when I leave in the morning. But tonight, I want to make you feel something you've never felt."

"Yes babe. Make me feel it. Can't you see how horny you make me?"

Truth is I was horny, but it's wasn't just Senior Adidi that made me horny. It was all the things I had seen that night that had erupted some wild passion in me.  Her lips were somehow both softer and more demanding than it had ever been. The feeling of her large breasts pushing against mine, her fingers curled in my low afro hair, was almost more than I could take. Her teeth nipped my earlobe as her free hand effortlessly eased the hem of my skirt up. I gasped out loud, and she smiled. In an instant, her hand was sliding inside my panties. She knew exactly what she was doing and I was completely lost in lust. Fuck! I was so wet! Her incredible touch skimmed along the ridge of my labia. She teased my clit without touching it, circling the swollen bud. She held my head with her left hand, holding me motionless as she looked in my eyes and smiled at me. When she stiffened two fingers and pushed them into my throbbing pussy, I couldn't contain the scream.

"Ohhhh Fuckkkkk!..."

The word came out like a series of reverberations bouncing from the back of my throat. My senses went into overload. When she lightly thumbed my clit she may as well have flipped a detonator. I was cumming and I was cumming hard.
She parted my legs, positioned herself between my legs and bent down placing her mouth on my glistening lips and began licking my wet pussy.
I opened my legs wider, which, in turn, parted my pussy lips even more, and I felt Senior Adidi's tongue licking me up and down. I felt her plunge her tongue deep inside my body and wiggle it around. I looked down and saw my pussy juices running down her chin. I had never experienced so much pleasure before. This was pure bliss coupled with the fact that there were other people in the semi dark hall.
She continued licking my pussy with so much devotion. It was the best goodbye gift ever. I cried out in pleasure when I felt her finger being inserted inside my pussy again and her tongue flicking against my clit. I spread my legs further apart so she could plunge her finger deeper inside me. She suddenly stood up and kissed me  on the lips. Her tongue tasted musky after being on my pussy.

"I need you to turn your back to me and kneel on the chair. I'm going to blow your mind tonight." she whispered.

"Are you going to spank me?" I asked.

"That's not a bad idea. But I have something better in mind. I am going to make you cum like you've never cum before!" she replied.

I felt a bit awkward and intimidated but I was all fired up and horny so I did as Seni‎or Adidi asked. I was on my knees on the chair and my butt was up in the air like someone that was about to be fucked doggy style.

Senior Adidi positioned herself behind me and plunged her face into mt pussy once more from behibd. I was in shock and could not believe it. I moaned with pleasure and stuck my butt out towards her to give her better access. I had never had anyone lick my pussy from behind like that. It was so liberating. Just when I would feel the urge to cum, she would plunge her tongue deep inside my pussy to prolong the feeling for a bit longer. Then when the urge to cum subsided a bit, she would return to licking my clit again. I felt like I was going to explode when she sucked on my pussy lips and clit at the same time. She inserted two of her fingers inside my pussy, pressed down towards my g-spot and flicked her tongue over my clit until the build up inside me became too much and I came then and there. I let out a loud moan and thrust my hips towards her face smothering her in pussy juice.
I felt a rush of warm water trickle down my leg as I came on her face and turned around to see her sitting there with water all over her face and chest. I was horrified to think that I may have peed on Senior Adidi's face the moment I came.
I was so embarrassed when I sat down and pulled a napkin to wipe her face and chest.

"I'm so sorry. I don't know what happened. I've never done that before." I said.

"No baby. It's not a bad thing. I've always known you are a Squirter. Now I'm more in love with you than ever. I love your squirts." she said as she hugged me.

I had heard of women Squirting but I have never experienced it. I never even knew I had it in me. All it took that night was for a woman to eat my pussy from behind and I exploded. It was the best night of my life. I looked around and noticed that a lot of people had left the party hall. I was mighty satisfied and I knew that if I didn't get someone to make me squirt again like Senior Adidi did that night, then that wasn't the last time I was going to be fucking with her. It was official, I was going to miss her.

*The Morning After..........

It was almost morning and we had all gone back to to the dormitory, took our baths and gone to sleep till mid day. No one was willing to talk about what had happened and no one cared. It all seemed normal. Especially for Kimberly, since she had attended the Graduation Night Party every year since she got into high school. Kimberly was just unstoppable, she was feared and respected by all. Even the teacher's did right by her. We all gathered to say farewell to the Seniors who were finally leaving the school compound. Some people cried as they hugged eachother and said goodbye. I gave Senior Adidi a brief hug. I wasn't cut up for all the sentimental mambo jumbo. I was just glad 'The Wolves' were out of my life. Why would I miss anyone when there were many fishes in the ocean. All I wanted to do was see how things went with Lara. Funny enough, Kimberly didn't show up at the goodbye arena. She had no time for the whole bullshit, as far as she was concerned, they could all go straight to hell. I saw Senior Anne getting ready to leave with her mother, her Aunty, Ms Joyce was also there. What an awkward situation it was for me. I walked up to Senior Anne and gave her a goodbye hug. There was no need for the tension, but the way Ms Joyce looked at me though, not good. I was scared. After we all said our goodbyes, Lara and I held hands and returned to the Dormitory.

"Lisa, did you see how Ms Joyce looked at you?"

"Yup, I did. Scary I must say."

"So now Lisa, what's next?"

"We'll see Lara. We'll see.

                                  To Be Continued......... ©‎