May 14, 2015

Forgive Me Mary! 11

Things that happened within the next few days in UK made me feel like I was in a dream. I still have trouble recounting some of the events. I was hazy from my nap and so overheated, sweaty and disoriented. I wasn't thinking clearly. After what what transpired between Trish, Santa and I, I knew I was back to the Adam I tried so much to let go of. I was getting married in two weeks. I felt so much guilt, which cooled my ardor somewhat. It was obvious that my relationship with Mary was in trouble, I had promised Mary that I would change but I'm sure deep down in her heart, she may not really trust me but she loved me anyway. Sometimes I think she believed I changed for her. But I did, I tried, until Trish came along. 
I woke up one afternoon and the girls were gone. I picked my phone to call Trish but saw a text from her. 
 "See you later Sexy. We are out to buy some stuffs we will need for a club dinner/party.  Hope you are well rested so we can attend the party tonight. See you soon. Luv U." 
I dropped the phone and went to shower, had lunch and just laid in bed. I took my phone and decided to call Mary. 

"Hey wifey, I hope I'm not bothering you at work?" 
"Adam, what's up?" 

"Did you just say what's up? Why are you sounding cold Mary. What's wrong? Did I do something to offend you?" 

My heart skipped. You know what they say? 'The guilty is always afraid' I prayed it shouldn't be that Mary has uncovered my lies. I did the sign of the cross with my right hand while the phone was in my left. 
"I only called to check up on you because I was missing you. If it's a bad time, I'm sorry. I will call you back." 

"Oh! No no no Adam. I'm sorry Honey. It's not you, it's me. I'm not at work today dear. I'm not feeling well. It started yesterday so my boss asked me to take today off. I'm just a bit grouchy because I hate being sick. I hardly get sick. Sorry I wasn't pleasant Adam. I miss you too." 

I sighed heavily in relief. 'Thank God its not what I feared. 
"Owww My Poor baby. I'm so sorry. You need to see a doctor Asap. What could be wrong Mary." 

"I don't know. I have a headache, I've got flu too. Serious cold." 
"Damn Marry, that sounds like Malaria. Why haven't you seen a doctor?" 

"I can't drive myself. I'm too weak. I've called Lily to come take me. She will be here in one hour." 

"Oh no! I'm not happy about this at all. I'm gonna go online now and change my flight. I will leave here if not tonight then tomorrow. I can't stay here anymore when you are sick back home." 

"Adam, that won't be necessary, please don't abandon your course okay? I will be fine. Lily will soon be here. I will call you as soon as I see the doctor. I'm sure it's nothing serious. But you can't come home. You won't get the certificate. Please finish your course okay." 

" Are you sure Mary? Because I can screw this course and come home to take care of you." 

"No Honey. Don't worry, I will be fine. From the hospital, Lily is taking me to my mum's. So don't worry. Mummy will take care of me. Okay?" 

"I'm sorry Baby. I wish I was there to hold you close to me. I've really missed you." 

"I wish you were here too. I could really use some cuddling. And I know an orgasm would have taken care of the headache." she giggled. 

"Ohhh Mary, why did you have to bring Orgasm into this now? You just made my cock throb. I'm gonna be stuck with an erection now Mary. I miss your pussy so much. I've done nothing but think about it since I got here. I miss fucking you." 

"Adam, why are so evil? You just made me wet with those last words. You are so stupid getting an erection in a time like this." 

"Where are you Mary?" 

"I'm on bed. Why?" 

"What are you wearing?" 

"Ohhhh! The Perv in you has come out to play right?" 

"Guess what Mary?" 


"I'm on bed too. Naked. I've got my hard cock in my hand and I'm stroking it." 

"Ohmygod, Adam, you just killed me. I'm dripping wet now." 

"What are you wearing?" 

"A white Bra and a white g-string. I just came out of the bathroom and was trying to dress up when you called." 

"Ohh Fuck! Baby, you just made me harder. Now spread your legs and think of me Baby." 

"Owww Adam. The pant is off and my legs are spread already." 
"Oh baby I've missed you. I can't stop thinking about how sexy you are. You turn me on so much. You make me feel so unbelievably horny. Oh fuck! I want you so badly. I want to see you naked on the bed, playing with yourself, waiting for me." 

"I'm playing with myself already. I've never done this Adam and it feels so good. Mmmm." 

"Now just keep touching yourself for me Baby, close your eyes and just think of me. Don't say anything, just moan for me." 

Mary went quiet over the phone. Obviously she got the message. I could hear her breathing heavily, moaning and saying my name.
"That's it baby. You are a good girl. Now think of me walking into the room right now. I see you naked in bed.
I'd just stare at your hot body, admiring it. Fuck, you are so beautiful. I'd curl up next to you in bed, pull you close to me with one arm around you, flat on your back. I'd gaze into those gorgeous eyes, and lean down to kiss you softly. You moan into my mouth as I kiss you more urgently. I slide my tongue over yours and suck on your bottom lip. We keep kissing more and more, deeply, passionately until you're writhing on the bed, desperately waiting for my touch."

Mary kept moaning over the phone. I was stroking my cock. I ran my finger tips up and down my entire cock. I had beads of precum streaming down my cock which I used as lubricant to keep stroking. I continued..

"I gently cup your breast in my free hand. Ohh you feel so soft and full. I love feeling you close to me and having my hands all over you. I break our kiss so I can bring your nipple to your mouth. I suck on you so slowly and gently, lightly sliding my tongue over you. You're getting so turned on, aren't you baby? Oh yeah you need my touch so desperately. I love to see how much you need me. I keep my mouth on your beautiful breasts and start to slide one hand up your thigh. Teasing you, making you wait for it. Finally I slide one finger up to your pussy lips. Ohh are sooo wet baby. Ohhh you're so fucking hot. Mmmmm. I gently trace my finger around you, loving how hot and wet you are for me. You let out a sigh of pure pleasure as I lightly circle your clit."

Mary let's out a louder moan over the phone. 
"Ohhhh Adam, you are killing me here. I am indeed very wet honey. My nipples are so hard for you." 
I continued...
"You close your eyes and your toes start to curl. I slide my finger all around you, spreading your wetness everywhere. Finally I insert one finger slowly inside you. Oh yeah you love it when I finger fuck you. You need me to pound you deep. I add another finger and start to build a rhythm. In and and out. I'm filling up that tight wet pussy and hitting all the right spots. As I stroke you, I grind the heel of my hand against your clit. I pull my fingers out and start to slowly trace your pussy lips and clit again, letting you feel how hot and wet you are inside. You're begging me to pound you again. All of a sudden I grab you roughly, taking you by surprise and slam two fingers as deep as they can go. You're moaning and squirming, clutching at me, telling me not to stop. I ram you harder, deeper, faster...feeling you gushing wet down my hand."

Mary screamed louder this time. I could hear her breathing heavily.

"You grab me tightly and kiss my lips. You stare into my eyes and you tell me to fuck you hard. You grab my already hard cock and stroke me. Oh that feels so good baby. You squeeze me and slide your hand up and down, faster and faster until I can't take it anymore. I tell you to get on all fours. I kneel behind you and grab your hips. I guide my rock hard cock into your tight, soaking pussy. Ohhh yeahhh you're sooo tight and soaking wet. Fuckkk yesss. I grab that cute ass of yours and spank it. Then I pull your long hair with one hand and slam into you deep. Fuck! you feel so good. Mmmmm you're my naughty little girl, aren't you? Yeah you love it when I fuck you from behind. I spank you again and again, grabbing your ass and hips and pulling you onto my hard dick."

Hearing Mary moaning over the phone was such a turn on. It was the first time we've done phone sex. She has never masturbated before even though I had thought about teaching her. I was lying in bed naked and stroking my cock as I spoke to Mary. Suddenly I saw the door handle turn. I thought of hanging up the phone, I wasn't worried about Trish seeing me having phone sex with Mary my fear was Mary hearing Trish's voice. Trish opened the door and I signaled her by putting my finger on my lip as if to make a 'shhhhhh' to caution silence, then I pointed at the phone and she got the message immediately. Trish closed the door quietly and tip toed to join me in bed. I was a bit embarrassed because I was naked and my cock was hard and dripping precum. Trish noticed I was uncomfortable with her sitting so close to me. She signaled me to carry on with my phone call or phone sex with Mary. Trish began to play with my nipple just to encourage me to go on. Mary was still moaning on the phone.

"Ohh Adam, make me cum....." 

"Yes Baby, I'm gonna make you cum. I'm fucking you doggy from behind and spanking you."

To my surprise, Trish came between my legs, she bent and wrapped her mouth around my cock, licking and sucking. At first she was gentle, but then she sped up and sucked harder and deeper. I groaned loudly and held my head back, grinding my teeth as I throbbed with desire. She took my cock as deep as she could and held it there deep. Finally, she could take it no more and pulled it out, massaging the spit into my cock like lube. I shut my eyes and began to moan. I'm sure Mary thought I was feeling the stroking of my cock and moaning for her. She had no idea another woman was sucking off my cock while I happened to be fucking her on the phone.

"Ohhh Mary, I love your pussy. I feel you getting tighter around me. I keep pounding that pussy deep and hard. You're trembling, loving every single thrust. I lightly scratch down your back and then I reach around and grab your breasts while I fuck you. Mmm ahhh yess, deeper, harder, faster, slamming into you with all my might. Ohh fuck I'm gonna cum.

"Ohhh Adam, I'm gonna cum too. Ohmygod!!" 

" Cum for me baby, you know I love your sweet pussy, cum all over my cock baby girl. Cum for me."
Mary screamed louder. It was obvious she was cumming. Hearing her cum over the phone was too exciting. Trish sucked harder on my cock as if she was trying to get me to cum by all means. She went back to lavishing my balls with love while she used both hands to work my huge cock. Then she began to run her mouth along my length, licking and kissing my shaft. I‎ couldn't hold back anymore, so the moment I felt the urge to cum I did. I shut my eyes and screamed into the phone.

"Ohhh Mary, I'm cumming for you baby. Oh fuck! Yeah that's it! I'm fuckin' cummingg arGghhh."

Trish was prepared for me because I held onto her hair tightly as I rocked my hip while she bobbed her head with my cock in her mouth. The first jet of sperm shot straight up into the air and came back down on her face and my shaft. She ‎lifted her mouth up and over the tip of my knob as I fired the rest of my prodigious load right into her lapping mouth. ‎Over and over I spurted my jism into her face as she swallowed all that she could of me, her tongue sliding around making me ache with pleasure, the intensity almost more than I could bear as her slippery tongue washed my knob and urged more and more sperm to rocket out of my member. I felt exhausted and Mary giggled.

"Adam, that was pretty nice. My headache is really gone." 

"See? I told you babe. But please go see a doctor okay? I love you wifey." 

"I Love you too Adam. Someone is at the door. I'm sure it's Lily coming to take me to the hospital. I've got to now Honey." 

"Okay babe. Take care of yourself." 

Mary hung up and I dropped the phone. Trish got up and went to the bathroom. I sat up in shock. I couldn't understand what just happened. As soon as she walked backed into the room I looked at her stunningly. 

"What?" she asked. 

"What do you mean what Trish? You completely took me by surprise." 

"I only gave you a hand to help you out." she laughed. 

"A helping hand? A helping mouth you mean."

We both laughed. I asked her about Santa and she said Santa was having a drink at the bar with Jake. They ran into him downstairs. Jake had come to join us to the party and decided to hang at the bar with Santa for a bit since it was still too early to leave for the party.  After I got cleaned and dressed, Trish and I joined Jake and Santa at the bar and after a we talked for a while, we left for the party. The girls had arranged for a Limo to pick us up. While they were busy chit-chatting in the Limo, I was too busy thinking about Mary, I was worried about her health, she's hardly ever sick, ever. While she was home and sick, I was there fucking my life away on a fake official course trip. I admit I was having fun but I was missing home. I missed waking up in my own bed and in Mary's arms. I missed going to work, I missed driving home after work especially the driving part. I missed Mary's cooking and how she pampered me. I missed cooking for her too. She made me fall in love for the first time ever in my life. I should be home, I should be home with Mary taking care of her. I was lost in thought and didn't even notice when we arrived at the location and when the Limo pulled over. 

"Is someone home sick already? Dude, you've been quiet all the way. What's up with you Bro?"

 Jake's voice brought me out of my deep thought. I smiled and told him I was fine. The party took place in some sort of  club. Although the club was not like the regular clubs any one could walk into just to drink and dance, it was very secretive and there was no status to being a member because no one other than the members knew it even exists not to talk of knowing who the members were. Everyone who went to any of the parties or gatherings were sworn to secrecy, never to reveal anything they see or hear there. 
 There were some very important members of the club. Heads of companies, cabinet ministers, diplomats, financiers, entertainment personalities, famous artists etc from all around the world. The gold members were entitled to bring a date with them, especially if the guests came from outside the country but the guest must be sworn to secrecy. The club serves as a very convenient and confidential place for a member to use for an assignation. When they want to spend a very private afternoon or evening with someone, for them, it is so much better than one of the big hotels. Also a member may use it for a private party with his or her friends. The staffs are wonderfully discreet about who attends such gatherings and what they do while they are there. Then, of course, they had their 'twice-a-year members' dinners. Which was the reason for us being there that night. Trish and Santa were both Gold members and they were entitled to bring dates so they invited Jake and I. They had dress codes for every party. No mater what you wore, there must be something indecent about it, especially for the women.

Even married couples were members of the club, couples who were in an open relationship. A lot of things went down in that place. Jake lived in that town but he never heard of it or knew anything about this particular club. Even though he knew about many of such clubs. Trish opened a box lying on the seat of the limo between us. In it was a glamorous Venetian mask with colored feather trim and gold finish which was meant for Santa and her, and a simple black eye mask for Jake and I. According to what Santa told us, It was a masked ball that night, or at least it will start out that way. We all put on our masks and stepped out of the Limo. When we got in, I looked around and saw there were several other couples already in the club that night. Initially, we assembled in a large open room with the furniture pulled back against the walls to permit a typical cocktail mingle. Excellent champagne were being served by male waiters in black trousers and clean white shitrs. The men were all dressed in conservative black tuxedos with the same simple black mask that Trish had retrieved from the box for Jake and I. It was hard to estimate their ages, but I guessed they covered a wide range from early twenty (perhaps the guests of a woman member) to well over sixty. The women were all wearing dresses that met Trish's and santa's criteria, sexy and glamorous, fully dressed, but indecent, covered, but accessible and were masked in a similarly decadent style to my girls own. Some were young and beautiful, and when on the arm of a significantly older gentleman, apparently a trophy wife or simply a suitable date for a decadent evening, but a surprising number were of an age that appeared to match their partner. There were even a few pairs of same sex partners, male pairs and female pairs. I was very tensed, the house was filled with very distinguished people and I was scared of making any kind of mistake. So I held on tightly to Trish and asked her to guide me through. I leaned close to Trish. 
"How will I know which are the members?" I whispered to Trish as we walked in. 

"You won't unless they choose to tell you. You can speculate, but you won't know for sure." 

"And you won't tell me?"

"No. That's one of the rules." 

"Are there other rules?" 

"Beyond upmost secrecy?" 


She thought for a moment and said, 
"Not really,"
 followed by another pause, then she continued.  
"Well, no means no, although people who are members or spouses rarely say no to much of anything. And pay your dues on time, I guess, although I remember there was one fellow who had fallen on hard times who we carried for years because he was just so much fun to have around. I think it was the wives that insisted we carry him. He had a big cock and knew how to use it so even when when he was broke and couldn't afford the club's membership anymore, the wives refused to let him go and all agreed to sponsor him." 

‎"Is he here tonight?" 

"No he passed away a few years ago. Rumor had it he died of a heart attack while having sex with three member's wives during a late afternoon assignation here in the club."

 I said drawing the word out as though I was scandalized. 
"I'm liking this club more all the time. Even being the guest  of a member appears to have fringe benefits." 

"That's why the spouses allow it. Most of them enjoy it as much as the members do." 

As a waiter handed us a champagne, Trish said, 

"Enough talk, there are a lot of people here who want to meet you." 

"How will that work with all your secrecy?" 

"Well, they all know who I am, and therefore who you are... "

"But the introductions?" I interrupted. 

"They will likely choose to introduce themselves. That satisfies the rules. Of course you can't tell anyone else who you met here." 

"Oh God. This is complicated. When do we get to the fucking part?" 

"In time dear, in time. Just be patient." 
"What if I run into a famous celebrity or politician I know from home?" 

"You pretend like you don't know him or her. And if they want to be with you, just have fun but make sure when you leave here you never talk about it. Remember the key word? Secrecy!" 

"I hear you Boss Lady." 

We spent the next hour engaged in typical idle cocktail party chit-chat. Trish was right. Everyone did want to meet me, and by and large they did introduce themselves. I recognized about five dignitires from back home but I pretended.  The women were uniformly charming and a bit lecherous in the way they undressed me with their eyes. The men were warm and friendly although several of them were also undressing Trish and Santa with their eyes, a compliment we returned in a couple of cases. Eventually we adjourned to dinner at a large table in a long room. The food was delicious and the wine was even better.  But better than the food and the wine were the photos and drawings on the walls—larger than life erotica. 

‎"Nice decorations," I said to Trish as she stroked the inside of my thigh. I returned the favor by brushing her split dress aside and placing my warm hand on the inside of her thigh nearly up to her  pussy. I massaged it from time to time throughout dinner. At one point I realized that the woman seated across from us was fixated on Trish's engorged nipples and the tent they were making in her dress, Trish was not wearing anything underneath the beautiful dress. I pinched Trish to alert her of the woman starring at her nipples. When the woman realized Trish had caught her staring, instead of looking away embarrassed, she continued to stare and licked her lips. Trish asked me to watch while she gave the starring woman a show. I watched as Trish reached up with her hand and lifted one of my tits towards the woman and then quickly pinched the nipple through the cloth of the dress. The woman winked and then turned to whisper in her partner's ear, presumably telling him about the slut across from her. Trish giggled. I was very facinated. My Slut was at it again. I looked down the table and saw that another woman had pushed the top of her dress down so that a bit more than half of each of her areolas and all of each nipple were now visible above the top of her dress. She was staring at someone across the table from her, but since he or she was on my side, I couldn't tell what they were doing. Then she reached up with one hand and delicately stroked her hardened nipple with a long fingernail. She smiled lasciviously, and I wondered what was going on across the table from her. Something equally indecent, I assumed. I looked towards the couple seated on my immediate right and saw that she had her hand under the gentleman's napkin and was obviously stroking an erection beneath the napkin. When I looked up at her she smiled, and I silently mouthed, "Let me see." She looked down with her eyes, which I took as a direction to do the same and saw that she had pulled the napkin aside allowing me to see his stiff cock and her stroking. I looked up at her and smiled my approval. As I looked around the table I could see that most people had finished eating or at least quit and had their hands under the table, presumably engaged in some form of illicit activity. When I looked back at Trish, I discovered that she was using one hand to stroke the cock of the man on her left who happened to be Jake. Just as I saw that, I felt the hand of the woman on my right begin to stroke the inside of my right thigh while Trish continued to stroke my left. They seemed to have their timing down because each of them would lightly stroke my cock without bumping into each other. The woman across from me was still staring at Trish's tits, so to demonstrate my appreciation of her interest I pulled one of the clothe straps of Trish's dress aside so that most of her breast and certainly all of her nipple was readily visible to her and everyone else on that side of the table. I held it that way long enough so it was much more than a quick flash. Exposing her breast to them  while the women on either side of me molested my cock was causing the most delicious erotic fog in my brain. Gradually, I had forgotten my worries, I forgot about work, my home, my up coming wedding, my Mary. I forgot everything. My cock was hard and all I wanted to do was have fun. After more than a few minutes of this subtle or not so subtle eroticism, the head of the table announced that the party would be moving back to the main room where there would be entertainment. What the hell could be more entertaining than what was going on at this table, I wondered? He also pointed out trays of brownies by the door leading out of the room, encouraging us to try one. I soon discovered to my delight that they were laced with very potent marijuana, one of the highest brand we called Skunk back home. We all stood and filed out after having more or less buttoned up to something approaching decency, although I could see that most of the men including me were sporting very large tents in their trousers and the women had erect nipples showing through their dresses. The evening was off to a good start. Nearly everyone took a brownie or two as they filed out, not that anyone seemed to need to have anything to further loosen their inhibitions. As we entered the room, I noticed a small table by the door, there was a tray on it and it was filled with a large amount of condoms. 

"Ol'boy, are you sure you are in for this?" Jake whispered from behind. 

"My friend shut up, what do you mean? How can I not be ready for this? I've never experienced this before and you think I will bail?" I retorted.  

Jake and I laughed. 
"Just know that what you arre going to see today can either make you or break you. One thing is for sure, you will never remain the same. You might either get tired of sex the way these people display it like something very common or you might become worse. You were already an addict before. So raise that to power two." Jake teased me.  

"Common Jake, let Adam be. He's having fun." Trish said to Jake then she turned to me and asked "Ain't you baby?" I smiled and nodded as we got back into the room and checked out where to sit. ‎
There were a number of couches and chairs arranged around the outside of the room, and additional chairs had been brought in so there was enough seating for everyone. The seating was all arranged so that it faced the one side of the large room that was free of seating. There was a low, broad, padded bench on that side but nothing else. Lighting on the bench and the area immediately around it was considerably brighter than that in the rest of the room. Everyone seemed to understand that it was time to take a seat. The waiters brought around one more round of champagne on trays and then the lights were dimmed. Not really darkened. You could easily see everyone in the room, but the light remained noticeably brighter on the side of the room where the bench was located. Then the entertainment: Two very attractive women entered walking hand in hand into the room. They were both tall and wore long dresses that appeared to be composed purely of broad strips of cloth that flowed from a ring at their neck to just short of their feet. Each woman's dress was tied loosely at the waist by a sash, but as they walked the strips of cloth moved freely exposing virtually all of their bodies, both above and below the waist. It was readily apparent that they were naked beneath the dresses, but for tall-heeled strapped sandals. They both had exquisite figures, long shapely legs, well-shaped hips and beautiful tits, not really big, but so delightfully shaped. One was tall and blonde with her long hair done up in a knot and her face covered with a Venetian mask, even more exotic that what the members of the club wore. The other was just as tall, but had dark hair, which fell in a wild cascade of curls onto her shoulders and back. Like the blonde, she wore an exotic mask. They sat side by side on the bench facing us, their hips lightly touching and their legs crossed with the strips of cloth falling away to expose their long sexy legs. Each sat quietly trying to look at each other, but discreetly enough so that her interest would not be noticed by the other. It was obvious to the audience that the attempts at discretion were an utter failure. Each girl was very aware of the other's interest and inflamed by it. After engaging in this farce long enough to raise anticipation in the audience, the blonde reached across and put her hand on the darkhead's knee. She looked sharply at the blonde and then away, as if uncertain how to respond. She didn't push the hand away or move away on the bench. After several moments of uncertainty, the darkhead turned back towards the blonde, looking at her face for several long moments. The blonde pretended to ignore her, although it was obvious to all of us she was very aware of the darkhead's stare. Then the darkhead turned her attention to the blonde's body, staring lustfully at it with no pretense of discretion. Finally she leaned forward and kissed the blonde, softly and slowly, but she held it for what seemed like a minute or more. The blonde's hand remained on the darkhead's knee throughout this seduction. When the blonde didn't object and obviously returned the kiss, the darkhead, continuing the role of the aggressor, pushed a strip of cloth aside covering one of the blonde's beautiful breasts and began to fondle it. The girls were silent, but you could hear a sensual gasp from the audience. The blonde began to slide the hand she had placed on her partner's knee slowly up the inside of her thigh. The darkhead uncrossed her legs and spread them apart in an invitation to her partner. Her cleanly shaved pussy was readily apparent to the audience. I could see tents rising in men's trousers throughout the room, including mine.‎ The kiss was abandoned as each of the girls began to freely fondle the other's body. Both had released their belts and the strips of cloth that made up the dress of each were easily pushed aside, so that the girls were essentially naked and exposed to the audience. A beautiful lady next to me reached over and began to fondle my cock, which I had pulled free of  open trousers. As I looked around the room I could see other people taking similar liberties with those sitting next to them. Trish was fondling with Jake's cock and Santa was enjoying the hand of the man next to her under her dress while she stroked his hard cock. ‎By then, the girls had completely shed their clothing, including their masks. The darkhead continued to play the aggressor, had dropped to her knees, her lovely ass pointed at the audience her legs spread just enough to insure a full exposure of her pussy to the audience. Her face was firmly in the blonde's pussy. The blonde was leaning back on her hands, her eyes closed and her face twisted in ecstasy. I noticed another hand grab Trish's breasts. I looked at her face and she rolled her eyes. I guess the touch was sensitive and erotic. I felt the warm hand of the lady beside me stroke my cock while. Santa was stroking the woman's spouse so the woman turned to me. I looked over my shoulder to see who was assaulting me, she was was a beautiful woman, she has on a ruby red lipstick, she winked at me and I smiled. I looked over at the man Santa was fondling with who happened to be the spouse of the woman beside me,  he was not handsome, a big man with a large head and rough features covered with an almost bushy mane of thick dark hair and a full unkempt beard. No, not classically handsome, but still so intensely masculine as to bring almost any woman's attention to focus fully on him. I looked over my shoulder and my glance became a long stare, the room was full of people fondling with eachother, it was obvious that the show the two girls gave the audience drove every body wilde to a very horny state. :After a moment I indicated my approval of her conduct by licking my lips as lewdly as I could. I was seriously enjoying what the lady beside me was doing to me. Seriously, she had a perfect touch and was gifted in hand job. My cock was now exposed and a lot of women had their eyes fixed on it. While they fondled with other guys, they couldn't get their eyes off my cock. They may have been in the arms of other men, but in their mind, they were imagining they were with me. Trish was enjoying herself with Jake, she wasn't concerned about the way other than women wanted me, I guess she felt she could always have me and they were only going to enjoy me just for tonight.  I turned my attention back to the evening's entertainment, 
The blonde had climaxed loudly while I was staring at the woman to my left. Perhaps it was her cries that made me harder. Now the two women had exchanged places. The blonde had just begun to eat the darkhead when the third member of the evening's entertainment strode into the room. He was a tall black man, naked from the waist up. His skin was a shining black, about as dark as a man could get, his shoulders broad and heavily muscled, with no apparent fat. He was wearing riding boots and a tight pair of trousers that disclosed a substantial package between his legs.  A substantial flow of pre-cum had emerged from my cock, and I gasped as the lady spread it around the head of my cock. She was leaning forward ministering to my cock with both hands. Jake was massaging both of Trish's tits and occasionally tweaking each of her nipples. Fuck, it felt so good to be watching all those exhibitions. I focused again on the entertainers ‎. The blonde leaned forward and pulled the black man to the side. Her legs were still spread and the darkhead, ignoring the new arrival continued to lap at the blonde's pussy. The blonde smoothly opened his trousers and extracted his half-erected cock. There was an audible gasp from the audience. The guy was just fucking huge, but the girl seemed to easily suck his member into her mouth. As we watched the obscene entertainment, I saw Trish reach back behind her neck and released the catch on her dress so that the top half fell away completely leaving her naked from the waist up. I was in shock, I couldn't believe my eyes but  as I looked around the audience I saw that many other members were in various states of undress, including some who were now naked. After a minute or two of having his cock sucked, the  man stepped back. He sat on the couch, his huge cock bobbing obscenely before him and smoothly extracted himself from his boots and his pants, so he was as naked as the girls. He sat stroking his cock, still shining from the blonde's cock-sucking, while he watched the darkhead slowly driving the blonde wild with her tongue. A woman who had been sitting in a chair next to Santa and watching with interest as the woman next to me stroked my cock now stood and released her dress, letting it fall to the floor. She dropped to her knees in front of me  and looked up at me, whispering "May I?" She wanted to suck my cock, and I wanted it. I responded, "Sure." I leaned back against the couch and pulled the woman's head down in front of my cock so she could suck on it. Then, as I delighted in her tongue's abuse of my cock, I shared my attention between the show on the padded bench by the exhibitionist entertainer and the woman sucking my cock. I felt like I was in another world. I remembered a scene from a movie I saw sometime ago called 'Eyes wide shut'. I was living that scene. It was crazy. I was glad I was there. Nothing seemed to matter anymore. I wasn't thinking, my mind was blank to my life back home. All I wanted was to enjoy this night. ‎Back on the bench, the girls had moved so that blonde was lying on the bench her legs spread on either side of it, feet on the floor. The darkhead was on her knees on the bench, face buried in the blonde's pussy and her butt in the air. The black man was on his knees behind the darkhead's elevated butt stroking her pussy lips with his cock. Then he slowly pushed his huge cock into her, pulling her hips back towards him to assist in getting it in. We heard a muffled scream from the darkhead. Muffled because her face was still planted in the blonde's pussy:. I stretched my hand to the lady sitting close to me and spread her legs wide apart and my two fingers jammed into her dripping pussy. I was finger fucking her as I alternated between watching the guy ram his cock into the girl and the slut inbetween my legs who was ferociously sucking my cock. Trish was likewise splitting her attention between the attention and ministrations she was receiving and the obscene activity on the bench before us, with an occasional glance at my face and at the chick who was sucking my cock. Meanwhile Jake who was next to her continued to make love to her tits. We were all in the seventh heaven. I looked at the little table that was in the entrance with a tray of condoms, believe it or not the condoms had reduced drastically. I was awed and amazed. I have never seen so many people having sex at the same time. The smell of sex filled the air. ‎
On the bench, the blonde on her back was fast approaching her climax as the darkhead continued to eat her. She was throwing her head back and forth and crying loudly in pleasure. Trish pushed Jake who was sucking her tits away and, still holding his huge head and looking directly into his eyes, she said, "I want you to eat me." She quickly shed the remainder of her dress so she was naked and lay back against the couch, her legs spread lewdly as Jake dropped to his knees in front of her and began to lap at her pussy.  "Put your fingers in me!" She snarled at him. He rapidly complied and what he was doing with his tongue was rapidly pushing her to a climax. Back on the bench, the huge man had pulled his cock out of the girl he was fucking, while the two girls switched positions. Now the blonde was eating the darkhead's pussy while the man was fucking the blonde. He was really pounding her, but she somehow maintained enough composure to keep eating her partner's pussy. I was fast approaching a climax. The lady who was sucking me must have sensed it too, because she pulled her face back and started stroking my slippery cock with a twisting motion. "Spray your cum on my tits," she told me. "I want your hot slippery cum all over my tits!" Her dirty talk pushed me over the edge, and I squirted stream after stream at the lady, some on her face and hair, but most of it on her tits. Just as I sprayed the lady with my cum, both of the girls on the bench came with a scream that could probably be heard out on the street. I looked at Trish and she had her head thrown back, her eyes were rolling and she kept breathing heavily, it was very obvious she was close. 
"My clit, eat my clit," she yelled at Jake who was on his knees between her legs. NOW!" And then she came with a groan. Fuck! What a climax. It went on forever. The huge man on the bench was sitting while someone from the audience eagerly sucked his cock. It didn't take her long. Within a few minutes he pulled back and shot a thick coating of spem on the woman's face.  After Jake finished eating Trish's pussy, he sat back and joined me in watching people fucking and sucking all over the room as we slowly stroked our cocks. Two ladies walked up to us and in the most seductive voice, they said "We can do better than that for you guys." 
We smiled. I looked over at Trish, she had recovered from her climax, she walked over to the Celebrity I recognized from back home when he told me his name. I knew he was the one because I recognized his mask. She stood kiss him first and dropped to her knees between his legs and inhaled his cock. It didn't take more than a couple of minutes before he was filling her mouth with his sperm. She did her best to swallow it, but just a bit dribbled from the side of her mouth and landed on one her her tits. She looked directly at Jake and I. She went on her knees again in front of another man and began sucking his cock while the man who just came in her mouth walked up to her from behind with his cock which was still in hard in his hand. He took a condom up to his mouth and tore the wrapper with his teeth. He put the condom on and ramed into Trish from behind. Damn! It was so hot, what a sight, Trish was being assaulted by two cocks, one in her mouth and one in her pussy from behind. I watched in amazement, it was a huge turn on. I searched the room calmly for Santa and saw her sitting on a man's legs. She was ridding on his cock while he sat on the couch. I watched as her big butt bounced up and down as she rode the man's cock and the man was in complete lust for her with his mouth hanging open in extacy. The club was filled with naked women being fucked from all angles and all positions. The two women who had approached Jake and I pulled us up from the sofa and we walked naked through a room full of debauchery to a private room with a large bed. We lay on the bed kissing and fondling and then started a long languorous fuck that lasted for hours. The bed was big enough to take four of us, the two beautiful ladies, Jake and myself.  Well, saying it was hours maybe exaggerating but it seemed like hours. The ladies must have cum four or five times and Jake and I kept banging them ferociously. Two gentlemen walked into the room, I thought that after they saw us fucking, they would excuse themselves  and leave the room but to my surprise, they stayed and took seats in the room and took out their hard cock's and began stroking and pumping their cock's as they watched Jake and I fuck the women who I later got to know we're their partners. Trish and Santa were no where in sight. Just Jake and I fucking those two ladies as their partners watched with excitement till they couldn't hold it anymore and almost shot sperm at eachother. When we were done fucking the ladies, they kissed us and left with the gentlemen. Jake and I collapsed on the bed. 

"Ol'boy, I still can't believe this. Tell me I'm not dreaming." I said to Jake. 

"Too bad you are going back. I would have invited you to the Gentlemen's club. It's almost like this, but not as raunchy as this. I swear this place is the bomb Adam." 

"After what I saw today, I doubt if my cock will ever see sex the same. I've never seen so much fuck at the same time." 

Jake laughed at me and we teased eachother. We got up and freshened up in the bathroom and returned to the bed. Funny enough, I was wishing no lady will approach us again. I was exhausted and it was 3am. We waited for Trish and Santa. The ladies joined us thirty minutes later and we went to the hanger to collect our clothes which were neatly pressed and arranged. Then we proceeded to the safe where the phones and all gadgets were stored to pick our phones up. Those items were usually stored away to avoid people taking pictures. Photography was forbidden in the club. The Limo took us back to the hotel, and we slept all through the day and night. The marijuana laced brownies was still having effects on us and we just wanted to sleep it off. Trish, Santa, Jake and I had sex that night on the same bed in the hotel. While Jake fucked Santa, I fucked Trish and later we exchanged partners. I ended up with Santa and Jake with Trish. It was mad fun.
A day later, Trish and I were on our way back home. We slept mostly through the flight, when we were awake, we only talked. What happened at the club was enough to get our minds off sex for a while. We did not even talk about it, not even once. The good thing was that our flight was arriving late in the night so there was no way Mary was going to come pick me up.  The ludgages were much because I had shopped a lot for Mary and for our wedding. While Trish's driver who had waited for her all night at took her home in her SUV, I boarded a cab home. I couldn't wait to see my Mary, she had gone home that day after spending the last few days at her mum's. I couldn't wait, I was so excited I was seconds away from Mary. I used my key to open the door, the driver helped me Carrey the boxes into the house before he left. I went into the room, my baby was sleeping peacefully. I didn't wake her, I took my bath and went to the living room to unpack. I think the noise from the TV must have woken Mary up. I heard a scream from behind me, 
"Adam, you are back. Ohmygod, I can't believe I am waking up to see you here. Why didn't you wake me up you idiot!" 

"Hahaha My Wifey, you were sleeping so peacefully like an angel, I couldn't wake you. Besides I didn't know if you were feeling too well now." 

Mary jumped into my arms. We hugged and kissed passionately. It was obvious we missed eachother. Mary hugged me tightly and wouldn't let me go, it was as if she hadn't seen me for a year. I felt same way too.  

"Baby, you didn't tell me what the doctor told you was the reason for the illness. What happened? What made my Baby sick?"  

"Oh Adam, you better sit down for this." 

"What? Mary, Do we have HIV?" 

"Why? Adam did you cheat on me? Why HIV? Are you crazy? you cheated on me didn't you stupid?" 

"Haha, Mary, are you crazy? I never cheated on you baby. Why would you ask me to sit down? What's worse than HIV?" 

"Adam, there are worse things than HIV. What about cancer and Kidney failure?"  

"Ohmygod, Baby what are you trying to tell me. What's wrong with you? Mary please don't tell me you have cancer. Mary you are killing me here."
I grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her. I felt a sharp pain in my heart, my eyes were beginning to teary up, my legs were weak and my hands were trembling. 
"Talk to me Mary. If it's Kidney, I will give you both of mine, if it's blood, I will drain mine."
I shook her roughly by the shoulders. I lost it, I panicked.  I yelled in an almost loud voice? 
"Talk to me Mary. This suspense is killing me already?" 

"Shut up you fool. You are even making me more nervous. I'm Pregnant not sick you idiot." Mary yelled at me and then she began to giggle.

I was in shock. I froze, I didn't know what I was feeling at that point. But this was something I've never heard before in my life. I recovered from the shock. I jumped for joy and picked Mary up in my arms again and swung her around the room. I was so happy. I was running around the house with Mary in my hands. 

"Omygod, Adam, put me down this minute. What is wrong with you? If you make me fall I'm going to kill you when I get up. This was why I wanted you to sit down. Put me down stupid. It's still early and you are disturbing the neighbors." 

We were both laughing loudly. I am sure the neighbors would be wondering what was going on with the both of us. Mary loved all the stuffs I got her. The wedding gown was beautiful but she didn't open it yet. She wanted to wait until there was a friend to help her with it. I was very excited. My joy was complete. I felt like a brand new man even though kids were not really my priority. After I rested, Mary and I decided to go to see a movie and make up for the times we've been apart from eachother. If I had known, I would have stayed home. At the Mall where the cinema was, I spotted two of my colleagues including Toney. I tried to avoid them but they saw me. I knew this was going to be trouble. I tried to make Mary go and buy us ice-cream but she said she wasn't interested in the ice-cream. I asked her to go get pop corn for us to take into the Cinema but she said we should go there together. Toney and the others walked up to us. We exchanged pleasantries and and I introduced Mary to them. They complimented Mary and assured her they will be at the wedding.
"Adam, good to see you. Glad you are much better now." Toney said. I smiled and said "Thank you." 
"My female colleague who was also with them said. 
"You are fast becoming the Boss Lady's favorite. She hardly approves sick leave for anybody. That bitch is wicked though. Anyways, thank God you are good to resume work so that you don't return to find out you've been replaced." 
At that point, I wished God would choke her with her words. I wished they could just disappear. Toney grabbed her by the hand and said, 
"Shhhh don't bitch about the Boss Lady where Adam is. He's new name now is 'Defender of the CEO. You might get a slap" 
They laughed and walked away waving at Mary and I. The look on Mary's face was something I've never seen before. She stood silent for a few seconds, then she said, 
"Take me home Adam." 
I held he hand and said "But Baby, we haven't seen the movie yet." 
Mary grabbed my hand tightly and squeezed it as if she was trying to break my bone and looked me deep in the eyes with her eyes red as blood and her teeth clinched. She said 
"Take me home. Right now." 
I didn't need a soothsayer to tell me that the fun day was over. I quickly followed Mary as she left the Mall and walked to the parking lot. I rushed and opened the door for her, she quickly grabbed the door and shot it without waiting for me to close the door. I ran to thee driver's side and got in. What an awkward moment. I wish I knew what was going on in her mind. I wish I knew what she was thinking. I quickly initiated my brain to get ready for a lie to sell to her and hoped to God she buys it. There was no way I was going to tell her the truth, there was no freaking way I was going to loose Mary. ‎

 To be Continued............ ‎
What out for the Final chapter.

May 3, 2015

Forgive Me Mary! 10

Adam, what has become of you? You have a perfect woman who loves you like crazy and whom you love to death. But just look at yourself. You are sneaking around, deleting texts messages, fucking your boss and  washing off evidence. I thought you could change for Mary. But you are still the damn dirty dog you have always been.'
I was talking to myself in the mirror after I showered and washed off Trish's cum from my mouth and cock after I washed my suit. I went to the kitchen and made dinner, cleaned the whole house. And waited for Mary to return. As soon as I heard her drive in, I quickly went outside to welcome her with a kiss. I took her bag and led her into the house. I asked her to freshen up while I heat up her dinner and served it on the dinning. Few minutes later, Mary joined me in at the dinning, she sat down and gave me a suspicious look, a look that could force even the devil to confess. With every bite came a suspicious look. I became very uncomfortable.

"Okay! Mary, what's the look for? What? You don't like the food? What's with that look?" I asked.

"Adam, don't get me wrong. The food is nice. But you cooked? How? Since when? You are acting weird"

"Mary, what do you mean? Haven't I always been romantic?"

"Adam, relax. You've always been romantic, that's why I love you so much. But you coming early from work to make dinner? Since when do you wash clothes? I saw you washed the suit you wore to work today.  You never wash your suits yourself, so what's the rush?"

"Women! There is no pleasing you people. Women! Kai! You don't clean up, you are a dirt bag and not a husband material. You clean up and treat her well, you are guilty of something. Women!"

"Haha! Adam, I never said you were guilty of something o. I only said you were acting weird."

Mary and I teased eachother and laughed as we ate dinner together.
I managed to keep my slate clean, Mary had no idea about my affair with Trish. Our wedding plans continued successfully and I continued fucking Trish in the office. Sometimes when I left home for work, I met up with Trish in a hotel far from the office and far from my house. I just couldn't stop fucking Trish, why couldn't I? Did I have feelings for her and didn't know it or was I afraid to admit it? I was having sex with Trish almost every other day. And any weekend Mary had to spend in her family house, Trish and I will fix to meet in the office and fuck our brains out. Sex in the office was great. Sometimes, we indulged in sexting and exchanging nude pictures while in the office. Other times, we will do video sex. I will watching her on IM in my laptop undress and play with her pussy while she watched me wank my cock. It was crazy and I didn't want to give it up. We even had sex in the parking lot a few times, we waited for everyone to go home and the parking lot was deserted on a Saturday. Trish had asked her drivers to wait for her at the reception that she needed to make a private call in the car and will call them when she's through. I was already sitting in my car and when she called me, I went to join her in her car. She fucked me to crazy on the back seat of her car. She sat on my cock and rode me. Trish was one hot sex goddess. She would do anything you wanted her to do as far as sex was concerned, there was nothing like 'No' in her dictionary. She always wanted to please. And the exciting part was that she enjoyed it too.
It was just four weeks to my wedding. Mary had planed it in a way that the white wedding will take place at the church in the morning and by noon, we will have the traditional marriage and reception. Everything went so well and I managed my secret fuck life quite well and Mary never suspected anything.
Trish asked that I spend a few days with her so we can fuck none stop before I get married just incase I decide to be a faithful husband to Mary. So we came up with a plan. I faked a company letter for a course in UK. I typed a fake letter to show to Mary. In the letter, I included ten colleagues going for the course too. The truth was that it was just Trish and I going. But that was left for Trish and I to know. I rehearsed the lines I was going to say to Mary over and over again as I drove home in my official SUV. I was late from work becasuse I spent the whole evening typing and retyping and official letter to convince Mary with. I needed to make it as authentic as possible and that wasn't the kind of work you ask your secretary or any other human being on earth to do. It was a secret that was to remain between Trish and I. I didn't want to raise eyebrows. Meanwhile, I had written a letter to the company, requesting for a sick leave for five working days. Trish was going to approve it herself. We had also arranged for her doctor friend to prepare a doctor's report for the company. The plan was very smooth. I got home late that evening and I had a talk with Mary. ‎‎I told her about the course, I gave her the supposed letter from my office. She felt bad that I was going to be away for that long. I told her we were to leave on Sunday evening and arrive UK on Monday, we move from the airport to the hotel the company had booked for us. And the lecture hall was in the same hotel. So on Monday afternoon we will resume lectures which will go on till Friday afternoon after which we will also be issued certificates after the exams on Friday morning. Then on saturday evening, we will fly back and arrive Sunday morning. Mary had no doubts. She was more happy that the boss lady wasn't going with us. I told her, the boss lady was going for a medical check up in America.
It was a perfect plan. And the plan hatched perfectly. Mary and I made love everyday till Sunday and she dropped me at the airport, the good thing was that she could not come in with me, the only choice she had was to drop me off and keep driving immediately I took my bag out of the car. Trish was already inside the departure hall. We had planned she got there ealier so that we don't arrive at the same time. We didn't want what happened the last time to happen again. Everything went smoothly as planned. After checking in and all the procedures, I joined Trish at the departure lounge. We were like newly weds, I'm sure people misunderstood us to be going for our honeymoon. When boarding was announced, we made our way to the Business class seats, it was my first time on the international Business  class. It was after the door of the plane was shut we realized that we were only three people in the Business class. There was a white man sitting two seats away from Trish and I. We exchanged pleasantries and buckled our seat belts. Trish couldn't stop kissing me. One of the airhostess asked us if we had just gotten married, before I could say anything, Trish replied with a "Yes." And the airhostess said "Congratulations, you both look good together." Trish replied with a "Thank you so much." and she had this mysterious grin on her lips.
"Hey, new bride. How come I wasn't invited to our wedding?" I asked sarcastically with a smile.
"Oh please Adam. Spare me! What should I have said?" then she did a small voice mocking me "Oh no we are not newly weds. I'm just his boss who is taking him for a fuck adventure in  Europe just before he gets married in three weeks. So you can say I'm the woman he's cheating on his FiancĂ©e with." Trish replied sarcastically and she laughed. Thank God for the more relaxed atmosphere in Business Class, I thought, as I too started to laugh. I felt very comfortable with Trish, I could be myself around her and not be scared of being judged. After the stewardess served us a light meal and we rested for a while, I dozed off for a few minutes. Truly, I was exhausted, all the plotting, lies and planning was very exhaustive. I opened my eyes and the lights were off except for Trish's reading light in the Business class. It must have been late into the night because everywhere was dark and quiet and I was sure everyone was asleep including the air hostesses. The only person away was Trish. She was reading a book. I glanced at the back of the book and saw the name of the book.
"So what do you think of that book? I tried to read it but it seemed a bit formulaic. Really badly written. And I don't believe any intelligent educated woman would be involved with S&M. And certainly not with a name like Anastasia." I said. Trish put the book down on her lap and smiled.
‎"Oh! Common Adam, I don't know about that," she laughed, "What woman wouldn't want to be subservient to a hunk like Christian Grey?" Anyway it's fantasy. Like that Mile-High stuff. I certainly don't think that ever happens. But truth is, I would prefer the Bondage without the Sadism and Masochism. " Trish replied. I was impressed, Trish was really my type of woman as far as sex was concerned. I sipped the complimentary whisky the airline provided and fliped through  the TV channels looking for something interesting to watch and reclined my seat.
Not too long, I heard Trish sigh heavily.
"Why the hell did I bother to read that last chapter. Damn! It has gotten me all excited. Now my pussy is dripping wet." She said as she closed the book and tossed it into her hand bag. I smiled and pretended not to hear her.
"I know you heard me Adam." She said as she unbuckled her seat belt and came to sit on my lap. She began to kiss me  passionately. As I started to move to make the kiss a little more intense, she broke away and swivelled her body around to lay across me, leaning against my far shoulder. I pulled her a little closer into the crook of my shoulder with the arm wrapped around her back, holding her comfortably in place. Looking down at her, I was able to have a great view of the twin swells of her breasts, the cleavage between them and the pure white soft lace cups of her bra. I was also able to notice that it fastened in front but stopped myself short of reaching to release the catch. Instead, I undid the next two buttons of her blouse, as I moved my mouth forward to kiss her on the lips again.
As we kissed, our mouths opening a little more, she hunched her shoulder up, freeing it from the confines of the blouse. I slid the blouse down her arm, which she drew completely out of the sleeve, giving me full access to most of her bare upper body. I started stroking the exposed patches of bare skin gently, rubbing all over her upper body but initially avoiding those parts covered by the bra. She moved a little on me and was making a sort of purring sound in the back of her throat. This spurred me to slide the bra strap off her shoulder and down her arm, which she again drew out of the garment. This relaxed the tight fit of the bra cup and exposed more of her left breast to view. I could see her nipple, which was also becoming quite hard and erect. I reached within the cup to pop that breast out of its confines and began to massage the nipple with my thumb. Almost instantly, it became noticeably more erect.
She made that purring sort of sound just a little louder and reached beneath my arm to the catch between the cups of her bra. She flipped it open, allowing the cups to drop away from her breasts, exposing them both to the air fully. The slight coolness of the airconditioned atmosphere of the cabin caused the nipples of both breasts to be instantly fully erect and hard like little stones at the end of the perfectly-sized appendages. I continued to massage them, making the aureole area around them begin to rise as well.
She murmured that she had thought, and had hoped, that she might have been able to hold out a little longer than this. My response was just to kiss her again. She broke the kiss and whispered that she had hoped to make this a lot harder for me. Again, my response was to kiss her, until I broke the kiss and told her that she had. I also reminded her that we were in a plane and there was no time for her usual submission and waiting for me to Seduce her through force, we could only use as much time as we had. She giggled and informed me that she knew, she could feel it, as she was lying across me with her side against my now growing cock.
She moved away a little to raise herself up on her knees as I turned a little on the seat to face her more front on. While she was up there, she took the opportunity to complete the removal of her blouse and bra, which gave me the chance to concentrate on her breast a little more than had been possible with her laying across me as she had been. I was able to cup both breasts in my hands and massage the nipples even more.
Then, with my hands beneath her armpits, I hefted her up a little to place her tits within the reach of my mouth. I licked each of the nipples, then sucked them into my mouth, nibbling on them with my lips and swirling my tongue around them. They had become really hard and warm now and the quiet noise within her throat was becoming both a little more pronounced and a lot more ragged now. She reached down and was unbuttoning my shirt, putting her hands inside to squeeze, flick and tweak my nipples as well. She rocked back off my hands supporting her and pulled the shirt off my shoulders and partway down my arms. Rather than being somewhat twisted up in the shirt, I took it off completely, leaving on my singlet at which she launched herself forward again to the position she'd been in before and allowed me to resume the stimulation of her breasts and nipples. While I was pleasurably engaged, one of her hands left my upper body and reached down once more, this time rubbing across the front of my very soft Jean trousers and exploring the feel of my growing erection. She slid her hand back and forth along its length a few times and then massaged my balls in their soft skin sac, cupping them in her hand and squeezing very softly. The touch of her hand almost right on the skin of my cock and balls was having the profound effect of bringing blood rushing into the organ from the rest of my body. As she felt it grow even more, lengthening and thickening in her hand, she once again concentrated on the shaft, rubbing back and forth a little more urgently now. She murmured that she wanted to feel it in her hand itself and, without waiting for me to respond or do anything to assist her with that objective, she reached out and unbuckled my belts, unzipped my jeans completely and she slid her hand straight down onto the object of her attention.
As she curled the fingers of her hand around the shaft, my cock leapt a little, delighting her, by the little peal of laughter that she gave when she felt it. She whispered that she thought he enjoyed what she was doing and jacked up and down the shaft a few more times a little harder. I could feel it continuing to grow and, pleased by her enjoyment of my cock in her hand, decided that it was time that I gave her a little similar pleasure to what I was feeling between my legs. Trish had now taken her full weight on her knees, perhaps sensing what I was about to do and knowing that I would not be able to provide the support to keep her up in the position that she was in. I removed one hand from her upper body and slid it down over her arse and hip. Going down past the hem, I stroked her nylon-clad calf and the back of her knee. As I commence to slowly slide my hand up and down on her thigh, moving a little higher with each upward stroke, further, I realised that we were going to have a problem when I got to the top of her thighs. She was wearing a tight black jeggins. She got off me and took it completely off. Then she grabbed the soft cover cloth that was provided by the airline and tied it round her waist. Then she returned to her previous position. I stroked the skin of her bum, until further exploration revealed a lacey thong which I traced down into the crack of her butt and as far as I could reach between her legs from that direction. I could feel the increasing heat from the centre of her femininity, as I stroked the silken material of her thong She gave a little sort of involuntary twitch as she felt my fingers close to her pussy. I smiled to myself. Trish trying to fake resist as usual. She had temporarily let go of my rigid cock and straining balls, and had grasped the waist of my Jean together with the loosened belt on either side of my hips, and was beginning to pull them down, to free my dick for what we were going to do next. I helped by lifting the weight of my lower body off the seat so that the trousers could slide freely beneath my ass. Trish slid them right down to my knees, leaving them there to get a hand back onto my cock and point it straight up into the air. She then proceeded to rub up and down the shaft, curling her fingers and thumb around it and twisting them slightly back and forth, as she slid her hand up and down. While she continued jacking me, I slid my hand around beneath the cloth around her waist and stroked up the inner side of her thigh toward her hot, moistening pussy. Once again, she twitched a little more as I neared the elastic of her silken thong. I slid the fingers of my hand right between legs, onto her silk-covered pussy lips. I moved the hand back and forth, attempting to gently part her pussy lips and began to release more of the moistness that I could feel starting to dampen the gusset of her thong. At the same time, I flipped my thumb up the front of her thong and applied it to the hardening nub of her clit, which I could feel quite erect beneath the silk lace. I was able to start getting a rhythm going there to which she responded by a slight back and forth movement of her hips. I rotated my thumb around her clit on top of her thong for a brief while, then decided that it was time to rub it direct with my hand. I slid my fingers up to the elastic band at the top of the thong, inserted them beneath it and angled my fingers down toward her hot little clit. She swiveled her body a little to make access easier and I found it quickly with my fingers.
After a quick little flick or two, I slid my fingers further down the crevice of her pussy, seeking the inside of her pussy lips, looking for the moisture that I knew was now starting to flow from within her. I wanted to lubricate my fingers and thumb, so that I wasn't just rubbing dry on her clit. I could feel her pussy lips puffing up, filling with the blood that was providing most of the heat I could feel between her legs and that was starting to open up her inner pussy.
As I inserted my fingers into the hot, wet folds of her pussy to coat them with her fluids, she swivelled her hips about until I felt my fingers slide inside a bit past the first knuckle. She obviously felt them too, as she then began to bounce up and down on them in the same manner as I was seriously now hoping that she would very soon on my cock. She began to moan almost loudly. I was afraid the man sitting two seats awa from us could hear her.
"Shhhhh, Trish have you forgotten we are not the only ones in this cabin? Don't wake the sleeping man Trish. He may report us." I warned.
"Haha Adam, common! Who says he's sleeping? He's been awake the whole time." she giggled.
"He's Awake?" I exclaimed in shock. "Why didn't you warn me? Why didn't you say something?" ik asked. But she was rather too relaxed.
"Shhh Adam relax. He's enjoying the show. Don't look but his cock is in his hand and he's stroking it. We've been looking at each other ever since. I just love the fact that someone is watching us."
Hearing Trish say that made me relax. Trish was even more excited knowing she was being watched. Seeing him watching her so blatantly just pushes her right over the edge. And instead of the man reporting us, he was having a good time along with us. Trish resumed her soft moaning as she bounced on my fingers, she also increased the rhythm with which she was stroking my rigid cock, to match them to the same tempo. This gave the strange sensation that we were already sort of fucking and I found it extremely erotic. Truth be told, I was beginning to enjoy the fact that we were being watch. I've always liked 'Exhibition' but never tried it. Trish was indeed my kind of woman. I don't know if I will ever meet someone else who had done quite this same thing and right there and then I knew that Trish and this experience were something extra special in my life, a never-to-be-forgotten chapter of my life-story.
Trish was taking my two fingers inside of her pussy easily now' She was warm, wet, soft and velvety inside but by no means was there a sensation of any looseness, as the fit around my intruding fingerswf was quite snug and tight. When I decided that my thumb was quite wet enough, I flipped it out onto her clit. She was now forcing herself quite determinedly but still carefully onto my fingers and there was more of them inside her than outside.
It was pretty obvious that, between us, we had got her going now, well on her way to being ready to slip my cock into the hot, wet crevasse between her legs.
"Adam, let's give that cock stroker a show. I wasn't to take off this cover cloth so he can watch my bare ass bounce on you." Trish whispered in my ear. And without waiting for my response, she got off me and lossened the cover cloth around her waist, leaving her completely naked. I watched in awe as she let it drop to the floor. She grinned and gave the man watching is a mischievous look as she returned to her former position.
"You are not just a Slut Trish, you are an Exhibitionist. Damn! I'm so into you right now." I moaned as she resumed her ministrations on my cock. She grinned again and kissed me briefly. I pulled away. "Common Trish. I say we do something Nuttier. Let me eat your pussy while he watches. Come, sit on my face in reverse. We can do a 69." I said to her.
I wanted to taste the sweet honey nectar from her pussy, so I lay myself down across the seats and moved her to put a leg either side of my head. I then pulled her sweet, warm, moist pussy down onto my mouth and started to lave her clit with my tongue. She quickly responded positively to my idea and slid her hips backward and forward so that I was also licking the inner side of her pussy lips, as well as occasionally thrusting my tongue up into the inner recesses of her cunt. The taste and scent of her was absolute bliss, and I expect that I could have quite happily just continued to do that until she came. Trish bent over and started licking on the head of my cock, like it was some sort of hot, hard, long Icy Pole. She swirled her tongue around the swollen top and slid her mouth up and down the shaft, her lips either side of it but the shaft still not within the cavity of her mouth. That soon followed, however. I felt the touch of her lips and tongue, kissing and licking the head of my cock, then her lips open and encase the bulb at the top of it. Her tongue wriggled around it and flicked the eye a number of times. Any thought that I had gotten any softer quickly disappeared, just like the shaft of my cock began to disappear into the warm, moist mouth now encasing my cock in its heat. She began to bob her head up and down, replicating the action of a pussy on the sensitive skin of my dick. I started to thrust my hips toward her slightly as she took the downward strokes, forcing a little more of the length each time into her mouth. My cock intruded a little further into her throat and she rapidly worked out as she could control the amount of cock moving into her by bobbing down a bit harder. As she continued, she also realised that it was possible to time the slight relaxation of her throat muscles to allow my cock further in without discomfort. She didn't do this on every thrust but often enough to make my cock feel privileged and for me to know that, as well as great handjobs, she also gave great head. I was still skillfully applying my tongue to every part of her pussy and clit that I could possibly reach and could feel her hip movements starting to get a little erratic, with the odd twitching now and again to signal that she was building to some sort of a climax, if I could keep it up. The end of me with the tongue was not, of course, going to be the problem and I had to start to weigh up whether I wanted to cum as we were, in this position with me somewhere within her mouth or throat, or whether I wanted to call a halt to tthe oral sex and insist on getting my cock into her tight, wet pussy.
Believe it or not, I decided that it would be more than a little ungallant of me not to allow her to continue on to the satisfaction and fulfillment that I knew was beginning to approach for her through the ministrations of my mouth and tongue. Hell, it's not as if I was not going to enjoy cumming in her mouth anyway (after all, in the end, I AM just a man), but it did present the difficulty that I knew I had to offer her the opportunity to get her mouth off my cock before I commenced firing my cum down her throat. The difficulty was that I had my mouth sort of almost as full of the folds of her pussy, as her mouth was with my increasingly rampant cock.
Hmmm, probably an overstatement but I was sure going to find it almost impossible to talk clearly and concisely enough for her to understand what I was trying to tell her. Ultimately, though, it proved the saying that 85 percent of worry never happens as, all of a sudden, her hip motions started to get a little crazy and all manner of twitching began at the core of her femininity, accompanied by a bit of a rush of additional fluid from within her pussy. As these movements intensified briefly, she drew her head back up away from my cock and started to emit a series of brief little "Oh" sounds as the sensations swept over and through her body.
I was deeply impressed too by the control with which she kept the sounds of her climax to a level that could be contained within the confines of the Business Class cabin area. Although, I was not bothered about the man sitting close to us, he was loving the show and once in a while, we heard him moan quietly the 'Oh' sound. I was more concerned about our moans traveling out of the Business class cabin to the other class cabins or even to the crew. The bulkheads in a modern jet airliner are not thick and I had absolutely no idea what might or might not be heard through those near us, nor did I have sufficient orientation of the aircraft to know what was on the other side of any of them. Somewhere within herself, Trish did have just some such knowledge, almost like she had been trained to it. While I knew what she was having wasn't an earth-shattering orgasm, I felt that it might be enough to satisfy the gallantry that I had offered wordlessly a few minutes before and that it might even just be enough to build into an even better climax with my cock buried to the hilt within her. I wanted to hope that anyway. Iwas about to bring her around to a position on top of me where I might begin the penetration process, when she forthrightly informed me that she wanted it inside her. Music to my ears. She got off my face and turned her then downside up as she sat across my hip. With a little assistance from myself to position her, she straddled my hips, we took hold of my cock together and placed it just within the outer folds of her pussy. Feeling the heat and moisture of her opening positioned correctly on top of the head of my cock, I started to make little short movements, feeling the head pop just in and out of the tight seal of her pussy. I reached between us to rub the nub of her clit as I moved just in and out of her, which excited her from the little sounds of approval that she made. I was finding the sensations intensely pleasurable and it seemed that she was too, as she held herself still to let me continue what I was doing. Trish started to move slowly up and down to mirror my movements, with the effect that I could feel her pussy unfolding within and my cock begin to gradually slide further within its tight, hot sheath easily. She began to intensify her motions, forcing more and more of my cock more deeply inside herself. We fell into an easy rhythm, gradually a little faster, with the effect that even more of the length of my cock disappeared into her. I was delightedly watching this at first, an intensely erotic sight for a man, but pulled her face down to mine for a deep, tongue-tangling kiss as almost the entire length of my rigid dick was buried within her. She kissed me back intensely but then decided that she wanted to try to impale herself more deeply on my thrusting cock. She rocked her upper body back up away from me and forced her lower body down onto me as I thrust even further into her. Our pubic bones pushed hard against each other. We rocked together, our hips moving fluidly, as the friction of my cock against the walls of her pussy built the sensations for both of us. I continued to massage her clit every chance I could, along with her breasts and nipples with the other hand. I wanted to rebuild the sexual tension within her body, once more, as quickly as I could, because I knew that I was somewhere very close to cumming. She leaned in closer to my ear,
"Adam, I love fucking you. Your cock is the best thing to ever happen to me. I love being your Slut and the way you fuck my pussy." She whispered.
"I love fucking your pussy too. I love the Slut in you. I fucking enjoy this pussy." I whispered back. I think the man sitting with us in the Business class heard us because he let out a loud moan "ohh Fuck!" Trish and I had completely forgotten about him because of the pleasure we were giving eachother. We giggled when his moans reminded us someone was watching.
We moved against each other more and more quickly, my cock now sliding very easily within her, right up to the centre of her being, the head probing all around her cervix. It felt to me that, occasionally, my cock thrust within the folds of her cervix.
As the cervix is in some way sensitive, even if I am not completely sure whether it has sufficient nerve endings to deserve to be or why it should be so, completely enclosed deep within the pussy, the sensations of my cock head pushing around Trish's, along with the other manipulations I was making of her sexual organs, had her once more beginning to scale the heights of sexual ecstacy and I'd been there for a while now. We both redoubled our efforts, sensing that I at least was about to go off. When her tight pussy started to pulsates and spams around my shaft, I couldn't hold back anymore
"Ohhh Fuck Trish, I'm gonna cum in your pussy. Common Slut, rock on my cock fast. Make me cum Slut. Fuck!" I moaned.
"Cum for me Adam. I love being your Slut. Cum in my pussy. Pour your juice into my pussy." She moaned back. I noticed her eyes were fixed on the man watching us. As if she was asking him to cum for her.
When I did cum, it caught me just a little by surprise, as I was almost sure that I had a few more mighty thrusts left within myself before spraying my copious load of cream around inside her. But the first mighty spurt came, releasing from the eye of my dick to mingle with Trish's own internal fluids. The intense feelings of orgasm began to overtake me, swamping a momentary tinge of disappointment that I had not been able to bring her back up to a point where she might cum along with me. As the sensations of orgasm swept through me, though, that twinge was buried deep, about as deep as I was still thrusting into her sweet, tight pussy. Next thing I knew, Trish began jerking faster ontop of me for she in turn reached her second climax just a little behind mine. This time she went off a bit more like a firecracker.
"Oh fuck! Adam, I'm cumming. Keept stroking my clit. Oh shit! I'm cum..ming. Fuck! Fuck!"
She exclaimed as I had continued to thrust inside her and erratically fondle her clit, she had found her moment. While I did everything that I could think of to give her pleasure, I believe that she reached inside herself and found a deep desire for and love of sex that helped her catch up to me, with a little help from me.
As the convulsions of her orgasm manifested themselves by a few crazy gyrations of her hips and the grinding of her cunt hard down onto my still twitching and thrusting cock, we both seemed to simultaneously become worried that she might not be able to control her noise level this time around. We launched into a deep, erotic kiss, during which she expelled a great breath of air and sound into my mouth, muffling the noise to an acceptable level. She followed that with a number of other smaller pants and noises into my mouth as we kissed for quite a long time.
We soon got a bit distracted by the moans from the man sitting near us. "Ohhh Fuck!" I guess he was cumming too. Trish and I giggled, ignored him and continued kissing.
As we did that, I gradually stopped my thrusting into her pussy, my cock's twitching and spurting began to cease, Trish's convulsions began to slow and diminish and we both started to come down from the height of sexual passion to relax peacefully within each other's arms. I stopped the almost constant stimulation of her clit and nipples, preferring rather to stroke her body gently and let the sensations of orgasm subside at their own pace. On her part, though, she continued to hold her pussy close to my cock, keeping the softening part of me as far within herself as its diminished length would allow. Trish grabbed her hand bag and pulled out two packets of wipes. To my surprise, she threw one pack to the man that sat two seats away from us and he caught it like a goal keeper. As if he was waiting for it. He said "Thank You Trish." and she giggled. He even knew her name. He didn't only watch us fuck while he stroked his cock, he was also listening to our moans to an extent he memorized her name. I bet he was imagining he was the one being fucked. Is he a perv or what?
Anyway, Trish and I ignored him as she got off me and wiped me clean. Then she squat and wiped the cum off her pussy too. She picked her to lace thong and jeggins off the floor and put them on and I got up and dragged my jeans from my ankle back up to my waist and put my shirt back on. After Trish dressed up, she went to the lavatory. I looked around to make sure things were in order.
"You've got a great new bride there Adam." I looked around and it was the man sitting in the Business class with us that spoke to me. I smiled. What an intrusive perv. He heard my name too.
"I will do anything to have her likes for a wife. I made a mistake of marrying a saint. Even the word 'Fuck' is forbidden in our bedroom." He continued. I smiled at him politely. And turned my TV back on. I was not interested in discussing with him. I bet seeing her pussy, spread open by my cock, her clit glistening in the dim light of the plane, made him wish it was his cock sliding in and out of her. Few minutes later, Trish returned to her seat beside me and we resumed drinking and talking. We dozed off afterwards, although I can't tell which of us slept off first. ‎
Few hours later, we landed in London. Trish and I headed for the toted we were going to lodge in. It was a very beautiful place. I looked at the big sign boldly written 'HOTEL EXCEL'.
Trish seemed to be very used to the place. She knew her way around and quite a few staff recognized her. We were escorted to our suit. We were both tired but we managed to shower before we rested. While we were still sleeping, we got a call from the reception, Trish had a guest. When the lady came up, they were both so excited to see eachother. I could hear them screaming and teasing eachother.
"Adam, please come and meet my bestest friend in the whole wild world." Trish called for me. I quickly left the room to go and meet the ladies. Trish introduced me to her friend Santa.
Santa was a very beautiful woman. She had exactly the same body endowment with Trish, same complexion, same height, same long weaves, same dress sense and heck! She wore glasses and even high heels too. One could say Trish and Sata were twins only that they were not identical facially. Santa and I exchanged pleasantries and a hand shake. She gave me a flirtatious look and Trish grinned. The ladies decided we all go out for lunch.
"Hey! Santa, where is the stuff?" Trish said to Santa.
"Oh! Silly me. I almost forgot." Santa replied as she reached into her hand bag and brought out a small envelope. She handed it over to Trish who also handed the envelope to me.
"What is it?" I asked Trish.
"Oh! Sorry I didn't tell you. It's a sim card for your phone. I had called Santa earlier to arrange it for you so you can call home." Trish replied. I thanked her and gave her a kiss.  Few minutes later, we went out for lunch, Santa drove us in her car. And I watched as the ladies did a lot of catch up. Trish told Santa what happened the last time we ran into her ex and how I saved her. Later that evening, we went to a bar to hang out. The ladies talked and talked and mostimes they used codes only the both of them understood. I just smiled and sipped my drink. We went back to the hotel and I rested in the room while the ladies stayed in the living room drinking, talking and laughing. I inserted my new sim in my phone. I needed to call Mary and let her know I was okay. I made sure the room door was well shut because I didn't want Mary to hear the voices of Trish and Santa. I then went into the bathroom but left the bathroom door open so that the echo could be controlled and Mary wouldn't know I was in the bathroom. Mary was so happy to hear from me.
"Adam, I've missed you so much. I'm so glad you called me Honey. I was expecting you to be able to get settled enough to call me by Tuesday. How are you?"
"Slow down Mary. I only left you yesterday Baby."
"Oh! Shut up Adam. Can't you see its devastating sleeping alone on our bed? I really miss you."
"I am missing you too my Love. I promise you that when next I'm going on a trip, I will take you with me okay?"
"Are you serious? Oh Adam, that will be nice. I believe you."
"I need to arrange for us to come on our Honeymoon here. It's a beautiful place. You will love it. I will buy the tickets as soon as I return."
It was really exciting talking to Mary. I really missed her. I didn't realize it till I heard her voice. I began to think about how much I was betraying her and she didn't deserve it. But we'll, it was my last time. After the wedding, I will put an end to all this. Mary deserves an honest man and I was going to give her that. I decided to call my best man to be, Jake. We agreeed to meet up the following day so I can rest after the long flight. I told Trish about it and Santa said she will come come and pick uus the next day. I couldn't wait. I have missed that guy so much. He relocated to the UK few years ago. We had some shopping to do so Jake and I agreed to meet at the mall. I hooked up with my Childhood Bro and best friend, Jake. He lives in East London so we were going to hang out a lot together. Jake, Trish, Santa and I.
 Jake was my partner in crime and he still did not believe any woman could hook me. As we walked around the mall shopping we had time to talk because the ladies splitted to tour the mall. I did a lot of shopping for Mary and I. I bought everything we were going to wear on our wedding day. It was going to be a big surprise for my wife to be. From our Wedding rings, her Wedding gown, Shoes, Tiara, My suit and my best man's suit. Jake and I strolled into a bar inside the mall to have a drink and to talk some deep man to man talk.
"Adam, I don't get you. You are getting married in less than three weeks but you are here in the UK frolicking around with your Boss? Wait, isn't this the same woman you said was obnoxious and a pain in the ass?"

"Haha! Jake you still remember that?"

"Every single detail Man. You used to whine and bitch about her every time we talked on phone. How come she is now your best slut?"

"It's a long story Bro. We are cool now. We are more than friends now."

Jake laughed and gave me a hand shake.

"Wow! Adam, you are the Man my brother. Give me tips my guy. Common help a brother. How did you manage to win her into your bed? Common man, Spill it."

"Ohh Shut up Jake. There's nothing to spill. We were attracted to each other and we both wanted a piece of each other. Now we are here."

Jake gave me a sarcastic look and said,

"Yeah right! Don't give me that  'we started from the bottom now we're here' bullshit. Tell me how you were able to nail a woman like Trish, a CEO of a massive oil company. Damn! When did we start keeping secrets? Don't tell me you seduced her with that tube cream we used to use in High school. What was the name of that tube cream again?"

"OMG!! Jake! You are a moron. You still remember that shit we did way back then? You are just unbelievable man. You are so sick and you need help. You are lucky we never got arrested."

"Arrested? For what? No one was raped. They begged to be fucked. We even got raped when they were in heat. If anyone should have complained, it should have been you and I."

Jake and I began to laugh so loudly that people began to stare at us. Jake continued,

"So tell me, apart from the good fuck you get from Trish, I bet working for her has its benefits. Double promotion and chunky salary yeah?"

"No! No! No! Jake don't you dare go there. I worked my ass off to get to where I am today. I got my promotion after I paid my dues of working for four good years. My salary and allowances are same as those in my rank. I don't get any extra benefit. You should know me better than that Jake. I don't go after babes for anything other than pussies. I am on a supposed official trip. All my shopping as you can see is being paid for with my card. I am not some gigolo. Don't say such things to me man. I have worked really hard to be where I am in my career."

"I'm sorry Bro. I was just kidding. Chill man. I didn't mean that. Common Bro don't be like that."

We sipped our drinks quietly for a while. Then Jake broke the silence.

"Adam, now no more jokes. Let's talk seriously now. Brother to Brother."

I adjusted myself in my seat and paid attention to Jake. I was eager to know what he was going to say now. The serious look on his face made me curious.

"Go on Jake. I'm listening."

"Ok Adam, I have eyes, I can see. This thing between you and Trish is more than just Sex. I see real emotions between the both of you. You guys can pretend all you want but I am certain you both have feelings for each other. I see how she looks at you and how you look at her. I know you Adam, why are you marrying another woman when you've got this great woman whom you obviously have feelings for?"

I sighed heavily. His words were deep. But without giving it any thought I replied,

"Jake, you make sense Bro. You are indeed my Brother. Though from another mother. But you are more than blood to me. To answer your question, you are a bit right. Trish and I developed feelings for each other, but it's purely sexual attraction. Believe me Man, I am marrying the woman God created for me. I Love Mary to death. She is my life, my everything. I can't picture my life without Mary. I may have feelings for Trish too, but it can't be compared to what I feel for Mary. She is my soul mate. Trust me Bro."

"Ok Adam, I believe you. I've never heard you talk about any woman like this. But if that's the case, what are you doing with Trish less than three weeks to your wedding? This is dangerous man! You think she will just let you go get married after you fuck her brains out with that your big mamba?"

Jake and I laughed out loud again and attracted attention from busy bodies who acted pissed by our laughs.

"True talk my brother. But this trip was just to say goodbye. It was her last request. We came here only to fuck. Trust me, I'm going to be a faithful husband to Mary. Trish brought me here to Sow my last wild oaths. And that's what I'm gonna do. I shall live this town a new man. Believe me Jake."

"So Adam, where the hell does Mary think her husband to be is right now?"

"In UK, for a course sponsored by the company ofcourse, duuhhh?"

We laughed even louder this time to piss off those who were looking at us rudely in a way to caution us as if we were school kids making noise in the class room. We grabbed our thing and walked out of the bar, laughing even louder. We met up with the girls. Jake left us, promising to come see me us at the hotel the following day. We got to the hotel room and and left the ladies in the sitting room. I went into the bedroom. After I fresher up, I laid in bed. I couldn't help thinking about Jake's words. I thought about Marry, I thought about Trish. I tried to compare both women. They were both fantastic. But I knew I wanted to be with Mary. Yet again, how do I let go of Trish? She was all I wanted sexually, no hold backs. But there's more to love and lifae than sex. With Mary, I will have a loving family, besides, sex with Mary was fantastic too. She may have have been naive but she was willing to learn and she said pleased me however she could. I decided to drink so I can shake off the confusion. I drank a few more glasses of wine and decided to rest till I fell asleep. I don't know how long I slept but I felt a hand caressing my tighs and I opened my eyes. The sight I beheld when I opened my eyes was amazing. I don't know how but the first words that came out of my mouth was,
"I must have died in my sleep and gone to heaven."
Lo and behold, what I never expected. Trish and Santa were right there in front of me. It's not the fact that the two of them were there that amazed me. It was what they were wearing, or should I say, what they were 'NOT' wearing. Trish and Santa were practically naked. Well, for just a bra and a matching thong and high heels. I sat up and starred at the ladies. I glanced from their feet. From the very high heels not less than six inches, up their long, straight and smooth legs. Then I looked up thier tighs to their hip. Their waist. I looked at the matching thongs they both had on. Then my eyes went up their smooth, flat stomachs and up to their matching bras which barely covered their big breasts. The sight was such a turn on. I felt my cock throb and I drew breath and exhaled heavily.
"Ladies, what's happening here? Am I safe at all?" I asked coyishly, feigning ignorance of the situation. Trish walked up to me and climed on the bed and crawled slowly to me.
"Shhhh Adam. Just close your eyes and relax. We just want to give you a treat. I told you I was going to spoil you right? It begins now." She said. My cock was doing all the thinking for me. I was already growing hard in my shorts. The thought of being fucked by these two gorgeous ladies was crazy. It's been years since I had a threesome. It was during my last year in the university with Professor Ngozi Obi and her friend whose name I can't remember.  But what I had in front of me that evening, was just too amazing. I knew Trish was crazy, but I was about to discover more crazy and wild sides of my stuck up bitchy boss. Trish pushed me back onto the bed, held my short and pulled it off me. I lifted my butt off the bed to make it easier for her. I saw as Santa's eyes lit up when she saw my cock. She licked her lips.
"Uhh! Not bad at all. Trish you were right." Santa said to Trish. "You better believe it girlfriend. I told you he was huge didn't I? You just wait until this cock goes into you." Trish replied.
"Ladies, I'm still here you know?" I cut in and they both chuckled. Santa winked at me and I smiled. Trish planted a kiss on my lips then she pulled off a few inches from my face.
 "I know baby. She doubted me a lot when I told her about your wonder cock. I want her to feel it. Make sure you fuck her silly." Trish said to me then she settled her body against mine. As she intensified the kiss  and her hand caressed my upper body. My tongue licked at hers, drawing a small moan from her. She sucked at it lightly, causing me to jump a bit. She smiled against my lips as my arms went up around her to draw her closer. She stroked my belly, kissing me the entire time. Our tongues were intimate friends at this point, dancing in each other's mouths. We murmured unintelligible words against each other's lips Suddenly, I felt another set of hands caressing my legs. Santa had joined us in bed. She crawled up between my spread legs and put her hand on my crotch and she began to stroke me. She took me in her mouth and began to suck my cock hard. She switched to the side and while on her knees she sucked hard.   I reached my hand down and started to rub Santa's sweet ass. She moved her ass towards my hand. My hand ended up right on her panties protecting her pussy. The moisture was seeping through her panties.  I pulled the material aside and started rubbing her pussy. She started to push back against my hand. So I figured she wanted attention. I slid one finger in and then another. She pushed back again and I began to finger fuck her pussy. Santa began to moan. Her moan felt like a vibrating pussy on my cock. Once in a while, she will moan a humming sound and my cock vibrated. It felt so good. I closed my eyes tightly. Trish pulled away from the kiss, I opened my eye to look at her.
"Adam, I want to watch you eat Santa and fuck her while I play with myself." Trish whispered in my ear. I noticed Trish has pushed her thong to the side and began stroking her clit with her eyes fixed on Santa's mouth sucking my cock. I could see Trish's glistening wet pussy. She moaned as her fingers circled her hardening clit. I looked down at Trish's Fingers, watching the stringy trail of her juice stick to them as she played with herself. She spread her legs wider so that I could get a perfect view, her thumb flicking over her erect clit, fingers spreading her pussy lips apart as if she was teasing me. She pushed in, allowing two fingers to sink into herself up to her knuckles.   I don't know why but I got even more aroused. Santa was rocking her hips on my fingers as they fucked quickly into her sopping wet hole and her mouth was still sucking my cock in her mouth as she began to suck at me in earnest. She had this wonderful, large mouth and sensuous lips. They enfolded me as I watched, putting my right hand in her hair while my left hand was still in her pussy. I hadn't said anything for what had seemed like a very long time. Suddenly there it was. I cried out loud "Yeah! Suck that cock like a Slut. Give it to me Slut. Ohhhh I'm cumming!"
As I said this, Santa gave a full body shudder and took a very long pull on my cock as I shot a full load into her mouth. She did not stop, She just kept shuddering and writhing and sucking. My cock had grown so sensitive I thought I would pass out. Just at that moment, her shuddering and writhing lessened, she lifted off my cock and laid back beside me on the bed.
"Adam, let me watch you eat her pussy." Trish commanded.
"Yes Ma'm." I replied with a grin.
I laid untop of Santa, I kissed her neck and nibbled her ear as I took in the scent of her perfume. She rubbed my back and shoulders as I slowly moved down between her legs and started kissing the insides of her thighs. I sucked and kissed all around her mound while I rubbed her lower body and breasts. I used one hand to move her panties to the side so I could get a taste of her pussy. I parted her sweet, moist pussy lips with my tongue and burrowed my way into her pussy. I flicked my tongue up and down in her folds and then worked my way up to her clit. I put my mouth over her mound and swirled my tongue around her clit. Her body answered me with moans and squirming. Trish got off the bed and walked towards the wardrobe. I was tempted to ask her where she was going but I didn't want to stop my ministrations on Santa's Pussy. I was so drunk with lust I went right back to eating Santa's pussy until she bucked against my mouth and released her juices onto my face. I continued to lick and suck her pussy as she came down off of her first orgasm. I looked over and saw Trish returning to the bed carrying a pussy massagerand she took her thong and bra off.
"You wanna join?" I asked.
Trish said, "No, I just wanna watch you make her cum. Now scoot over."
We scooted over to the right side of the bed so Trish could climb onto the left. I looked at Trish as I slowly slipped Santa's soaked panties off. When I finished, Santa sat up, took her bra off and tossed them onto the floor and laid back down. She had one of the nicest bodies I have ever seen on a woman, almost identical to Trish but better. Her stomach was toned and tight, her breasts were bigger than they actually felt and very firm. Her pussy was a perfect and beautiful with just the small landing strip of pubic hair above the slit. She had a small chain belly button ring. After admiring her beautiful body, I went back down on her, licking, sucking, and slurping. Santa was getting close again while Trish laid there on her side with one hand between her legs, she had turned on the clit massager and placed it on her pussy, she was watching everything that was going on. She began to rock back and forth on her the pussy massager while I continued to eat  Santa's delicious pussy. Trish scooted down further on the bed and began squeezing my ass with her left hand. I raised my ass up and got up on my knees. Trish grabbed my cock and began stroking it gently from behind while she fucked herself with the pussy massager. When I stopped to look at what she was doing, I could tell from the motion she was rubbing her clit rapidly. She started jerking my cock harder and her body began bucking while her chin lifted up away from her chest. I knew she was cumming and I knew Santa was about to cum again. My cock was rock hard now and at this point I needed relief. Trish's hand was almost getting me there but there were two aching pussies in this room I could please along with my cock. Santa's body once again began to buck as she pushed her mound harder into my face. I licked her clit, put my hands under her ass, and pulled her pussy hard against my face as she released more fluid into my mouth. At the same time I started to dismount her to penetrate her hot pussy with my cock, she said, "Fuck me, Sexy, please! Fuck me now! I want to feel the cock I've heard so much about!"
I moved into position between her legs. I looked over at Trish and her eyes were staring right  at my cock and Santa's pussy. I reached down and rubbed my cock between Santa's folds for a few strokes, then pushed into her. Her pussy was hot and wet. She was tight and I felt my cock head and shaft being squeezed tightly as I pushed all the way in. She breathed deeply and blew the air out through puckered lips. She again said,
"You are huge, Adam. And your cock feels so good. Mmmm, fuck me hard."
Trish kept massaging her clit and I felt the urge to touch her pussy.
"Come closer Slut. I want to feel your pussy." I said to Trish.
I moved my left hand over to Trish's body and pulled her over a little closer with her help. The girls' bodies were touching at the hips with Trish's leg wrapped up over Santa's. I started moving my cock in and out of Santa's pussy as I reached down and began rubbing Trish's soft inner leg up and down with my hand. I moved closer and closer to her pussy until I finally brushed against it. The next time, I traced up her leg and above her mound, then came back down with four fingers until one disappeared into her wet folds. I pulled the finger back out and rubbed her clit, I stuck two fingers back inside her pussy and finger fucked her for a few strokes. She still had the massager on her clit while my finger fucked her pussy. I thought about something, normally, during an FFM threesome, the girls usually fuck each other or atleast touch each other. But Trish and Santa didn't. So it was obvious they were either not Bisexuals or their relationship was deeper than just Best Friends Forever, they had grown to be more like sisters. But what are the odds? There's always a first time. I'm sure they have fucked several cocks together. I decided to experiment, it would be a bloody risk but I was willing to take it. I pulled my fingers out of Trish's pussy, I took the pussy massager from her and threw it on the floor. I grabbed her left hand to move it between Santa's legs, down to her clit. Trish looked at Santa with a shocked look on her face and Santa looked at her and nodded her head in approval. Trish began to rub Santa's clit while my cock was still inside Santa's pussy. I then grabbed Santa's hand and moved it to Trish's clit. There was no eye contact this time, just a start of motion from both of the girl's hands. I stuck my finger into Trish's pussy again, then two. I reached up to the roof of her canal to find her g-spot and rubbed it as she moaned with pleasure. The girls continued to rub each other while I looked on in amazement. Seeing these two beautiful women here in front of me, completely naked, playing with each other while my cock is being rammed in and out of one of them was too much for me to hold back on. Then add the moaning and sounds of the juices, I finally had my release coming on. My cock began to itch underneath and I drove deep into Santa's canal as I prepared for my release, pulling her to me with my right arm over her legs. I told Santa,
She said, "Me, too! Fuck my pussy!Fuck me harder! YES!"
I began to pound her pussy deep and hard and I started cumming inside her as her pussy squeezed my shaft and head. Her body bucked into me and her head lifted up off of the bed. At the same time, I looked over at Trish who was starting to cum as well. I could feel her pussy clamping down on my fingers and her lower body bucked in a rhythm. Both of their hands were stirring each other' clits in rapid swirls. I felt like I came harder than I ever had, releasing so much cum it leaked out around my shaft. We all came down and Trish said,
"I can't believe we just did that."
We got up one after the other to clean up in the bathroom. Obviously we were exhausted and we passed out on the large bed. Both ladies were on both sides and I laid in the middle. We had to cancel all the plans we made. We were too tired to go out. After resting, we ordered a light meal. I slept off immediately. I woke up the following morning and the ladies were still beside me. I smiled to myself. This trip was going to be an adventure. But how will I let go of this sweet lifestyle?
Ohh! My poor Mary!!

 To Be Continued...............