April 27, 2015

A Dream I Had Of You

I come walking over to you  without saying a word  take your hands slowly in mine  entwining our fingers  I kiss the palms of your hands  lick slowly each finger  teasing  tasting  I gently pull you to your feet and kiss your collar bone as you rise  pressing myself against you as you bend your head to kiss my lips  I pull you along with me in to the shower  as we enter the bathroom i reach for your belt buckle  undo this so I can slide my hands in your waste line  your stomach curves inward with the chill of my cold hands on your warm flesh  I slide my hands from your waist slowly up and across your chest  feel your nipples grow taut at the tease of my touch  I slide your shirt up over your head  taking one of your nipples into my mouth  flicking it with my tongue  pinching it with my teeth  suckling it gently with my mouth  I slid my fingernails down your sides  feeling the chicken skin my touch creates  undoing the snap of your jeans and sliding them down your hips  locking my fingers in the waist band of your shorts and removing them at the same time  my mouth trailing your stomach and i bend lower to remove your pants  and I reach my knees  my mouth brushes the top of your hard cock  lips lightly grazing the head  tongue gracefully sliding down the shaft  to where my mouth is able to suck your balls gently into my mouth  as my hands creep slowly down your legs  I raise your right foot then your left  removing socks  jeans  and underwear  dragging my nails back up your calves  grabbing your things to hold tighter to  I let the whole of your cock fill my wanting mouth  slowly  slowly  moving it in and out my moth  loving the taste of your precum in my mouth  I slid up  lick the top of the head  sliding my tongue in the little hole  leaving not a drop  I lean back and turn on the water for the shower  as the room start to fill with steam,  I begin to remove my clothes  sliding my pants down allowing you to see my long legs  stretching high above too remove my shirt  standing in front of you now in only my bra I come forward  sliding the straps down with each step  until I'm right in front of you  I remove it  so my bare nipples are in contact with your chest  lifting my head for a taste of your mouth  my hand strokes your hard cock  using your cock I guide you into the shower  you feel the heat of the water  but all you carve is the feel of my heat  i turn you around immersing you under the shower head  I reach for the soap and start with small circles in your chest  then turn you around  you lean head down under the spray  arms leaning against the wall for support  i start to wash your back  massaging as i go slowly down your back  on to you tight ass  my hot soapy hands running up and down your back  from shoulders to ass and back up each time  my hands getting deeper and deeper in your ass  I run my hand thru the crack of your ass  reach under and scratch your balls with my fingers  i slide my other hand around and start to stroke your cock Then I remove my hand from your ass  slide it around to reach your balls from the front  you feel my shaved pussy up against your bare  hot  soapy  wet ass  you feel my hard tits sliding on your back  throwing your head back you cant take it anymore  you whip around grab me  take my tit into your mouth  biting the nipple so hard I cry out  you slide your other hand between my legs  and your fingers deep in my pussy  you thrust your hand in and out and feel my tighten around your fingers  as I shriek out in ecstasy  I cum all over your hand you turn me around so that I am now facing the wall  my arms are braced  you move my feet so I can give you room  you place the head of your cock at the entrance of my pussy grabbing my neck in your teeth  in one strong push  you are inside of me  I scream in pain and pleasure but you hold me still  moving slowly in my pussy till i relax  and you start to move faster  slamming me against the wall  you reach around me grabbing both my tits  squeezing harder and harder with each thrust  you have me slamming off your balls as you are in so deep with a scream from deep within the side  you grab all my hair and pull my head to the side  sinking your teeth in my neck like a vampire going for blood  you cum hard and deep with my pussy  burring your cock to the hilt  I feel you cum in my pussy and I start the dance too squeezing your cock with my pussy  I scream again in pleasure  and collapse against the wall as we try to catch our breath.

I open my eyes........ it's just a dream I had of you

April 24, 2015

Forgive Me Mary! 9

I had mixed feelings about what had just happened between Trish and me. Satisfaction and guilt. As I laid in that bed with Trish lying in my arms, exhausted from multiple orgasms. I just cheated on Mary few days after she gave me one of the most precious gifts a woman could ever give a man, Her maiden head. What is wrong with me? I felt so guilty and hoped she does not fine out. Not only because of the hurts she would go through, but because I didn't want her to leave me. To me, she is a rare gem that I couldn't afford to loose. But there I was, being the damn dog that I am. 
I don't know why, but I didn't regret what just happened with Trish. I felt so much at ease being so close to Trish. Maybe the Fantasy I kept having of her would end. I was still lost in thought when Trish's voice brought me back to reality.
"A penny for your thought?" 
I smiled and she rolled up and kissed me on the lip and then she asked "Are you concerned about what just happened?" 
"Not really. I'm sure this won't affect our professional relationship. Or should I be worried?" I asked. " 
"Ofourse not Adam. Common, relax. Or, do you regret it?" 
"Noooo, I don't regret it. I only regret we didn't start sooner. Just out of curiosity, Why did you hate me so much?" I asked. 
But Trish didn't answer. She got off the bed and went into the bathroom to freshen up. I didn't say anything anymore. I just waited for her to return to bed. And when she did, I also got up and went to the bathroom. 
"So tell me Adam, do you always Cheat on your Fiancée?" She asked. Honestly, I felt so embarrassed. I didn't know what to say. I couldn't understand why she would ask that. 
"Are you trying to avoid answering my question?" I asked her as I walked back to bed. She smiled and insisted we just enjoy the night. I switched off my phone so that Mary wouldn't be able to reach me. That moment I felt I was going to go straight to hell. Not only did I cheat on my Fiancée, I also went incommunicado. I prayed she does not try to reach me that night because I wouldn't have any excuse. 
I ended up spending the night in the boss lady's room and we had sex all night. She was like a sex starved Bitch, and I took her in all she could give. I loved the sex, it was amazing, Trish was every inch my kind of bedroom woman. She never got tired, it was as if she had been celibate for long and she majored in aggressive sex. How could I regret that? The next morning I went to my room to get ready for the airport. Trish and I exchanged phone numbers for the first time, we only had eachother's work numbers. As usuall, I went to join my colleagues in our ride and we boarded the flight together. Trish and I saw eachother at the airport and we looked the other way. She made me nervous everytime our eyes met, the mischievous grin on her lip was somewhat speaking to me, the look in her eyes said 'I know what you did last night'. It was a language only I could understand. She always grinned before she looked away. I called Mary to pick me up from work on her way home because I was heading straight to the office from the airport once I landed. My colleagues and I had a presentation to do during the board meeting scheduled for 2PM. It was a good opportunity since the board members were already fixed to gather that day. Instead of fixing another day to present to them, we took advantage of this.
"Adam, why the hell haven't I been able to reach you since last night?" Mary asked over the phone. 
"Baby, calm down. I can't talk much now. I'm with my colleagues. Let's talk when I get home okay? Pick me up on your way back from work alright?" 
I was as guilty as a hawk. How do I lie to Mary? She will never forgive me if she found out what happened with the boss lady. I knew I would have to do my best to cover that, up. But questions I had on my mind bugged me. Did I feel guilty for cheating on Mary? Did I enjoy the fucking the boss lady? Do I want to do it again? I asked myself these questions over and over again and funny enough, the bloody answer to them all was YES!!! 
During the meeting, I couldn't focus, I just wanted to pounce on Trish and rip her clothes off. While we sat in the boardroom, my phone vibrated in my pocket, I took it out and it was a text message from Trish. I wondered why she would text me, afterall we were sitting at the same board table. Opening the message, I ducked down, hoping no one saw my face lit up with excitement.  
 "I'm not wearing any pantie. Wanna see?"
"How can I see? We are in a boardroom with people." I replied. 
She texted back. "Drop your pen, bend down to pick it up and take a good look. You are sitting directly opposite me so it will be easy." 
I replied. "LoL. You can't be serious. Are you?" 
"Try Me!" she texted again. 
I dropped my pen and bent down to pick it up.. I looked under the table, Trish had her legs wide open. And truly, she had no panties. She managed to put her hand under the table and spread her pussy lips with her fingers. I was gazing directly at her clit. Jeezzz. This woman is crazy, I thought to myself. She actually began to rub on her clit. She will circle her clit two or three times and then press her pussy lips, she kept repeating it. I felt my cock throb and I didn't realize I had froze with my head under the table. I completely froze and went into a trance, the only thing on my mind was how to eat the wet pussy I was starring at and belive me, in my mind, I could see myself doing just that.
"Mr Adam, is everything okay?" The MD's huge voice brought me out of my reverie. As I quickly tried to get my head out from under the table, I hit my head on the edge of the table. It was quite a painful bump. 
"Umm Yes Sir. Everything is fine sir." I said rubbing my head to sooth the pain from the bump. "I bent to pick my pen Sir." . I continued as I lifted up the pen to show every body. I don't know I did that. Why did I lift the pen up for everyone to see? Why was I trying so hard to convince them that it was the pen that took me under the table. I guess it was guilt. Damn! My head hurt. I sat back on my seat and my phone vibrated again. I picked it up, and it was another text from Trish. 
"Ouch! Sorry about your head. I bet it hurts. Let me make it up to you. I have a great idea on how to sooth the plain." 
"What do you have in mind?" I texted her back.  
"What do you say, I round up the meeting and send everyone one away. So we can have a quickie. I want you to fuck me right now and right on this table. How about that?"  she texted 
Music to my ears. It was a nice offer. And I wouldn't mind having to fuck her brains out, right on that table. But then I remembered, I have Mary to go home to. I needed to save the energy for Mary. She will be suspicious if I was unable to act like my usuall self. I thought about Trish's open legs and my cock grew harder in my pants. I picked up my phone and typed "Baby, I miss you, can you close early and come pick me? I can't take not being without you anymore. Please hurry.  I need to fuck you, I miss your pussy." Sent it to Mary. I looked up and saw Trish starring at her phone anxiously. Then I remembered I was supposed to send her a reply. Just as I picked up my phone her text came in "I'm still waiting for your response Adam." 
I replied her "I would really want to fuck you on this table Trish. But I'm sorry I have a banging headache. I just need to go home and rest. Hold that thought, we will do it some other time." I saw her read the text and her face changed from the horny Slut  to the vicious Boss Lady. I didn't like that look at all. Infact, it made me very uncomfortable. But thank God the meeting was soon over. I quickly stood up and joined the rest of my colleagues as they walked out of the board room. I returned to my office. Just as I sat down I got another text. I became nervous thinking it was from Trish. But when I looked, it was from Mary, telling me she was in the parking lot. I sighed in relief and grabbed my suit case and quickly dashed out. I didn't want to wait for another text from Trish. Mary was excited to see me. I got into the car and we kissed for a while. My hardon became more obvious as the bulge in my pant increased. I grabbed Mary's hand and put it on my cock. She was very elated. 
"My goodness! Adam, did you miss me that much?" She asked as she grabbed my cock through my pants. I drew in breath, If only she knew the reason behind this hard cock. But that was for me to know. Mary should never find out. 
"Yes Baby, I've missed you so much. Please keep rubbing on my cock. I'm loving it " I replied. Mary kept stroking my cock with one hand while the other hand was on the steering. Thank God for Automobiles as she didn't need to change the gear. I closed my eyes and enjoyed Mary's hand  on my cock and the picture in my head was Trish's pussy, under the table. I couldn't believe I was betraying Mary this much. Imagine thinking of another woman while Mary's hand was on my member. We got home in no time and Mary got out of the car. 
"Adam, atleast allow me to shower please. It's been a long day." She said as she ran into the house and rushed to the bathroom. I was too hard and needed to fuck Mary. I went into the house and took off my clothes and decided to join Mary in the shower.
"Adam, what are you doing here? What's your problem randy man?" Mary asked as she was surprised when I opened the bathroom door. 
"Common Mary, are you really that shocked? How did you expect me to deal with this?" I said, pointing at my erected cock which sprung out in front of me. I followed Mary's eyes as it came down and focused on my hardie. 
"Jeezzz Adam, you must have really missed me. Come here my poor baby." Mary beckoned. I stepped into the shower with her and pulled her closer and kissed  her deeply. The shower poured on both of us. 
"Adam, stop, you're gonna mess up my hair." She giggled.  
"I don't care Baby. You will make another one. Don't worry, I will help you to dry it with the hand dryer. Just let me have my way please." I said as I leaned closer to her and pushed her back on the wall. 
I dropped on my knees and spun her around. My face nuzzled into her crotch as I grabbed her ass and pulled her slit onto my nose, inhaling the mix of the soap she bathed with and the sexy scent of her pussy juice. Mary gasped, and reached for something to hold onto. Finding the shower head and soap rack, her left heel sought solid footing. She implanted it in the drain, then lifted her right leg onto the edge of the tub, granting me easier access. Seeing her 'leaning against the clean wall tiles reminded me of Trish. She lifted her left leg and placed it on the lower tap. Her beautiful pussy was starring right back at me.
I took advantage and buried my nose deep in her cleft and plunging my tongue into her wet hole. I lapped away aggressively, and she instantly found herself on the precipice of a big climax. I delayed just a bit, intermittently removing myself to compliment her.
"You are so beautiful."
"I know baby. Now shut up and eat me." she replied. 
"Your pussy is fucking perfect."  
"You taste so good." 
I was tempted to put a finger inside her hole but I resisted the urge. I didn't want to exhaust her just yet. I licked her clit between her pussy lips.
Mary tilted her head back, so the water flew over her face and landed on her breasts. It flowed down her stomach and between her legs, where it met my eager tongue. It created a heavenly, liquid friction, cascading over her clit in a downward motion as I flicked my tongue upward. She let go of the soap rack and grabbed the back of my head, exhibiting a dominance she had only learned from me. It proved to be all she needed.
She gushed her juices all over my face, holding me tight to her as she did. In the back of her mind, she knew I would return to being the dominant soon, but did not allow that to deter her from enjoying this moment. She lowered her right foot to the bottom of the tub, which forced her crotch lower onto my jaw. I kept my mouth open, willingly taking in whatever juices she had to give.
Once her breath slowed to a moderate pace, she let go of my head and took a step back, anticipating retribution. 
"Tell me what you want Honey." Mary said in the most seductive way. 
"You know what I want. I've missed you so much, my cock is hungry for your mouth. Suck my cock Baby. Taste my cock." I replied. "Come here, touch it." I added as I took her hand and placed it on my rock hard cock sticking out between her eyes, swollen, hungry, desperate for her touch.
Her manicured fingernails gently stroked the length of my cock, smiling as she heard me draw breath. She kissed my lips and tasted her pussy, then I grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her down. Her slippery body slid down till she got on her knees in front of me. She licked her lips and kissed the tip of my swollen member. A shudder went up my spine as her lips slowly parted over the head, until they had completely encompassed it. Her tongue then slowly slid around my head, caressing every sensitive bit, whilst her hands gently stroked my thick shaft. My legs began to shake and I held unto the sink for support.
I looked down at her, running my hand through her wet hair, pulling on it every time she touched a sweet spot. She looked up at me, her sparkling eyes meeting mine and smiled as she slowly, ever so slowly slid her lips down my shaft. Her head began to bob, each time she'd take a little more of my cock into her hungry mouth. I moaned and gasped a little louder each time, her tongue and lips sending pulses of pleasure through my giddy mind. As she got to the base I could feel my cock sliding into her throat, I could feel her gagging a little, but she clearly didn't care, if anything it made her suck harder and faster. Her fingers caressed my aching balls, stroking and teasing them, as if encouraging them to ready as much cum as possible for my rapidly approaching orgasm. I didn't want to cum without going into her pussy so I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up. I kissed her passionately. She pulled away, and went towards the sink.
I stepped closer, and pushed her back up against the sink. and I let go of her hand to grab her hips and grind into her. As my leg pressed between her thighs, she let out a little moan. I started kissing her neck, working my way up to her ear.
Feeling the pressure of my growing erection against her hip, she pressed more firmly against me and quietly breathed my name in my ear. I leaned back just enough to look her in the eyes. She licked her lips, but her eyes were wide with uncertainty.
"I missed you so much Mary. Now please turn around, I was to see your big Butt." I said. Mary Smiled and turned away from me, leaning against the sink again as her butt faced me. I knelt behind her as her ass was just a few inches away from my face. The water dripping down her body was so sexy. I licked the water on her butt and she moaned. She spread her legs as I slowly ran my hands up the insides of her thighs. I spread her butt cheeks a bit, and the sight of her pussy sent a surge through me. I enjoyed a moment of anticipation. Her wet pussy lips spread before me, begging for attention, her breath coming in short, nervous gasps. Then I slowly slid a finger into her. Her pussy was tight, and she gasped at the sudden sensation. I pushed all the way into her, and then slowly pulled all the way out.
"Ohh Adam, fuck me. I love you, please fuck me." She moaned.
Pleased at the way her wetness coated my fingers, I slipped two fingers back in and began to gently fuck her. At the same time, I reached forward and took her hand, bringing it between her thighs, encouraging her to rub her clit.
"Stroke that clit for me baby." I ordered and she obeyed. After just a few short minutes, her body began tensing up. She must have been right on the verge of cumming again when I stopped eating her pussy. Now with my fingers in her pussy, her orgasm was swiftly approaching. I began pushing more firmly into her, and she said 
"No! Adam. Don't stop, just keep going like that..."
I slowed down a bit, and concentrated on matching pace with her breathing, trying not to jostle her own fingers frantically circling her clit. All of a sudden, her legs stiffened, she made a choked little cry, and a small gush of warm fluid washed over my fingers. I slowed my pace when her hand stopped moving, and then just left my fingers inside, pressing downward as she breathed heavily through the wash of endorphines.
She had her head down, resting on her arm on the sink, and I could hear her breathing slowing. Her back was still arched.
Removing my fingers, I stood up and stroked my  painfully erected cock, rubbing her wetness around the head, and then leaned forward, plunging into her gently. She cried out in surprise, and I felt her pussy squeeze tightly around me.
For a moment, I just stood there, enjoying the hot grip she had on my shaft, and feeling her fingers brush against the base of my cock as she continued to rub her clit. I knew this wouldn't last long once I started, so I tried to focus on the details, to commit them to memory. Then I grabbed her hips and started fucking her. At first I went slowly, but feeling her hand moving around between our legs spurred me on, and before long I was plunging in and out of her as quickly as I could.
Her pussy kept expanding and contracting around me, alternately gaping so I could really only feel her lips sliding along my shaft, and then suddenly squeezing tight around me so that I could feel every bit of her wrapped hotly around the head of my cock. 
I don't know why, but the picture of Trish and I in the hotel room the night before suddenly came to my mind. I remembered when I put Trish across my laps and spanked her bare butt. Just then, I began spanking Mary's ass. Mary let out a loud moan with every spank on her butt.  She was trying to be quiet, but was constantly whispering my name, telling me to fuck her, and simply moaning into her arm. Suddenly, she reached up and grabbed the edge of the sink with both hands, and arched her back. 
"Ohh Fuck me Adam. I'm cumming Honey. Please fuck me. Ohmygod!! I'm cu-cu-cumming!!" She cried out and leaned back so far I nearly popped out of her, but I held tightly onto her hips, and pushed my cock as deep into her as I could. After a minute, she relaxed, leaned back down and moaned deeply. Incredibly turned on, I resumed fucking her now soaking wet pussy with quick, deep thrusts. She reached down between her legs again, but this time lightly took hold of my balls, and started gently rubbing them with each push.
"Ohmygod, I just came so hard Adam," she breathed, looking up and making eye contact with me in the mirror. "Cum for me Honey, come on, I want you to cum inside me..."
With all her encouragement, it wasn't long before I felt the familiar sensation building deep inside. I groaned and told her I was about to cum, and then my body rocked with an orgasm. I gripped her hips tightly and pumped my cum deep inside her pussy.
For a minute, we just stood there like that, catching our breath, and then she stood up. My cock slipped out of her, and we both laughed. Leaning back against me, she reached her arms back around my head and sighed happily.
"Adam, I can see you missed me. But damn! You were a bit weird." Mary said. 
"Really? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" I asked 
"Hmmm, I don't know. It felt like you were taking something out on me. What was with the spanking?" 
"Mary, I only missed you. That's all." 
"Anyway, I liked it. But I want you to make love to me because it's me and not taking something out on me. Are you guilty of something?" 
"No Mary, whatever do you mean?" 
"Well in that case, you must hate your boss more for the way she pissed you off." 
I didn't respond. I would have done anything to change the subject. But it was as if Mary was fishing for something. 
"Oh please Marry, why do you wanna ruin this beautiful moment by reminding me of that woman. Please change the subject." 
Mary smiled. I guess she was excited about the fact that I couldn't stand Trish. We finished showering together and went into the bedroom. A text came into my phone, it was Trish. "Has she cured you're headache? I know you ignored me cos of her. We fucked all night last night and you ignore me today? Not cool but have it Ur way."
I deleted the text immediately I finished reading it. I was confused, why would she send me that? She already knew about Mary. Yeah! I knew it was my fault. I started it. I came onto Trish. But truth is, she wanted me too. 
"Adam, are you okay?" Mary asked, bringing me back to reality. "Your face changed after you read something in your phone." She continued.
"Yeah Baby, I'm fine. It's just work related. I lied. 
"By the way Adam, you still haven't told me why your phone was switched off last night. Your hard cock distracted me earlier." She looked me in the eye and waited for an answer as she creamed her body. 
"Honey, I forgot to charge my phone when I returned from the refinery. Don't forget you and I talked for a long time yesterday. With all the frustrations of yesterday, I completely forgot to plug in the phone." I lied again. 
"Ohh Adam, that bitch must have really pissed you off yesterday. Sorry my Darling." Mary giggled sarcastically. I knew deep down in her heart, she was happy the boss lady and I didn't get along. She had seen pictures of Trish in the magazines and national papers, so she knew how beautiful and sexy Trish was and she was threatened. So to Mary, Trish not getting along with me meant there will be no room for attractions between us. If only she knew, but she mustn't find out. ‎We ended up going out for the dinner. And returned home to make love all night. 
At work, I tried as much as possible to avoid contact with Trish and I succeeded. But the honest truth was that I was dying to be with Trish. I wanted to fuck her again, I wanted those forced sex with her. I loved the way she pretended not to want me and she resisted me even when her pussy was soaking wet and she was dying to have me. I loved the way I had to Seduce her. I was missing Trish so much, I thought of her a lot and every time I did, my cock throbbed and I got a hardie. Sometimes, I ended up jerking off in my office toilet. And if I was home, I would make love to Mary. I found myself trying to imagine Mary was Trish when we made love. I Loved Mary to death, but I couldn't help my fantasies of Trish. Mary's family invited my family for her introduction, it was a smooth one. And a very happy day for the both of us. Our families were excited, my mother loved Mary and her mother loved me. Soon, it was just about six weeks to our wedding. We did all our wedding shopping, printed the invitations and sent them out. It was a very happy period. But I still couldn't get Trish out of my mind. I decided to give her a call on her phone. But she didn't pick. People in the office were gossiping about her and how cold she has been. During meetings, she wouldn't even look at me or talk to me. One day, at the meeting, I sent her a text telling her how much I missed her. But she did not reply. I saw her read it, and she just dropped her phone back on the table without replying. I felt really bad. She didn't even confront me or act rude towards me. I preferred when she was mean to me, atleast, there was some kind of communication between us. But now, she completely blanked me out and I doubted my own existence in the company. Then she didn't show up at the company for two days. I confronted her secretary and she refused to tell me anything. I was so distraught, I wanted to see her. I really hopped she was okay. But since her secretary wasn't telling me anything, I decided to go to the only place you could get all the company's inside gossips. The company's cafeteria. I haven't been there since after my promotion. I had a few friends I could meet up there and even without asking they would spill. Just a few minutes in that place and you will find out all you needed to know about the company, mostly the bad-ass juicy gossips. I went straight to the cafeteria and my old buddies were happy to see me. Immediately I entered, they all cheered and chorused a welcome theme. I was embarrassed but I smiled. 
"So what is a big boy like you doing here?" Tony asked. "Ever since he went up the ladder he stopped coming down here." Evans replied. 
"Common guys, it's not like that." I tried to defend myself but Tony interrupted me. 
"Maybe, he gained freedom to come here since the superior bitch has not been coming to work."
I just kept smiling and placed an order for food and a soft drink. The gossips were beginning to unfold. 
"Really? The CEO is not at work? I didn't notice. So where did she go?" I pretentiously fished for answers. 
"What do we care? We are just glad she is not around. The company has been at peace for the few days she's been away. She's such a wild bitch." Evans replied. 
"Did you hear what she did to those contractors? She is so evil. I think she is sex starved. She needs to be getting some." Tony said and they all roared laughter. I don't know why, but I was becoming very uncomfortable hearing them bad mouth Trish. 
"Oh please Tony, spare me that. Even if she's not getting laid, that does not mean she should bring it to work. Yeah, everybody has their problems, but a smart and balanced person can manage to separate their personal lives from their work and vice-versa," Evans said.
I was so upset about the way they badmouthed Trish. I became very uncomfortable, I lost it, I had to interject and I didn't know when I spat out in a loud voice.  "Well people go through things and handle things differently. She probably doesn't mean to use us as punching bags you know, it just......happens. Since when were we all perfect? She is still our boss and her attitude has never affected our salaries or allowances. So you guys really need to cut her some slack!"
I received a plethora of strange looks from everybody, as if I'd said something alien-like. 
"What the fuck..........." Evans mumbled.
"Adam, you were at the forefront of the crowd when it came to bitching and complaining about her behavior. Now you're siding with her?" Tony inquired.
"Exactly, I used bitch about her a lot and to be honest I was the one she punched most. I'm not siding with anybody, I'm just saying that we're all human, and maybe we're all taking this thing too personally. It may get better after the quarter is over."
"Oh, so now it's a football game? We're playing this thing in quarters now? And what are we, the Chiefs, and she's the Rams?" Evans said angrily.
"Okay, that's enough," I said interruptedly. I have better things to do rather than sit here and trash my boss like a spoiled kid. You guys really need to grow up. You know what? Maybe it was a mistake coming here afterall. I'm leaving." I got off the chair and made to walk out. 
"Adam, this is serious. Aren't you going to have lunch again?" Tony called. 
"Screw the lunch." I replied and walked out. I went back to my office disappointed. First, because I couldn't get the answers I sought for and secondly, because I had just dissed my friends defending Trish. It's not like they were saying wasn't true. Trish has not been the best boss, but she's human and I still don't think she deserved to be trashed like that by her subordinates. I had completely lost my appetite for lunch and I also know my friends will be wondering why I defended Trish considering the fact that she hit me most below the belt. I didn't care anyway.  I just kept wishing I knew where to find Trish. Just then, my phone alerted my that I had a text. It was Trish. I was so happy. I quickly opened it 
"Thank for defending me at the cafeteria Adam. That was really nice. But next time, don't. I don't need anyone to stand yup for me." 
 I was shocked, how did she know? I decided to reply. 
"Two questions Trish. 1, how did you know what happened at the cafeteria? 2, where the fuck are you?" 
She replied. "I have my eyes every where Adam. I know everything." 
"Trish, you didn't answer my second question." 
"That's none of your Biz Adam. You ignored me after giving me the best fuck of my life. You couldn't wait to run home to her. You don't care how I feel. I'm human you know? I didn't ask for this." 
Her words cut me like a sharp knife. I felt so bad. I replied. "I have missed you greatly Trish. I can't stop thinking about you." 
"I Can't stand your rejection Adam. I just needed a break. I still don't believe I can feel this way." 
"Where are you Trish. I want to see you." 
"I'm in my office. If you had searched for me, you would have found me." 
I didn't waste any time, I quickly rushed to her office. I didn't bother to talk to her secretary. I rushed passed her. "Hold on Mr Adam. I thought I told you Ms Bell has not been on seat? Where are you going?" She followed me. Calling on me, "Mr Adam, Mr Adad. You can't go in there." but I ignored her and pushed Trish's door open. I can't explain the joy I felt like when I saw Trish. I closed the door behind me as her face lit up. I rushed towards her, I pulled her off her chair and hugged her. 
"I've miss you so much my wild bitchy boss. Don't ignore me again like that please." I whispered in her ear. 
She hugged me back for a few seconds then she pushed me away and moved to another corner of the office. 
"Adam, I really wanted to avoid you. I've been coming to work. I come very early and ask my drivers to take the car back home and they pick me up after everyone must have left. I can't stay away from work now until we purchase that refinery. But I just wanted people to think I'm away."  Trish said with the safest look in her eyes.  
"Common Trish, don't do this. I missed you a lot. I'm sorry I ignored you after we came back. I was just confused. I needed time to think. I wasn't sure where this was going. I don't want anything to affect us professionally." 
"I see you care more about work than about me. Don't worry Adam. No matter what happens between us, it will never affect your job. I promise." 
"Ofcourse I care about you too Trish. It's not just about the job." 
"Adam, let's just stay away from each other before somebody gets hurt. I was beginning to feel things I shouldn't feel. Please just go." 
I pulled her close and forced a kiss on her lips, she kissed back and moaned with my tongue in her mouth as she sucked on it. 
"Adam, I have feelings for you. We both know this is impossible." she mumbled. 
"Shhhh. Just kiss me Trish. Leave all the fears and worries aside. I've missed you dearly. Let's fuck, please let me fuck you, let me taste your sweet pussy again." 
"Do you know what I missed more?" She asked. 
"My cock?" I replied. Grabbing my cock. 
"Nooooo." She laughed. "I missed your spanking. Spank me Adam. Please spank my butt. Make me feel that fire Please." 
"How do you want it?" I asked. 
She went behind her desk, just next to her chair,  She lifted her skirt up, revealing her fair skin butt and white panty. She put herself on her desk and I went behind her. I stood there starring at her big ass.‎ The sexual tension in the room was so palpable that it replaced the oxygen in my lungs...my chest tightened as I raised my hand. My sudden movement caused Trish to inhale sharply. From fear, passion, or a combination of both, I wasn't sure. She squirmed downward, grinding her crotch against her desk blotter, and my nose became aware of her desire; a moist combination of sweet perfume and musk...the smell of lynx in heat and jungle wildflowers...the scent of Heaven... And my blotter would forever carry it. 
"God...Please. Now..." She pleaded, "Spank me now!" My hand swung sharply downward... 
"WHACK!" The sound of the slap was sharp, like a single gunshot. The stinging of my hand felt real, as did the hot globe of flesh it was suddenly cupped against... But some dreams were that way, achingly, erotically, real... 
"OH YES!!!" A voice screamed. Trish's voice, "Again Adam. Do it again!" Pulling my hand away, I saw h‎er right cheek had a pinkish hand print on it, This was real, as was the raging hardness between my legs.‎ and it felt good, really good, I swung my hand down again.
"Ohmygod! Adam!" She moaned, grinding against my blotter. Digging her pelvis against the smooth felt padding, I became more aware of her heat, her moist perfume once again filled my nose. I breathed deeply of her...I was enflamed. I struck her one more time. ‎She howled and writhed against my hand, her banshee scream ringing in my ears...and bringing an increase to my hard on and my yearning to fill her... 
I gently stroked her hot pinkish Butt  cheek. She moaned, softly this time, almost a breathy whimper. I rubbed her lightly, caressing tenderly what moments ago I had abused. She sighed. I felt a different kind of yearning...a desire to kiss her where I had hurt her, to lick her like lion bathing his mate with his tongue, to soothe her. 
I pulled the chair up behind me and sat down, sliding myself forward into a! normal sitting position. My body was now between her parted legs, my face mere inches from her delicious rear. I released all the tension that had built within me in one, long exhalation, my hot breath cascading over the back of her pussy. 
"Adam, Baby..." she mewed, her pussy tensing, her ass lifting slightly, "ohgod..please."
I leaned forward and planted a kiss in the middle of the pinkish palm print, which I had left on her ripe butt cheek. She inhaled softly as my lips made contact with her skin. 
"Mmmmm", was her only reply, the barest of whispers, barely heard over the sound of my pulse humming in my ears. My nose was so close to the source of her passion. I inhaled deeply, her musk filled my brain, searing my synapses with her scent. My tongue flicked out, hesitantly licking where I had just kissed. I traced a wet circle around the dappled flesh, then downward around her full, fleshy globe. No sound escaped her lips this time, but she slowly rocked back on the balls of her feet, pushing against my mouth. I circled upwards, and inwards, leaving a trail of my saliva, heading towards the wet band of white lace and what lay beneath. Trish‎ realized my destination and lifted slightly, opening more of her to me, "Oh, fuck", she sighed as I made contact with the wet line of her panty. I licked up between the cleavage of her ass, from the bottom edge of her pussy, up over her other hole. The combination of flavors causing my mouth to water...a mixture of animal musk and something darker, more earthy, and nonetheless appealing. I slipped off the chair, kneeling beneath her and worked my tongue against her pussy, trying to push through the gusset of lace. She slid back off the desk slightly, pushing against my mouth, humping my face. I sucked at her through the thin barrier of material trying to swallow as much of her juices as possible. ‎I could feel Trish arch her back, as I sucked at her pussy lips, totally heedless of the material between us, for it was so wet as to be almost nonexistent. Her noises were inhuman, surreal, like the noise a predator cat makes as she rends the flesh from a fresh kill. ‎I needed to penetrate her with my tongue, needed to rip my way through the barrier, get at her pussy. I slipped a finger around the material and pulled it downward, into my hungry mouth. I was like some savage animal struggling to break through the net that had caught his mate using the only tools at his disposal; teeth and claws. Trish ‎wiggled, thrust and squirmed, trying to work my intruding knuckle into her pussy, but I pulled it further away, stretching the material tauter and feeding more of it into my mouth, giving me more to grind between my teeth. I turned my head side to side, biting, ripping, shredding, until s‎he screamed in orgasm, as the lace obstacle was breached, and my lips and tongue made contact with her slick, pink flower, letting her ride me with her orgasm; drowning in her potent, honey. Trish‎'s body went limp on her desk, as I lapped furiously at her, drawing out her orgasm further, her mouth a torrent of obscenities, sighs, and moans, her pussy a torrent of liquid heaven. I rose and collapsed back in her chair, dizzy for a moment, my face glazed by her spicy wetness. I was dizzy from the rush of passion. Few seconds later, Trish got off the desk and came over to me, she kissed me deeply on the lips. Then she dropped on her knees in front of me. She unzipped me quickly and took out my rock-hard cock, pumping it in her fist once, twice. Then she greedily closed her lips around it, swirling her tongue around the bulging head. I groaned and fell heavily back against the chair. It was as is she couldn't tear myself away from the thick rod in her mouth. It was still growing, and oh so hard. She licked and slurped at it hungrily, and my breathing grew more and more ragged. My hands reached up and fisted in her disheveled hair, forcing her down on my cock. She began to suck in earnest. I was electrified by the pleasure she was giving me. With only vague conscious thought, she reached around with her arms, embracing my hips and raking my buttocks with her nails, all while taking my cock deeper and deeper down her throat. 
"Oh fuck! Trish. I missed your mouth on my cock. Suck it like my Slut." 
With my cock still in her mouth, she made eye contact with me. She looked at me as I looked down at her. It was the most sexiest sight ever. I felt a rush of of tingles in my spine, I knew I was close. 
"I'm close Trish." I moaned. 
She quickly pulled my cock out of her mouth and got up. "Don't waste it Adam. Come fuck me. Pour your cum inside me. Take me from behind. Put your cock in me." 
With that, she turned around and put her upper body on her desk again.  
I stood again, and looked down at Trish, her mottled ass, her glistening pussy, and the shredded remnants of her panties. I had to oblige her. I pulled my pants down completely and freed myself. It was hard with need, stretched all its inches with a drop of pre-cum shone at the tip. I stroked, reveling in the pleasure. I was almost tempted to find release that way, onto her, like I did in my youth, or on lonely nights, stroking over a nubile centerfold.
Trish glanced over her shoulder, watching me stroke my hardness. "Mmm, I missed you Adam. I missed your cock.". She said half way between a whisper and a moan, "fuck me with it."
She did that thing with the balls of her feet again, lifting her rear and presenting more of her succulent pussy for me. Her pussy lips were swollen from my previous ministrations. I moved up to her and rubbed the head of my cock against her moist folds, coating it. She moaned again and spread her legs wider. I exerted the barest amount of pressure against her and slid fully, deeply in. I didn't care that her juices were soaking, possibly ruining, the woolen trousers of my expensive suit.
We moaned simultaneously as I entered her tight wet tunnel, my balls slapping against her. I pulled back slightly luxuriating in the feel of her flesh against the underside of my cock head. Then I pushed forward into her. My hands gripped the crumpled fabric of her skirt tightly. Trish and I began a battle of thrust and counter thrust.
"Ohmygod, your cock is so big, I Love it." She yelled as I moved in and out of her slippery wetness. 
 "Make me cum again, Adam."
I squeezed her hips tighter and increased my pace, the pressure building inside. Trish's pussy was tight and wet and as I drove my manhood into her I could feel the walls undulate as she neared her next explosion...
"Ohgod, Oh Fuck...Shit, I'm cumming." She screamed as she came wetly around my cock, her juices cascading down my balls and thighs.
 "Ohmygod, you fuck me so good Oh!" I could feel her pussy contract and release in rapid succession. I slammed myself up to my sodden balls, my hands tight on her hips. I ceased my thrusting and enjoyed the sensation her pussy's waves were producing.
"Oh Trish!" I groaned, looking down at the sight of my cock buried in her pussy. Our moans merged together into one unearthly sound as our bodies exploded in unison, my hot seed bursting deep inside Trish's Pussy. Her left hand flailed outward as her body writhed in ecstasy, striking the defibrillator and knocking the paddles free. In the nanoseconds that my cock's spasms matched my pounding heart. I was exhausted, my legs were shaking, I quickly sat down on the chair and tried to catch my breath. Trish rushed into her bathroom to clean up. I got up and pulled up my pants. Tucked in my shirt and adjusted my suit and tie. Trish came back into the office and we talked a while. I tried to get her to talk about herself but she refused. I didn't push. I returned to my office feeling very happy and fulfilled. I decided to go home early, I needed to get home before Mary. I had pussy juice sticking on my suit and cum had dried up on my cock. I needed to get home, put my clothes in the washing machine and clean up before Mary gets home. As I drove home, I was thinking of what had become of me. I was sneaking around behind Mary's back, I was thinking of another woman, I was yearning for another woman. What was happening to me? Was Mary right when she said she had a bad feeling about Trish and I? Why couldn't I get Trish out of my head? For God's sake I was getting Married in a few weeks and one thing was certain, I Love Mary. If only I knew about the pit I was digging myself into. If only I could see the future. I would have avoided the disaster lurking in the dark. But like they say 'when death is about to come for a stubborn strray dog, it goes deaf to his mater's whistle.

       To Be Continued...............

April 17, 2015

Forgive Me Mary! 8

Mary insisted on dropping me off at the airport the next day. She kept reminding me of my promise to her. "Mary, you are beginning to sound like a broken record. You don't need to keep repeating yourself"  
"I just wanted to make sure you remember." she said 
"Mary, you have nothing to worry about. I thought that by now you would have learned to trust me. Don't worry, I will keep my word. Just don't worry. Okay?" 
Mary nodded as she pulled over at the airport. Just then, my boss's SUV pulls up behind us. I had thought Mary would drive off after I grabbed my bag. But rather she came down from the car and hugged me. 
"Come on baby, it's just for three days." 
I don't know why but I could feel the boss lady watching us. Mary really did that on purpose, obviously marking her territory. then she whispered into my ear  
"Adam, that's the same SUV that dropped you off that night. So I'm guessing she's there right? Now you better french (KISS) me else I will make sure you don't go anywhere."  
See? I knew Mary did that kissing thing on purpose. I couldn't help but smile at her naivety. I held Mary by the waist and kissed her back. Mary does not understand these things. When another woman wants your man, not even fucking him in front of her can stop her. The boss lady's door opened and she came out of the car and our eyes met. It was a very awkward situation  I must say. My eye in the boss's eye and my lips in Mary's mouth? I broke the kiss and took Mary by the arm and led her to the the car, I opened the door for her to get in and she drove off. I turned around and Ms Trish, the boss lady was gone. I guessed she had made her way to the departure hall. I did same after checking in. A few minutes in the waiting hall, boarding was announced. I stood up and joined the the rest of the travelers while still looking around for Ms Trish. She was no where in sight. As I stepped into the plane, there she was, on the front row of the Business class. Our eyes met and she gave a mischievous grin and looked away. I made it to my seat in the economy class. My colleagues were already seated and I sat next to them. We exchanged pleasantries and talked a bit about work and our mission to the refinery. An hour later, we landed and realized there was a cab waiting to take us to the hotel. I looked around and wondered where the boss lady was. She was nowhere in sight. The three of us got into the cab and left the airport. It was a Five Star standard hotel. I got to my room and called Mary to inform her I was doing okay. Meanwhile, after my colleagues and I got to the hotel and we parted ways. I discovered my room was two floors above theirs. I became hungry and decided to go to the restaurant instead of ordering room service, I chose to take a look around anyway. I got to the restaurant and there she was again. My boss was already there. I walked up to her table. "You know, if I didn't know any better, I would say you are following me." I joked and she laughed. 
"Thank goodness you found that funny. I didn't know you could smile. You really need to do it more often," pointing to the chair beside her I said "May I?"
She smiled again and said "Sure. You may."
I pulled out the the chair and sat down. 
"So, what are you having?" I asked her 
"Finally Adam, some confidence. I thought you lacked that. You always act nervous every time you see me. I was beginning to think you are a man with no balls." 
Ok that was inappropriate but I played cool. 
"What do you expect boss lady? You look mean all the time. Okay, maybe not mean, Just too serious. Besides, you are my boss and should be respected." I said 
"Are you trying to say you don't respect a woman unless she is your Boss?" she asked. 
"No, no, no. I didn't mean it that way. Of course I respect women"
Ms Trish and I had lunch and we talked like normal people. It felt very nice to interact with her outside of the work environment.  I realized she wasn't such a bad person like we thought. Maybe my colleagues and I have been wrong about her all along. Her smile made her even more beautiful. 
"Can I ask you a question?"  
"As long as it's not official, go on" she replied
"What's your story? Who are you? I mean, apart from being the CEO of BELLON OIL, who is Ms Trish Bell?" 
She smiled, sipped her drink and replied 
"Now that's a handshake getting to the elbow. I won't answer that today. Maybe some other time" 
She got up and walked away. We were done with lunch afterall. I watched as she writhed her waist behind her. I felt my cock throb just imagining what I could do to her butt. I soon snapped out of my lustful thoughts. I reminded myself of my promises to Mary. I left the restaurant and decided to go to the bar for a drink. There she was again, sitting on the high stool by the bar counter. I grabbed a high stool close to her's and sat down. 
"Now you are the one following me Adam. What do I have to do to get rid of you?" She said. 
"Naaa, I'm not following you. I'm just trying to get rid of the boredom here." I replied. 
"Well, speak for yourself Adam. I have an occasion to attend in the next few hours. So I won't be bored for long." she said 
"An occasion? What a coincidence. Same period you are in town for the Inspection?" 
"No Adam, its no coincidence. I didn't want to come to this town twice. And our company was supposed to do this inspection weeks ago. So when I got the invitation to this occasion, I decided to kill two birds with one stone. Smart moves right?" 
I smiled and said "You are the boss right? So yeah, not a bad move at all" 
Few minutes later, we went our separate ways. I got back to my room and decided to kill time by calling Mary. She was in her family house. We spoke for hours on phone teasing each other and laughing at each other's jokes. Then I heard a knock on the door, I told Mary I will call her back and I hung up the phone. I wondered who that could be, I wasn't expecting anybody neither did I order and room service.  
"Who is it?" I asked in a loud voice. 
"Open up Adam" a female voice answered. 
I opened the door and it was Ms Trish. She was dressed in a long red gown with a slit that was long enough to reveal her fair laps, sliver high heel sandal. She had a sliver  clutch purse in her left hand and a suit pack in her right hand.
"What are you doing here? I though you'd left already?" 
Throwing the suit pack on my bed she said "Put this on Adam. You are coming with me." 
"Coming with you? To where? Why?" I asked in shock.  
"I don't have time Adam. The car to pick us is here already here. Dress up and let's go. I will explain in the car. See it as part of your official assignment" 
I sighed and picked up the suit bag, unzipped it and brought out a black Tuxedo. I took off the t-shirt I was wearing then I remembered she was still there looking at me. I turned to her and said "Do you mind" pointing at the wall. She understood and she turned to face the wall. I quickly dressed up and we headed to the elevator and proceeded to the Range that was waiting to pick us up. After we got in, there was this silence in the car. She didn't say anything. I became very uncomfortable. I decided to break the silence 
"You owe me and explanation!" 
"Relax Adam, you are only my date. I didn't want to go alone." 
"And you couldn't tell me about this earlier? We were together this afternoon. Didn't you think I have a choice? What if I didn't want to go?" 
No Adam. I didn't give you a choice. I knew you would come with me. Who wouldn't?" 
She was so arrogant in her response. She didn't see it as a big deal. I can be anything but not any woman's tool. She's right I wouldn't have refused. But she shouldn't make it look like I'm at her beck and call. Especially when it wasn't official. She is my boss but we are far from her company now. I was so pissed at the way she treated me and I was not going to have it. It was a long drive from the hotel. It was dark and I had no idea where we were. Finally, we pulled over at a Civic center. I noticed a lot of dignitaries going into the place. We got out of the car and I didn't even bother to take her hand. I was still very upset. I saw a fine gentleman with a pretty lady on his arm walk up to Trish. 
"Hello Trish Bell" he said with a sarcastic smile." 
 I pulled back a little to observe what was happening. I noticed Trish's face grew pale. She suddenly became nervous as if she was embarrassed. The fine gentleman continued 
"Long time no see Trish. How are you? Meet my elegant wife and mother of my two boys. I must commend you still look good. Don't tell me you are still single? You haven't been able to hook a man after I broke your heart in school?" 
Turning to the lady he was holding, he said
"Honey meet Trish. My ex back then in Havard University." 
The lady stretched her hand and shook Trish's with a smile that said "He dumped you for me, loser." And she pouted her mouth in a way that her lip said "suck it!" 
My tigress of a boss lady was humiliated. I saw a waiter walk by with a tray of glasses filled with champagne. I grabbed two glasses and waited to see how that humiliating show will end. The gentle man continued "So Trish, where is your husband?" Trish looked as if she wanted the ground to open up and swallow her. I know Trish is a mean woman but she didn't deserve what she was getting. She began to stammer. Okay, I had seen and heard enough. I pushed through behind the gentleman "Baby, I've been looking everywhere for you. I went to get us drinks" and I planted a wet kiss on a shocked Trish who quickly responded and kissed me back. It was a long kiss she didn't expect it and she didn't hesitate to push her tongue into my mouth. After we broke off the kiss, I turned to the gentleman and stretched my hand to give him a hand shake "Hello, I'm Adam. The husband to the sexiest woman in the world, I just love her" turning to Trish I said 
"Sexy, this must be that your fling in Harvard University right? I can recognize him from the pictures you sent me back then. I never forget a face. He hasn't changed much. Oh maybe his pot belly has disfigured him a bit but not much" I said as I sarcastically tapped his stomach. "Hit the Gym sunny!" 
I noticed how embarrassed he was and, trying hard to suck his stomach in.  
"My name is not sunny." he said angrily with a lot of irritation. But I quickly ignored him and I turned to his wife, "Hello pretty face. You look familiar" as I shook her hand. The gentle man quickly interrupted me saying "I'm sure you don't know her"
 I noticed the lady had become very nervous. She had the exact same  look Trish had before I joined them. I stepped back and grabbed Trish by the waist, pulling her close to me. I said to the gentleman "Yes you are right. I'm sure I don't know your wife. She looks like one girl I had a fling with in the university. Her name was Marlena. She was had a tattoo on her right shoulder" just then I noticed the lady was struggling with the scarf around her neck trying to cover her right shoulder. And the gentle man's mouth hung open. The embarrassment on their faces was priceless. Trish's face lit up in glee. Grabbing her hand, I said to them "Excuse us please, I have to take my sexy lady to the dance floor" looking at the lady I said "Bye Marlena. Nice to see you again" 
Trish and I walked away. We could hear the couple arguing and we laughed like mischievous school kids. 
"Where did you learn to do that?" Trish asked
"Do what? Rescue a damsel who was being humiliated by an old flame? Any body can do that, even a mistreated employee." I replied
"Wow! That felt like something from the movie scene. I still can't believe it. It's impossible. Tell me I'm not dreaming." 
she said in excitement. It felt good to see Trish so excited. She was laughing uncontrollably. 
"Did you see the way they argued after we left? Maybe she told him she was a virgin when they met." Trish mocked in a loud voice. 
"Lower your Voice. You are shouting" I tried to calm her. 
"Oh please don't kill my moment Adam. I'm too happy. I can't help it. I wish I had a camera to record that scene so I can watch it over and over again. Thank you Adam. I owe you a lot. How can I ever repay you?" she asked. Now that got me thinking. What can I ask of her? What could she do for me? I gave it a little thought as we danced the Waltz on the dance floor. 
"Maybe you can give me anything a woman gives to a man while on her knees. Considering how bad you have treated me, I think I deserve that." Honestly I wasn't thinking. Those words just came out. Trish was surprised, although she hadn't figured out where I was heading to. 
"I don't kneel for any man. Never! All my life I've never asked any man for anything not to talk of kneel or beg." she said with so much pride. 
"Well, there's always a first time. Think of something you can give me while you are on your knees. And let me know. And if you won't do it, I can look for that fine gentle man and and tell him the truth. Then we can make fun of you together." 
I joked with her and she agreed to think about it. She was still very happy about when happened earlier. She wriggled her body to the Waltz in the finest way I've ever seen. She was the center of attention, every man starred at her beauty and every woman envied her, for her beauty and for being with me the most handsome man at the event, me of course. Finally, she said we should leave. Our ride was waiting and we got in and headed back to the hotel. She was quiet again, I guess now she had no more use for me and was back to being the Boss Lady. I ignored her too and got busy with my phone. Actually, busy doing nothing. Then Mary called, I picked up and spoke with the love of my life, I said a lot of sweet things to her, telling her how much I missed her and wished I had traveled with her. I noticed the boss lady was green with envy. But what did I care? I am her employee but this is not the office. The driver pulled up at the hotel and she didn't even wait for the car to hit park when she opened the car door and got out leaving me inside. She shut the door so madly with a bang. I smiled to myself as I got down from the car and told Mary I will call her the following day after we finish the inspection. I went up to my room, took off the Tuxedo and put it back in the Suit pack. I quickly took a shower and decided to go have a drink at the bar. As I stepped out of my room, the door to the room opposite mine opened too. Turns out the boss was directly opposite my room. This was no coincidence. I ignored her and closed my door and proceeded to the elevator. 
"Where are you going Adam?" she asked 
"None of your business Ma'm" I replied. I was tired of her arrogance. I was tired of her talking to me only when she felt like it and ignoring me when she felt like it. We were not in the office so I owed her nothing.
"Why are you rude? What? You can't answer a simple question? I see you are letting this whole thing get into your head. I'm still your boss!" Trish said. I quickly interrupted her
"Listen to me young lady, I may be your employee, but that's in BELLON OIL COMPANY. Look around you, we are not there just incase you have forgotten. You only have power over me when it has to do with the company. So save your chauvinistic attitude till it has to do with work okay?" 
She didn't behave like what I said got to her one bit. 
"All I asked was where you were going. How does what you just spat out answer my question?" 
I can't believe it. This woman is just a disaster. Anyone would be hurt by what I said but she didn't give a fuck. She maintained her straight face. I felt defeated. So I just respond 
"I'm going to have a drink at the bar." 
"I've got a mini bar in my room. Let's go there." she ordered. She didn't care about my response. As if she knew I would go with her. Pretending not to understand what she said I asked "Are you inviting me to your room for a drink?" I just wanted to be sure it was a drink she was inviting me for. By this time, she had already turned her back and walked back into her room. I followed her. As I gazed at her behind. She was wearing a red knicker that was so short and revealing her laps, with a white tank top and her pony tail as usual. I walked in through her door and looked around.  It was a suite, a big parlour and a big bedroom with a mini bar. She asked what I wanted to drink and I told her spirit. She brought me a glass and sat next to me with a glass too. She was quiet again. I broke the silence. 
"So are you back to being the mean boss lady again or are you the humiliated damsel I rescued? " 
She smiled. Seeing her smile made me relax. It meant I could talk to her. So I went on. 
"What's your story? Who are you? I know your name is Trish Bell, and you are the CEO of BELLON OIL COMPANY. Thanks to that Jerk, I found out today that you went to Havard University. I also know you got your heart broken. So it's not like you never had a heart. It was broken and in a mean way too. What did you do to him that made him treat you so bad?" I asked her. But she just kept smiling. 
"Tell me something Adam, what can I give you on my knees? If you hadn't gotten your promotion letter, I would have presented it to you on my knees." she said with a grin. It was obvious she changed the subject and I didn't want to push it. I sipped my drink and we both laughed.
"Maybe you can pray for me on your knees while I watched." I teased and she laughed. 
"That's silly Adam. That's impossible. Tell me really, what do you want. I told you I would do anything and I will keep to my word. Trust me."  
She sounded really nice and she was really beautiful. I couldn't help starring at her laps. Her skin was flawless and light. I began having naughty imaginations but I kept my calm. I noticed my cock grow in my pants and I decided it was time to leave. I got up quickly and said "Good night" as I headed for the door. 
"Hey! Hold on Adam. What's the rush?" she got up and walked up to me. "I'm not naive neither am I stupid Adam. I know what a woman can give to a man kneeling down. Even though I don't kneel for any man, but after what you did for me tonight, I think you deserve whatever you ask for. So come and claim your prize. You've  earned it." 
She took me by the hand and I followed her like a complete idiot. I knew where this was headed and Loved it but I remembered the promise I made to Mary and decided not to go through with it. I walked out of her room and I knew I was going to regret not grabbing that opportunity. I was in my room in no time and I couldn't help the bulge growing in my pants. I was as hard as a rock. What do I do about this hard on? I tried massaging my cock through my pant but it got worse. I thought about the opportunity I was giving up on. I remembered Trish said after tonight she owes me nothing. Why would any sane man give up this kind of opportunity? I thought about her laps and her big boobs. I thought of the dream I had about fucking her in her office. It made my situation even worse. I got up and took off every piece of clothing I was wearing and laid naked on the bed. I slept off after so much frustration. I ended up having a dream of the boss lady  again.
'She was in her office and I walked up to her and ordered her to suck my cock because she owed me. 
"Are you kidding me? You're not serious! Are you?" she said as I went over by her table. I undid my belt, she could see I was erect. She thought about it for a moment and then got down on her knees.
"You are serious! Here?" she said with eyes wide as she unzipped my pants and unsnapped the snap. She pulled down my underwear slightly and I felt her warm hands touch my cock and pulled it out.
 "Kiss it!" I told her.
"I can't believe you wanted me to...that you are going to make me do this."
"This...and a whole lot more. You see women look so beautiful this way, it is a bit of submission and I can see your tits so nicely. Now take it in your mouth."
She hesitated a second, then kissed my cock's head before opening her mouth and taking it in. 
"That's good. Suck on it," I told her unnecessarily as she obeyed me her head bobbing up and down on my cock as I ran my hand through her long hair. All those months of fantasizing were now becoming reality, I thought I'd be disappointed but I was not.
"Now open your blouse, I want to see your tits."
She quickly opened her blouse, I helped her slide it off. Without being asked to she undid her bra.
"Now play with them while you suck me off. Don't be shy! This is just the start of it all," I reached down to feel her tits she held my hands against them, her nipples were hard. She started to take me deeper bobbing her head up and down faster and faster. As much as I wanted to slow it down I also wanted to cum. I asked her to lick the whole underside of my shaft from top to bottom and suck my balls. I ordered her to pinch her own nipples demanding she do so harder and harder until I could see the pain on her face.
"I will give you a choice, either in your mouth or on your face and tits," she hesitated as I said it but continued to suck me off. When I finally could not take it anymore I blew my cum in her mouth she sucked my cock even harder until I was dry. Then, finally, she kissed my cock and put it back in my pants.' 
I woke up and I found myself covered in sweat. I hated the fact that it was a dream when I had the opportunity to get a blow job from the boss lady the previous night. I consoled myself with the thought that it must have been for the best. 
Time for the refinery inspection came and I suited up and met with my colleagues by the car sent to pick us up. One of my colleagues asked where the boss lady was and I was surprised he asked me. "Why ask me? Did she tell you I'm her body guard?" I responded rudely. And he simply said sorry. We got into the car and headed for the site. On reaching there, the boss lady was no where to be found. We got delayed for over three hours. I was so pissed and my colleagues were agitated. They were worried about her where about but I wasn't. I knew she just wanted to piss me off and remind me she was still the boss irrespective of what happened last night. What a Bitch! We got to the site by 9AM. And we sat there for three hours. We asked the driver that took us there to take us to where we could have lunch. By the time we got back from lunch, the boss lady was just being driven in. Without even offering an apology she asked how far we have gone with the inspection. We told her we were waiting for her and she was furious. 
"I thought the three of you were capable? So what have you been waiting for? Three grown executives can't carry out an ordinary inspection without a woman? I am disappointed in you people. I want this to be a stress free inspection, get it! No bullshit. Let's do this and get the hell out of here! One of you should call the head office to get those financial and projective revenue stats together for us to make the bid after the inspection so we can get things going!"
I couldn't believe she just said that, so much arrogance around her. Such impudence! 
While my colleagues apologized to her I was fuming with anger but I managed to control my rage. She was my boss afterall. Agreed, Trish was undoubtedly attractive, well bred but just too arrogant. The hosts at the refinery gave us a tour of the site. All the while we walked around, I didn't say anything. After we concluded the inspection, They gave the boss lady an office so she could deliberate  with her staffs. We were excused by other inspectors and workers and the photographers. Leaving the boss lady, my two colleagues and I. I was still very upset about the way Ms Trish spoke to us earlier. And while they deliberated on the issues of the refinery, I was quiet all through the meeting. To my surprise, the boss lady asked my colleagues to excuse she and I. That she wanted to discuss something confidential about the refinery with me. And that it had to do with my department in the company. She also asked them to inform the photographer to come in and join us. After my colleagues left, Trish gave me an angry look and said,
"What is wrong with you Adam? You are are not doing the job you were sent here to do. What's your cold attitude about?" 
"Attitude? Are you making this my fault Madam? Look at the way you treated us in front of our hosts after you stood us up for hours. Please don't turn this around. I don't need to say anything here. By the time we get back home, you will get my report on your table." I replied. 
"So now what? What are you expecting? An apology? You want me to apologize for being your boss?" 
"I don't need your apology Ma'm. I have inspected the site and my report will be on your table."
"Don't be rude Adam, I am still your Boss!" She rolled her eyes and scoffed at me.
"And that's the only reason I am still here talking to you. I would never tolerate this kind of attitude from any woman. I could never condone a Bitch" I retorted. Next thing I knew, she raised her hand to slap me but I caught her fist just before it hit me. I pulled her close to me and said 
"I don't know the kind of men you have dealt with in your life but you will never raise your hand against me again. Don't you dare. If you must fight me, do it with a pen. Give me a sack and......" 
There was a knock on the door, it was the photographer, my colleagues and our hosts. Trish and I comported ourselves and put on fake smiles. After she inspected the pictures of the sites, she asked the photographer to excuse us. Again, we were alone and funny enough I couldn't wait for the photographer to leave.

"You are so mean! Who do you think you are? I stand up for you when people badmouth you! I try to be human enough to understand and convey to people that you're an incredible person to work for. Hell! I even stood up for you last night. Doesn't that mean anything to you?" I said trying really hard to be calm
"Kissing my ass isn't going to make me feel better about what's been going on lately." she said angrily and tried to leave again as she pushed me but I held her tightly by her fist and pulled her back up to me. 
"I'm not done talking to you Boss Lady. Being a bitch isn't going to make you feel better either. Tell me something, why have you mistreated me right from the first day you set your eyes on me? Where did I go wrong with you?" 
She tried to struggle but I held her tighter and pulled her closer. 
"What are you doing Adam? Are you trying to muscle me? You better let go of me." she said with fire in her eyes. 
 "Right from the first day you saw me, you've been so antagonistic towards me. You've disrespected me, belittled me and humiliated me. What do you you want from me? Go ahead and tell me boss lady." 
She struggled again and looked away. 
"Look at me when I talk to you. Do you just hate me or are you just attacking me to cover up for the attraction you feel towards me?" 
She struggled again and I noticed she was breathing fast. I looked at her chest and her breasts were rising and falling with her breaths. 
"Let me go Adam. You are hurting me. You don't know know what you are saying. Let me go you savage" she said, her voice wavering.
"I know you want me Trish. Just admit it. All those attacks are to make me notice you. I get your juices stirring right? Admit it" I whispered in her ear. 
"Adam, I will pretend this never happened and I promise you won't lose your job if you let me go right now" she retorted with more fire in her eyes. Small grunts and yelps were emitting from her throat as she continued to struggle. 
"I don't see you screaming for help Trish. You know you want me. You always wanted me. I'm sure after that day you saw my cock hard in my pant, you've thought about me. You wanted to feel my cock inside you. Why didn't you just ask me to fuck you." I whispered again. 
"You are a sick bastard. I will make sure you are fired and then I will throw you in jail. You will regret this." she spat.  
"You know what Trish, let me make you a deal. I bet your pussy is dripping wet right now. Let me feel your pussy and if you are not wet right now, I will tender my resignation letter to you with an apology." I pretended as if I wanted to put my hand under her skirt and she pushed her butt back. 
"Don't you dare lay your filthy hands on me Adam." She grunted. 
"Why Trish? What are you afraid of? Are you scarred I will find your pussy dripping with your juice? I know you've not gotten the image of my fat cock out of your head. You've wished to see it real and touch it. Right?" I asked her but she was silent. 
"I know you are attracted to me Trish and you wish we could fuck. You've always been susceptible to my charms. What would you do if I told you I am attracted to you too?" She looked at me. Starr]ed me in the eyes for a few seconds in disbelief and then she looked away without saying anything. 
"Yes Trish. I am attracted to you too. And I've always wanted you. The only thing that stopped me was the woman in my life and the promises I made to her. But now I can't help it, I've dreamed of your pussy in your office. And just last night, I dreamed of you sucking my cock. Thinking of the dreams make me hard. " Taking her hand to my cock which was already very hard I pushed my hard cock through my pant into her hand. "Feel it! That's what you do to me. Remember that night you saw me in the office with a hardie and a wet pant? That day dream was about you. I was fucking you hard in my dream and it felt so real." 
"The woman in your life? So what are you doing here? You can't even keep your promise to your Fiancée. That speaks very low of you. Get away from me."
I observed her body language. Her breathing increased and her hands were trembling. Our faces were only centimeters apart, so she was practically breathing on my face. Her high heels made her almost same height with me. 
"Please stop, if you wanted it that much why did you run last night? You are not man enough." Trish said with careful enunciation. Her throat was closing up, threatening tears, and she clenched her jaw in an effort to hold them back. 
"Well, I wasn't sure you would come through." 
"You made the right decision by leaving. I was planning on humiliating you after you took off your pants. I just wanted to defeat you by seeing you naked. I could never want your cock. You disgust me. Now let me go you pig."
"You don't mean that do you?" you want my cock inside you, right? Common, say it. Say you want me. Tell me how bad you've wanted us to fuck. You know, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure you out." I whispered again in her ear. She struggled again, pushing in vain at my arm and looked away.  
"Say you want me Trish"
"No! Let go of me you Bastard! For god's sake, someone could walk in" She whimpered. 
With my left hand still grabbing onto her right fist, I took my left hand to the back of her head and forced her to faced me. 
"Afraid of being caught yeah? I don't care what happens after now Trish. I just want you to respect me as a man. And if you can't, I will resign. I'm tired of it Trish." 
I pulled her head to the side, bringing her ear to my mouth, I blew fast air into her ear. She shook her head wildly.  
"Look at me!" I waited until her panicked eyes were on mine. Then I said "That's it. I know you are not scared, if you were, you would be screaming at the top of your voice and calling for help. Maybe you like the risk factor just like I do" again I turned her had and pushed her ear to my mouth and then I pushed my tongue into her ear and flickered. 
"Adam please stop" she begged. 
"Shhhhh, just relax. We both want this. It's obvious" I said with my mouth still in her ear. Then I pushed my tongue into her ear again. She stood still as if she was numb. I took my right hand to her breasts and massaged them one after the other. 
"Please stop. You are wrinkling my shirt" she pleaded again. I stopped because she made a point. I took my hand to her big butt and grabbed it for a few seconds then I moved to her thighs. "Spread your legs" I ordered  
"No!" she replied 
I pushed her against the wall, just by the door. I lifted my right leg and pushed it between her legs. I pushed my knee in between her laps. 
"Spread your legs Trish" 
Again she said "No!" I dropped my leg and took my right hand to her laps and lifted her skirt. She shrugged again. "If not for your ruby red lipstick, I would be chewing on your lips now but we don't want to ruin it so the people outside won't know " She didn't say anything. All I could hear was her  breathing. Pushing my tongue into her ears again to distract her thoughts, I roamed my hands on her thighs till I found her crotch. I felt the silk thong she was wearing. It had an elastic band all around it, making it very stretchy. I grabbed the thong and pulled it as far as it could go. Then I released it. With speed, the thong returned to her pussy with a slap. 
"Goodness! Please stop it" she whimpered. 
The struggling seemed to diminish a little. I then reached down and rubbed her legs. They were so toned, and I could feel the slight perforation between her quadriceps and hamstrings as I reached from the front to the back of her thighs. Then I went for the hot spot. I grabbed between her legs. I couldn't believe it! Her crotch area was wet.........through her pants. She actually soiled her thong. It was completely soaked. I grabbed it and pushed it to the side. Her pussy was so wet. I don't know why I was surprised. 
"You are so fucking wet," I said bewilderedly. "I guess I will be keeping my job after all. Remember our deal? You lost! Your pussy is all wet and covered in your pussy juice. You are wet enough to drown a cock with your pussy" I teased her. Her breathing increased. I rubbed her wet clit with my finger 
"Mmmmmm" she moaned with her mouth tightly closed. She was fighting not to moan. She wanted to be brave trying to hide the pleasure-laced embarrassment as she ultimately became an active participant in her own debasement. 
‎But then I pushed my middle finger into her wet hole. I twisted my fist to enable me rub my thumb on her clit while my middle finger was still in her pussy. By this time I knew she wanted me to finger fuck her but instead, I just left my middle finger idle inside her pussy while my thumb rubbed her clit. Her legs began to shake. 
"I bet you want me to stop yeah?" I asked sarcastically. "I'm sure you hate what I'm doing right now as much as you hate me and you want me to stop right? Go ahead Trish tell me to stop right now and I will stop." 
She didn't say anything. That was a sign that I had won. I slowly began to insert my index finger into her too. Her pussy felt tight on my two fingers. I began to push my fingers in and out of her wet hole. Finger fucking her pussy as her juice dripped all over my fingers, dripping to my palm. A deep breath escaped her as she sighed in relief, quelling her near insecurity. 
"Oh my god! This is not happening to me. Adam what do you think you are doing. Oh yeah!" she began to moan. 
"Now unbutton your shirt. I want to see your tits" I commanded. She quickly unbuttoned the first three buttons and brought her breasts out of her bra. They were just as I imagined. Just as I saw them in my dream. Her nipples morphed from being flat, to becoming a miniature thimble, surrounded by several hard, goose bump-like dots. Her entire areola was erect. I began to suck madly at the sight of this while she gasped, suffering from an overdose of pleasure.
 First I sucked her left nipple while my left hand played with her right nipple as my right hand was in her pussy with my two fingers driving in and out of her. 
"Fuck yeah!" she moaned. "Adam, you will regret this."  Her voice trembling.  
"Oh fuck! Please don't! Stop! No!" her words were not coherent so I couldn't tell if she saying Don't stop or Stop. I nibbled hard on her nipples and her legs weakened the more. 
"That's sending insane stinging pains to my clit!" she exhaled, slightly slurring her words. "It feels so good!" I pulled the other breast out and gave the right tit some attention as well. "Ahh.....ahhh.......ahhh...." she moaned. 
"Now tell me Trish, what can a woman give a man while she is on her knees?" I asked. 
"Oral sex" she whispered. 
"Well, since you didn't give it to me last night I can give it to you if you beg me to. You love giving orders right?" She nodded.  "You told me you've never had to beg a man for anything right?" She nodded again. "Well, I'm one man ladies beg. So are you gonna beg me or not?" 
She mumbled something I didn't hear. 
"What was that? Speak up else I walk out on you right now" I said 
"Please don't go. I want you. Please finish this. Make me cum." she moaned 
She spread her legs wider and began to rock her pussy on my hand with my fingers still fucking her pussy.
"Don't worry, I will make you Cum. I'm a gentleman. I never abandon a lady midway. I will take you there. But I won't give you my cock. You've treated me so badly. I don't know whether to forgive you or not. But I will make you cum." 
I squatted in between her legs and I began to ventured down to her moistened thong. I looked up at her, seeing two incredibly hard nipples with her face in between. I throbbed more. I could smell the sweet and nutty goodness of her scent on the thin material of her thong. I used my fingers to find and rub her clit. When she reacted to my finding it, I began licking it through her pants. The imprint of her pussy was prominent through the inseam. I lapped at it with my tongue while she squirmed. Her breathing became a little more labored. She began to twist her hips, in an effort for me to get more leverage on her hungry clit. Then she lifted one of legs up.
"Dammit!" she yelped, as she jerked upon the first contraction of her orgasm. Her face displayed an almost painful expression. "I'm fucking cumming! I can't believe you are doing this" I kept licking on her ever-so-sensitive pussy. Her hard, square-like personality truly began to soften. The sophisticated composure that she prided herself in upholding began to weaken. 
"Damn you, you're taking me. I can't believe you're taking me. I'm cumming" 
Someone's taking control of her was what she wanted. What she NEEDED. She denied herself this pleasure for fear of persecuting herself for letting her guard down. Her leg began to tremor violently, releasing work frustration, sexual suffering and deprivation, lust, the personal anguish, and surrender. Built up stress, resulting from the resentment and anxiety of being an authority figure (who was forced to surrender by a subordinate) was leaving her cognizance. "Ohhhh fuck......." she uttered, in an almost frustrated tone, like the orgasm almost wasn't enough. Withdrawing my face from her pussy, I got up and inserted two fingers into her pussy and finger fucked her hard and fast. She rocked her hips and fucked back. She panted, and panted harder, with slight wheezes at the peak of each breath. She began grumbling as the hot sensation of her orgasm began.
"Son of a bitch!" she exclaimed, clinching her teeth. Her cum gushed out onto my hands. I watched as she quickly covered her mouth to prevent her from screaming. Fear of being heard gripped her. My hand was covered with her cum. I gently withdrew my fingers from her pussy. 
Suddenly we heard voices and foot steps. She began to button her blows quickly and I brought out a kerchief and wiped my hand and handed it to her. She quickly wiped her cum off her laps and adjusted her skirt, then her hair. She rushed to the table and grabbed a file, sat down and began fanning her face with the file even though the air-conditioning was cooling. I went back to my seat to hide my hard-on under the table. As soon as we heard a knock on the door, she began talking. "So Mr Adam, as I was saying, we still have to send the plant engineers for final inspection. I don't know why they were not included on this trip" The door opened, my colleagues and the hosts came in.
"Has somebody called the head office?" she asked my colleagues. "Yes Ma'm" they chorused. 
"So what took you guys so long? I've been waiting for you people to return like forever" she scolded them. And they looked at each other with confusion in their eyes. Even I was confused because she didn't ask them to return neither was she waiting for them. But I was impressed she handled it well. They suspected nothing. She congratulated us for a successful trip and then she got up and walked out of the room leaving everyone else behind. We got up, exchanged pleasantries and left too. My colleagues and I got into our car and the driver took us back to the hotel. They both talked about the site but I was silent. My mind was enveloped with the thoughts of what just happened between the boss lady and I. I went up to my room and called Mary on phone. She asked how the inspection went and I told her what a mess the boss lady had caused. I vented my anger to her and she said sweet things to calm me down. I knew a part of Mary was happy that things were not going too well between Trish and I. I could sense it in her voice. I grinned after we talked and I hung up the phone. I felt very guilty because I had promised her I was never going to cheat on her again. But I couldn't help what I was feeling. I wanted more of Trish. I felt like a magnet was pulling me to her. I wanted to live the dream I had about her in the office. I wanted to do a lot of things to her, I wanted to make her submit, I wanted to Seduce her and make her beg me to fuck her. I couldn't help wanting more of Trish. To make the matter worse, I only had tonight before we all go back to base. After I took a shower, I went down to the restaurant to have an early dinner. I couldn't help looking around for Trish and didn't see here anywhere. I went to my room and thought of going to her room to check on her but I resisted the urge to do so. I ordered for a drink from the bar. I was so engrossed in the thoughts of Trish. Why couldn't  I get that woman out of my head? Even after making her submit today, I wanted her more. I wanted to make her scream. It was not really an urge for sex, call it a task or wimp if you wish. I opened my door to peep down the hall way, I saw a waiter carrying a tray of wine to her room. That was a good sign, she's in her room. I will wait for him to open the door and I will go in as he's coming out. I saw him knock, she opened, he went inside, about a minute later, I saw him come out. Before I could get to her door he shut the door. I don't know when I exclaimed "Damn it"  The shocked waiter looked at me with curiosity wondering what I was all about. I looked back and smiled. I waited for him to keep walking away, then I knocked on Trish's door. I heard her respond from the inside, "Hold on, I'm coming." She took a while so I knocked again. This time she yelled aggravated "I said I'm coming. Are you deaf?" As she turned the door handle, I heard her say "What? Did you forget something?" I guess she thought it was the waiter that came back because she didn't bother to ask who it was neither did she look through the peephole to check who it was. She opened the door a bit and stood behind it, then she popped her head out and said "What?". To her surprise, it was Adam she saw instead of the waiter. She was shocked. I smiled. "Hey Trish, Can we talk?". 
I said. She began to starmmar. 
"Umm He-he-hello Adam. Umm I'm no-no-not decent" 
"I don't mind Trish. Do you?" Without waiting for a response, I pushed the door open and went in. I turned to look at her. Obviously she had just come out of the bathroom. She was wearing a very short bathrobe. It barely covered her lower body. I couldn't help staring at her smooth laps and and the water dripping down her legs was so sexy. She felt embarrassed and struggled to pull the bathrobe to cover her big butt. She looked pretty uncomfortable and I liked it. She finally found: her voice, "Adam, what are you doing here? I was actually thinking of coming to see you." 
"Oh really? I waited for you. I looked for you every where.?" I said.  
"And why were you looking for me Adam?" She sneered at me  and walked back into the bathroom. "That rubbish that happened this afternoon must never happen again. It was despicable and disgusting. It should never have happened. I hope you have your resignation letter ready?" she said in an unfriendly tone. Who does this woman think she is? I was getting pissed again. 
"Oh Trish, come on, you've got to be kidding me. Did you say despicable and disgusting? But you had no problem cumming on my tongue. If you were so disgusted, why didn't you cry for help? Why didn't you scream? There were people outside the door. You could have alerted them."  
"Adam, I was weak. I won't deny that. But it can never happen again. Just get your resignation letter ready. I don't deal with injudicious beasts" She retorted. 
I was amazed. I can't believe she's talking like this. 
"You are such a bitch Trish. Go to hell!" I growled 
"Hell? I already vacation there. As if working with your likes wasn't bad enough. Now please leave." She came out of the bathroom and walked to the wardrobe. She opened the wardrobe door and and stepped behind it. Acting pretty busy. I felt she was putting on some undies.
"You just love annoying me Trish. I know your kind." 
"My kind?" she asked. 
"Yes, Spoiled, privileged and undisciplined." 
"Undisciplined? Ha! And I suppose you're going to discipline me?"
"If you want."
"If I want? What the hell is that supposed to mean?" I didn't respond verbally. Rather, I stared at her, looking straight through her. Her breathing quickened. "What? What are you staring at?"
I moved closer to her, so close she could feel the heat coming off of me. She knew she needed to back away, but her legs held her firmly in place. He said nothing as I leaned into her, continuing to look at her almost like a prey. 
"What are you doing? Get away from me." She screamed. "I won't let you do this to me again"
I was no longer listening to her. Instead, I moved even closer to her taking her face in my strong hands, lifting her mouth up to meet mine. She tried to pull away and I pulled her closer. I parted her lips with mine, moving my tongue deep into her mouth exploring every inch of it. She hesitated, then kissed me back, Our mouths moving in perfect motion. I took my hand and moved it to her waist, forcing her body up against mine, so she could feel my cock becoming rock hard in my pants. She tried again to squirm away, but the more she did, the more I tugged her closer.
I reached up to the top of her robe, bringing it down a bit on a shoulder to expose one of her breasts. The air conditioner, combined with my touch immediately made her nipple erect. She pulled her mouth from mine and told me to stop. I smiled and moved my mouth to her breast moving my tongue in a circle. I softly suckled on it using my hand to massage it at the same time. I nibbled on it, which caused her to moan. I knew she was wet underneath her robe. I knew her pussy ached for me and I loved it. She again asked me to stop, but this time her voice weaker and in a whisper. "Adam, stop. Ahh stop it."
"You have treated me so horribly from the beginning. What can I do to earn your respect?" My breath was on her ear as I spoke. My hands continued to explore her body.
"You took advantage of me this afternoon. Now you are doing it again. Stop it. Stop!" Her voice was dripping with sarcasm.
"You don't know what responsibility is, do you? You have to take responsibility for your actions." She pushed at me, cursing me, trying ‎to get away. 
"What? You don't like the truth?"
"Shut up Adam."
"Oh come on. You've never had to take responsibility in your life. You are just a spoiled bitch"
"Let me go."
"Turn around."
"What? Fuck you."
"Ah Trish, you've always had a dirty mouth. Unattractive."
"I don't care. Move." She tried to push me away. 
"I told you to turn around."
"I told you to fuck off." 
I had had enough of her mouth and her disrespect. I flung her around and pushed her head down onto the table. 
"Stop it, let me go!" she screamed.
I didn't. Instead, I raised up the back of her robe, exposing her bare ass.
"No panties? What the fuck were you doing behind the wardrobe door? I thought you were putting on some undies? Now I'm sure you want this. You left your ass bare for me Trish. I knew you were dirty."
"I am not!" Her muffled voice shot back at me.
"Shut up." I shot back. She squirmed until she felt the first smack, and then moaned as it burned through her. She tried to speak again, until I‎ smacked her one more time with my open hand. "You need to learn. Your mouth, your behavior...it's done. I'm tired of all your rubbish." I spanked her again, hearing small yelps as I did.
"I swear you piece of shit, you're done. I will have your job, your house if you have one...everything you own. Even your Fiancée will suffer it. I will make your whole family pay. I swear to you Adam" 
"Ohh Shut up Trish. You know you love it. You provoke me on purpose so you can see this side of me. You are just a bitch. You didn't complain this afternoon." 
"You took advantage of me Adam. You forced me." 
"Oh really? But you had not trouble cumming on my tongue. Why didn't you scream for help? There were people outside the door." 
"You are a sick bastard."
There was a chair by the table, I pulled it over and yanked her by the hair as I sat on it. I threw her body over my knee and spanked her furiously. 
"You keep acting like a child, you will be treated like one. Enough of all your humiliations and looking down on me" I continued to spank her in discipline until she begged me to stop. I grabbed the back of her head, pulled her head up slightly. 
"Are you done acting like a baby?
"Good. Now get on your knees."
"I said get on your knees Trish" 
"And I have told you before that I don't kneel for no man. Never!" I got up from the chair and undid my pants. I took out my fat cock, very rock hard and erect. All 8inches. I held it in my hand and pointed it at her. I watched as her eyes lit up. 
"Trish, tell me the truth, can you resist this juicy cock? Aren't you dying to taste this cock?" Surprisingly, she nodded. "But you say you don't kneel for a man. I guess we are done here. You don't fucking deserve my cock." I pulled my pants back up and pretended to leave. 
"Adam, wait." She called.
"What Trish? You want my cock?" She nodded. "Yes please" 
"You are such a slut Trish. You are begging for my cock. So you really want this cock? I told you that you will beg for it didn't I? I bet your pussy is dripping more at the sight of this fat cock. Now get on your knees slut. And suck this fat cock or I walk. Get on your knees. Show me how much you want this fat cock"
She quickly did exactly as she was told, and knew what was coming. She positioned herself in front of me, on her knees, wetting her mouth, watching as I undid my pants again and removed it and tossed it aside. I sat back .on the chair and guided her mouth to my cock using only my eyes. She looked at me as she explored me with just her tongue, starting at the bottom of my shaft and up to the head. She cupped her lips around the head, swallowing the pre-cum, letting it drip down the back of her throat. I again took hold of the back of her head, pushing her mouth back onto my cock. She took as much as she could of me, letting the tip hit the roof of her mouth, then back as far as she could in her throat. I was almost surprised at how good she was at this just like she was in the dreams I've had.
"Oh fuck! Trish you suck like an experienced slut. Fuck you are good."  She moved her head up and down, first cupping the bottom of my cock, then releasing her hands to massage my balls. My cock was hard and her mouth was hot and wet, making it a perfect fit. "Oh my god!! You are nailing it baby. Suck my cock and balls. Show me you deserve my fat cock." 
She moved her mouth to my balls, taking them gently into her mouth while I moaned. 
"Damn! You are such a good slut. Suck that cock bitch." 
Her tongue traveled behind my sack, tasting every inch of me. She brought her mouth back up to my cock, lusting after it while I reached down and pinched her tits. Her robe still yanked up, she stood and tried to sit on me. I couldn't believe it. Trish was desperate to have my cock inside her pussy. She actually wanted to ride my cock. What a bitch!.
"Oh no. Not yet." I denied her what she wanted the most.
"Why?" She asked. Disappointed. 
"Don't talk." She stood in front of me silent. I slowly removed her robe, so she was completely vulnerable to me. I took my hand and moved down her stomach to her pussy, placing one finger inside her as she stood. I removed it, put it in my own mouth and smiled. "Tastes as good as it did earlier. Even better" 
She knew better than to say a word, and guided my finger back inside her. I pumped them in her several times, making her crouch on my hand as I was finger fucking her. I removed my finger to replace it with two, but before I could, she took my hand and put it in her own mouth, sucking her own juices off off my fingers. 
"Yes, it does taste good." She said.
I was unbelievably turned on by watching her do this. I moved my hand back to her, put two fingers inside her and watched as she arched her back enjoying what I was doing. She begged me to fuck her. 
"Please Adam, fuck my pussy. Please fuck me hard. I can't take this any more. Fuck me." 
Every time she did, I would tell her no, and I felt her get wetter and wetter on my hand. I moved my fingers around until she moaned, and I knew I had found her G-spot.I played with it, flicking my fingers around in a circle, watching her squirm. She could barely take much more. She brought her leg up on the back of the chair so her pussy was right next to my face. 
"Adam, please eat my pussy. Lick my clit just like you did at the refinery. It's safe to scream her. Please don't say no. I'm dying to have you taste my pussy. Please." 
"You have a beautiful pussy for such a naughty girl." I said before I dived into it, loving that it was shaved and there was nothing keeping me from tasting her. My tongue darted from her clit to her pussy lips, the back to her clit again. She moved closer, making it so I was able to put my tongue inside her. I did that over and over and then lap at her entire pussy which engulfed me.  She brought her leg down and stood in front of me again, this time playing with her tits and begging me again to fuck her.
"Adam, why won't you fuck me. Don't you think I deserve your cock now? Fuck me please."
"No! Fuck yourself."
"What do you mean by that?"
"Touch yourself. Let me watch."
"Should I put you over my knee again?"
"No. I will do it." 
She went on the big bed and laid on her back. She spread her legs and displayed her pussy to face me. She grinned and put her fingers inside her. She had never felt her pussy like this before. Sure, she had masturbated before, but never with her fingers inside of her. She was surprised at how soft it was, how spongey, and how inconceivably wet she was.
"Do two fingers."
She did as she was told, and then added a third to achieve the girth she was aching for. I went to the bed and sat next to her so I could have a close view. I took my cock in my hand and wanked myself as I watched her fuck her pussy with her finger. It was so sexy. She was on the verge of coming when I stopped her.
"Turn around."
She immediately did as she was told. She turned, laid her chest on the bed and spread her legs wide for me hoping I was going to enter her. Her desire was finally fulfilled when she felt the tip of my cock pushing into her. 
"You're so tight". I whispered
I pushed harder, almost ripping her as I entered her from behind. I pushed again, this time thrusting myself into her and caught onto her juices which covered my cock. Making it easier to push into her, I fucked her hard, grunting as I pounded inside of her. I  reached up and slid my hand between the bed and her breasts, grabbing them, squeezing them, abusing them in my grip. I reached down and played with her clit again, pushing hard and rough until she had to cum. As her moans increased and her breathing labored, "Adam, you have killed me. Fuck me harder. I'm cumming". I took my hand and rubbed her entire pussy then used my fingers back up on her clit. Back and forth until she screamed and I felt my hand covered in a hot sticky mess. I leaned his face close to her and talked in her ear.
"You like this, don't you?"
"You are a dirty whore aren't you?"
"You like being taken." With each question my pounding became harder, jamming her ‎hips into the side of the bed.
"Tell me the truth, how long have you wanted my cock?" 
"From the first day I saw you." 
"Do you love my cock?" 
"Oh god! Yes I do. It's so big and juicy." 
"Are you enjoying my cock?" 
"Yes, I'm enojying your cock. I'm loving your cock." 
"Do I fuck you well?" 
"Oh yes! You fuck so well." 
"Are you my slut?" 
"Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm your slut. I will be your slut anytime you want." 
"Will you do whatever I want?"
"Yes, whatever you want."
I ground into her several more times, before abruptly stopping, and slamming her to her knees.
"Suck me off."
Her desire to taste me was insatiable. She didn't tease me or move in slow, she merely ravished my cock into her mouth. I grabbed the back of her head and fucked her mouth like I did her pussy, hard – deep – fast until I was ready to explode in her mouth. She was turned on again tasting herself on my big hard cock.
"Yes, Slut.........yes....take it. Suck that fucking cock"
Her moans were muffled as I came in her mouth, shooting my hot liquid straight into her throat. She didn't move away, she just took it like I instructed her to do. She left me in her mouth until I was done, licking me clean, not dropping a single drop anywhere but down her throat. When I was clean, I pulled her to her feet and kissed her aggressively. We both collapsed
 on the bed, panting for breath....... 

         To Be  Continued...................