Thursday, March 26, 2015

Forgive Me Mary! 5

I just couldn't believe it was happening again. I've hurt Mary again. Why does this keep happening to me? My cock betrays me and even my phone is not loyal either. Seriously? What do I do?
It was a horrible nightmare that wouldn't end. I must confess being in a relationship was too much work and hard work for that matter. But the truth is that I love Mary and I really want us to work.
I couldn't sleep that night at all. Come to think of it, I've had too many sleepless nights since Mary and I started seeing.
I took my time the following morning to get prepared to face Mary. I was going to come clean, there was no need lying. Ofcourse Mary heard everything. I got to her house by noon and then I gave her a call after I parked under the big tree outside her compound. her phone rang for about four times before she finally picked up. "What do you want Adam?"
"Mary please can we talk? I'm under the tree outside your house"
"Ohh! Adam, so now you want to see me? I expected you to be here so early in the morning. But you arrogantly took your sweet time yeah?"
"Mary, honey, Please listen to me. I can explain. This is not a phone thing. Just come out let's talk Please"
"Adam, get lost. I don't want to ever see you. Take your filthy self out of my compound before I pour hot water on you"
Mary kept arguing and screaming on the phone. I couldn't get her to calm down. So I decided to trick her
"Mary, I also came to say goodbye. I'm moving away. I thought we could see and........"She didn't wait for me to finishing the sentence when she interrupted me
"What? Adam! Moving? To where? Wait I'm coming out"
She hung up and I smiled to myself as I adjusted my collar.
I saw Mary running towards my car, I came down and went to get the door for her. I opened the door and Mary got into the car, but before I could close the door she grabbed the door and shut it herself with a bang. I smiled and went back to my side and got into the Car.
"Mary, Baby, I'm sorry. Please forgive me. It has not been easy My Love"
"Shut up Adam. I didn't come here to hear how you had to cheat on me because I am not giving it to you. Spare me that bullyang! I am here so you can explain to me what you meant when you said you are moving. Moving to where?"
"Mary common, Relax my Love. You know I'm done with school so I don't need that apartment close to the school anymore. I'm moving to the main city and my Uncle  wants to get me a job in a big company"
I could see Mary sigh in relief even though she tried to hide her excitement using anger as a front.
"Mary, please let's make this work. You know it's not easy for me but I really try. Believe me I try"
"Adam, shut your mouth. How long are you going to keep cheating on me?" Mary starts to cry and honestly, it broke my heart to see her cry.
Mary, please don't do this. Don't cry, I didn't mean to hurt you. The phone must have dialed you when I put it in my pocket. Honey,  it's not easy for me. I'm a man who has been sexually active since I was 16years old. Celibacy is not easy. Please be patient with me, I'm only human Please Baby.  It's not easy but I'm trying"
"Shut your mouth Adam, you obviously have nothing to say. Am I supposed to be okay with you fucking other people just because we are not having sex? It hurts me to think that you are out there fucking other people"
"Wait a minute Mary, did you just say the word Fuck? Hahahaha My girl is spoiled. She now says fuck" I teased Mary and she busted out laughing even with the tears on her face
"Oh! Adam please stop it. Those girl that say Fuck don't have two heads. Besides you are the one spoiling me. That word had always been too heavy and dirty for me till I got involved with you"
Mary and I laughed for a while. She looked so beautiful. Truly, there was nothing more beautiful than a smile that breaks out through tears. I was happy I could get her to smile again . I hugged her and we kissed a bit. It suddenly began to rain and the clouds got darker. It was a big storm. Mary and I decided to just sit in the car and weather the storm together. The tree gave us a dark shade.
Mary broke the hug, looked into my eyes and said   "Adam, I Love you. Please don't be with anyone else. What can I do to atleast keep you faithful till I'm ready"
"Common Mary, you don't mean that do you?"
"Yes I do Adam. I really mean it. I've read books and seen a few adult movies. I don't want you looking elsewhere. I'm aware oral sex can help"
I don't know why, but hearing Mary say those things made me so embarrassed. I looked away, starring at the screen being washed with the rain.
"Adam, look at me. You are not saying anything. I really want to do this. If you keep teaching me I will learn quickly, I'm a fast learner. You can manage the oral sex till I'm ready" Mary said very boldly. I could never understand where she got the guts from.
"Blow Job you mean, as in you would suck my Dick? Seriously?"
"Yes Adam, I want to suck your cock!"
"What? Mary, did you just say Cock? How much have I spoiled you?" I asked her and we both giggled. Mary was pretty much convincing. She had actually given this a serious thought. The look in her eyes made me want to grab her, kiss her and devour her right there in the car. But I had to hold myself back so I don't scare her.
Mary leaned closer to me and we kissed passionately. It was the longest and most passionate kiss we ever had before that day. I used my tongue to count her teeth and swim through all the corners of her mouth. I was tempted to run my fingers all over her but I had to control myself. I could control where my hands got into but I couldn't control the erction I was having. My cock grew in my pants and the buldge was obvious. I took Mary's left hand and put it on my cock so she could feel the hardness "Mary, see what you did to me. How do we solve this hard on?"
She smiled and rolled her eyes
"Adam common, we've talked about this already. I will do whatever it takes to make you satisfied till I'm ready for sex. So, Now that there's a hard on, I'm  willing to give it a try. Right here and now. It's raining heavily so no one will bother us"
Ok, I must admit I was a bit shocked those words came from the lips of my Chastity Queen. It was a surprise. But I must say, a pleasant surprise.  Pointing at my obviously erected cock, she said "So Adam, can I see it now?"
"What? You are are serious?"
She nodded. I unzipped my pant and my hard cock sprung out like a warrior.
Mary's eyes popped. I couldn't tell if it was out of fear or excitement. But my rock hard cock was right there in front of of her. She didn't say anything, she put her right hand around it an her hand didn't completely go round it. She rubbed my cock for a few seconds. Her soft, warm hand rolling up and down my cock felt good. She moved the skin on my cock in ways I didn't expect, the slack stretching taut as she stroked it.
The soft bone of flesh underneath the skin getting longer all on its own.I  I let out a soft moan "Mmmm Mary, are you sure about this? You are getting me too excited Honey. You know we can stop this right now" she looked me in the eye and said "Adam, just tell me how you want me to do it. I'm sure I want to and from that look of Love in your eyes, I'm sure you don't want me to stop now. So go ahead, just tell me how you want me to do it"  Mary was convincing and that was more than enough for me. I breath in and exhaled heavily through my mouth then with a bit mix of excitement and embarrassment I moaned "Lick my tip. Just roll your tongue all over my dick cap Mary"
 I made my seat fall half way back and without saying anything Mary bent towards me still holding my cock in her right hand and licked my cap. I saw her wet tongue roll all over my cock and I began to moan. It felt so wonderfully sweet. Too sweet I must say. Not because I've not experienced Fellatio so good before, but because of who was giving it to me. The feeling was so special. I loved the fact that I was her first. I moaned softly "Mmmm Mary that feels good. Now just put it in your mouth and suck gently. Try not to let your teeth touch it"
She opend her mouth and brought it down on my cock. It barely fit into her mouth. Then she began moving her head up and down on my cock. Her mouth was so warm and she sucked me in the most tender way. She could only take half of my cock in her mouth and she couldn't get past the gag reflex. I held unto her head, and pushed it bit down but seing she couldn't handle the gag I let go her head and grabbed onto the seat and stated rocking my waist by lifting my waist up and down to fuck her mouth. I was very gentle beacuse my cock was quite big for her mouth. I rocked in and out of her mouth slowly. "Baby that feels good. Suck that cock Mary. Ahhh your mouth is sweet. I love you Baby. Fucking your pretty little mouth feels so good. Please don't stop"  I moaned as she ran her mouth up and down my shaft with her lips and then used her tongue to do same. I don't know if she heard me because the noise of the rain and storm was pretty much. But she sucked my cock harder. She had her eyes closed  and worked her mouth and head earnestly. I looked at her face and saw her eyes closed, such beauty, such innocence. She was truly a good girl. It was so obvious this was her first time. She sucked hard and I bet she wanted to give good blow job and wanted her mouth to be the perfect pussy. I felt I was going to cum and considered cuming in her mouth but I didn't want to because I knew it was bad form to Cum in a girl's mouth without warning, especially this girl, who couldn't possibly expect it. I felt my climax mounting closer and closer so I grabbed my Gym towel from the back seat, I grabbed Mary by the hair and pulled her up. She sat up and I immediately grabbed my cock, aimed the hole at the towel and wanked hard. "Common Mary, I'm gonna cum for you. Kiss me. Give me your tongue. I want it in my mouth"
Mary pulls closer to me and places her lips on mine. She fills my mouth with her tongue and I suck it gently with my eyes closed. I wanked my cock harder and my cum gushes out. Shooting right into the towel. I break the kiss because I needed to breath. "Ohhh Fuck!! I'm cumming. Ahhhhh. Brrrrrr!!" I screamed as I offloaded. Mary watched in glee with a big grin on her face. I don't know why, but I felt quite embarrassed. I have just been made to ejaculate by a Virgin, a Chastity Queen.
"Adam, next time, do it in my mouth"
"Mary, are you sure you can handle it. But yet again, as a first timer you were pretty good"
She giggled "Ain't you gonna to say Thank you??" she asked
"Sure Baby, Thank You"
"So, No more Cheating right? Adam right?"
I gave it a short thought and Promised her that I won't cheat on her again.
The rain finally came to an end. And the clouds cleared up. We had sat in the car for hours. We kissed and said good bye.
My relationship with Mary was so good and when I moved to a bigger house in the city and also got a job in the BELLON OIL COMPANY things couldn't be better. I tried hard not to cheat on Mary but there's nothing like a fucking a pussy. I never fucked any other woman in my house as a sign of respect to Mary. My first few months in my new job was not so easy. One of the female workers in the office had recognized me from school and spread rumors about my campus Sexcapades and my endowments around the office. It was quite embarrassing because everytime I walked by, the ladies will make funny faces. I didn't really care much about their gossips and funny faces because I could tell that behind those faces of hatred they made, they wished they had a taste of my Joy stick. And it got to them that the womanizer they gossiped about didn't even look at them twice. Not that I wouldn't have wanted to, but this was my job and it meant a lot to me. If it was on campus, I would have fucked all their pussies and mouths to a shut by now. But this is work and it's serious. The ladies were beautiful and well endowed. It was like the company selected certain types of ladies or maybe the interviewer who employed them was just a pervert who selected only these kinds of women. The guys were just there, I was one of the finest. There was something funny I noticed about the ladies at work, if I run into any one of them individually, she will act nice and flirty, but if I ran into then and they are two or more, they will act very mean and pretend as if they didn't notice me. I did my best to ignore them. Only the
female office assistant in the MD's office made it her duty to be rude and mean to me even when we were alone. Angela was very pretty, she had the biggest boobs in the office and a nice round Ass to go with it. I couldn't careless about her issues, after all she was married so I never bothered to look at her twice. I developed a conscience and stayed off married women, knowing I will be marrying my Mary soon. That thing about Karma scares me. As for Angela, I knew she was trying to get my attention with her meaness. Even though I was getting tired of it but I chose to ignore her.
One friday, just before the close of work, I needed to do some printing so I could submit to the MD's table very early on Monday morning. It was a whole lot of file to print out and make photocopies of. Funny enough, the system was down, the internet server was slow. I waited and waited for it to be fixed but there was no way. It was the same thing all over the office building. I had promised Mary I was going to take her to dinner so I had to go home. I made up my mind to return to the office on Saturday morning to finish up the work. The last thing I needed was to Piss off my boss. So I left and got home just in time to take Mary out. It was a Romantic evening. We danced, kissed and it ended as usual, Mary sucked my cock off till I came. She had perfected the art of cock sucking in such a way that we could do it in different possion. In the car, while I lay on my back, while she lay back and I kneel across her face and fuck her mouth.
Honestly, I had become bored with the cock sucking routine. I was hungry to be in a pussy but I Love Mary too much to complain. I was going to try to manage till she was ready, hopefully soon...
The next day was Saturday and by noon I had to go to the office. Mary had to use the car for a wedding reception we were both supposed to attend but since I couldn't go, she had to drop me off at the office then she can drive to the wedding reception. We agreed on the time she was to come pick me up from the office so we could go home together. We got to the my office building few minutes past 12noon. "Adam, better be ready when I'm here o. I don't want to come and wait for for you" Mary said as I got out of the car. "Sweetie if you get here and I'm not done, you will come work with me" I teased her and she giggled. I gave her a kiss and she drove off. I got into the building and made my way to the elevator. The office was quiet and deserted but it wasn't strange. It was a Saturday afterall. Now the strange thing was getting to the 5th floor and the elevator stopped. I guess someone on the 5th floor was trying to go up too so the elevator stopped to pick up the person. I took two steps back to make way and space for whoever it was. When the elevator door opened the weirdest thing happened. It was Angela!! Imagine the shock on my face when she got into the elevator. I shifted back more to make big room for her and her large boobs. "What are you doing here Angela?" I asked.
She gave me a mean look and replied "What sort of stupid question is that Adam? You are here too and I'm sure to work right? Need I remind you that I work here too?"
"Angela, but it's Saturday" I exclaimed
"So what Adam? You are here and you don't have two heads right?" just then the elevator stopped at our office floor and Angela hissed and walked out of it.
I just laughed and said. "Witch! Now I suspect you had something to do with what happened to the server  yesterday and I'm sure you are here to make sure your witchcraft stops me from finishing today right? Well madam, you have failed"
She looked at me with a mean smile and said "Adam, don't be too sure of yourself" she shook her big butt seductively and walked away. My eyes were fixed on her Butt for a while till she was completely out of sight. I sat on my desk and got set to work. The server had been fixed and everything was smooth. I transfered all the files to the printer. So I got to the printer expecting that all the files were ready. But to my disappointment, there was no paper in the printer and there was none in the photocopying machine either. "What the Fuck!!!" I screamed
Angela came running "What? What? What is it Adam? Is everything Okay?"
"What do you care Angela? For all I care you are responsible for this. You are trying to screw me over right? Well, if you have an appointment with Joblessness, tell him you did not see me!"
Angela didn't say anything, she turned and walked away.  I went back to my desk, so frustrated and angry. What was happening to me? If I didn't get that document ready by Monday morning it will spell doom for me. What do I do? After a few minutes I was calm and began to think. Then it hit me, Angela was the female office assistant of this floor. She must have the keys to the store where the office supplies are kept. How do I approach her after being so rude to her. I went to her desk with a huge smile on my face "Angela, Angelica, Angelina, Angelito.. The only real Angel on this earth. The sexiest Angel ever liveth"
She managed to smile a bit but soon replaced it with a frown again "What do you want Adam of of Eden?"
"Angela, don't be mean. You know it's your duty to make sure we have all the tools required to do our jobs in this this office. So please do your job Angela. I beg you"
"My job? Adam did you say my job? Do I need to remind you that I was employed here to answer to you people from Mondays to Fridays? Or are you just daft?"
 "Angela, but you are here now. Please just go to the stock room and get me papers. I beg you"
She gives me a flirty look and replies "Look, I don't know where the stock room keys are. I left the office before the other office assistance. So I don't know where he put them"
Common Angela, you both have your set of keys so don't act like the stock room has only one key. Even at that, I'm sure you guys have a known place to keep the keys. Angela, please don't do this, not today. This work is really important for me"
 I pleaded but Angela grinned from one side of the lip to the other. I bet she was enjoying herself having me at her mercy and seeing me beg.
"Nice to see Adam the Arrogant stud beg for a favor. Anyways, I don't remember where the keys are. But if you beg more, I might just remember"
I didn't waste any minute, I begged more and more. Finally, she opened her drawer and got the keys out she got up and said "Listen Adam, the male office assistant is not here and I'm sure you don't expect me to carry the bulk paper alone from the office supplies store? So just follow me and I will open the door so you can get your papers. It's almost time for me to go home"
As she walked past me she wriggled her waist in a very seductive way. I looked at her big Butt shaking in front of me as I follow her behind. I was just thinking of how much she tortured me just for papers, I hissed and I didn't know when the word "Witch" came out of my mouth. I covered my mouth when I realized I was thinking out loud. Angela stopped walking. She turned to look at me. My heart began to race, I thought she was going to change her mind but instead, she looked at me and said "Whatever! " then she turned and continued walking to the office supply store room and I followed her with my eyes fixed on her big Butt. Angela had an attractive face but she was overweight. Her other good features were her huge tits. She liked to show them off and lots of men in the office paid attention. I am very sure Angela had a thing for me but the problem was that apart from being overweight, she's married and I know she has a child. I don't know why she should think I would be attracted to her.
The stock room was down the empty hall way, the only room being used was for office supplies. Angela unlocked the door and we both stepped inside. As soon as we got into the store room I noticed Angela locked the door from inside.
"Why don't you ever pay attention to me Adam"
"You are married Angela"
She made a face as if she didn't like my answer, the next thing I knew, she was pulling her top up over her head. I think my eyes got big. What was she doing? That soon followed with Angela unsnapping her bra. Those big tits came tumbling out. I could see that those were the biggest breasts I've ever seen naked in front of me. They rested on her chest and it was obvious that those enormous nipples were already hard. Angela walked over to me and she stood right there in front of me.
"Touch them Please Adam. I've wanted you to touch them for so long" She said to me.  I just stood there paralyzed.
Angela then brought her hands up around my shoulder and pulled me towards those big tits. Like a fool I wrapped my lips around a nipple.
"Oh my Gosh!" she moaned as I took as much tit into my mouth as possible. I knew this was so insane but there I was kissing and licking one nipple after the other. This went on for just a few minutes. Angela  pulled away from me. She sat down on the edge of a table there in the stock room. I watched as she slid out of the pants she was wearing. She definitely was thick down below and one other thing, her panties were soaking wet.
She slipped off those panties and I saw her pussy. She had shaved down completely. I was looking at two giant pussy lips all flared out. She got up from the table and walked over to me and placed her hand on my crotch. I hate to admit it but I was hard. Once Angela felt my dick she unzipped my trousers and she freed my dick from my pants and underwear. She squated down in front of me and with her left hand she held unto my cock and sucked and licked me hungrily like there was no tomorrow. She moaned loudly as she sucked me,  making a lot of slurpy sound thanks to the load of my precum and mixture of her saliva. It was the wetest cock sucking ever. She spat the mixture into her hand and took it to her pussy. While she squatted there with her legs opned, she rubbed her pussy as she sucked me hard and deep into her throat. I held unto her head and fucked her mouth deep and fast. She took her right hand out of her pussy and played with my balls while her left hand held unto my cock. Her way of sucking was intense and very passionate. I looked down at her and seeing the way her mouth and tongue moved on my cock, I felt I was close to cumming. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Angela you are so good. You gonna make me cum" I screamed.
Surely, Angela didn't want me to cum before her pussy felt my cock. So she stopped and moved back to the table and sat on the edge of it.
"I need you Adam. Please Fuck Me"
she pleaded.  I was knee deep in being stupid that day. My hard cock was ruling my actions due to the fact that  I've not been inside a pussy in months because of my relationship with Mary. I walked over to the edge of the table. Angela reached out and took hold of my cock. She guided me to her opening. I pushed into her pussy.
"Oh fuck!" She  cried out loudly.
I only hoped no one heard that. But yet again, it was a Saturday and it was just Angela and I on that particular floor. One probably can guess what happened next. I started to feed Angela's pussy with my erected cock. Her pussy was making those slurping noises as I drove my cock inside her the whole way. She reached out and placed her hands on my hips. I guess you can say I just lost it back there in the stockroom. I was pounding her fat pussy for all it was worth. Her  pussy was dripping with her juices.
I know she was getting loud as she was moaning and telling me to fuck her as hard as I could. That was just what I did. Our pubic bones were hitting as I slid all eight inches of my cock into her body. I'm afraid I didn't hold out too long that day. Surprisingly, Angela had me in a tight grip. Her pussy muscles were milking my cock and I lost control of myself. We couldn't have gone more than fifteen minutes. I told her I was close and going to pull out.
"Don't pull out, cum in me!" She said.
Jeeezz, I was fucking a co-worker with my bare cock in a back room at work. How stupid could I be. Now Angela wanted me to unload inside her. I had no idea if she was on birth control or not. So what did I do? I blasted her with my load of cum. I grunted as I squirted hot wads of my seed deep into Angela's hole. You should have seen her face. She had this look of ecstasy as she took my love offering. One thing was for sure, I had a big load stored up that day. I lost count as to how many times I blew my cream into Her pussy.
I finally was empty and I pulled my dick out of her. My sticky load immediately came spilling out. She sat on the edge of the table, her body was shaking from the fucking she just took. She stood up and she grabbed a box of tissues that was back in the stockroom. I watched her clean my spunk from her opening. We were actually quiet as we got cleaned up and we dressed again. finally, Angela opened the door and I grabbed a bundle of paper and walked out of the room. Angela locked the door and followed me behind. "What and irony" I said to myself. It felt funny. While we were going in, she was in front and now that I've gotten my paper and a fuck as bonus, she's behind. I couldn't care much for whatever was next as long as I got what I needed. I loaded the printer and the photocopying machine then I resumed work singing happily that I didn't even notice when Angela left the office. I wanted to say thank you to her but she was gone. Oh well! Who cares. I was just so happy I had finished my work. Later, I got a call from Mary, she was waiting for me at the car park. I left the office to go meet with her. Seeing her made me feel so guilty. I felt really dirty. I couldn't wait to get home and wash Angela off my skin. Mary tried to kiss me but I avoided her. It would be horrible for me to make her taste another woman's nipple in my mouth. I asked her how her day went and if she had fun at the wedding reception. Mary ignored my question and made to kiss me again.
"Adam, I was thinking we could have a quick one right here, right now. Let me suck you off in this place. It feels exciting right? The fear of being caught. Afterall this place was almost empty and quiet. There are only few cars here and no one is watching"
I managed to push her off again. The guilt was killing me and an erection was the last thing on my mind and there was no way I would disrespect Mary by letting her taste another woman's pussy on my cock besides, she would have been able to smell the fuck aroma on my cock.
"Adam, what's wrong? You've never rejected me before and I've noticed you can't even look me in the eye since you got into the car"
"Mary, Baby, calm down Honey. I'm just tired. There was no paper in the office and I had to walk a long distance to go get it. I just need to get home, shower and rest"  I said to Mary.
She became quiet, put her seat belt back on and drove. There was so much tension in the car. Mary didn't say a word all the through the drive home. I tried to make her talk but she didn't say a word. Few minutes later, we arrived home and I rushed out of my clothes and jumped into the shower. I brushed my mouth and  I scrubbed my body especially my cock area as if I was trying to wash off Tar. I got out of the bathroom with a big towel around my waist and into the bedroom. Mary was sitting on the bed with her head in her hands and tears all over her face. I was dumbfounded, my heart was beating so fast that I could hear the drumming.
"Who was it Adam? Who did you fuck in your office? Was it that fat lady I saw walk out of your office just before I called you?"   Mary sobbed uncontrollably
"Mary, please don't do this I beg you. Baby, you know I Love you"
Mary started yelling at me "You Love me but you can't stop cheating on me. You promised that you won't cheat on me again when I started giving you Oral sex. You promised"
"I'm sorry my love, it just happened. Please forgive me Mary" I went on my knees and begged her.
"But I make you cum Adam. What more do you want?" she yelled.
At this point I was frustrated with Mary and I lost it
"For God's sake Mary! You are so naive. It's not just the same" I yelled back at Mary unconsciously.
"Oh Adam, so your cheating on me is my fault? Are you blaming me? I must have been so stupid to have trusted you thinking you will change. You are such a useless dog. Noooo Adam, a dog is a saint where you are. Take a good look at me Adam, because this is the last time you will ever see me again. Send my stuffs to me when you can" Mary screamed at the top of her voice and she grabbed her bag and made to walk out of the room.
I ran to her and grabbed her by the waist and went on my knees in front of her
"Mary, my love please don't go. I beg you. I'm sorry. Forgive me. I'm only human my Sweetheart. I have needs. I've tried to be faithful. For the past few months I've been faithful. Forgive me Mary please. This last time I beg you"  I cried. Mary is just not the kind of woman any man will be happy to hurt. It hurt me to see her heart broken. It felt really awful.
"Adam why? Why do you keep doing this to me. I love you and I know you love me too. But this is just too much for me to handle. I can’t do this again. Please let me go. Please"
Mary cried so much so that it pierced my heart. I stood at the door and begged her. She was silent for a while as if she was thinking deeply but the tears were still rolling down her face. Then she said "Adam, if we start having sex, will it solve all this cheating problems?"
I was shocked she said that but it made me feel more terrible.
"Mary, I could never let you trade your virginity for my fidelity. It's not worth it. Please don't make me feel worse than I already do I beg you. I will wait with you and when the time is right, I won't have sex with you, I will make sweet love to you My Love" I said to her and she blushed. She managed to put a smile on her face and hugged me. That moment was so romantic, we kissed and I carried Mary back to bed. We talked more and we reassured eachother of our feelings. I told Mary I didn't want to get a BJ from her anymore if she wouldn't let me reciprocate. She agreed for me to eat her pussy when next she gave me a BJ. But we also agreeed to let that day pass because of what had happened. She needed time to get that 'fat woman' out of her head.
I'm glad we could resolve this issue, Mary was so forgiving. I couldn't wait to give Mary her first head. I wondered what it will feel like to eat the pussy of a Virgin. I couldn't wait to see how she would feel. So I kept my fingers crossed till the D-day!

    To Be Continued........

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Forgive Me Mary! 4

I grabbed my jeans on the floor, quickly wore it and chased after Mary barefooted. I was neither wearing aa shirt nor flip-flop.  I kept calling for her "Mary, please wait let me explain" 
"Stay away from me you filthy thing" she said and kept running. 
"Mary, please just listen" by now I caught up with her and I grabbed her. She tried to pull away forcefully. "Please Mary, I beg you take it easy. You know you just had surgery. Please be calm let's talk I am begging you Please" Mary stopped struggling I turned her to face me. With the help of the street lights, I was able to see tears on her face. She must have cried out of disappointment or pains from the surgery. "How did you find me?" 
"That's not important Adam. You found me first right? I felt bad about the way I treated you yesterday after the kindness you showed me. I really wanted to apologize. I called a few people from school and they were able to give me your address. I sneaked out of the hospital this evening hoping to surprise you and apologize. But I'm the one who got surprised yeah? How do I get that image out of my head. Ohh I feel so stupid. Please let me go back to the hospital I don't feel too well"  Mary broke down and cried. I felt so small and horrible. I wished I could turn back the time to I closed the door so I can lock it. I wished it was a bad dream. I kept pleading with her to give me a chance to explain how her humiliations drove me nuts. Mary was in pain from the race and the strugle. She held unto her tommy and groaned in pain. "Mary, please wait for me here. Let me quickly run home and get the car. Wait here please. Don't move" 
I ran as fast as I could back to my apartment. Mrs Obi was not in the apartment but I was not interested in what had happened to her. I put on a shirt, sandals and I grabbed the car key and ran out. I got into the car and drove to where I left Mary. I looked around but she was no where to be found. I got down from the car and asked the people at the shop by the road. Someone told me she got into a Cab and left. I was devastated and I felt so guilty for her predicament. I thought of going to the hospital to check on her. But I couldn't. What will I say when I get there? What if she humiliates me like last time? She will spit on me this time. I decided to go back home and just give her space to cool off. When I got into the house, I discovered a piece of paper on thge center table. I picked it and opened it. It was a note from Mrs Obi. "Adam, you have a lot of explaining to do. Better see me in my office tomorrow ". After reading it, I hissed, tore it and put it into the trash. I was devastated, I have never felt like this before. I have not shed a tear since the day Miss Kate left me. But that night, I cried. It was as if I felt what Mary was feeling. 
But why did she come looking for me? I thought she couldn't stand the sight of me? What made her come this far? She even took the risk of sneaking out of the hospital just to see me? 
I asked myself all kinds of questions. I knew no sleep that night. I walked up and down the house till my feet ached. I laid in bed counting sheep till morning. It was a horrible and long night but I was glad it was over. I prepared to go to the hospital. Even though I was scared of what Mary's reaction will be when she sees me but was willing to risk it. I just needed to be sure she is okay, considering the pains she felt yesterday when I left her get my car.  I got to the hospital reception, and saw a woman crying and Lilly consoling her. Could that woman be Mary's mother? If she is then why is she crying so much? What has happened to Mary? I prayed in my heart that she was okay. Lilly recognized me on seeing me and got up to approach me. We exchanged pleasantries, I asked her how Mary was doing and why the woman was crying. "That's Mary's mother, you see, Mary had some complications. She bled alot due to the strain on the surgery wound which caused the stiches to open. She needs blood badly. But her blood is not available" Lilly explained. 
Lilly also told me that Mary's father was late and that she is the only child of her mother. She said they had been searching for her blood type since last night and that the doctor says there was not much time. 
I asked what her blood type was and Lilly told me it was O'Positive. 
Coincidentally, that is my blood group too. Without thinking twice, I quickly volunteered to donate blood to her even if it meant draining out my last blood. 
The nurses got me to do a test which showed I was fit to donate. I was so happy to be doing this for Mary. Everything went well and Mary was out of the ICU by evening. I sat at the Reception all day along side Lilly and Mary's mother who wouldn't stop thanking me for saving her daughter's life. Later on, a nurse came and gave us the good news that Mary was awake. And that I was the first person she wanted to see. Turns out the nurses had told her about the person who donated the blood that saved her life. From the form I filled earlier they were able to give her my details and she knew it was me. 
Lilly and Mary's mother smiled at me, urging me to go on. I stood up and walked towards the ward Mary was. My heart beating so fast in my chest. I knocked once on the door and went in. "Hi Mary" I greeted. She opened her eyes, looked up at me and smiled "Thank you Adam. The nurses told me how you came to my resque" she said in a weak, low tone. 
"It's okay Mary, please don't talk. You are not strong enough. We both know it's all my fault you got this complications. Donating my blood was the least I could do. I would have given you my kidney if it was required" 
Mary smiled at me. She was calm and peaceful. I could see her true beauty. I watched as she slept off. I sat there watching her for about three hours. 
Lilly and Mary's mother practically begged me to go home and rest.  I went home later that night but I couldn't stop thinking about Mary. I visited her twice every day until she was discharged the following week. I went to pick her from the hospital along side Lilly. 
When we got to her compound, Lilly took her things out of the car and went inside while Mary and I sat in the car and talked for hours. I looked in her eyes and told her how I felt and that I couldn't stop thinking about her. She blushed and told me she's had a crush on me right from the first day I started Tutorials in her class. 
"So Mary, where do we go from here?" I asked her. "Adam, you know that you are way above my league and the bad reputation you have on campus won't help matters" Mary expressed her fears. She also told me she won't give up her beliefs on Chastity. I assured her I won't pressure her for sex till she was ready. "Adam that does not mean you should continue sleeping around just because I can't quench your Sexual urge just yet" Mary said to me. I promised her I will not disappoint her. Although it wouldn't be easy but I was willing to try. And that she should give me time to adjust. We both came to an agreement to keep the relationship on the low key. It wouldn't be a problem since I had just three months to graduate and leave the University. Mary was worried about what people thought of her. So I respected that. She didn't come to my house, we didn't hang out in school. If I wanted to see her, I went to her house. Things went on very smoothly. 
I completely avoided Mrs Obi. Since we were done with the Lectures and only writing exams she was very scarce. After the' day Mary caught us, she didn't call me and I didn't call her either. 
I must confess that being in a Love relationship was sweet and soar. Sweet because I had fallen in Love for the first time. It was a beautiful feeling. To care so much about the feelings of another person. But it was soar because I felt the need to be Loyal and faithful to Mary which was not really easy. I jerked myself off most nights while I watched Porn but it was not as satisfying as the real fuck at all. I didn't want to cheat on Mary but I just couldn't bear it anymore. It was frustrating. 
Suddenly, my phone rang and to my surprise, it was Mrs Obi. I had this Mixed feeling of excitement and reluctance, we have not spoken since that day. I picked up "Hello Professor" 
"Oh! Adam, I'm no more Mamah? We are back to Professor yeah? How nice" she replied sarcastically. 
"Nooo Mamah, I didn't mean it that way. I thought the call was official since you never wanted to talk to me again. Besides, Professor sounds way sexier" 
"Hmmm, I need to see you in my office today. We need to talk" 
"Yes talk. 3pm" 
And then she hung up without waiting for a response. I contemplated whether to go or not. But from her tone, she was way too serious. Besides, I needed to also see her and explain to her what happened the last time. 
I didn't want to be late for my appointment with Mrs Obi, so I got there right on time. Mrs Obi, didn't smile at me like she used to. It was like looking at Margaret Thatcher again. I was not scared this time. I mean, we have both fucked eachother's brains out. I played cool too. She pretended not to notice my presence as she was busy with work. I sat down and didn't take my eyes off her. Without looking at me, she was able to sense I was starring at her. "Why are you starring at me like that Adam" she asked without looking up, her eyes still fixed on her work. 
"I'm just wondering why you asked me to come here only to ignore me. You said we had to talk. So I'm here now" I replied still starring her in the face. 
"Ok, I require an explanation. What exactly happened last time in your apartment? Who is Mary and why did you run off?" 
 I sighed and thought for a while. It was then I realized that I had not even cooked up an explanation to give her, there was no plan or lie put in place. I just decided to go with the truth. She raised her face to look me in the eye as if she wanted to intimidate me. Still looking her in the eye I said "Mary is my girlfriend and she walked in on Us that day. When I took off, I was running after her. I'm sorry it happened that way".   Mrs Obi was a bit surprised. She said she didn't know I had a girlfriend and wondered if Mary had seen her face. I assured her that Mary didn't see her face and that her identity was unknown. She asked me to tell her about Mary, I told her everything. And I also told her I was in Love and wanted to remain faithful. She smiled in a sarcastic way as if to say "we will see about that"
She got off her chair and walked up to me at the other side of the table. 
She sat on the table in front of me and said "So Adam what do you mean by that? Are you trying to tell me that we are not going to fuck anymore" 
Hearing her say the word 'FUCK' sent shivers through my body. But I was determined to resist her. I said "No Mamah. I can't just do it. It's too soon to start cheating. I'm sorry" 
She let out a loud laugh to mock me. Then she spread her legs in front of me. Putting each leg on the arm of the chair I was sitting on. "Adam, how can you reject me? After everything we have done together. Look, I'm not wearing any pantie". She spread her legs even wider. I looked up, trying to avoid looking between her legs. "Common Adam, look at it, it's not like you've not seen it before. Look how beautiful it is. I just waxed" 
It was as if her words twisted by neck itself because I suddenly couldn't resist. I looked at her pussy spread on the table in front of me. "Wow" escaped my lips as I exhaled. It was indeed beautiful. Her pussy lips looked even fuller than I remembered. 
She began to rub her Clit slowly. 
"Adam, I know you want me as much as I want you. Go ahead, taste it. That's all I want, no fucking. Just eat my pussy and I will let you go" she said slowly. 
"Are you sure? If I eat only your pussy you will let me go?" 
"Yes. Just eat it already" 
I couldn't take it anymore. The sight of her beautiful pussy was driving me crazy. 
The temptation was too close up in my face. I fought the urge, I really did. But Mrs Obi had this amazing pussy and because she was rubbing on it, it was dripping with juice. I just had to stop resisting and I lowered my head and softly kissed her pussy lips. She shivered at my touch, but let her thighs spread an inch or two wider. I breathed in deeply while gently nuzzling her skin, trying to fill myself with her aroma.  My hands went to work on her legs which were still on the arms of the chair I sat, but now my attention was focused squarely between them. I started with small licks, letting her taste linger on the tip of my tongue. In between I would grasp her skin between my lips and pull gently at her. I started tracing longer strokes up and down her slit, teasing her pussy lips apart. When I glanced up I saw that her eyes were closed and one of her hands had crept under her shirt, where she was caressing her nipple. I rested my tongue at the bottom of her pussy and then planted, thrusting my tongue inside her and licking strongly upwards. Her eyes stayed closed, but she let out a low moan and bucked her hips. I returned the pressure, burying my face between her legs and kissing her pussy deeply. When she rest her back on the table I went to work, licking and sucking her sweet skin with greater fervor. I did my best to mix things up, alternating licks up the length of her lips with deeper penetration. But I coaxed the best reactions out of her when I pressed my mouth against her pussy, letting my tongue wander inside her, and hummed into her flesh.
She was doing her best to keep quiet, but small moans and whimpers still managed to escape. As she began to shift and squirm against my mouth, I moved my hand to her pussy and coated my fingers in her juices. Still teasing her with my tongue, I started rubbing light circles around her clit with my fingertips.
I carefully watched her face, and when I zeroed in on her clit I saw her eyes pop open and heard a small "oh." As her gaze met mine her surprise gave way to pleasure, and soon her eyes closed again, her head rolling back to rest on the books on the table. Her breaths grew deeper as I rubbed tighter and faster circles around her clit, at the same time sucking her delicate pussy lips into my mouth.
As one of her hands grew frenzied under her bra, the other she used to grab my head and push my face into her pussy. I licked a long, slurping path up her slit and took her clit into my mouth, flicking my tongue across it. My hand dropped lower between her legs, where her dripping hole warmly accepted two of my fingers. Her breathing was getting frantic now, and I sensed she was close.
Too afraid to change anything and risk losing her rapture, I kept my pace steady. With her taste filling my mouth and my fingers thrusting in and out of her, I watched her back arch up off the table and her body begin to ripple with small convulsions. Her eyes were clamped shut, her fingers madly kneading her breast, her mouth opening and closing in silence. Her moans were replaced with the urgent sound of shallow panting, and I felt her thighs squeeze the sides of my head. I sucked hard on her clit and rode out the bucks of her orgasm, relishing the sight,  taste and smell of her. She finally gave into her Orgasm and moaned "Ohh! Adam, you eat my pussy so well. Fuck! I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cummingggggg" 
Eventually she reached down and pushed at my head, and I released her flushed skin from my mouth and sat up. Her eyes still shut, she let her legs close and fall together to the side. I watched as her shivers gradually came to an end.  
After one or two minutes she got up and pulled her dress together with a grin on her face. "So, should I consider this a Parting gift Adam?" 
I said "Yes". She smiled and told me this wasn't enough and that she wanted more. Just one last thing. I contemplated for a while and I asked her what it was and that as long as it had nothing to do with Sex, I will do it. She said it was nothing Sexual. "Tomorrow is my birthday, and my friends are organizing something very private and intimate for me. I would love you to be my guest"  I smiled and thought to myself, piece of cake. "Sure Mamah. Place and time?".   She brought out a piece of paper and wrote down the address, folded it and handed it to me saying "6PM, don't be late Adam" I put the paper in my pocket and went home. I knew I was going to kick myself for not fucking Mrs Obi. I still didn't believe I let the opportunity get by me. I felt stupid that night when I had to masturbate. In the middle of it, Mary called me and said she just wanted to check up on me because she didn't see me all through the day. I told her I went to submit my project and that it was very hectic. She asked if I was okay and I said yes. We said good night and hung up. I lost my erection after speaking with Mary. My cock went completely limb and to sleep and so did I. 
I couldn't wait to get my deal with Mrs Obi over and done with. I was eager to attend the party. I left home quite early because I wanted to beat the traffic. It was quite difficult locating the house even though it was in the GRA but I was finally there. I got out of the car and looked around. It was a beautiful house. I knocked on the door and a beautiful lady opened. She was standing behind the door and only popped out her head to talk to me. "You must be Adam" she said to me with a huge smile still hidding the rest of her body behind the door. I was curious but smiled back at her  "Yes, I'm Adam. Am I in the right place? I was supposed to meet Mrs Ngozi Obi here" I replied. She told me I was in the right place and asked me to go in. I stepped into the house and she closed the door and locked it. I turned around to look at her still curious about the way she hid her body behind the door. What I saw almost popped out my eyes. I looked at her in amazement. She was wearing a black lacey and transparent Lingerie. I could see her Thong and Nipples. She wore a red high heel and the lipstick matched the shoe. "Adam, I hope you ain't about to have a heart attack. Please sit down. Ngozi will join you soon" I sat down and watched her walk away while her big ass shock giggled behing her. A lot of thoughts crossed my mind. I was confused, did Mrs Obi set me up? There was no sign of a Birthday party anywhere. There were no people around, there was no cake. What kind of a party was it anyway? Then I remembered Mrs Obi had mentioned "intimate party" I didn't ask her what she meant when she said intimate. I was distracted from my thoughts when Mrs Obi walked into the living room "Adam my darling, I'm so glad you could make it. I was beginning to thinki you would turn me down. Sorry I took a while, I was just freshing up" Mrs Obi said as she approached me. She was wearing pretty much what the other lady wore. Almost naked. I got up and gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek. "Happy Birthday Mamah" I said to her as we both sat down. "So what's happening? Where is the Party?" 
She put on a mischievous grin "Adam common relax. It's my birthday today. But this is just for you and I. The main party is by weekend. I just wanted to spend the day with you and my very special friend. She wants to give me a special treat of having both of you make me Cum. Consider it a parting gift" 
She shifted closer to me, and kissed me. 
"Mamah, I thought we talked about this yesterday. I can't do this to Mary. Please understand me" I was still talking to Mrs Obi when I voice came from the other room. "Ngozi, I told you he won't do it. We should have called my Baby boy instead. You know he's the most capable Stud there is" the lady that opened the door for me said as she walked in and sat down right next to Mrs Obi. "Nooo Zane, cool down. there's no stud better than Adam. Wait till you see his cock, you will know you've never seen this before" Mrs Obi said to her. Turning to me, she said "Adam, meet Zane, my partner in crime, my lover, my sister, my very special friend" 
At that point, I could clearly understand what these women wanted. They wanted me to fuck both of them. This was a rare offer. Both ladies were so beautiful. Light skinned and had same body endowments. The thoughts of what I could do with these beautiful bodies gave me a hard on but I was going to try and resist. I asked for a drink and the ladies pointed me to the kitchen. I went to the fridge and took out a bottle of wine. As I poured the wine into the glass, I thought of Mary. I love Mary, but I'm not the kind of man that says No to a beautiful woman's pussy not to talk of two beautiful women. Out of guilt, I decided to call Mary, just to tell her that I love her. I called and she didn't pick up so I put the phone back in my pocket. The fact that she didn't pick my call was a sign for me to do what I had to do. I gulped the wine and headed back to the living room. I found the two ladies kissing passionately. The sight was a big turn on. I stood there and watched as Zane helped Ngozi take off her Lingerie, leaving her pantie on, she licked and sucked on her nipples as Ngozi moaned loudly. I knew how much Ngozi loved her nipples sucked. They kissed and ran their fingers on each other's body. 
I watched in fascination as both ladies kissed. There's something sublimely erotic about two women kissing which is often lacking in a male-female embrace. A lot of men see kissing as a dull-but-necessary prelude to getting their cock into a wet hole, which is their sole purpose. For women, it seems the kiss has a greater intensity than for men. I love to kiss, and every woman I've been with say I'm a good kisser. If a woman is in the right mood, I can get her wet just by kissing her on her lips -- that's the ones on her mouth.
But in my view, women kiss far more erotically than men ever do, especially girl on girl. Watching the interplay between two soft, feminine mouths, the wetness of lips, the sexiness of tongues, gets me hard every time. The fact that this was happening Live, right in front of me made it many times more intense than watching heavily-staged lesbian porn.
Both ladies moaned as they kissed and I couldn't help the hard on in my Pant. Ngozi really wanted this and my cock had betrayed me. I couldn't take it anymore, I was going to explode. I did the cross sign without moving my hands as usual and whispered to myself "Forgive me Mary". I walked up to them and sat beside Ngozi. I began to kiss her while Zane sucked on her nipples. After a few seconds, I got up and took off my clothes. I could see how Zane's eyes lit up when she saw my hard cock. "Wow" came out of Zane's lips as she fixed her eys on my cock. "I told you he is huge didn't I?" Ngozi told her in glee as she came to me, took my hand and led me to the bedroom. When the three of us got into the bedroom I grabbed Ngozi and pushed her back against the wall. "Ok Birthday girl, spread those legs as wide as you can because the treat you asked for has just began" I said as I spanked her thighs making her spread so wide as she leaned on the wall. I grabbged Zane  and kissed her lips hard. I was burning up with Sexual fire and desire. I held Zane by the hair and pushed her to her knees right in front of Ngozi. I knelt by her side and I pushed her head towards Ngozi's Pussy. We both began to tongue Ngozi's clit at the same. It was a pleasure of two tongues, one pussy and one moment. I had seen this in porn. I didn't imagine it would feel this good. I could not understand what Ngozi was feeling but I could only imagine it was double the pleasure of having her pussy eaten by one mouth. Our tongues brushed against each other's as we licked Ngozi's wet pussy. The slurpy sound was so loud like waving a hand inside a bucket of water. Ngozi was completely helpless as her feet began to wobble. "The two of you are too much for me. This feels so fucking good. I'm goona faint Adam. You guys are killing me" her moans were loud and shivery as she begged to be fucked "Somebody please fuck me. I can't take it anymore. Adam, please put that cock inside of me I beg you. Zane, my love please tell him to fuck me. Please stop. Beg him to fuck me Zane, I want to Cum. Don't do this to me. Somebody please fuck me, I want to Cum" Zane and I kept licking her pussy till she exploded. Hot cum goshed out of her pussy to the floor. Zane and I stepped back as Ngozi's Orgasm was over. Her image on the wall was such a beauty to behold. It was like a beautiful painting of a lady pinned to the wall. I stroked my cock as I looked at her. "I want my Pussy eaten too. All that slurpy sound from Ngozi's pussy has made me too horny" Zane said. 
I laid on my back and asked Zane to come sit on my face. She was excited and while she knelt over my face facing my legs  I began licking and sucking her. 
Just then I felt a pair of hands on my thighs and realized that Ngozi had joined us. I couldn't see her because Zane's big ass was on my face, I could only feel her. I felt her licking my balls and that made me moan. I really like the feel of a woman's tongue on my balls. I'm always clean shaven just for that purpose.
I felt her suck on my balls. I lifted my hips off the bed to get more contact and Ngozi must have misunderstood my intentions as she parted my legs and I felt her licking me lower and lower moving closer and closer below. I shuddered as I felt her tongue, hot and wet all over and below my balls. I pushed my tongue harder at Zane's pussy and felt it finally go inside. Since she was squatting on my face there was little resistance. I rubbed my finger across her slit as I tongue fucked her pussy.
Ngozi did the same with her tongue on my ass. I felt her finger take the place of her tongue as her tongue moved towards my balls. She sucked each ball hard. I enjoyed them to be sucked hard to the point of a slight discomfort. This heightens the intensity of my climax. I continue to tongue fuck Zane, feeling her pussy juice drip on my chin and traveling down my neck. I pushed one finger inside her tight ass. Immediately her rocking increased against my tongue and mouth. I felt Ngozi's tongue exploring my shaft moving to the top. I felt Zena bend to my cock now. 
I have never experienced two women on my cock before. I will never forget the first time both tongues touched the tip of my cock. Both ladies fought over my cock head. They started to french kiss over my cock while fondling my balls. I pushed harder into Zane's pussy, fingering her ass. Zane lifted herself off my tongue and moved over trying to get a better look at my cock. Both girls let me have their pussies to finger while they sucked my cock. I watched the two beauties as I fingered them both. It was tough going. My hands started to shake as I felt the strain of fingering two women.
I pulled Ngozi onto my face leaving Zane to lick my cock. I felt her deep throat it as my tongue closed in on Ngozi's pussy and ass. I licked her pussy burying my tongue in her slit. Then I moved over to her ass. She almost smothered me, pushing her pussy into my face. I pushed her up to catch my breath but it was quite difficult. She kept grinding her pussy and ass in my face.
‎I licked her and pushed my tongue into her pussy. She gasped as she felt my long tongue push in. She pushed and pushed against my tongue getting as much tongue as possible in her pussy. I felt Zane suck my cock hard while fingering my ass. Then turned and sat on my cock. It felt so hot, feeling her pussy slide on my cock. She started to move, kissing Ngozi as I licked her pussy. I started to finger her and almost immediately she shuddered as she came against my finger. I guess the pussy licking and fingering coupled with seeing Zane on my cock didn't help at all.
She rose off my face and moved over to Zane. She pushed her off my cock, yes, literally pushed her off and started to suck it. Zane recovered and pushed her again, sitting down on my cock. Ngozi pulled Zane up and she sat on my cock. She grabbed Zane and hugged her as she rode my cock up and down. Usually, I can last longer when a woman rides my cocks than on the missionary position. So before I could reach my peak Ngozi, peaked. I felt her pussy squeeze my cock hard in spasms as she came.
Ngozi, came to a standstill and the two ladies continued to kiss forgetting me. I flexed my cock and that gave Ngozi the message. Both ladies climbed off me and proceeded to lick and suck my cock. Zane fingered my ass again as she sucked the life out of my cock. I didn't last long and I came hard into her mouth. She let me shoot all of my cum and then lifted her mouth off my cock. Then both women started to kiss each other sucking and licking my cum. 
Both Ladies got me gasping for breath and later they both collapsed beside me in bed.   I was glad I came over and got this treat. It was a beautiful parting gift to Mrs Ngozi Obi since I was leaving the University. I asked to take a shower and Ngozi joined me. She came in and started kissing me, I got hard again and bent her over while I stood behind her and rammed into her. Fucking her deep and fast. I didn't last long. I withdrew and came all over her ass. We cleaned up and I got dressed and ready to go home. I kissed both Ladies good night, got into my car and drove off. It was very late so the road was free of traffic and I got home in no time. As I stepped out of the car, I brought out my phone to call Mary, I dialed her number, put the phone on my ear to hear it ring but heard "Sorry, you don't have sufficient airtime to make this call. Please load a recharge card, Thank you"
Seriously? I had enough airtime on this phone to last me for over four hours of phone call. Could this be a network error? I dialed again but got same responds.  Damn! I decided to check my last dialed number. It was Mary. How come? I called her but she didn't pick up so I put the phone in my pocket. What happened? I was distraught. I really needed to talk to Mary. I must find out what happened. I jumped back into the car and drove to the junction. I was lucky to get airtime. I rushed back home, loaded and called Mary. It rang and rand but she didn't pick. I became even more worried. But too scared to go to her house that night. I paced about the room unable to sleep. I couldn't even take off my clothes. I was desperate. I needed to know what had happened. About an hour later my phone rang, it was Mary!! I picked up sighed and calmly said "Baby, I've been trying to reach you. What happened? I've been worried. Are you ok?"  She was quiet "Hello" 
She finally spoke, crying "You were worried Adam? Worried about what Adam? Worried before or after you had sex with those women?" 
I interrupted her "Baby, what women?"
"Shut up Adam. I heard everything. You wanted me to hear that was why you called me? Were you trying to punish me for not allowing you have sex with me? How could you do this to me?"  it was so heart breaking to hear Mary cry. "Baby please I can explain. Forgive me Mary Please" 
The line went dead. I called back but it was switched off.  

To Be Continued..............

Passion and Lust

My love how was your day?

You say it was all right.

I want to play.

Let's have sex tonight.

We both undress,

And share a sweet kiss.

Let's relieve all our stress,

Enjoy some sexual bliss.

We lay down on a plushy rug,

In front of a crackling fire.

We share kisses and hugs,

You're all that I desire.

You play with my breasts,

My hands grab your cock-meat.

You caress and hold my chest,

I ask you if you'd like to eat.

You spread my thighs,

You look at my bald mound.

I close my brown eyes,

While you lick me all around.

Kisses and licks to my center,

Little sighs and soft moans.

Your fingers now enter,

I curse and then I groan.

As you check things out,

You finger fuck my slit.

I thrash all about,

As you play with my clit.

Your tongue licks me slow,

My legs start to shake.

My pussy juices flow,

My pussy starts to quake.

It's my turn; I get on my knees,

I wrap my mouth around your dick.

It's time for me to please,

As I bob up and down your prick.

I work my mouth down your rod,

As I hold and pet your ball-sack.

You give the approving nod,

As you play with my full and firm rack.

I tilt my head for some deep sucking,

I slobber all over your baton.

I'm ready for some fucking,

I'm feeling rather wanton.

I get up on all fours,

As you slip into my cunt.

You press your finger into my back door,

I curse and then I grunt.

You hold your hands on my hips,

As you start to thrust.

I can feel my pussy start to drip,

I love our passion and our lust.

Balls slapping up against my hole,

You grab onto my butt.

You're in total control,

A bit of dirty talking and some smut.

We both scream and come together,

We have both filled our needs.

We're hot and passionate lovers,

My pussy is filled with your hot seed.

There's so much love here,

As we fall fast asleep.

Our fire starts to disappear,

We don't move or make a peep.

      Poem by Mysteria 27

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Forgive Me Mary! 3

I pondered over the idea of showing up at the hospital unannounced to see Mary. I tried to figure how surprised she will be to see me considering how much she hates me.  Should I go? Or do I just ignore and wait till she returns to school? Then I felt if there is anytime I need to suck up to her and make her like me a bit, it is now.
I dressed up and drove to the super market. I bought some flowers, chocolates, some beverages and a Get well card. I got to the hospital and at the reception, I was directed to her ward. I knocked nervously. I can't believe a little girl made me so nervous. I was asked to go in and I did. I saw Mary lying on the bed, with a drip in her hand. "Hello Mary, how are you?" The surprise on Mary's face was priceless. She was overwhelmed with shock. "What? What are you doing here? How did you know I was here? How did you even get to know my name?" Mary managed to yell at me with her eyes about to pop out of her head.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. I just had to see you. I was worried when you didn't show up in school on Wednesday. I tried to find you and I was told you are here. Please calm down"
Mary sat up and yelled again. "Don't you dare tell me to calm down. Who told you where to find me? Give me a name so I can kill the person as soon as I get well. By the way, you've come, you've seen me, Now get out please and take that bag you brought with you"      I couldn't believe the hatred in her eyes. What did I ever do for her to hate me this much. I made to leave but then the lady that sat on the chair next to her bed spoke. "Haba! Mary that is too harsh. What crime has he committed?" then she turned to me and said "What's your name please?" I replied "Adam"
Then she said "Ok Adam, please I apologize on Mary's behalf. Ever since the operation she has been cranky. I promise you, she's really a nice person and has never been this rude. Please just give us a minute. Wait in the hall way. I will call you soon. But please don't leave. And thank you for the bevrages"   with that, she took the bag from me. I quietly left the room and stood in the hall way but just by the door. I could hear Mary and the Lady arguing. The lady told her she was too rude and treated me badly. What Mary said about me broke my heart. "Lily  forget that guy. How can you not recognize that useless womanizer that has ruined lives, broken hearts all over the campus? That scum that has turned sisters against sisters and friends against friends. Yuk! I can't stand the sight of that guy. Lily free me I beg you"
I couldn't believe what Mary saw me as. Was I that horrible? How can she have so much hatred for me? I felt to sad and little. Although what Lily said to Mary next was a bit encouraging. "Mary, I'm beginning to really think that the drugs that has been pumped into your system has affected your brain. I didn't hear you say Adam forced any of those girls. The people you are hating him for will still jump on his bed if they have another opportunity and you are here crying more than the berievd? Look at the lovely things he got you. Has anyone from school looked for you knowing you have missed classes? Even the so called Elliot you claim is your wanna be boyfriend has not even shown up here. He claims he's busy. And you treat a man that has come here to wish you well so bad? I will go and call Adam back into this ward and you had better apologize for being so nasty to him" after hearing that, I didn't wait anymore. I lost confidence and just walked as fast as my legs could carry me. I made up my mind never to go looking for Mary again .
At home I was so pissed and frustrated. I couldn't eat or sleep well neither could I stop thinking of Mary.
Why can't I get that mean girl off my mind? Well, like the saying goes, "the best way to get over somebody is to get under somebody"  I needed some great sex so my brain  can think straight and get Mary out of my mind. I picked up my phone and tried to call a few selected chick's who are just into fun and not the clingy types. But the few I called seemed busy. It was a Friday night afterall. I sent a text to Mrs Ngozi Obi. "MaMah, can we do it? I need it" I waited anxiously for her reply while thinking of her pussy, the thoughts of fucking her gave me a hardie. I brought out my Cock and began to stroke it. Few seconds later Mrs Obi's reply came in "Sorry Stud, but I'm busy tonight with Hubby. Miss you"  I almost smashed my phone. Damn! I was upset. I had a lot of women I could call. But they were too clingy and always got all mushy. I just wanted a good fuck! But dare invite those leaches over for the night and they will get territorial and want to stay the entire weekend. I then remembered Vera. A good friend that owns a Strip Club. Where some very dirty things went down. You have to be a close friend of her's or a wealthy customer that she has known for a while. I've fucked Vera once, but her pussy had seen better days, although she gives a good blow job, her pussy was nothing to enjoy. It was the worst fuck ever. What kept me going back there was the secret nasty things that went down there. Apart from the Lap dance, She had a hall full of partitions with holes on the walls of each partition. We call this place, the 'Glory hole'. After you have made Payments to the Cashier, you walk in there and put your cock into the hole and a babe whose face you don't see sucks your cock till you cum. I never liked the Glory hole. The thought of having a person I can't see suck my cock gave me the creeps. Sheeesh!! What if it was a gay man at the other side, sucking my cock? Never. Can't do the Glory hole. I'd rather see whose mouth my cock goes into. I don't trust these people especially Vera. She would do anything for money.
Another nasty thing that went down in Vera's Strip club was the place we call the VIP Sex Booth. In another hall, Vera has sets of Booths, where there was only a big Executive chair. After you've paid the cashier, an album with girls pictures will be given to you and you will pick the girl you want and you will be told if she's available. You wait in the VIP Sex Booth and the girl you picked will be sent to you. After she has billed you for her own personal services (what you paid to the cashier was for the company) you can do with her whatever you want.
I drove as fast as I could, Vera was happy to see me. Without wasting time, I took her by the hand and whispered into her ears "Vera, I need a good fuck. I want a new babe. Not the regular old ones that have been misused already. And I will need a blind fold too" I took her hand and placed it on my hardie so she will know I meant no joke. "Adam, you are in luck, I just got a new consignment yesterday. She's still very fresh. No man has touched her here yet because her picture has not been added to the album yet. Infact, her photoshoot has been fixed for next week Monday. Go make your payments and get a Booth number. She will join you soon"
Music to my ears. After I got into Sex Booth, I turned off the lights. The Booths are usually not bright. Just a tiny colored bulb in each Booth. I sat in the dark massaging my cock till someone walked in.
"Isn't the bulb working? Why so dark?"
I made a Shhhhhhhhhh sound, she obeyed and kept quiet. I got off the chair and walked up to her. It was just about three steps from the entrance where she was standing.
I took out the blind fold Vera gave me from my pocket and I put it over her eyes. She didn't seem happy with it but she didn't resist either. I put the red dim light back on. I asked her what her fee was and she told me. It wasn't that bad. Pulling the bills from my wallet, I counted out the fee, all the while keeping my eyes on the call girl running her fingers along the chair, I guess she was trying to get a safe balance.  I folded the bills and held them out to her, "Here's your money" she strected out her hand, but refusing to release them when her fingers wrapped around the cash I said
"I want to see what I'm paying for first"
With a sly smile, she stepped back and freed the straining buttons on her blouse. She pushed the cheap material off her shoulders, letting the top fall to the floor and puddle at the scrappy heels on her feet. Moments later, the skirt that barely covered her ass floated down her long legs and tangled in the pile. She stood for a moment, enduring my inspection with feigned anticipation.
"The bra, too," I said.
She reached behind her back and freed the clasps, making a show of freeing her enormous breasts from the confines of the thin material. She may have been faking the sensuality, but the hard nipples reaching out to me told me that her imperfect body was perfectly aroused. She was simply no more at ease with her body than I was.
A hint of a smile played on my lips as I watched her breath quicken under my stare, her breasts rising and falling with each inhalation.
"Have you done this before?" The realization that she was new hit me and suddenly the need in my groin grew from a steady desire to a demanding hard on.
Her eyes widened as her answer and her lie, faltered on her tongue. "Yes I have" I bit back a laugh and instead, stepped back to the chair and took a seat.
"Come here. What's your name?"
"Sheila," she whispered, freeing her feet from the pile of clothes and moving towards me.
When she was standing in front of me, I reached for the thong she wore and pulled it down to her knees, ripping the thin material from her body and tossing it carelessly to the side.
"On your knees, Sheila." I commanded.
She was shaking, but she did it. Once she was settled between my thighs, I tucked my finger under her chin and pulled her face to mine.
"You lied to me, Sheila. Am I your first?"
I knew this couldn't be her first fuck with a man, but I'd bet my money that she has never been fucked for money before. I mean, Vera already told me, although given her reputation, I didn't believe her until I met Sheila. A slow nod from her confirmed it.
"But, you're excited, aren't you?" I asked.
Another slow nod brought a smile to my face. "Of course you are," I breathed.
I sat back in the chair for a moment, admiring my view. Everything about her was plump and welcoming and coloring various shades of red due to the light.
"Are you wet, Sheila?" Her skin glowed with embarrassment, but her excitement was just as obvious.
She started to shake her head and stopped, quietly admitting she was.
"Spread your knees." I waited until she did and told her, "Put your hands on my legs."
When she was situated, I leaned forward, brushing a light kiss against her lips. Keeping my face close to hers, I reached for her nipples, tweaking them between my fingers. Her warm breath washed across my cheek as she moaned in response.
"You like that?"
"Yes," she breathed, tilting her head back and tightening her grip on my knees.
"How long has it been, since a man fucked you and made you cum, screaming?"
"Umm, two years." I smiled.
Vera ran a great business and her girls were the shit, but the downside was that sex was a job to them. They faked their way through it, at least at the beginning, until nature took over and their bodies gave in to it. But to my surprise, not with this one. This one was ready for me, she wanted me and I fought the urge to throw her on the floor and lap the desire from her body with my tongue. No, this was a rare treat and I was going to enjoy every ounce of give that I could take.
I bent down, replacing one hand with my tongue, pulling her nipple between my teeth and nipp'ing the swollen nub. Sheila gasped, holding her breath until I pulled my head away, giving her a moment of reprieve in the time it took me to move to the opposite breast.
Her hands slid forward on my thighs, destined for my zipper until I stopped her.
"You don't get to touch me, yet.
She whimpered and I placed my lips to her ear. "We'll get there. I promise you. First things first." As I talked, I ran my fingers from her breast to her pussy, raking my fingers over her trimmed hair before tracing the damp folds of her vagina and sliding my finger inside.
Being in such close proximity to her was hot. Every breath she took echoed in my ear and I leaned a little closer, the effect drawing me in.
"Vera said nothing is off limits," I said, testing the waters. When She didn't offer any protests, I gently pulled my finger from her and traced a line to her ass, pressing my finger against her resistance.
"Oh my goodness," Sheila groaned. Her body shifted slightly forward, opening herself up to me even more.
"Hmm, that's right. You know how good that's going to feel, don't you?"
"I do. Please. Fuck me."
She made another reach for me crotch. This time I permitted one hand to explore, stopping the other with my free hand and bringing it to her breast, circling her palm over her nipple.
"I almost wanted to slide my cock in between those titties of yours and fuck them until you have cum dripping down your face."
She was still fumbling with my pants, trying to free my cock with one hand, but I felt her pussy clench around my fingers. Maybe she was up for anything goes. Motivated and losing my will to draw this out, I withdrew my fingers to her clit and pressed my finger tips against her in slow circles.
"Don't cum yet, Shiela. Not until my cock is inside this wet pussy of yours." she quickly replied
"Then you have to stop or I will."  She backed herself away from my reach and wrenched her free hand from my grasp. She blindly tore at my zipper and pulled the button of my pant free with such enthusiasm, the button went sailing across the room.
I raised myself from the seat so she could pull my pants and boxers down. Without hesitation, she took my hard cock in her mouth, grazing her lips up and down my shaft while curling her tongue around my length.
I twisted my hands in her hair. "Oh, I'm so going to fuck that mouth, hold still."
When She froze, I buried my cock in the warmth of her mouth, only pulling back when I felt her throat constricting in panic. A few gentle thrusts and I buried myself again. This time She was prepared and swallowed against her reflex and I, about to loose my load.
Finding a steady cadence to reclaim my wits, I closed my eyes and reveled in the warmth of her mouth around my cock. "That feels so fucking good."
With my control in check, I watched as my cock disappeared into her mouth, the long, steady rhythm of my strokes bringing on the urge to come again. Abruptly I pulled away. "Not like this," I growled. I kicked off my shoes and used my feet to pull my pants free. I grabbed a condom from the pocket and pulled her to her feet, guiding her to the Chair. I sat on the chair and guided her to sit on my cock.
She knelt across me on the chair sitting on top of me, she puts her hands on the top just by my head and she rode me like a wilde Bitch. Her pussy was so tight and wet and she moaned so sexily. I watched as her breasts bounce as she moved up and down on my cock. "Yeah Sheila, ride that cock baby. Don't stop till I tell you to and don't cum either" she was breathing so fast and I felt she could be tired since she hasn't really been sexually active. I pulled her up and I got up. I grabbed and turned her by the waist so she faces the chair and her back was to me, bending her over. She threw her ass in the air. The sight of her ass before me was enough to make me explode. I was gonna take her from behind. I positioned myself behind her.
Of her own will, She put her knees on the chair, offering herself to me. When I rubbed my cock into the folds of her pussy, she pushed against me, begging me, encouraging me. I found my mark and plunged inside of her in one firm stroke. She gasped and for a brief moment, tensed under the assault. Seconds later she was rocking her hips against me on a desperate journey of gratification. I let her use me, reaching around to grab her tits in my hands as she fucked me. When I felt my cum start to build, I slid my hand from her breast to her pussy, finding her clit and taking her over the edge.
My  cock was squeezed as the spams grew in their intensity. She groaned against the strain of the orgasm on her body before finally relenting and giving in the cry of ecstasy she'd been holding back. My body responded, my pelvis pounding against her ass as I tried in vain to delay my release. I exploded inside the condom.
Ohhhh Fuck!!," I grunted. Sweat was beading on my forehead from the exertion and my heart was hammering in  chest. The great thing about Vera was you paid for an hour minimum, regardless of the services. Thank fuck, or I would have missed out on this.
Sheila moaned, displeased, when I pulled out of her. I watched as she eased herself down on the the chair and said "Can I take this off now?" she asked, tugging at the blindfold. "Nope, till I'm gone. That was the agreement I had with Vera. I must get what I paid for. Don't worry, I'm done". I got dressed, put the money in her hand and left.

I got home 3am, took a shower and crashed in bed feeling so proud I got under somebody to get over somebody and feeling clean because I took a bath.
I was glad I had gotten Mary out of my mind. I mean, who the hell does she think she is anyways? I tried to replace my feelings for her with hatred by just being angry at her for the humiliation and ridicules.
I managed to block her from my mind and slept like a baby. I must have slept for long because I didn't even know when it was morning. For some weird reasons, I dreamt of Mary. I was just about to kiss her when my ringing phone woke me up. i grabbed the phone and I saw it was Mrs Obi. "What does she want now?" I picked it.
"Hello Mamah, Good Morning"
"Good Morning?? My Friend it's past noon. Don't tell me you are still in bed, anyways, I called to invite you to my office so we can observe your scores wink wink" (Anytime Mrs Obi said something and ended it by saying wink wink, I just understood she meant the exact opposite)
"Mamah, I'm sorry but I can't come to your office. I don't like the way your securities look at me. Its as if they know what we do in inside your office. I will meet you any where else, but not in your office. Please try and understand me" I said to her. I sensed she wasn't happy. But she knew she had no choice.
"Ok Adam, I just really need you right now. Text me your address, and I will be there in Twenty minutes"   She hung up immediately and didn't wait for my response. Bloody hell!!! How was she going to pull that off?
I texted her my address, it was not far from the school. I was really worried for her, she's the married one and she would be stupid to put Fuck ahead of her reputation. I mean, she could have gotten a hotel room. I rushed into the bathroom, took a shower. Whiped up something  to eat. Cleaned every trace of another woman in the apartment and waited. If I know Mrs Obi well, she's a time keeper. Her twenty minutes will be exactly that. I sat on the couch listening to music, Twenty minutes later, there was a knock on the door, I opened and a strange looking woman walked in. I was surprised, who walks into a person's house like that without being invited? "Hello, who are you? Can I help you? What do you want?"
But the strange woman said nothing and turned her back to me. "Look I don't have time for this rubbish, I'm expecting a guest and let me warn you, I have a gun here just incase you try anything funny"
To my surprise, she turned to face me, took off the black scarf she used to wrap her head and body revealing a white wig. I became curious, she took off the big dark glasses she was wearing and took off the white wig and laughed.
"Common Adam, close the door. It's me"
Truly, it was Mrs Obi, what a disguise. I closed the door, and laughed with her at my ignorance. She said "Really, Adam you couldn't recognize me? Then no one will know it's me if a man who has seen me in my birthday suit couldn't recognize me"
She asked me to show her to the bedroom, I pointed and she went in. I followed her leaving the music still playing. :' She took off the very long black bubu gown she was wearing to reveal the matching pant and bra. Very sexy I must say. I asked her why she was willing to take this risk and she replied that she was very angry. "Angry?" I asked with a very surprising look on my face.
"Yes Adam, Angry. You heard me right. I am so pissed right now. You see, whenever I get angry at someone I love, I get so horny and I just want to fuck"
"May I ask who pissed you off?"
"Well, it was Mr Obi. We hade  a fight. I was really angry and it turned to a yearn to fuck. But the idiot walked out of the house. Now please Adam, don't start your own. Stop asking me so much questions. You know what I need. Give it to me. Are you gonna fuck me or not?"
How could she ask me if I was gonna fuck her or not? Seriously? The sight of her matching red pant and bra was a turn on. I could never say no to that. She asked me to go turn the music louder so the neighbours won't hear her scream.  I asked her "So what do you want?". She looked  me straight in the eye and says "Make me your slave. I want to please you. Let's role play. I've never experienced BDSM. Just show me a little of what it feels like"
I was a bit surprised Mrs Obi could be this freaky.  I smiled picked up her black scarf and tied it around her neck like a dog's leash or should I say, a Whore's leash and then I  went to the bed side drawer, took out the cuffs. I made up my mind to go gentle because I wasn't sure she could handle it. Then I said to her "Are you sure you wanna do this?" she nodded. "Ok, now listen Mrs Obi" she quickly stopped me with a wave. "Vanilla!! Call me Vanilla. That's my whore name, and right now, I'm your slave and you are my master" I told her to tell me whenever she feels hurt. I won't be giving her a safe word since I won't be going too rough on her. I was excited. It's been a while I explored BDSM. The music playing from the other room set the mood. Vanilla looks at me and says      "Master,  I've been a really naughty girl. And I want you to teach me a lesson"
I could feel my cock throb just hearing that. I love role plays. I get to be someone else. And to be in this position with someone as matured as Mrs Obi is something I rare. I had never seen Margaret Thatcher as a Submissive sex slave.
"Exactly how naughty have you been, Vanilla?"
"I've been with other men." She admits.
"Been? - What exactly do you mean by been Vanilla? tell me what did you do with these other men?" Bit by bit she admits her guilt, revealing all piece by piece kneeling in free ont of me.
"I let them fuck me master... one came on my boobs... I swallowed another's cum, I rimmed another, and another came all over my face, forgive me master."
"Did you like it Vanilla?" she bites her lip, nods and looks down
"But who do you belong to now Vanilla?"
"You Master, just you. My pussy, my lips, my body, all belong to you now"
"That's Better Vanilla, but you must still be punished don't you agree?" Again she acknowledges me with a nod. "I deserve it master, I want you to punish me."
I raised her to her feet by the scarf tied around her neck. Now I put her on the bed, face down attaching her wrists by cuffs to the King size bed head, her feet splayed wide tied to the bottom corners I tighten the ropes and place two cushions under her hips, finally there's a blindfold.
There is a sound of a match striking and a sharp smell in the air.
"I'm lighting a candle Vanilla, and I think you know what I'm going to do with it. You'll feel the wax hot on your skin, but where?" My voice is low and calm.
My voice comes from different sides as I walk round, her body tenses against the expected shock, but it can't stay that way, as she relaxes I let a drop land.
This is new for Mrs Obi, so I go carefully building up, testing her thresholds. A single drop on her calf - she flinches and lets out a tiny gasp. Escalating slightly to three or four drops across her buttocks. She groans; pain or arousal? they sound so similar. I slap her writhing buttocks sharply and she squeaks in a most gratifying way, and grinds her hips into the pillows. Still she doesn't call a halt.
Her round pink bum now bears the redness of my hand as well as the track of congealing wax, her tolerance seems to build as a few drops turn to a trickle, running down into the cleft of her ass. Now I change tactics,  I tease her Ass with an ice cube from my drink - her body tenses against the shock and I trace the cold ice down over her perineum liberally smearing her vulva. Relaxing after the first cold shock, I drip more hot droplets on more sensitive parts of her body.
Now I start to tease for real. Ice, wax, and my prying fingers bringing her to the edge of orgasm but never letting her cum. With each treatment she jerks with each drop and slap, yet she never calls a halt to my torment. After minutes of spanking, ice and hot wax, Her flesh is spattered with droplets of wax. As I'm holding her close to climax she begs "please master, I need to come OH please, please!"
I know her well enough to know that she can't take more without release and I use my fingers to bring her off to her first orgasm by pushing the middle one deep into her pussy, then two, she jerks and twists as it takes control, I hold her firmly as she pulls against her restraints until she starts to calm again.
All this time I've been dressed and it's time that my pet should please me in new ways, I uncliped her and fasten her cuffs behind her back, using the scarf tied round her neck to guide her to once more kneel at my feet, the blindfold comes off. ,
"So Vanilla, are you sorry? who does your body belong to? tell me what belongs to me?" I'm holding her by a handful of hair behind her head, tilting her gaze up to look into my eyes.
"Yes master, I'm so sorry - everything is yours, my lips, my pussy ,my big fat Ass,, use me as you want"
"I'm glad to hear that Vanilla. Would you like my cock now?" She nods and I start to undress - she kneels, eyes down as I took off my Jean, boxers and Tshirt, and a moment later I'm stood before her naked, my thick, hard cock just an inch or two from her face. I'm quite erect, my flesh is hung and angry. My cock head is shiny as it points at her face angrily.
Unable to use her hands, she leans forward to encounter the slit in the very tip, able to just touch it with the tip of her tongue. It's salty and she inhales the musky sent. As she does so, I push my cock deep into her warm wet mouth. I start to fuck her mouth. Deep strokes, my fingers coiled in her hair, She strives to take me all in, my shaft now slick with her saliva, I pump until I'm almost ready to cum, and then withdraw - I need things to last longer.
She gasps, out of breath from the effort, I love to see her aroused, I loved her breast aroused, nipples hard, heave with every sigh. Unclipping the cuffs from behind her, I lift her to the bed - only one thing will do now and I impale her on my cock covering her sexy form on the bed, I want to possess this woman totally at this moment, her sopping pussy so teased and aroused is liquid fire. After sheathing myself with protection, I heave myself into her jabbing hard and deep again and again. As my cock buries itself in her welcoming pussy, a finger search out her arse to feel her and my tongue now pushes it's way into her mouth.
With every thrust she rises to greet me, forces me deeper, grunting and sobbing, until we climax in each other's arms. I could feel her gaping cunny with wave after wave of her thick cum gasping like a landed fish. I hold her so tight in my arms cherishing and possessing this wonderful gift.
As I rolled from her, She takes pains to slowly anoint her fingers with her juices from her pussy and savours the taste slowly, deliberately looking me in the eye, submissive but still with Lust in the her eye. There is now part of me that she owns.

Like a classical Symphony, after the climactic urgency of the first movement, a more gentle movement follows.
"Would you like me to massage you now master?" she prompts already knowing the answer.
I stretched full length on the bed and she' starts to massage her master. She applies oils and knows just how to relieve every tension. Now I lie on the bed, her hot thighs straddling me. I feel the wet furnace of her gaping cunny on my skin. She massages the muscles of my shoulders and back feeling the softness and hardness of muscle under skin, feeling me yield to her probing fingers. As she works lower down my spine I feel her breasts pressed against me. Her kisses now add to the luxury of the massage.
Soon her hands are working, oiling and soothing my buttocks and upper thigh, now she applies one of the most magical talents. Spreading my ass cheeks wide, she lowers her head inch by inch, so slowly it's agonising, feather light kisses down my spine. Now I'm the one helpless and whimpering with lust. The Rim Job was my favorite Fetish, but I never told her about it. How she got the idea, I never knew. I only got those when I traveled to the States for summer.
Her tongue tip lightly brushes my anus, and she starts to eat me, slowly deliberately, working her tongue into me. To call this rimming is to reduce this gorgeous act to just a word as she savours the intimacy, the pleasure she's giving is so intense. I could lie there feeling her tongue on me for hours, and it seems to going on forever.
As I'm getting more aroused, she generously lubes a finger and slides it into me - I'm still tight, but she's so gentle and skilled. Most of all she loves what she's doing to me. Her face is' an inch away, resting on my buttocks, her licking continues between my thighs to my balls and back to my bum, caressing my hardening cock with clever fingers. Once again as she teases and explores. I lay there savouring the luxury of my pet's ministrations relaxing in the warm glow as her tongue and clever fingers flicker over my manhood and arse.
Its early evening now and we're naked. I'm relaxed, happy, and roll over to sweep her in my arms. I remove her scarf on her neck and I pin her gently to the bed. Our bodies entwine, and I slip my newly hardened Cock deep into her so wet pussy. Lover's strokes now, not the hard punishing possession of earlier on. She sighs and clasps her hands round my shoulders as I push deep within her and kiss her full on the mouth, tongues entwining, then neck and throat. I take my time, slowly mounting to orgasm, I want to take her with me when I come. "Ohh Master, fuck me hard. Fuck me deep. I've been a nutty girl master. I love the way you fuck me master. Don't stop fucking me master" she moans.  I pick my speed up, my cock slips in and out so easily, slick in her juices until we finally crescendo together and collapse in each other's arms for a while.
Oppss!! I didn't wear a condom this time. But I wasn't scared. She lay on he stomach and I kneel across her back, sitting on her big butt and a I bend to kiss the back of her neck, I put my tongue in her ear and tickle. She sighs in excitement. My cock finds it's way to her Butt Crack and thrusts in her butt cheeks. I bring out my wet tongue and roll it on her back giving her a feather feeling. She moans and wines her waist making her butt rub on erected cock which was already thrusting between her butt cheeks. "Oh! Fuck yeah! That feels good I said". I moaned. While my cock is being massaged by her fat butt cheeks I put my hand under her to find her pussy. I massage her clit and she screams out loud. Thank goodness for the loud music in the other room. I'm thrusting between her butt cheeks as I lay on her back and she lies face down on the bed.
Suddenly, I felt a shadow under the room curtain, it was as if someone had walked in. It was then I remembered that I didn't lock the entrance door to the living room and the loud music could not have let me hear when the person knocked or walked in. Before I could do anything, the curtain was pulled open. I looked up at the figure, I almost had a heart attack. It was Mary!! She saw me Butt naked. I screamed her name in shock "Mary!!!!!!"
She turned around and ran out of the room. I jumped off the bed.
Mrs Obi had no idea what had happened because she was carried away with the pleasure of my cock rubbing against her arsehole and but cheek and she was facing the wall. "What? Who the hell is Mary?? Did you just call me Mary, Adam?" she yells at me angrily. I had no time for
 drama. I picked up my Jean from the floor, put it on and ran out after Mary.....

     To Be Continued........