Friday, August 28, 2015

I Still Don't Fell Better.... 4


A few days went by and the feeling of fear began to ebb. Senior Adidi and I continued to steal glances when no one was watching. I was dying to touch her and I knew she was dying to have me too. Each time I saw her, my clit throbbed and my pussy got wet. When no one was looking, she would make eye contact with me and lick her lips in a luscious manner. I will watch as her very wet tongue will draw a circle on her lips and make her lips wet. I tried to imagine her tongue on my clit and it drove me mad. I didn't want to let my desires for Senior Adidi get me into trouble but the truth was that I wanted her so badly. One evening, just as I was contemplating whether to screw it to hell and just Sneak-freak with Senior Adidi or not, I noticed Angela walking towards me and I began to wonder what she wanted with me. Ever since the 'night with the wolves, where she got her red pen written SACKING letter, she had not spoken to me. So what did she want now? I was curious to know what she was up to. So I stopped what I was doing and looked up.

"Hello Lisa."

"Hello Angela, Nice Legs. What time do they open?" 

"What kind of rubbish is that Lisa? When will you stop insulting me?"

"Its not an insult." 

"Ever since you saw Senior Adidi and I at the bakery, you won't stop being sarcastic about my legs being open or close. She rejected me for your sake, isn't that enough for you?" 

"I'm only complimenting your nice legs. Or don't you know you have nice legs? What's the name of this show you are putting up? Lady snatching insults out of the jaws of a compliment?" 

"Stop asking what time my legs closes or opens. It's none of your business. I don't ask you who freaks you so stay out of my business."

"Fine! What is it you want Angela?" 

"Senior Anne asked me to tell you to meet her at the teacher's quarters. She said you should get the key from her provision locker and let yourself in." 

"Okay thanks." 

"You've got a really sick sense of humor. Keep it up." 

"Shut up Angela. I'm not the one who asked you to cheat on Senior Mary so quite being a whiny brat!"

Angela stuck her tongue out and walked away, I stood there watching as she wriggled her big butt. She must have known I was watching because she walked even slower. After a few seconds, I shook my head to get Angela's crazy butt picture off my head and come back to reality.
Senior Anne had never asked me to go to the teacher's quarters with a spare key. I always knock and she opened. And why did she send Angela to me? She's always sent a note. Besides, I just saw her about an hour ago, carrying some books she said she wanted to drop at her Aunt's place, I even offered to help her carry them there but she declined and said she was meeting up with her Aunty and they were going there together. It didn't make sense but what's the worse that could happen? I was safe in the teacher's quarters after-all Senior Anne's Aunty lived there. So I was pretty sure I had nothing to worry about.
I quickly tidied up stuffs and told Lara I was going to buy something, went to Senior Anne's cupboard and got the keys to her Aunt's apartment and headed to the teacher's quarters. 

Just out of curiosity, I knocked but there was no answer. So I opened the door with the key in my hand and let myself in. I called out for Senior Anne, but there was no answer. I called out a few more times before I realized how stupid I was. I mean, if she was home she wouldn't have asked me to use a spare key. 'I'm such an idiot' I smiled to myself. I looked at the clock and told myself that if Senior Anne didn't get there in the next ten minutes I would leave. I sank into the couch and noticed a video case on the table. I picked it and looked at the case and read the title. 'Mistress and Slaves. FEM DOM.' Wow! I never knew Anne would be interested in such things. I mean she always appeared so gentle. But why would she just leave this lying around? What if her Aunt came home and found this? I decided to turn on the TV and VCR to take a peek just to see how sick Senior Anne was. Just as I was about to grab the remote off the table, I heard foot steps and arguments. I wasn't sure what to do and how many they were. But I recognized Senior Anne's voice. I quickly ran into the bedroom to hide. The door was opened and Senior Anne and the person she was arguing with came into the living room, still arguing.

"Is something wrong with you Anne? I'm talking and you are walking away. Are you insane?"

"No! I'm not insane. I've apologized. What else do you want me to do?" 

"Really? Anne? Really?" 

"Listen Joyce, don't think I'm an idiot. You think I don't know you've been freaking some students too? Haha! Ofcourse I know! I also know you've been freaking with Mrs Duke, the music teacher." 

"If you knew all this and you were so sure, why didn't you say something? Does that give you a right to become a slut?"       

"I just wanted to endure because I knew I was leaving high school in just a few weeks. So I can rid myself of you."

"Anne what do you mean?

"I'm sick and tired of this relationship Joyce. My mother will be really disappointed."

"And who is going to tell her? You?"

"No, I won't. And that's just because I don't want to break my mother's heart. She trusted you to look after me from day one."

"So what are you saying? You regret you and I being lovers?"

"Just let me go."

The Revelation.........

I had heard enough to realize who Senior Anne was arguing with. It was none other than her Aunt, who lived in the apartment. So what was this? They were lovers? Ohmygod! What have I gotten myself into. At that rate, I knew the argument wouldn't just end well. I knew they will soon head for the bedroom so I ran and hid in the closet. The closet had a wooden door and the design was like a basket so there was many holes to see through. I remained in the dark closet listening to them in the living room. The next thing I heard was heavy movements and some furniture being pushed around. I figured they were struggling. I almost ran out of the closet to go separate them but Ms Joyce gave me the creeps. If she had heard of me, then I better stay put. Besides, why would I want to get involved in lover's fight. Plus, I didn't tell anyone where I was going so if anything happened to me, no one will know. I had to wait it out. Their voices drew closer to the bedroom. I was so scared.

"Let me go Joyce."

"Make me,"

Ms Joyce dragged Anne to the bedroom and flung her on the floor. Ms Joyce pulled out the tiny belt from her skirt and walked towards Senior Anne. I think she was trying to grab Senior Anne's arm but Anne pulled away from her. Instead she grabbed Anne's hair. She tugged it hard so Anne winced. She held onto Anne's hair, and pulled downwards, so Senior Anne had to bend, and almost kneel. She kept pulling until Senior Anne was actually kneeling, on the floor, and then she hit her with the belt.

"Let me go Joyce."

"Shut up you slut. You know I own you. I've owned since the day you stepped foot in this school."

Ms Joyce swung at Anne, a bit wildly. Still holding her hair and she hit the belt against Anne`s back and ass through her school day wear, and against her bare legs too. It hurt, especially on bare skin. It hurt enough she shrieked and tried to pull away. It hurt enough Anne wanted to curl up and hide under her own arms but she couldn't because Ms Joyce was still holding her hair. She whipped Senior Anne more with the belt till her dress slid up as she struggled, most of the way up her legs, giving Joyce, more bare skin to hit. After about ten whips, Anne was just lying there sobbing, she had stopped struggling, Ms Joyce tugged Anne's dress all the way up her legs. She pulled it up to Anne's waist, so she could hit her tummy and hips and the top of her legs, too. She hit Anne again. She hit hard, so it stung sharply, so it's probably is leaving marks, grazes and bruises. Then she ordered Anne to remove her clothes which she quickly obeyed.

I almost let out a cry but I remembered where I was and I swallowed hard. I couldn't believe it. One thing I was more curious about was why Senior Anne wasn't screaming for help. She seemed to like it, she seemed to have gotten used to this. How often has this been happening? She was being abused and all she could do was whine like a bitch in heat? I didn't get it.
Ms Joyce hit her really hard on the ass and she sobbed gasped and tried to crawl away from her but she couldn't. Anne kept whining as if the sting from the belt was a sexy and achy sting. But to me, that must have hurt like a desperate fire.

"Crawl on your knees now you bitch!" Ms Joyce growled.

Anne crawled, now facing Ms Joyce who stood there looking down at her. Anne looked up at Ms Hannah and wiped some tears off her face.
I began to wonder what was going to happen next.

"You promised you were never going to do this to me again." Senior Anne lamented.

"That's because you want to be a slut. And you pissed me off." Ms Joyce replied.

"I'm sorry. Please! You know I love you." Anne patronized.

"Really?" Ms Joyce sarcastically mocked.

Senior Anne nodded. "Now show me how sorry you are." Ms Joyce said and pulled off her shoe. Lifting her leg and extending her feet to Senior Anne, she said, "Now lick it. Show me you are still my little slut."

Okay that was the height of it. I felt this was when Senior Anne would get up and angrily scream out for help. But to my surprise and utmost shock, she brought out her tongue and began to lick Ms Joyce's feet as if she really wanted to. She was still kneeling on the floor before Ms Joyce. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was as if she wanted it desperately. She licked her shoe, and licked her skin. She licked the top of her foot, and kissed her toes, and licked around her ankle.

"Here," Ms Joyce said, and touched her calf with the belt. "Higher."

Senior Anne nodded and  licked. She kissed and licked and tasted Ms Joyce who pointed again, higher on her leg, and she licked there too. She kept pointing at different spots again, and Anne kept licking again. She licked up her leg slowly, as Ms Joyce watched. She licked higher. Her knee, her thigh. Ms Joyce lifted her skirt as Senior Anne licked.

"Here," Ms Joyce said, and pulled her panties aside. A grin flickered onto her face and she strained to control the sudden rush of cruelty behind it.

Senior Anne licked her there. Ms Joyce held her head in there. But I could see she didn't really need to as Senior Anne gladly lapped at her pussy like a dog and licked her out. I couldn't believe my eyes, it was as if she adored Ms Joyce`s pussy and savored the taste. She moaned as she licked Ms Joyce's pussy wildly and hungrily that Ms Joyce's feet wobbled and she almost tripped.

"Good, right, yes. Uhhh, FUCK! Just there, Beautiful!"

Senior Anne ignored the fact that Ms Joyce almost fell and kept licking her pussy. I could hear the flickering of her tongue on Ms Joyce's clit from the distance I was in the closet.

"Ohhh you are such a good slut. Eat that pussy baby girl. Show me you still love me. Prove to me you are still my slut and I am still your mistress. Put what I've taught you to good use. Oh yeah. Fuck!"

Senior Anne began to lick her pussy even more aggressively like a hungry dog. So bad that Ms Joyce had to sit down on the edge of the bed as her legs got weaker as she came.

"Good girl! Good, good, ah-AH, very good girl!" Ms Joyce moaned.

I felt juice begin to pour out of my own pussy even though I tried to ignore the tingling sensation in my pant. I was still in awe.
Ms Joyce put the belt she has used to whip Senior Anne around her neck and let it tighten until she felt it almost enough to be dangerous and then she pulled senior Anne onto bed.

"You know that I love you and you mean the world to me?" Ms Joyce said softly.

"I love you, too?" Senior Anne replied almost in tears.

"Good. I want you to keep that in mind. Remember while I'm teasing your defenseless body until you think your pretty little head will explode that you've always done this of your own volition. You knew full well that I'd abuse the privilege. My little Slut."

I saw Ms Joyce get off the bed and stood to remove her clothes, making a show of it and tossing each article onto the floor so that Senior Anne could enjoy watching her get naked. So slowly and so painstakingly. Ms Joyce stood there looking ever so sexy. She walked towards the closet and I became scared she was going to find me. Just as I was about to start begging, I saw her open the other closet door beside the one I was in. I swallowed hard again. I was gripped in fear and almost passed out. I heard her struggle with some things but because she was by the side, I couldn't see her. I waited till she returned to the bed area in front of me. She was holding some stuffs I didn't understand. Some were in chains and others were as leathers.
Ms Joyce crawled back to bed on all fours slowly and seductively. Then she took Senior Anne's hands above her head and used the stuffs she got from the closet to restrain her hands to the bed. Senior Anne did not resist, it was as if she wanted this to happen which was a shock to me. I watched as she kissed Senior Anne as her hands trailed down Senior Anne's body all the way down to her pussy.

"Dripping wet already?" Ms Joyce teased.

I was surprised. How could anyone get aroused by such treatment? I didn't understand it.
I watched as Ms Joyce pushed a finger into Senior Anne's pussy and then she pulled out her finger which was soaked with Juices from Anne's pussy and she pained Anne's lips with her pussy juice. I marveled in the rather undignified manner as Senior Anne quickly licked her lips. Ms Joyce repeated the process of dipping into Anne's Pussy and painting it on Anne's lips, and Anne licked it right off again. The next time, Ms Joyce painted all over Anne's upper lip. I marveled again as Senior Anne shamelessly managed to lick her juice even from the bottom of her nose with her quick tongue.
Senior Anne's legs started to twitch and Ms Joyce realized that she was tapping her feet. Ms Joyce grinned wickedly and said, "Awww, my poor slut is horny. Did you actually think I was going to make it easy for you?"

"Please touch me, I need to get a relief. I'm aching badly. Please!" Anne cried.

"Oh no my slut. You are not going to get that relief until I permit you to."

Anne began tugging at her right wrist restrained by a leather strap around her wrist fastened by a silver chain which ran to a corner of the bed.

"If you won't touch me, atleast free one of my hands so I can touch it myself."

Ms Joyce quickly stopped her. "Don't you dare, you can't  touch that pussy, else I whip your fingers. I own that pussy and I shall decide what to do with it."

"Yes mistress." Senior Anne replied.

Okay, that was new to me. Mistress? What had I really gotten myself into. How do I get out of this closet? What is if get caught?
Ms Joyce looked at Anne who was so horny, then she knelt between her legs and kissed the ticklish skin of her smooth knees, then the sensitive skin of her supple thighs, then the outer lips of her quivering pussy. Anne's incendiary mewling and frustrated groans continued as Ms Joyce nibbled and licked back down to her knees and kissed back up to her center a few more times. Then she curled the sides of her tongue to scoop up a dollop of her pussy cream. She crawled up Anne's body, gently held her mouth open, and tongue-kissed her pussy flavor into her mouth.

"Savor that for a few moments, my little slut." Ms Joyce whispered to Anne while she moaned and raised her hips as high as she could to get attention from Ms Joyce who clearly ignored her.

Ms Joyce's lips return to Anne's for some more unhurried kissing, but her fingertips on Anne's breastbone can feel her heart. The kissing intensified and her hand goes to Anne's neglected pussy. Anne sighed in relief because her pussy was finally getting some attention. Ms Joyce pulled out of their kiss briefly to flicker her tongue on Anne's pretty pink lips and pearly white teeth while two fingers kept hitting Ann's g-spot. But before Anne could get to release, Ms Joyce withdrew her fingers from Anne's pussy as Anne whimpers in protest. Ms Joyce ran her fingernails all over Ann's body in light scratches. Then she got ontop of Anne and jumped her baseline. Anne's hips tried to hump back but she couldn't get anything. All she could feel was air against her open pussy. Ms Joyce went down between Anne's legs and again, Anne sighed in relief. Unconsciously, I sighed too thinking that finally, Ann's pussy was going to be eaten so she could get a release so that atleast, this whole exhibition will end, but I was wrong.
Instead of Ms Joyce putting her mouth on Ann's pussy, she pushed herself a up a bit and in an extended pussy-tease session she used her nipples to rub onto Anne's pussy lips and clit designed to further her sweet torture rather than provide her sweet release. Anne bucked her hips uncontrollably whimpering in frustration as the nipples on her pussy was just like a feather brush.

"Mistress, just fuck me! Please?! Suck my clit! Fuck my pussy, shove your fingers in me! I need to cum! Please, please, just Fuckme, fuckme, fuckme, fuckme, fuckme! I can`t take this torture anymore. Ineed to cum. Fuck me damn it." Her vexed groan vibrates the room.

After a while of her begging falling on deaf ears she gave up begging and her sounds became an animalistic mix of inarticulate whimpers and moans.
Ms Joyce grinned wickedly at frustratingly horny Senior Anne. She locked eyes with Senior Anne who was breathing heavier and communicating both arousal and desperation in her gaze. Ms Joyce was finding her pleading looks immensely satisfying.
Ms Joyce pressed her advantage and pushed harder as her lips closed over Anne's. Her warm moist mouth covered Anne's as her tongue pushed at her lips which parted, gently at first, and then opening just a bit more allowing Ms Joyce to explore her mouth.
She instructed Anne to stick out her tongue and she pressed two fingers over her lips. When Anne did as directed, Ms Joyce captured the soft pink flesh between her fingers and then bent down to suck on it, drawing it into her hot mouth. Over and over Anne was instructed to stick her tongue out as her tormentor closed her fingers around it, playing with her tongue, and then sucking, biting on it with her own. She broke the kiss and took Anne's nipple into her mouth, sucking, biting the nub, swollen as she toyed with it.

"You like that don't you baby? You like me sucking on your nipple? hum my little slut," Ms Joyce moaned as she kept up her assault.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck. I love it mistress." Senior Anne moaned.

Few seconds on, Ms Joyce lifted her mouth off Anne's nipples and scooted up.

"Suck my nipple slut. Take it into your mouth, and if you do a good job, maybe I can give you the relief you so desperately need." she cooed as she pressed her warm breast to Anne's pouty lips. There was no hesitation before Anne opened her mouth and closed her soft lips around  Ms Joyce's large pink nipple. She sucked gently at first, and then with more passion, until she lost herself in abandon, biting, sucking, licking the pink flesh which hardened in her mouth. Her breast tasted salty but delicious. Anne tried to anxiously take more of it into her mouth as Ms Joyce pulled it free, teasing her, before sticking it back. Anne couldn't get enough of her tits as Ms Joyce swapped one then the other as she feasted on her large firm breasts.

Ms Joyce repositioned as she straddled Anne's head, inching up until her own pussy hovered just so over Anne's head.

"Eat me baby. Show me how much you love my pussy," she groaned as she lowered her hot love box to the young woman's face. Anne's tongue sought out the warm flesh that awaited her, she settled into the wet folds which closed around her mouth. She lapped Ms Joyce's pussy hungrily as one would a favorite dish and enjoyed the sighs and sounds Ms Joyce made as she worked her tongue into her hot wet hole.

"That's right. Lick me slut. Eat that pussy. Show me what a good little bitch you can be. Use your tongue. Suck on my clit...oh that feels so fucking good," Ms Joyce chanted as Senior Anne ate her with more and more enthusiasm. ‎She bucked wildly against Senior Anne's face.
Ms Joyce reached behind her and used her expert fingers to massage Anne's throbbing clit and she felt the familiar rush of heat as her legs shook, signaling her impending orgasm as Ms Joyce ground her own pussy into Anne's face.
As soon as Anne began to trash wildly on the bed, Ms Joyce withdrew her fingers from Anne's pussy leaving her frustrated again. Anne began to trash aggressively on the bed in frustration, flinging her legs in protest. Ms Joyce struggled to hold her body down as she continued to fuck her pussy on Anne's face.

"Shhhhh, calm down little slut. I don't want you to cum yet. I own you and you will come when I say so." she moaned and Anne slowly calmed down and pushed her tongue deeper into Ms Joyce pussy. Ms Joyce fucked Anne's face till her orgasm built up.

"Arrgghhh! Yes! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! That's it. Eat that pussy! Yes I'm close. My feet are getting cold. Fuck! Yes! I'm cumming! Ohhhh my beautiful slut! I'm cumming!!!!! YES! YES! YES!"

Ms Joyce rode Anne's face and bucked wildly till her orgasm ended. She got off Anne's face and kissed Anne on the lip, tasting her own juice. She closed in and gently eased her body down on Anne's as their mouths met in a long sensuous kiss

"Good girl. You eat pussy so well. You deserve a treat now. I'm going to take care of you now my little slut." she moaned into Anne's mouth.
Anne was no longer hesitant and eagerly accepted Ms Joyce hot tongue, even seeking it out, sucking on it. Anne wrapped her legs around her lover's body. Her hands still restrained above her head, Ms Joyce reached over and unbuckled one, as Anne then moved it down to Ms Joyce's lower back. Rubbing it across her shoulders before cupping her hand around her firm ass, pulling Ms Joyce tight against her own body.

Ms Joyce undid the other restraint, allowing Senior Anne now to embrace her lover with both hands. She grasped Ms Joyce firmly, as Ms Joyce slid a leg over hers, their hot pussies grinding against each other as they continued to kiss, each taking turns frenching the other with their tongue. They fucked each other's pussies in the scissors style or should I say clit2clit as it was called in the dormitory. While grinding her pussy on Anne's pussy, Ms Joyce dove madly to her breasts, sucking one then the other nipple. Licking her chest, all around the soft flesh and then moving back up to kiss her again, her tongue pushing madly into Anne's hot mouth.

Anne, responded by grinding furiously at Ms Joyce's pussy. Sensing Anne was close to Orgasm, Ms Joyce .
pulled away again. She got off the bed leaving a frustrated Anne, almost in tears.

"Don't worry my horny baby, I have something better for you."

With that, she walked back to the closet and opened it. I  noticed she was struggling to get something out. There was silence for a few seconds, but I couldn't see what was going on. Although I noticed Anne's eyes lite up and she smiled. I couldn't see what she saw that made her so happy and I became very curious. Few seconds later, Ms Joyce stepped away from the closet and what I saw made my heart beat fast as juice leaked from my pussy. Ms Joyce had the same strapon Senior Anne had fucked me with days ago.

"I see my little slut is smiling. You love this cock don't you? Right from the moment I saw it on the shelve of that toy shop, I knew it was perfect for you my slut. And you know what I'm going to do with it?" she smirked

Whatdafuck did I just hear? Senior Anne had told me she bought it for me when she fucked me with it days ago. What a lying Bitch. I felt like jumping out of the closet to strangle her. But I stayed put. By the way, I was the idiot here. I should have known. How was she able to leave the school compound to go to a sex toy shop? Oh boy! Was I stupid. I've been such a fool. Tears welled up in my eyes but the juice leaking from my pussy distracted me from the anger and betrayal I was feeling.

Ms Joyce smiled as she buckled the harness into place and held the rubber phallus in her hand. Senior Anne slowly nodded without uttering any response.

 ‎"Tell me! What am I going to do?" Ms Joyce demanded.

Senior Anne looked at the menacing cock which swung from Ms Joyce's hips. "You're going to fuck me. You're going to fuck me with it," she said softly, almost like a little girl.

"That's right. Now scoot down so I can fuck that hot little snatch of yours," Ms Joyce demanded.

Senior Anne scooted down, and Ms Joyce positioned herself between Senior Anne's legs and pulled her up doggie style.  She wet her fingers and pulled apart Anne's already slick pussy. She had lubed the cock up in preparation for this next assault and was pleased with how easily it slid into Senior Anne's tight opening. Senior Anne gasped as Ms Joyce's hard shaft slid in little by little, filling Senior Anne completely.

"Take it baby. Take my cock. Take all of it," Ms Joyce chanted as she worked the rubber phallus all the way into Senior Anne's greedy love box. Senior Anne backed her ass into Ms Joyce's hips drawing an appreciative groan from her mistress.

"That's right baby. Fuck me. Give me that pussy. Look to your left. Look in the mirror... what do you see?" Ms Joyce chanted as she urged Senior Anne to take notice of the vanity mirror which stretched across her bedroom bureau.
Senior Anne looked over, looking at the sight of her lover fucking her. It was almost as if it were someone else she was watching. But strangely, it was the most erotic thing I had ever seen.

"What do you see baby?" Ms Joyce pressed.

"I see you fucking me," Anne finally acknowledged as she moved her ass back in rhythm to Ms Joyce's thrust.

"Yea, I'm fucking you real good....aren't I baby," Ms Joyce shot back.

"Yea," came Senior Anne's one word reply as she moaned. "You fuck me real good mistress."

"What was that shit you said to me a while ago? You said you regret being my Lover right?"
Ms Joyce chanted between thrust, her own hips slapping loudly when they met Senior Anne's wet sweating flesh.

"Tell me, you can't wait to rid yourself of me," Ms Joyce kept on, only this time she slapped Senior Anne's ass hard with her open palm, sending a stinging blow, and leaving a hand-print across her butt cheek.

Anne groaned lightly but didn't yell or complain knowing full well any utterance would likely produce another blow.
"I think so," came her feeble reply.

Ms Joyce again slapped her butt cheek, this time causing her to jump and her face landed in the pillow in front of her, drawing a muffled cry.

"Yes, that's what I said. I didn't mean it. I'm sorry," she moaned as she looked back at Ms Joyce who was smiling smugly.

"Don't be sorry baby. I know you didn't mean it. I know you love it when I fuck you real good."

"Yes! Yes! I do. I love you and only you. I love the way you fuck me.." Senior Anne moaned as she ground back at Ms Joyce's cock ramming in and out of her love box.

I couldn't take it anymore, I slipped my fingers into my pant and rubbed my pussy. My juice was already dripping down my laps. I spread my legs and pushed a finger into my pussy and finger fucked myself, pushing my thumb against my clit. Juices poured out of me as I neared climax.

"Now cum for me my little slut. Cum for your mistress. You have my permission. Let me have that juice flowing." Ms Joyce ordered.

"Yes mistress, I'm close. I'm close. Please don't stop. Oh fuck me deep." Senior Anne begged.

"I could stop now you know."

"Oh please don't."

"Swear never to fuck any of those bitches again."

"I swear I won't. Ohhhh fuck that feels good. It's only you I love. Ohhh fuck yes! I'm cumming my love."

"Good! Cum for me Bitch. Oh yea baby, take my cock. Take it. Fuck that cock my little slut.  Show me how much you like me fucking that little pussy of yours. Come for me you little lesbian slut,"

"Yes! I'm cumming. I'm cumming. I'm cumming. Ohhh fuck fuck fuck!!!" Senior Anne screamed as she ground her pussy into Ms Joyce's hips. As her orgasm tore through her. Her whole body felt on fire as a burning but exciting feeling rose from her pelvis. Her legs collapsed to the bed, her toes stretching out as waves after wave shook her young body. The orgasm was intense while Ms Joyce eased up on the thrust in her Pussy. Senior Anne was spent as Ms Joyce pulled out the vibrating cock from her pussy. Ms Joyce collapsed beside Senior Anne and they both panted and tried to catch their breath. After they had rested for a few minutes, Ms Joyce got up and took off the strap-on and headed for the bathroom.

"Meet me in the bathroom Baby. And bring the cock with you. If may need it." Ms Joyce ordered as she closed the bathroom door behind her.

And It's  Over.........

As soon as I heard the shower running, I figured it was time to get out. I thought of waiting for Anne to join Ms Joyce in the bathroom but I didn't want to miss the look on her face when she saw me and realized I had been watching them all along. I pushed the closet door open Senior Anne pushed herself up to see where the sound was coming from. She saw me as I stepped out of the closet. The look on her face? Priceless.

"Goodness gracious!!!!!" She exclaimed in shock. Then remembering Ms Joyce was in the bathroom, she lowered her voice, "Lisa! What are you doing here? How did you get here?"

"Baby, is everything okay? Who are you talking to." Ms Joyce called out from the bathroom.

"Yes d-d-dear," she stammered. "I just hit my toe on the bed."

"Careful darling. So sorry." Ms Joyce replied.

I quickly ran out of the room, while I was struggling with the main door, Senior Anne ran out of the bedroom. She had managed to throw on her day wear. luckily, I opened the door and stepped outside before she caught up with me.

"Lisa, wait, I can explain. Please!"

"Wait for what? Senior Anne! I am so shocked. So your Aunty is your lover?"

"We are not blood related Lisa. She's my mother's step sister and best friend."

"Does that make it okay? That's still worst." I spat.

"Lisa, you won't understand. Please let me explain. I love you." she pleaded.

"Hahahaha You love who? Lisa? What a joke." I mocked.

"Lisa please." she tried to grab my hand.

"Please let me go. Don't touch me with those hands. They must have mixed pussy juices on them." I shot back.

"Please Lisa, hear me out." she pleaded.

"Hey! Did you hear that?" I asked sarcastically holding my ear.

"What?" she asked, looking around,

"Its the fat lady, and she's singing."

"Whatever do you mean Lisa?"

"What I'm trying to say is that when the fat lady sings, it means IT'S OVER!!" I screamed and walked away.

"Lisa, please no one can know."

I stopped and walked back to her. "You must think you are surrounded by fools. For someone to set you up by lying to me that you asked to see me and telling me where to get the spare keys so I can come wait for you? Then believe me, they are on to you 'little slut.' But don't worry. I won't say anything about today. Come to think of it, what my eyes have seen today, my mouth would never want to repeat."

With that, I walked away. I don't know why, but tears dropped from my eyes. I felt like a used fool. I walked shamefully back to the dormitory. I passed everyone without greeting anyone. I went straight to my bed and laid on it. Few minutes later, I saw Kimberly and Lara coming into the dormitory.

"Lisa, you've been gone for three hours. Where were you?" Lara inquired.

"We've been searching for you Lisa. Where the heck have you been?" Kimberly shot at me all irritated.

"Please guys, can you both just let me sleep it out tonight? I promise I will talk to you in the morning." I begged.

"Lisa, are you okay? You didn't come for dinner. Have you had something to eat?" Lara asked, obviously very worried.

"No Lara. I'm not okay. But please just let me sleep. I promise we will talk tomorrow."

Lara hugged me tightly and I went back to covering my head in bed. I cried a little for no reason at all. It's not like I really valued my relationship with Senior Anne. But I felt hurt and used. Very late that night, after everyone had slept and the lights went off, I got off my bed and went to Senior Adidi's bed. Surprisingly, she wasn't asleep too. As if she was waiting for me, she shifted to the the side and I snuggled in.

"My Love, I've been hungry for you." she said as she pulled me into her embrace.

"Please just hold me." I cried. "I've never needed anyone like I need you now. Just hold me please. Tell me everything will be alright please. I've been such an idiot. Just hold me and don't let me go tonight." I cried and Senior Adidi held me close in her bosom. She understood I wasn't looking for sex or anything like that. Obviously, she wasn't expecting me that night because there was no tent. I didn't care about the facct that there was no tent. I just wanted to be in her arms. I didn't care if I would be discovered, I didn't care about the ultimatum given to me at the wolves meeting. Nothing else mattered. I was prepared for whatever will happen next. I made up my mind not to sneak out of Senior Adidi's bed early in the morning. Everything could go to hell. Senior Adidi didn't bother asking me what the problem was, She consoled me and held me close till I fell asleep in her arms. My fate would be decided in the morning. Was I prepared?

               To Be Continued.................. ©‎

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I Still Don't Feel Better.... 3

*The battle..... 

I was in shock myself, my feet froze as if I was glued to the floor. Shame had become me. All eyes were on me and people‎ started grumbling and whispering. Lara ran to me and hugged me tightly. She led me to go sit on my bed. After a few minutes, Lara leaned in and whispered to me, 

"What happened? Why did she do that?" 

"I don't know, I lied in tears." 

"What do you mean by you don't know?" 

"Listen Lara, I'm going through a lot of pain here. Please let me be." 

"Fine, I'm sorry. We talk when you are calm." 

Lara left me alone and went outside. I crawled into my bed and laid there for a while. I was so ashamed, I couldn't get up. I didn't even go for dinner. That evening, I heard a brawl outside the dormitory. Lara ran into the dormitory to call me. 

"Lisa, you need to see this, come quick." 

"Come where? What's going on." 

"There's a huge fight going on outside. Senior Adidi, Senior Anne and even Senior Mary are exchanging blows outside. Intact, a lot of Seniors are involved. Do you know what's causing the fight?" 

"How would I know? Please leave me alone." 

"Aren't you coming outside?" 

"What for? Do I look like a referee?" 

Lara left me alone again and went outside. The whole school turned upside down, there was very loud noise outside. I'm sure I was the only student who wasn't outside to watch the fight. I curled up on my bed and covered myself up. Finally, there was a loud ring from the school bell, and everyone ran inside. There was a lot of talks in the dormitory and I paid attention so I could get some details. ‎Different people had different opinions.

"That Senior Mary can fight though." 

"Did you see what they did to Senior Adidi?" 

"I think Senior Adidi deserves what she got." 

"But I still can't believe Senior Anne could stoop so low to engage in a fight. She's the school Prefect for heavens sake." 

"What would you have her do? Stand and watch Senior Adidi slap her?" 

"Don't forget Senior Adidi started the fight." 

"What could be the reason for the fight?" 

"I'm sure Senior Mary fought Senior Adid because of Angela. But why did Senior Anne and Senior Adidi fight?" 

"Have you forgotten that Senior Anne escorted that one (I`m sure she pointed at me.)  back to the dormitory this morning. Then Senior Adidi slapped her?" 

I listened on their arguments and deliberations while I pretended to be asleep even in the rowdy room and all the noise. Next thing I heard was "They're coming, they're coming, they're coming." 
Everyone ran to their bunk corner and the whole dormitory was calm, I'm sure if a pin dropped, one could hear it. First thing that crossed my mind was 'Who are they and what are they coming for?' 
I've never been so scared in my life. I curled my self more and covered up to my head. I shivered in fear, I wished I could turn back the hands of time, I would never have gotten involved with Senior Adidi. I knew they were coming for me, but who were they? I've always lived a very humble and private life ever since I got into this school, but tonight, my reputation was going to go to hell. in a split second, I was going to become the laughing stock of the whole school, my name was going to be on the lips of everyone in the school. 

*The gathering of the wolves........

"Lisa!" A voice called me. I pretended to be deeply asleep. 

"Who is Lisa?" another voice called out angrily. At this point, I knew they were all out for me and I couldn't wish them away or pretend not to hear them. I uncovered my head and found out that the only person who wasn't pointing at me to the Seniors was Lara. I got out of bed and found about five Seniors standing there, waiting for me. 

"Ohhh so you are the Lisa?" one of them said. 

"Come with us. NOW!" another said. 

. I noticed Lara start to cry. I signaled her to calm down that everything was going to be fine. The Seniors led the way and I followed behind like a slave. I've never been more afraid in my life. I followed them quietly and I could hear them talk to themselves. 

"What do you know, she's beautiful." 

"She's lucky she's fine." 

I felt like running away but where to? Heaven must have heard my cry for help because out of no where, I spotted Kimberly. She saw me being led by the wolves pack. 

"Lisa, she called out." 

"Don't you dare move." one of the seniors ordered. I immediately froze. 

"Now keep walking. Follow us." Another ordered. 

"NOW!" another senior screamed. 

"Lisa, don't you dare move from there. Wait for me." Kimberly ordered. 

"Keep moving." another Senior pushed me. 

Kimberly ran up and caught up to us. "Lara ran to me in tears. She told me everything." turning to the seniors, she asked, "Where the hell are you bitches taking her to?" 

"Respect us Kimberly." one of the seniors screamed. 

"Wrong answer Senior Miss." Kimberly said

"And what business of yours is it as to where we are taking her?" 

"Duhh! She is my friend and I demand to know. Either you tell or I report you guys. I hope y'all know who I am and I am not scared of you!" Kimberly spat. 

The seniors gathered together and whispered to eachother. They deliberated on Kimberly's involvement. Kimberly asked me some questions and I answered her truthfully. The I told her everything. There was no need lying to the only person who could defend me from the Wolves. She also told me that those seniors were horrible girls. When she told me what they could do to me if I was found guilty, that even she won't be able to defend me. She told me what to say and that I should stick to every answer I give. 

"You are too worried about your 'offense' that you have forgotten to plan your 'defense'.' She said to me. 

 Kimberly got pissed at the Seniors who were still talking to each other. 

"You know what? Forget about whatever you bitches are you plotting there. I'm nolonger interested in your answer. Let's just go." 

"Go where?" a senior asked. 

"Anywhere you are taking her to. I am going with you. And hey! I don't need your permission. Either that or I take her with me and I will report all your Asses to the Principal. So what's it gonna be huh?" 

After a little hesitation, it was obvious that Kimberly was not going to back down and the Seniors wouldn't dare do anything to her. 

"Okay, fine. You win. But just mind your business." a senior warned her. 

Few minutes later, we were in an uncompleted school building which was far away from the main school. The entrance was almost covered with bushes. After we managed to get in, to my shock, I saw Senior Adidi, Senior Anne, Senior Mary, Angela, other lovers of Senior Adidi and Mary and a bunch of many other seniors sitting on blocks molded for the building.  When Senior Anne saw me, she got up and walked up to me and kissed me. I was too nervous to kiss her back. I merely put my closed lips on hers. When Senior Adidi saw that Senior Anne kissed me, she got up and attacked Senior Anne who fought back. The other seniors got up and separated them. 

"Look at her! She's so shameless." Senior Mary screamed, pointing at Senior Anne. "She is fighting Anne over her babe, but she comfortably freaks other people's babes." 

"Oh shut up Mary! If you did them well they won't Cheat one you with me." Senior Adidi spat at Senior Mary. 

"Oh yeah! If you could do them better why would you loose Lisa to me? Obviously you can't freak it better than me Bitch!" 

I watched in fear as the three seniors exchanged another round of blows as the other Seniors tore them off eachother. After they had calmed down. The Assistant Senior Prefect got up to speak. 

"You girls disappoint me. But right before the woman in question arrived, we have all agreed to stick to two questions. Lisa, since you are the woman in question, come stand in the middle. And make sure you answer me truthfully." 

"Yes Senior Miss." I replied. 

"Are you Adidi's Lover?" 

I turned to look at Kimberly whom I drew strength from. She gave me a sign to remember what we talked about. I sighed and with I straight face, I said "NO Senior Miss." 

Senior Adidi jumped off the block she was sitting on and dashed towards me screaming "That's a lie you slut. We freaked for so many nights. Have you forgotten so soon?" but she was stopped before she got to me. There was an uproar for a few minutes. Then finally, everyone was calm. 
The Assistant SP turned to Senior Anne, 

"Anne, you said you met this girl a virgin?" 

"Yes! I popped her cherry myself?" Senior Anne responded. 

"She was scared of letting me pop her. I was saving her for a special moment. I was going to invite her over to my house next week during the midterm break." Senior Adidi lashed at Senior Anne. But her statement only ended up making everyone laugh at her. " 

"Ohhh! What a romantic setting you had planned." Senior Mary mocked. 

"Stay out of this Mary. This doesn't concern you." Senior Adidi retorted.  

"This concerns me because you freak other people's girls. And you cry Wolf when yours is taken. Or was Lisa really yours?" Mary lashed. 

The assistant SP soon got them to stop fighting. Senior Miss Anne remained suspiciously calm. 

"Having listened to all the facts and given the fact that Adidi has no proof, no one even saw Lisa with her, I only have one final question for Lisa." she turned to me, "Lisa, its obvious these two women like you, for them to fight over you like this. But it's all up to you. Who do you like and want to be with? Anne or Adidi. Think clearly, because if you choose one and you are later caught with the other, you will be dead meat. Now answer me." 

Without hesitation, I said "I want to be with Senior Anne." There was another uproar. Some people cheering and others that were for Senior Adidi making a fuse. Senior Anne walked up to me and kissed me, and I proudly kissed her back. Senior Mary also had something to say, she openly handed Angela a letter. That letter was what we refereed to as a sack letter. Whenever a girl was nolonger interested in her lover, she was to write her a sack letter. It was to be written in a Red pen and at the top of the letter, one will write 
Getting a 'SACK' letter was the most humiliating thing ever to happen to any girl in school. It was a horrible thing because you will be made fun of and mocked for a very long time or maybe until there was a new person to humiliate. 
After Angela revived the letter, she broke down and cried. Pleading with Senior Mary who pushed her away. Senior Adidi didn't care to console her. She walked away and so did other Seniors. The meeting was over so everyone left for the dormitory. I hugged my crazy Americana, Kimberly. She had saved me from the worst humiliation of my life. I excused myself and walked back with Kimberly. I needed to return to the dormitory to see Lara. I wasn't too happy about the whole mess, the entire school was going to be talking about me for the next few days. I may have openly denied Senior Adidi but deep down in my conscience, I felt bad about lying. Believe it or not, I had a soft spot for Senior Miss Adidi.  

"I feel so terrible. I don't know how I will be able to face Senior Adidi henceforth. Apart from that, the school will be talking about me from tomorrow." 

"Oh Boohooo." 

"What? Are you gonna mock me now?" 

"Not like that. Common girl! Forget about the pity party you are throwing for yourself. Get up and be proud of yourself." 

"How do you mean?" 

"Where have you ever heard that Seniors started a war against each other over a Junior student. Damn girl! You must be hot. Even I feel like getting me a piece of you." 

"Oh shut up crazy Americana." for the first time I laughed. Kimberly just succeeded in boosting my ego.  

"Instead of worrying over nothing, why not think of what you are going to tell Lara when you get back to the dormitory." 

"You have a point. But I have you for that." 

Kimberly and I cooked up a story that Senior Adidi had suspected that I leaked her affair with Angela to Senior Mary. Which led to her slapping me. And when Senior Anne heard of it, she decided to confront Senior Adidi who called for a fight. We garnished the ridiculous story and sold it to Lara who immediately bought it. 
People looked at me funny but that was okay, I didn't care. I tried as much as I could to be reserved and avoided being seen. I also avoided being around Senior Anne. I didn't like the fact that my relationship with Anne was made public and romantic details were discussed openly among seniors. I have always been a private person so the fact that everyone seemed to know my business made me loose interest. My feelings towards Senior Anne faded. Honestly, I would prefer to sneak into Senior Adidi's bed than for everyone to know where I was going when I went out to get freaked. Truth is, I enjoyed the excitement of sneaking in and out of Senior Adidi's bed, the fear of getting caught sent adrenaline thrills through me. 

*Always on my mind........

After everything that happened, the worst feeling was the awkwardness between Senior Adidi and I. It was bad enough that my bunk bed was still next to hers. She stopped talking to me or even answering my greetings. I missed her tortures, her demeaning errands, the fear I felt when she called me, I found myself thinking of her. I couldn't get her off my mind.  There was just something about a sneaky and forbidden Sex. The fear of getting caught gives me the shivers. 

One evening, just as I was about to take my bath, Senior Anne sent for me to meet her at the teacher's quarters. I felt very reluctant to yield but I had no choice. I walked sluggishly to the teacher's quarters. 

"Good evening Senior miss." I greeted. Feeling very awkward. 

"Hello Lisa. What took you so long?" 

"I was about to shower when I got your message. But I said I should quickly come respond to you before rushing back to shower." 

"Nonsense. What's the rush? Common I want to spend some time with you. You've been very evasive. Is anything the mater?." 

"No Senior Miss. I just wanted to go have my bath." 

"I have a bathroom here you know." 

"And your Aunt?"  

"She won't be back for another three hours. We have the whole evening." 

Reluctantly, I peeled off my clothes and walked into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and stood under it. It was like all my troubles melted away as I just stood there. A picture of Senior Adidi flashed in my mind as I closed my eyes under the shower. I rubbed soap all over. Mmmm, it felt so good. I rubbed all over my body, and I was really turning myself on. I imagined Senior Adidi in the shower with me, touching me in the right places. My hand slipped down my belly and through my little patch of carefully groomed hair, my finger finding its mark. Ohhhh that feels good... Rubbing and rubbing until I was startled to hear the bathroom door open. 

"Hey Lisa, what's taking you so long? I heard a soft moan. Don't tell me you are having fun without me." 

 I nervously grabbed for the sponge. Even though Senior Anne and I were lovers, it was still a little embarrassing to have her walk in on me pleasuring myself. I hoped she hadn't seen what my hands had been doing. 

"No Senior, I wasn't moaning. Just that the water is a bit too cold." I lied. 

"A cold shower sounds nice... can I join you?" 
Without waiting for my response, she stepped out of her skirt and pulled her top over her head to reveal a lacy bra and matching boyshort panties. 

'Sexy,' I thought to myself. Before I knew it, she was completely naked and got into the shower with me. Senior Anne pressed up against me, rubbing up and down my back. 

"Mmmm, you know if you keep that up I'll never finish bathing here! And remember you said we had just three hours?" ‎I said 

She smiled and pulled me closer, fully drenching herself under the shower head. We shared a very wet kiss and my hands followed the curve of her back down to her well-rounded butt. Her skin was so soft and wet, and it was driving me mad with desire. Even though I was still thinking of Senior Adidi. 
Senior Anne slid a hand between my thighs and slipped her finger inside of me. 

"Your pussy is dripping wet, sweetheart, we'd better do something about that!" She pushed her finger deeper then she rubbed my clit. I moaned and tilted my head back. The water cascaded over my face as I grew closer and closer to a climax. I was on the brink of cuming when she pulled her fingers out of me.

"You tease!" I sputtered. "I'll teach you to drive me crazy!" I took the hand-held shower head from its holder and changed the setting to a pulsing jet spray. Kneeling in front of her, her back against the wall, I parted her delicate wet pussy lips with my fingers and aimed the jet at her clit. She had such pretty lady parts, her vagina was surrounded by ruffled labia, meeting at a perfectly pink little rosebud. She let out a sigh of pleasure as the water massaged her throbbing clit. 

"Mmm... oh! Ohhh you're so good with that thing... Oh don't stop, stay right there!" she moaned. 
For good measure I slipped my middle finger inside of her and she let out a cry of pleasure. "Oh my god, Lisa! Oh, I'm going to cum. Make me cum!" I continued only for a second or two before I stopped.

"You didn't think I was going to let you come that easily, did you, Remember you teased me first?" I stood and kissed her deeply on the mouth, running my hands up her sides, barely grazing her breasts before wrapping my arms around her neck. 

"When did you become such a freak Lisa?" 

I blushed without responding. If only she knew it was the picture of Senior Adidi in my head that motivated me. We tenderly lathered each other, the scent of the body wash mingling with the smell of sex. Our hands and mouths wandered as we rinsed the soap down the drain. I turned off the water and we stepped out, wrapping ourselves in white towels. 

"Come on, love, let's take this into the bedroom," She purred, kissing my delicate mouth.

After we had crossed into the bedroom and she closed and locked the door behind us, Senior Anne faced me and dropped her towel. I again marveled at her lovely body, the way her breasts hung, her nipples standing at attention; her small waist and feminine hips, and her ivory thighs meeting at a perfect little V. Unable to resist her any longer, I discarded my towel and laid with her on the bed. 

"I want you to please me Lisa. Do to me as you wish. I'm really impressed by you!" she cooed.

I kissed her, teasing her a little with my tongue, then laid a gentle kiss on her neck, her chest, down her belly and finally settling on her vulva. I licked her from vagina to clit, her juices salty and abundant. Up and down and up I licked, circling her clit, sucking gently, then back down again. She moaned as my tongue slid inside of her, just the tiniest bit. I returned to sucking and circling her clit. She was squirming in ecstasy and called out, 
"I'm going to cum!" Maintaining my rhythm I continued until she screamed, "Oh my GOD I'm cumming!" Her hips bucked and her body seized. Liquid gushed from her vagina, trickling down my chin. I didn't stop sucking until she was done convulsing and she relaxed, enjoying the aftershocks of her climax. 

"When did you get this good Lisa?" she asked. 

"Experience." I replied

After she caught her breath, she told me, "I bought a present for you."

"Ooh, I love presents!" I said as I laid on the bed next to her, holding her.

"Well, it's a present for us... it's in that bag by the door." For the first time I noticed a big black shopping bag.

"Shared gifts are the best kind. Shall I go get it?" I asked

"No, let me. Stay here and close your eyes until I tell you to open them." she said and she stood a little shakily (that must have been an intense orgasm) and I closed my eyes. I heard the black bag rustle. I heard her tear at some plastic packaging and fiddle with the whatever-it-was. Some more faint rustling... then her feet padding over to me on the bed. "Alright, you can open your eyes." She stood over me, pleased with the contraption she had around her hips. It was a strap-on vibrator. She turned the dial at the base and it began to hum. 

"Mmmm, there's even a bullet that rests against my clit. Now, are you ready for me to fuck you?" she asked.

"I'm not sure." I said as my legs parted and she set the cool tip of the vibrator against my opening. I let out an involuntary moan as she thrust it into me. I was so close to cumming already, and after a few moments I shuddered and cried, "I'm cumming!" Waves of pleasure washed over me, and she kept pumping the silicone vibrator in and out, making sure to keep grinding against my clit. She kept going as aftershocks hit me. 

"Hang in there, baby, I'm not done with you yet." She gave a deeper thrust and leaned over to suck on my nipple, playing with the other with her fingers. I had regained control of my senses and was pleased to watch her breasts bounce and sway, squeezing together when she reached down to play with mine. 

"My turn now." she said. 

I got up and unstrapped her, I put on the strap-on and I assumed the missionary position, mounted Senior Anne and penetrated her. Possessing Senior Anne filled me with great rapture. I rose and fell on her, fucking her with all the skill of any man, but with the tenderness of a woman who loved women. The strap-on was equipped with a clit diddler for the wearer, and it delivered continuous pleasure to both of us. I could feel how her cunt was grasping the invader as I thrust it into her repeatedly. 

"Oh wow," she babbled. "Oh fuck, you fuck better than a man, I'm really loving this, a lot, a whole lot ..." Her face softened, her cheeks flamed, her long eyelashes fluttered, and she got a faraway look in her eyes.. "Oh, oh, don't stop," she wheezed, as I reared up to penetrate her deeper than ever. Her chest and neck broke out in a sex flush. "Please, please don't stop, I'm going to cum......."

I starred into her eyes and who I saw was Senior Adidi. I closed my eyes and positioned myself better  between her long slender legs, I held her thighs close to my body and felt her heels digging into my ass. I pumped my hips faster and faster, and I could feel the urgent tugs of her pussy on the dildo as it slid in and out of her. Her pre-orgasmic contractions increased in strength and frequency, and she began to claw at the sheets and thrash on the bed. She was giving me a wild ride from beneath me, but I knew just how to keep myself inside her.

"Wait, don't cum, don't cum yet, don't stop, ohhhhh!" she cried out, obviously forgetting for the moment who and what I was.

"Don't worry, love," I panted between thrusts. "This dick never gets soft even when I cum with you!" And I wasn't far from it. Watching the beautiful Senior Anne surrender to her sexual climax raised my level of excitation, and my clitoris was throbbing frantically under the wobble of the latex dildo. Strong waves of pleasure tore through me as I fucked her, and then it was my own voice I heard crying out in unison with Senior Anne as I rode her through the thrills and joys of simultaneous orgasm.‎ Again, I saw Senior Adidi in her eyes and it drove me wild. I lifted her legs to rest on my shoulders so I could get deeper and almost drove both of us mad with delight. 

"Oh my God!! Lisa! Please don't stop!" she cried. 

"I wont." I replied. 

As promised, I didn't stop. I grabbed her in my arms and pulled her up into a new position sitting on my lap without ever having to pull my dildo out of her. We groped each other frantically, fucking with no inhibitions and climaxing seemingly without end.  She howled, she roared. She was too shocked to do anything at all except cum and cum and cum.
Exhausted, I relaxed as She fell on the bed beside me. "That thing," she gasped, "was worth every penny." I smiled and we curled up together unable to move. 

"Lisa, where did you learn to fuck like that?" 

"How do you mean?" 

"It was like when you looked at me, you saw someone else and it made you aggressive." 

I smiled and I said "Experience, Senior Miss. Experience." then I winked at her and got up to go wash off the sex smell and later got dressed. 

"Hmmm, Experience? I won't even bother to ask you what that means. But I better not find out that you are cheating on me because I don't understand this sudden confidence."

I didn't respond, all I wanted to do was just get out of there and return to the dormitory. She asked if she should see me off and I said No. Truth is, I didn't want to be seen with her because people will automatically know where I was coming from and what we just did. As I walked back to the dormitory, I suddenly thought of Senior Adidi and I smiled. 

"Lisa! Lisa!" 

I turned and saw Lara and Kimberly running towards me. I hurried to catch up with them. 

"What is it? Is everything okay?" I asked. 

"We have good news." Kimberly said. 

"Yes we have good news." Lara interrupted. "This crazy Americana has been able to get us a new bed space. It's left for you to pick which dormitory you want to relocate to. If you still want to remain in that same dormitory, then we can pick a bed far away from Senior Adidi. But I already told Kimberly that we want to go to Senior Anne's dormitory and...." 

"I had heard enough. I interrupted Lara. "Wait, wait, wait, what rubbish are you guys talking about? Did I tell you people I had any trouble with my bed remaining beside Senior Adidi? And Lara, what's with moving to Senior Anne's dormitory?" 

"Jeezz! Take it easy Lisa. We were just trying to help. Why are you offended? Aren't you the same person that always complained about how awkward it's been sleeping next to Senior Adidi after that whole mess days ago?" 

"Yes Lara. But I don't remember telling you guys that I want to move." 

"Oh really? Suit yourself. Sometimes I wonder what is going on in that head of yours. You are so ungrateful." Lara spat and walked away. 

I tried to call her back but she refused to listen. So I let her go. Funny enough, it was not over. An angry looking Kimberly was starring at me. 

"What?" I asked. 


"Oh please Americana leave me alone. I love where my bed is. I'm used to it. Don't forget the Senior Miss are in their final year and will be leaving in just three months. So why should I run now? You guys should have asked me first." 

"Listen Lisa, you don't fool me. Lara is gone now so start talking. Why would you want to remain close to Senior Adidi? You've fallen for her haven't you?" 

"Its not like that Kimberly." 

"So how is it?" 

"I really enjoyed sneaking around with her. I preferred it when my sex life was a secret. I like Senior Anne though. But this whole public thing has made me loose interest. Imagine I look at her face while we freak and I see Senior Adidi's face. I just want to sneak into her bed again." 

"Hmmm! That's tough Lisa. That sounds like getting shot and then hanged. You know that will be impossible, Remember the warnings those seniors gave you? Even I won't be able to save your sorry ass. Besides, what makes you think Senior Adidi will still wanna touch you after that whole shit? Careful babe." 

"Hey! Easy Americana. I know Senior Adidi still wants me. I see how she looks at me." 

"Well, in that case, I only have one thing to say." 



"What's that?" 

"On Your Own Bitch!" 

"Kimberly, You are an idiot. You know that?" 

"Whatever Lisa. We'll see soon who is." 

Kimberly and I returned to the dormitory and we talked to Lara who was washing clothes outside the dorm and she calmed down. I left Kimberly and Lara outside I needed to go change to my nightie. After I changed, I somehow came across a note under my pillow. I opened the note. 

Lisa, I can't forget about you and I'm sure you've been thinking about me too. I can see it in your eyes. I don't want to beat about the bush, so let me hit the nail on the head, I have missed you and I want you tonight. I will make a tent for us. See you tonight. 
      She......... S.A." 

I didn't need a soothsayer to tell me what S.A stood for. It meant Senior Adidi. I showed the not to Kimberly who teased the S.A could also mean Senior Anne. But I knew Senior Anne never signed with initials. We whispered for a bit and I decided to reply. 

"No tent, Not in the dormitory. Anywhere but here. And definitely not tonight. I will let you know when"

Kimberly had asked I be careful because it could a set up. So I shouldn't just accept. For all she cared, Senior Adidi could have planned with other Seniors to catch me on her bed while I was having orgasm. Very risky I must say and very scary too. Kimberly took the note to Senior Adidi and dropped it on Senior Adidi's bed while pretending to say hello to her. All these went on without Lara knowing, although she was very suspicious but she felt it had to do with Senior Anne. She could have never suspected it had to do with Senior Adidi. ‎That night, I couldn't help longing for Senior Adidi, I wanted to have a feel of that forbidden passion,  but I didn't dare go to her. Not because I didn't want to. But out of fear. But how long was I going to be afraid?

                        To Be Continued.......... ©‎            

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I Still Dont`t Feel Better.... 2

*Fighting temptations........

Suddenly, the lights went off. I tried to ignore the tingling feeling in my crotch area. I couldn't stop thinking about Senior Adidi licking Angela's private part. I felt a pressing need to pee so I went outside. After I peed and wiped my privates with the wipes, I washed my hands and turned to go back to bed. Just few steps from the dormitory door, I felt a hand grab my waist from behind in the dark just at the entrance and pulled me closer to her. Before I could realize what was happening, she pressed her mouth on mine giving me a long lingering kiss. At first I tried to pull away but I soon liked the feel of her soft lips on my own and put my arms around her as well and pulled myself closer. We continued to kiss each other for several moments. Her tongue pushed its way between my lips and I responded in kind. This continued for several more moments.
Eventually she broke our embrace and whispered in my ear, "I'm off to sleep. Can't wait for you anymore. Good night." she walked away into the dormitory. I returned to my bed. Senior Miss Adidi took delight in taunting me. I tried to ignore her. I tossed and turned in bed as I slowly but with a steady increase started to become aroused. I could feel the warmness and wetness starting to spread from between my legs. I couldn't hold it anymore, I felt she would punish me if I refused to obey her. I don't know when my feet dragged me out of bed. 'What's the worse that will happen?' I thought to myself. Before I knew it, I was at Senior Adidi's bed. 

*To fall or not to fall....

Everyone was asleep including Lara. I opened the tent and sat on Senior Adidi`s bed. The moonlight filtered in as usual and I could see her smile. She pulled me into the bed with her and her hands were all over me. Before I knew it, we started to undress each other. Me more nervously than she. With my own bra removed, Senior Adidi's hands quickly found my breasts. She carefully squeezed and caressed them both then played with my nipples which were quickly becoming hard and sensitive. I soon followed and did the same to her breast's. The whole time, we somehow managed to keep our mouths still tightly locked together exchanging gentle kisses. Then her mouth moved down and took one of my nipples between her lips then moved to the other. Then back to the first and alternating between the two. Soon my nipples were at the peak of their sensitivity. This is when she pushed me down on to my back in her bed. Once I was on my back she quickly loosened my shorts and pulled them down along with my panties. There I was completely naked lying before her. 
Before joining me on the bed Senior Adidi pushed her own slacks and panties down in one swift motion then stepped out of them. She sat there for a very brief second giving me a quick view of her naked body before proceeding to join me lay on her bed. Soon our naked bodies were entwined as we resumed our embrace pressing our naked breast's into one other. One of her hands worked its way down my body and found its way between my legs. 

I held her hand and whispered "Senior, I've never done this. I'm...." 

"A virgin?" she interrupted me. 

"Yes. I replied." 

"I know. Now let go of my hand. I won't hurt you. I just want to taste you." 

I relaxed then I felt a finger being pressed at my entrance. The finger soon retreat as she brought it back up to her mouth to taste. Sucking on it between her lips.

"MMM, very sweet," she moaned, "I can't wait to taste it directly from the source."

She broke her kiss and started to work her way around my body. She kissed and licked my neck, nibbled on one of my ears before moving to my shoulders. Then down again to my breasts and nipples pausing to kiss and suckle on each nipple in turn. Then to the space in my cleavage between each breast. Slowly she worked her way down my abdomen and across my stomach pausing again at my navel to play with it with her tongue. Finally she moved below my waist. Instinctively I spread my legs wider and raised my hips up off the bed to open myself up to her. I did not have to wait long for me to feel her tongue run its way from the bottom of my pussy all the way to the top then pause briefly to flick her tongue on my clit. I had never felt anything before that felt so good. Her tongue was like magic between my legs licking here and there and back again. Then she would concentrated her tongue on my clit. Then she inserted her tongue inside of me. Slowly at first she worked it in and out then faster as I could feel myself becoming wetter and wetter. My arousal kept getting greater and greater. Wonderful feelings started to spread out from the center of my body. Breathing became more intense, shorter and deeper. Senior Adidi realized I was getting close and moved her attention to focus on my clit. Her tongue started flicking my clit faster and faster then she would gently suck on it with her lips. Then again with her tongue. 

"Ohhhh, Senior Miss, what is happening to me??!!!" I finally found my voice as my whole body shook and spasmed on the bed. It was the most wonderful and thrilling feeling I had ever felt. 

"You are cumming. Relax and cum." she whispered back to me and then quickly went back to licking my clit. 

As I recovered from my orgasm Senior Adidi crawled up on to the bed next to me and cuddled me in her arms. I turned my body onto my side so that my head was resting on one of her breasts. I could feel her chest rise and fall with each breath as I was still breathing hard myself.

When my breathing had returned to somewhat normal she asked, "Lisa I want you to lick my pussy."

"I have never done that before," I replied. "but yes I will try." Then I moved so that my head was now down between her legs. 

As I stared at Senior Adid's sex for the first time having never seen another woman so up close even though it was dark, I just contemplated what I should do first. Finally she just said, "It's not going to bite you. Just take a taste with your tongue. I think you will really like it." 
Cautiously and very nervously I reached out with my tongue for my first taste of another woman. At first I tried to imitate what I had felt Senior Adidi do to me. I ran my tongue from the bottom all the way to the top. Her taste had me intoxicated instantly. I had never before tasted anything like it before. It was wonderful and indescribable both at the same time. Soon I found my own rhythm as I worked my mouth, tongue and lips around her sex. It was like I instinctively knew what to do and what would give her the most pleasure. 
My nervousness started to subside as I drove my tongue deeper into her folds. Her taste and smell filled my senses as I started to eagerly lap at her pussy. Finding her clit, I concentrated my attention at that point wanting desperately to give her the same pleasure I had just received from her. Glancing up at her face I could see that my efforts had started to take effect. Both her own hands were firmly holding her breasts from beneath as her fingers tweaked and pinched her nipples. With my own hands I spread her open wider so my tongue could reach deeper into her. Playfully I pushed my tongue as far as it would go into her. Noticing the same signs in her when I was almost there I again focused on her clit. Concentrating all of my attentions on that point wanting to bring her over the edge. 

"Put two fingers inside me." She ordered 

I quickly obeyed and pushed two fingers inside of her and fingered her as fast as I could while lapping on her clit. 

"Ohhh Lisa, I am almost there. Keep going," she moaned. "There it is. Ohhhh I'm cominggg!!!" 

Her orgasm appeared to be as strong as mine had been. Her body shook and spasmed as her eyes rolled back into her head. Her hands clawing at the bed covers. Her breath coming in short deep gasps.

"That was amazing," she finally said. "Are you sure you have never done that before?"

Feeling very proud of myself for making her come, but also still a little embarrassed about having sex for the first time and with another woman too but I just said, "No I never have, but I really liked it too." Then I added, "Can we do this again sometime?"

"We will see," is all she said in reply as we once again cuddled together on her bed. 

After we were well rested, we laid side by side eachother with my back facing her as the spring bed was too small for us to be comfortable on. I fell asleep in her arms and a few hours later, I was awakened by a sweet sensation from my pussy. Senior Adidi was rubbing my clit with fingers. I was so wet and dripping. I moaned softly as she also kissed my ear from behind. I had another mind blowing orgasm that left me breathless. 

*After the fall...........

"Lisa, where are you?" I heard Lara call for me. 

I froze. I didn't say a word. She had come down from the upper bed to wake me up so we can go pee. We usually do that every night. She called for me again and I didn't respond. How was I going to explain what I was doing in Senior Adidi's bed? 

"Lisa!" Lara called again. 

"Shut up! Must you wake everyone up?" Senior Miss Adidi screamed back at Lara. 

"I'm sorry Senior Miss. I didn't mean to wake you up." Lara apologized. Then she went out to pee. I seized the opportunity and quickly jumped out of Senior Adidi's bed and into my bed. I thought of a lot of lies to tell Lara. 

"What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?" I repeatedly asked myself. Hot sweats began to pour out of my body like a Christmas goat. I panicked, but when I saw Lara walking back into the dormitory, I comported myself and inhaled deeply and exhaled heavily. 

"Lisa, where in God's name have you been? I looked for you everywhere. Where did you go? Don't lie to me cos you were not here." 

"I went to pee." 

"Lisa, Where did you pass?" 

"How do you mean?" 

"I opened the door myself. Before I went out to pee, the door was locked. So where did you pass?" 

"What? Am I under investigation now?" 

"Answer me right now!" 

"Fine! Jeezzz. Cool down." 

Just as I was about to speak, Senior Miss Adidi screamed at us from her tent. "Shhhhhh Will you two idiots shut up! I'm trying to sleep for goodness sake. One more noise from you both and I will lock you out of this dormitory." 

Lara and I quickly dispersed, she jumped on the upper bunk bed and I climbed into mine. Before then, every scream or order from Senior Adidi was frightening. But I never thought I would be glad for her screaming this time. Boy! Was I happy she yelled at us. She saved me from biting my tongue while trying to find an excuse for Lara. I think she did it deliberately to save me and this was going to give me enough time to think of what to say to Lara. 
We hadn't slept for long when the wake up bell rang. I sluggishly dragged myself out of bed to go have my bath. The bathroom was like a big hall but with half walls partitioning and crating a little privacy for us. Each person to a wall with a tap. You can see the next person either on your right or left although you cannot see below their shoulders. Lara was bathing in the shower on my right and a class mate called Kimberly was on my left. Kimberly was born in America, she lived there with her parents until they got separated and her father returned to Nigeria with her. I still never understood why she chose to leave America but she said it was her love for her father. She chose to follow her father rather than stay with her mother in America. The relocation was part of the reason her parents separated. Her mother was a worldly woman who liked the high life. And when her father felt it was time to return home and establish his life in his home country,  her mother refused to return with him so Kimberly joined her father. She is the last child and all her siblings are adults who are either married or have their own lives.  She was one of those who were never oppressed by the Seniors in school. We heard the school belongs to her family. So everyone feared her. Because of her rich background, a lot of people sucked up to her.
"Are you going to talk or not" ‎an angry Lara spat at me through her shower

"What?" I spat back at her

"Are you asking me what? Where the heck were you last night missy." 

I thought for a while. Then I remembered what Senior Adidi said last night about locking the both of us outside the dormitory. And immediately, it hit me. 

"Stop barking at me Lara. I was locked outside. I went out to pee and a very wicked daughter of Jezebel locked the door." 

"What? Oh my God! Who could have done that and why?" 

"How should know that Lara?" 

"I bet it was Senior Adidi. So where did you sleep?" 

"Well, I followed another girl from the other dormitory who coincidentally also came out to pee. She let me share her bed." 

"Wow! That's sad. I'm sorry about that." 

"You guys are really going through hell in the hands of those dumb Seniors." Kimberly intruded into our conversation  

"What can we do?" Lara replied. 

"I couldn't take that shit. Never. If any bitch locked me outside? Haha! By now I would be wiping my finger prints off the evidence and rehearsing my 911 lines before I make the call. Rubbish!" Kimberly said so furiously. 

Lara and I looked at eachother. We talked with our eyes. 'Crazy Americana.'. Then we smiled and continued bathing. After we prepared and headed for breakfast that morning, Senior Adidi saw me eating and winked at me and I smiled like fool, immediately I prayed Lara didn't see that. 
I had never lied to Lara, so this was a huge deal for me. I was dying to tell her that I had my first orgasm but I didn't know how to tell her. 
After we had breakfast, Lara and I went to the classroom accompanied by Kimberly who usually sat in front of me while Lara sat behind me. Once again, I was in their middle. Lara leaned in from behind me and whispered, 

"So Lisa, about last night, we always to out to pee together. How come you didn't call me to go with you last night?" 

"I did, but you said it was still too early to go." I lied. 

"Really? I don't remember that." 

"Lara you know you are a deep sleeper. Have you forgotten those nights I will called you to come watch the squeaking tents beds with me and you will sleep through it?" 

Kimberly jumped in on the uncomfortable conversation. "Shhhhh, I can't concentrate you guys! Lara, what's your stupid problem? You should be glad you didn't go out to pee with Lisa. Haven't you realized your sleep saved you from being locked outside too? Isshhhh! Be grateful babe, don't nag!" 

"You have a point there Kimberly." Lara said to Kimberly. 

I sure was relieved. I exhaled heavily and looked up to thank God. I hate having to lie to Lara. But I believed she wasn't ready for the truth yet. Besides, I didn't know how she would receive the info and if she would tell our mothers. Those women will kill me. But again, Lara leaned in, 

"So how did you know when I opened the door and went to pee?" 

"Someone coming from outside told me that my dormitory door was open so I ran back." 

"Hmmm, I see." 

"What do you mean by you see? That was sarcastic." 

Once again, Kimberly jumped at us. "Can the both of you just Sushhh. I can't concentrate. If you girls wanna fight, take it outside." 

"Americana, you too susshhh. What's your problem?" I lashed at Kimberly and the three of us laughed till our classmates complained. 

*Life after the big 'O' experience........ 

I found myself thinking about having more orgasms. I sneaked in and out of senior Adidi's bed almost every night. I made sure I returned to my bed before anyone woke up. 
Sometimes, when Senior Adidi's lover came to spend the night with her, I felt so jealous. I would rub my clit with my wetness while listening to their moans till I came. I became very good in the art, Senior Adidi, thought me all I needed to know. I needed to get myself a permanent lover too. But the only woman I have loved all my life is Lara. How was I going to tell her? Will she understand? 

"Lisa," Lara called me one afternoon as we walked back from class with Kimberly, on our way back to the dormitory. 

"Yes Lara. What is it now?" I asked. 

"Have you noticed that the oppression from Senior Adidi has reduced?" 

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" 

"I don't know. But I'm quite uncomfortable. I dint want to scare you but Lisa, there is a way she stares at you." 


"I don't know how to explain it." 

Kimberly interrupted Lara. "Oh please spit it out already Lara. I've noticed it too."  turning to me,  " Lisa, Senior Adidi gives you a dirty sex look. As if she was fucking you with her eyes." 

Lara jumped in, "Yes, that is exactly how. That is how Senior Adidi looks at you." 

I laughed my heart out, trying my best to make them look like a fool as if they didn't know what they were talking about. Lara, didn't find it funny. 

"What's funny? Lisa do we look stupid to you?" 

"I didn't say you are both stupid. I just think you guys are crazy. Are you sure you've not been thinking of her?" 

"Thinking of who? That brut ain't my type." Kimberly said. 

"So who is your type?" I asked Kimberly. 

"Not your business Missy." she replied. 

Lara was shocked at Kimberly's comment. "Kimberly, don't tell me you have done it?" 

"What? Oh commn don't act shocked. Do I look naive to you people. Ofcourse I have. I don't need to carry a sign on my face. Besides, who havent?" 

"I haven't!" Lara said lifting up her right hand. She turned to me and noticed my hand wasn't up too. Ofcourse I was tired of lying to Lara. At that point, I completely froze. I saw an opportunity to stop lying. And I took it. Lara was shocked. 
"Lisa, why is your hand not up and why are you not saying you haven't too?" 

"It simply means you are the only one who hasn't. Your dear best friend here has been getting some-some." Kimberly said to Lara. 

"No! It's not possible. Lisa can't. We know everything about eachother." 

"Obviously not everything." Kimberly mocked. 

"Shut up Kimberly. Stop adding gas to this fire." I ended Kimberly's mockery.  

"Oh no you don't Lisa. Leave Kimberly alone and explain to me what she meant." 

"I don't feel like talking about it now Lara. Please let's do this later when we are alone. I beg you." 

"I thought I knew you Lisa. I guess I don't." Lara walked away angrily. Leaving me with Kimberly who began to Laugh at me. I turned to her,

"Americana, why won't you just mind your business? Do you have to open your big mouth?" 

"What Lisa? What did I do? I only stated the obvious. You didn't lift your hand so I explained you've been getting a little some-some. Or wasn't it the reason you didn't lift your hand? I only stated the obvious. So don't take it out on me. Besides why lie to her. It's too much a burden." 

I thought for a while, then I said, "You are right Kimberly. Very right." 

I ran after Lara immediately and tried to catch up with her, but she was far gone and wouldn't stop to talk to me. I gave her space and time. Later that night, I tried to talk to her again. 

"Lisa, how can you keep something like that away from me?" 

"I'm sorry Lara. I didn't know if you will understand." 

"So I'm stupid now?" 

"No Lara. I didn't say that. I just didn't know how you will react. I have been dying to tell you." 

"I can imagine how much you have suffered keeping something from me." She giggled. 

"You have no idea Lara. I'm sorry." 

"That's okay. So how long has it been and who was it? " 

"That night you didn't find me in bed." 

"Okay, I remember. So was she the one you went to meet in another dormitory? What's her name?" 

"She does not want me to tell anybody yet. Please try and understand. I will tell you when it's time." 

"Okay, I understand. But I think I know who it is." 

"Really? Who do you think?" 

"I think it's Senior Anne because I know you like her and you talk about her and how intelligent she is." 

I didn't say anything. I just smiled and looked away. I don't know why her mind would go to Senior Anne but I just went with it.

"So tell me, how does it feel?" Lara asked curiously.

"Well, it's really an amazing feeling. I don't know how to describe it because that feeling is indescribable. I will have to show you if you want." 



"Well, I had always thought that if we ever wanted to venture into the L-world, it will be with eachother. I didn't know I will loose you to another." 

"Who says you've lost me? Have you forgotten we were both novices? How would we have gone about it? A blind man leading a blind man? That's a disaster. You know, in the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is king." 

"Hahaha, so you are the one eyes king now?" 

"Yes. Atleast now I have some experience and I can guide you to the big 'O' too." 

Lara and I laughed to my tease. And we moved past our misunderstanding. I was glad everything was back to normal. I hated it when we fought but we always found our way around it even though today, it felt as if I completely brainwashed her. Lara noticed I barely left the dormitory to go spend the night anywhere else even though Anne, who was my supposed lover, stayed the another dormitory. I needed to find a way around it, I needed to make my lie believable. 

The first hurt and solution..... 

‎One evening after we had all had our evening bath and put on our night wears, Senior Adidi made a tent. But it was not for me. It was still very early though but I saw Angela lurking around our dormitory. I was so furious and jealous. I saw Angela timing me, biding her time and watching people closely so she could sneak into Senior Adidi's tent bed.  I was furious, I felt like dragging her out of the dormitory. I walked towards her, 

"Hello Angela." I greeted sarcastically  

"Hi Lisa." She replied 

"Nice Legs, what time do they open?" I mocked. 

"What do you mean? Why don't you just mind your business Lisa?" 

"And why can't you just stay loyal?" I spat and walked away filled with jealousy. I felt used by Senior Adidi, she only wanted to win my body, she didn't care about my feelings. I felt so bad. So I went outside to sit in the spot I loved to receive fresh air, just by the school well. Not too long I sat there, a junior student walked up to me and handed me a note. I asked her who sent it and she didn't say anything. On the envelope, it read 
"Just 4 U" 
I opened it and it was from Senior Miss Anne. I smiled. The note read  
Dear Lisa, I would like you to join me in the teacher's quaters? My aunt is not home. I need to talk to you. Don't keep me waiting.

I smiled, I stood up and dusted my butt and left. I knew the particular teacher's apartment to go to. A very nice teacher lived there and she was Senior Anne's Aunty coincidentally. Sometimes, Senior Anne had the key to that apartment. It was located in the school compound where we had the teacher's quarter's although away from the school and dormitory. 
I knocked on the door and Senior Anne opened for me. She smiled and hugged me, I breathed in her scent and smiled back at her. She invited me in and we talked a lot about stuffs. School works, subjects I found difficult and she explained them at length. Then she flirted with me a bit and I blushed.. 

"Have you ever been with anyone?" She asked 

"No." I lied. 



"Not even a girl?" 

"No Senior" 

"Wow! Lisa, I'm impressed. With all this going on and peer pressure you still keep yourself? No wonder I've liked you all these years. I must be a lucky person. Do you like me Lisa?" 

"Yes I do." 

"Serious? Wow. I'm glad. I would like to spoil you a little. Since you have never been with a man, I will like to show you what it's like, as for being with a woman, I will teach you." 

I was a bit confused, I didn't understand what she meant by showing me what being with a man is. But she grabbed my hand and dragged me to a store where she went behind some tools and opened a box. Underneath some hardware and other junk, she revealed a few VHS porno tapes. They evidently belonged to her Aunty. It was her secret porn stash.
Giggling, we took a tape up to the VCR. It was called "Ruff Riderz" and started with a guy talking to a first time teen, and then eventually having sex with her. At one point he was with two girls. He had them kiss, then undress, and then lick each other's pussy in a 69 position. As the girls worked on each other, the guy's hands were all over them, then he would move in and have sex with the both of them. 
I was so embarrassed watching that on the TV and the tingling feeling returned but I pretended. If I was going to pretend to have never experienced being with someone then I had to make it believable and sell myself as a naive virgin. I couldn't afford to be found out. 
As we watched, Senior Anne asked if I ever rubbed my pussy. I told her that I had done a little, but that I never had an orgasm. Since I was still young she felt I was naive, I pretended like I really didn't know what I was doing. She told me to wait, and she ran into one of the rooms. She quickly came back with a vibrator, She turned a switch on the bottom and the whole thing started to vibrate! We laughed so hard. 
Then she asked me if I ever stuck anything in my pussy, and I told her I hadn't, luckily, that was the truth. She got kind of quiet and turned her attention back to the video. She looked at me with a kind of serious look and pulled down her bottom nightie and panties. She had beautiful laps and very black scanty pubic hairs that matched her dark long hair on her head. Then she picked up the vibrator, turned it on, and started rubbing it on her pussy. 
It was a little strange, but I started getting aroused watching her rub her pussy and then watch the porno video. We were both on the couch. She was laying back with her ass on the edge, legs spread wide, rubbing the dildo on her clit and then alternating plunging it into her pussy. Her pussy was so wet that her pubic hairs had beads of pussy juice on them. 
She told me to come closer and watch her. I inched over towards her, sitting forward on the edge of the couch. She lifted her top and bra, exposing her big breasts. I wasn't as big as she was and I had never seen such a naked huge breasts so they fascinated me. They were like big long tubes, with little aureola and big nipples. She told me to pinch her nipples to help her out. I started rubbing her nipples while she worked on her pussy. She seemed to be in another world. 
As her breathing got shorter, she told me to rub her clit. I was caught up in the moment, and I moved my hand down to her hairy mound. I started rubbing in a circle like she had been doing. She then started plunging the dildo in and out of her pussy, faster and faster, eventually having an orgasm and collapsing back. 

I took my hand off her pussy and noticed it was totally wet with her juices. Senior Anne saw me looking at my sticky hand and told me to lick my fingers clean. I stuck them in my mouth, acting curious as to what they tasted like. The taste was musky, and I felt dirty licking them. I had my eyes closed with my fingers in my mouth, and I felt her hands grabbing the sides of my night pants waistband, pulling them down. 
I pretended to be in an altered state, and I let her pull them down, along with my white panties. She told me to keep my eyes closed and her hand moved to my pussy, rubbing my clit. It felt incredible. My pussy was so wet, wetter than I had ever been before. She started rubbing the vibrator in circles around on my clit, I was in heaven, and I came immediately, shaking violently. 
Senior Anne didn't stop though, she slowly pushed the dildo into my pussy. I never had anything in my pussy before, and I felt a sharp pain as my hymen broke, but I was so wet and hot, it almost felt like nothing. Laying back, continuing to shake and orgasm multiple times, Senior Anne started pushing he dildo in and out of my pussy. I opened my eyes after feeling a sensation that I wasn't used to. Looking down, I saw her face on my pussy, licking my clit and pussy lips through my small bush. It felt incredible and I had another orgasm, my fourth of the night. 

"You were truly a virgin." she said and I smiled

She told me to get up and bend over on my hands and knees. She scooted underneath me and we were in a 69 position, like the girls in the video had been. I started using my hand again on her pussy. Pretending not to know that in that position, I was supposed to lick her. Even though I pretended to be a novice,‎ I still ‎wanted to be the best pussy pleaser she had ever had. I explored like an archeologist on a dig, exploring every inch of her pussy lips, both inside and out.‎ I quickly felt her mouth on my clit from beneath, her fingers spreading my butt cheeks apart. My pussy felt so open and exposed. Then I felt her rubbing a wet finger on my arse, teasing it by rubbing around it. She then asked me what I want. I ignored her. She said it again louder, "what do you want?" 

I said "do whatever you want". 

She told me to say it louder. 

I said it loud, "do whatever you want to me!" 

Her finger slipped into my pussy, just like we had watched on the video earlier. Her finger was so wet with my pussy juice that it slipped right in. As her tongue worked my clit and her finger went in and out of my pussy, I came again. I remember looking down at her face and it was covered in juice from my pussy. We passed out beside eachother after the mind blowing orgasm. Senior Anne cuddled me as we slept. There was no hurrying back to the dormitory since the following morning was a Saturday. That morning, Senior Anne made me breakfast and we showered together, and she gave me several orgasm in the bathroom as she washed me.

*Two can play the game.......

After we got dressed, she told me she would walk me back to my dormitory herself. So that I don't get punished by any other Senior who noticed I slept outside the dormitory. Since she was the Senior Prefect, I will be untouchable. Being her lover, granted me immunity. ‎Few minutes later, we left the teacher's quarters. Anne didn't want her Aunt to meet the both of us. When we got to the dormitory, Senior Anne held my hand and led me to my bed. Lara was still sleeping so were a lot of other students. Senior Anne saw us walk in and almost exploded but kept her cool. I saw her tent was loosened and Angela was gone. I looked Senior Adidi in the eye letting her know I couldn't care less of her and her numerous lovers. I was not scared of her. I had immunity. So whenever she stared at me, I starred her back ever so boldly. 'Two can indeed play the game.'
As soon as Senior Anne left my dormitory, Senior Adidi walked up to me. ‎And asked me to follow her. I obeyed and she took me to a corner so we could talk and so we wouldn't be heard.‎

"Where the hell were you last night?"

"I was with Senior Anne."

"Doing what?"

"Exactly what you were doing with Angela last night. Ohh No, scratch that, not exactly, I would say something way better than what you were doing with Angela."

"You have the guts to say that to my face? I don't blame you, you do that because I showed you the way right? I didn't teach you so you can become a slut."

"Compared to what I experienced last night? You thought me nothing at all. Last night was the most amazing. I even got my cherry popped."

"What? That Cherry was mine to pop."

"Oh really? Well an expert did it and it was the most amazing feeling ever. Now please leave me alone. As you can see, I have my hands full. Just because I liked what you and I did does now mean I like you and you don't own me."

I had barely finished that statement when the next thing I heard was a resounding slap across my face. A slap so hard that my head spined. Every eyes turned on us.The slap was so hard that it got the attention of everyone. I heard a gasp and I held my face and turned around to see Lara covering her mouth in shock. Everyone in the dormitory were in shock.‎ And I almost fainted if not that I had breakfast that morning. I rubbed my cheek and tears flooded my face.

"You will regret this." Senior Adidi said and walked away.


                         To Be Continued.......... ©‎                   ‎