June 26, 2015

Lucy's Vengeance 3

I broke out of the trance, tears flowed down my face. I died inside, I died a thousand deaths. Even when I tried to recover from the shock, that old feeling of total humiliation took hold of my heart all over again. I looked at the Queen who stared at me with sheer compassion. I was confused.

"Your Majesty, please tell me I'm dreaming." I said in a quavery voice.

"I'm so sorry Lulu, I don't know what to say to you. I am so ashamed as a mother." the Queen said to me. 

"So, you mean it's real? Eric really married my best friend?" 

I broke down and cried bitterly, it was as if my life had ended. What did I do to deserve this? Eric and I were doing okay, we had no issues. The relationship was smooth and our love was perfect. Where did I go wrong. A lot of questions unanswered. Where do I even begin to ask? The Queen hugged me close to her heart. Her expensive atire got messed up with my make up and tears, but she didn't mind. I was hysterical, I was in pains, aches from all over. 

"I thought he loved me, so he was lying to me? What did I do for him to disgrace me like this? Eric got married to my best friend. What did I do?" I sobbed.

"Eric didn't get married." the Queen said. 

For a second I sat up and stopped crying. Did I hear her correctly? Eric didn't get married? So why was I crying then? I wiped my eyes and I felt a little bit relived. 

"Eric didn't get married?" I asked. 

"Yes, Eric is not married yet." 

"Okay, so I'm guessing he has an identical brother? That makes sense, because my Prince is in America. So it couldn't have been him." 

The Queen let out a sigh and said "Yes, the person you saw was Eric. It was just an introduction and not the marriage proper." 

Was she kidding me? I fell to the ground and started crying all over again. 

" What's the difference? Introduction, marriage, what is the difference? My Queen you should have told me your family didn't want me, you should have told me you preferred Gift my best friend instead of killing me like this and disgracing me. Where do I go from here? How do I live without Eric?" I sobbed. 

"Please don't say that, you know I've always loved you like a daughter. And my son loves you so much." 

"If he loves me, how come he's doing this to me? How could he be so insensitive?" 

"Its complicated My Love. I am willing to explain." 

"Why are you the one explaining? Eric is not even man enough to confront me. He should be the one here, not you. Let him come look me in the eye and tell me why he deceived me. He owes me that much. He made me believe he couldn't stand Gift, but there, in all of his hypocritical glory, he was stabbing me in the back."

"Lulu, you have every right to be angry. You have every right to be upset. Infact, I don't care if you shout at the top of your voice. I want you to curse all you want. I will understand." 

"Since Eric can't even respect me enough to tell me what is going on here, I will leave. I have been excluded from the royal family. I have no business being here." 

I got up to leave but the Queen held me, stopping me from getting to the door. She was pleading with me to stay so she could talk to me, I refused to stay, I just wanted to run out of that place.

"My Queen, I'm sorry, I don't mean to disrespect you. But I must leave now. I want to see my mother, I need my mother, I need her warming hand around me." I sobbed. 

"I am like a mother to you Lulu. Let me hug you and console you. Please. Cry all you want but please stay till you feel better." 

"I may die, I may die here. If I'm going to die, then let it be in the arms of people I know truly love me. Let me go My Queen. If your family loved me, they won't drive a knife through my heart in the worst possible way." 

"Okay fine, but I want to see you after today, when can I see you. I want to come to your house, tell me when I can come see you. I need to explain things to you. Believe me Lulu, Eric is devastated and ashamed. That's why he can't face you. Lulu, betraying you was not easy, it killed him. He has not been himself since this whole rubbish started. But please hear me out." the Queen said and made to hold my knee. But I withdrew a few steps back. 
‎Holding her hands and stopping it from touching my knees I said, "No no no! My Queen, you can't do that. That is equivalent to kneeling down. And you shouldn't do that, you are Royalty. Okay, give me a day. I promise you, I will see you." 

She hugged me and I left. Thank goodness it was dark so no one could see me, I couldn't stand the shame. The Palace was quiet, It was not looking like a place of merriment or celebration one bit. The palace was so quiet, more like a place in mourning. The palace guards escorted me to the gate. I didn't get the Queen at all, why was she sad and so concerned? I kept crying my eyes out, it was a horrible feeling. I got into my car and didn't know where to go. How was I going to break the news to my family? My poor parents wouldn't be able to handle it. I couldn't face my family. I couldn't even go to my neighbourhood, shame had become me, I needed to be alone. As sad and depressed as I was, I didn't want to be pitied by people. I took a long drive out of town to clear my head. I went to one of the biggest and most expensive Five Star hotels, I had one of Eric's golden credit card with me. I booked a suit for my self, but first, I needed a drink. It was almost 12 midnight and I was still in shock. Eric did not only cheat on me with my best friend, he ended up marrying her. I was sick to my stomach. A number of different emotions battled in my head including confusion and hurt, but anger won. A cold hard anger. An anger that demanded revenge for being betrayed by the two people in the whole world that I cared for and trusted, especially Eric. I went into the private bar on the last floor, dim, quiet, discreet. I ordered for the most expensive alcohol, it costs a fortune but who cared? I had Eric's credit card. I sipped as I fumed and thought of how to get my revenge on Eric and Gift. As I stewed in a heady mix of 'poor me', 'betrayed me', and all the other thoughts, my desire for revenge grew greater and colder. I ran through scenario after scenario, plan after plan. All I wanted was a plan that would get me the revenge over those people who had humiliated me. I dissected each one looking for flaws. Looking for consequences, I didn't want a lot of blowbacks on me. I definitely didn't want to go to prison which would have been the result of most of my scenarios. The thought of getting a gun and shooting them was satisfying. Even more satisfying would be to shoot Eric's balls off and then see what I could do to that shit brains, Gift. But that wasn't practical. Satisfying, but not practical. 
I finally narrowed my revenge plans towards ones that would embarrass the two 'lovers' and ruin their lives and punish them without my direct hand. It took hours before a plan started to coalesce. It would take several days to polish it and figure out all the embellishments that would make it a truly epic revenge that would live for the ages! 
Yes, I was that hurt and angry. I didn't just want revenge, I wanted an epic revenge. A revenge that would be legendary and talked about for generations. A revenge that other betrayed lovers could only admire and aspire to. 
I wouldn't worry about them getting together. The memory of what I was going to do to them would overshadow any relationship and they wouldn't even want to see each other. And if they wanted to be together, the scar I will leave on them will be a forever reminder. I wanted to order for another bottle of alcohol but then I decided not to, I couldn't even finish the one in front of me. I was tipsy. I decided not to drink again. I was not a drunk and I won't start now. Gift was not worth my becoming an alcoholic for. I swore I was not going to end up face down in a gutter somewhere. 
I went back to my suit around 4am. I had over fifty missed calls, from my mother, my father, my brothers, the Queen and surprisingly, from Eric too. I switched off the phone. I was so ashamed, to have been humiliated like that was just too much to bear. I sat on the 'bed, between sobs and through a veil of tears and cursed at them for betraying me. It was hurtful, humiliating and degrading. I will never be able to face the world again. I should have realized that my whole life was preparing me for this, but I thought that at last I was being blessed with happiness. I am, as I have always been, a very shy person.
Obviously, the story about Gift, Eric and I had spread all over town. Even my parents were aware. But no one knew where to find me. Once in a while, I would switch on my phone for a minute and text messages flooded in. The messages that broke my heart were the ones from my parents, telling me they understand how I'm feeling, and asking me to come home to them. I decided to call my mother, atleast to let her know I'm okay. I told Mama not to worry, that I was fine. And that I needed time and space. She was inconsolable and wouldn't stop cursing at Gift, I could hear Papa telling her to stop cursing, that Vengance belongs to God. I smiled to myself, if only that old man knew what was going through my head. 
Now, back to my plan. If I was going to execute a good revenge, I was going to need an Ally, so I called Vera and Linda, told them where I was and in an hour, they were there. I ordered for the best wines, we all drank and bitched about Gift. We were all pissed but none of us could figure how they 
got there. We cursed at Gift and wished she would drop dead. We decided to go shopping, we went to the best boutiques fit for Princesses and shopped all day. Thanks to Eric's gold card. I was thinking he would have blocked the card by now, but he didn't even though I was very certain he was getting all the debit alerts. We returned to the hotel room late that evening and spent a long time at the bar, till we were tipsy. Vera and Linda slept off due to the alcohol, but I was up all night crying and wallowing in self pity. How could this happen to me? The stangest thing happened all night, my phone kept ringing and the caller ID was blocked, but every time I answered, the caller won't say anything. Even though I was crying, I will still pick up the phone and cry into it, 
"Hello, hello, who is this please" but the caller won't say anything. It was as if someone was only calling to find out if I was alive and to hear my voice. The line will go dead after a few seconds. This repeated almost every hour, it was as if the caller set an alarm for every hour. I couldn't sleep, I sat all night on the cold tiles crying my heart out. The phone rang again and it was the unidentified caller. This time, I was upset and barked into the phone. 
"Who are you? What do you want? I can hear you breathing yet you won't talk. Leave me alone. Gift, if it is you, Yes! I am still alive. Now leave me alone." 
I didn't realize how loud I screamed until my friends jumped off the bed screaming 
"What? What? What?" 
I narrated what has been happening to them and told them that I thought it was Gift. They looked at each other in a sarcastic way as if they were making eye contact then they both turned to glare at me. I became curious and I gave them a cold stare. 

"What?" I barked. 

"Has grief eaten your brains, Lucy?" Vera asked. 

"What?" I repeated. 

The girls laughed, making me more uneasy. Linda came to sit beside me on the floor, she took my hand and said, 
‎"Lulu, the only person that would be calling you like that is Eric."

I didn't know what to say next. I mean, it all made sense. Only Eric could be calling me, Gift wouldn't have the gulls nor the guts to dial my number. I became speechless, what does he really want from me again? I guess he restricted his caller ID because he was sure I wouldn't pick his calls. My phone rang again, it was Eric's mother, the Queen. I didn't want to talk to her, I didn't get that woman, what does she want? She now has a daugther inlaw and a grand child on the way. 

"Why won't they just leave me alone." I cried out when the phone won't stop ringing. 

"What is it? Who was it?" My friends chorused. 

"The Queen won't stop calling, Eric won't stop calling with a restricted number either. I'm tired of them. They should just leave me alone. I'm tired." I broke down and cried. 

My friends held me and cried with me. They cuddled me, it was really a sorry sight. We cried ourselves to sleep. Until we were woken by the ring of the phone. Vera got up and picked the phone, looked at the caller ID and said to me "Its the Queen". I told her I didn't want to talk to her. Linda advised that Vera answered the call. Linda gesticulated her to put the phone on speaker so we all could listen to the Queen. 

"Hello, Lulu Darling, you've not been picking my calls." 

"Sorry your Majesty, this is not Lucy." 

"Where is Lucy? I hope she is alright?" 

"Yes your Majesty. She's fine." 
Linda and I gestured Vera to tell the Queen that I was sleeping. "She is sleeping Ma. The poor thing cried herself to sleep." 

"Okay, Hmmmm. Where is she?" 

We signaled Vera again not to tell the Queen where we were. "I'm so sorry your Majesty, but I'm not sure Lucy would want me to give that information to you. With all due respect your Majesty." 

"Okay, I understand and won't insist. What's your name?" 

"My name is Vera My Queen." 

"Okay Vera, from the way you've addressed me, I can tell you know who I am. Please my dear, when Lucy wakes up, tell her I really want to see her. Tell her I have a lot to explain to her and that there are a lot of things she does not understand." 

"Okay your Majesty. I will do just that my Queen." 

"Thank you Vera. Bye" 

"Bye" Vera replied and the line went dead. 

There was an awkward silence in the room for a few seconds. We were confused, what did the Queen have to explain to me? Why is she interested in me so much? The three of us deliberated on the issue of the Queen. We were confused and curious. But there was only one way to find out. We all came to a conclusion that the following day, I would call the Queen and agree to meet with her. The same routine followed that day, shopping, drinking, eating, sleeping. My mother called me and told me that the Queen came to look for me everyday at home. That she even accued them of hiding me and my upset father asked her to look around the house but she apologized and left. Mama advised that it's better I had a talk with the Queen and I informed her I had made up my mind to do so. I also promised my mother that I would be home after my meeting with the Queen. 
The next day, I called the Queen, she was very excited to hear from me and it showed in her voice as she couldn't hide it. 

"Hello, Your Majesty" I said. 

"My baby, Lulu, how are? where are you? Are you okay?" the Queen threw so many questions at me same time. 

"I'm okay your Majesty. I'm at the five star resort. I won't say I'm doing badly, but I've been better." 

"Lulu, I am on my way. Please don't move. I need to see you and explain things to you. You won't understand until you hear me out." 

"Okay your Majesty. I have no other choice. I will wait."

I hung up and waited for the Queen to call me when she gets to the hotel. Vera and Linda wanted to leave but I begged them to stay. I needed their support. About and hour later, the Queen called me that she was in the hotel. I asked her if I should come down, but she said the room would be more private. I waited for her, I was so nervous. My heart was racing, tears began to flow down my cheeck again. Few minutes later, there was a knock on the door, Vera opened the door, and the Queen stepped in. Vera and Linda courteceid and the Queen nodded. I was seated on the bed when she came in. I got up to greet her but she hugged me so closely, she wiped my tears. 

"I'm so sorry Lucy. Forgive me for going along with the King's plan. I had no choice. I couldn't oppose the tradition. Forgive us for betraying you. You know Eric and I love you very much and we would never hurt you." 

Those were the exact words of the Queen. She had tears in her eyes. I was confused and I could tell Vera and Linda were confused too. But I was sure the Queen would explain. 

"My Queen, what are you talking about? What is going on?" I asked. 
She sighed and asked us to sit down. My heart raced faster as I sat down.
"Lulu, I'm sure I can talk in front of your friends right?" 

"Yes your Majesty." 

She sighed heavily again, paused, then spoke. "Lulu, two weeks ago, I heard a young lady came to see the King. I was in my chambers when I heard the King's voice. He was screaming in anger at the Prince on phone, asking him to get to the palace as soon as posible. I ran down to see what was happening. I saw your friend Gift crying before the King. The first thing I asked was If Lucy was okay. Because I have seen you and her a couple of times and I knew both of you were close. I just assumed if Gift came to the Palace, it must have to do with you. But I was shocked when she said she hadn't seen you and that her visit had nothing to do with you."

Vera, Linda and I adjusted our butts on our seats. The tears on my face had dried up, we listened with so much interest. The Queen sighed sadly and then she continued. 

"So, I asked the King why he was screaming on the phone and what Gift was doing there since it had nothing to do with you. The King replied that Eric was refusing to take responsibility for his child. I asked, what child? The king pointed at Gift and said she was pregnant. I was shocked, I said it was impossible. I told Gift that she couldn't be pregnant for my son. I called Eric immediately and he said he was on his way. I waited for him in my chambers. When he got to the Palace, he walked past the King and ignored Gift, he came straight to see me, he had cried so much that his eyes were red. I asked him to tell me the truth. He fell on his knees and held my legs, asking me to help him. I asked him how I was going to help him when I didn't even know what the situation was. That was when he told me everything. Lulu, Eric has never lied to me, and everything he told me is nothing but the truth." She paused.

I was wondering why she had paused again just when it was getting more interesting. She excused herself to use the rest room. My friends and I couldn't wait for her to return. I felt the anger I had carried in my heart begin to melt away gradually. But I had to wait to hear the end of it. The Queen returned, took her seat, and continued. 

"I asked Eric if he was having an affair with your friend behind your back, he swore to me that it was not an affair. So I asked him how it happened. He told me that it was a night both of you had planned to go to the club together, but that you canceled, and since the owner of the club had given him a special invitation for a party that night, he decided to show up anyway."

I immediately had a flash back to almost two months ago. I could remember the night Eric and I were to go for a party at the club. But Gift insisted we worked on a project together that night even though I had informed her about the party I was to attend with Eric that night. So I had to cancel on Eric. But the funniest thing happened, when Gift showed up, we talked and she opened a bottle of wine for us to drink. I didn't drink much but I didn't know what happened that night. I woke up the following morning, and when I asked of Gift, I was told she left the night before immediately I fell asleep.

The Queen continued, "Eric said, he was surprised to have ran into Gift at the club that night. She was all over him and he didn't want to embarrass her. So he danced with her. And they drank together. He said he does not remember how he ended up with Gift in the hotel room upstairs. He said he woke up the following morning and found himself naked in Gift's arms. And everything pointed to the fact that they had sex that night. I asked him why he didn't say anything to you or me, he said he had hoped it was a bad dream. He asked her if they used protection and she said no. He was scared of telling you, he thought it would go away. Until she started calling to tell him that she was pregnant. He told her if she wanted money, he was prepared to give her anything so she could leave him alone. He felt she was only trying to extort money from him with faulse pregnancy but he didn't care, he was prepared to give her anything, but to his surprise, she showed up at the Palace to inform the King about it." 

The Queen sighed and paused again. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe the evil plot my own best friend carried out against me. Tears started rolling down my cheeks again, it was unbelievable. This level of betrayal was preposterous. I could feel anger boiling in me, anger and pain. My heart shattered all over again. I bursted into fresh tears. 

"But why did he marry her? Why didn't he tell me? So he was the one who bought her the new car I saw in her compound? Eric went along with Gift's plan to stab me, Gift stabbed me in the back and Eric drove a knife into my heart." I cried. 

"No Lulu, about the new car, that was all the King. The King took responsibility for Gift after she told him she was pregnant for the Prince. You see, it is against our customs and traditions for the the first child with royal blood to be born out of wedlock. If that should happen, the crown Prince would be disinherited, and the throne would go to the younger prince. But in Eric's case, he is the only son, so if he gets disinherited it means the throne will leave our family forever. It would have been a thing of shame for the King and he would not have survived it. That was why Eric was forced to marry Gift two weeks after the King was aware of her pregnancy. We couldn't tell you, I couldn't break your heart and there was no way out for Eric. The King sent for Gift's family and planned everything himself, Eric didn't lift a finger neither did I. The King insisted he has nothing against you, but that his hands were tied. I am a woman, I feel your pain Lulu, but please, I want you to see that Eric did not plan this, he never meant to betray you. He's only a Victim of Gift's evil plot. Please forgive us Lulu, I beg you. Eric is miserable, I've never seen him so unhappy. Please Lulu, Eric needs your forgiveness." 

I couldn't believe what I had heard. Gift had planned and executed a perfect plan. What did I ever do to her? Oh! Eric, poor Eric. I wish he had told me, but even if he did, what could I have done? No one goes up against the customs and traditions. The Queen told us the proper traditional marriage was taking place in a few days. I promised the Queen I will see Eric and talk to him. She gave me a hug and left. Vera and Linda were still in shock, we agreed to cancel all our previous revenge plans, Eric was only a Victim, he didn't mean to betray me, the betrayer was Gift and she was going to pay. We had to go over a new plan that wouldn't affect Eric directly, and since Gift was pregnant, we couldn't harm her physically even though Linda had suggested we terminated her pregnancy, but I was against that. I told them I wanted to leave a scar on her, a scar that she will always remember. Together, we went through the plan to make sure it will come off perfectly. I needed the plan to go off on the day of the marriage. Eric didn't deserve any revenge, he was Gift's victim, just like I was. 
I felt relived knowing the truth, I felt relived that my Prince didn't mean to hurt. You hear stories of men who gladly fuck their woman's friends. But this was not the case. I felt strong, very strong. I told my friends that I was no longer hurt by this.  I caught the surprised look on their faces, I don't know if they expected me to continue wallowing in self pity and keep wasting boxes of tissues, but I was past that. Just then, my phone rang, it was the witheld ID again, I smiled, I knew it was Eric. I picked. 

"Hello." I said. But there was no responds, 

"Hello?" I repeated. But again, there was no responds. 

"Eric, is that you?" I asked calmly. 

"Yes, my Princess, it is me, Lulu, please forgive me. I never meant for this to happen." Eric replied. 

"Eric, you should have told me. You didn't have to make a fool out of me, I would have figured a way to handle Gift." 

"I panicked Lulu. I didn't know what to do. Please I want to see you. I've known where you are from the first day, but I was scared to come see you." 

"What do you mean you've known where I am? How did you know?" 

"The debit alerts." 

"Ohhh! That? I see. That was to be expected. So what do we do now?" 

"Please my Princess, let me see you. I feel empty, I feel like I'm going to die soon. Please, permit me to come see you. I need to see you." 

"I have nothing to discuss with you Eric, nothing at all." 

"Please my love, let's just talk. I need you. Please." 
He broke down and cried. I had never heard Eric cry before. We have always been happy. I, on the other hand cried a lot, but they were tears of joy every time Eric did something wonderful for me or my family. This was the first time we were ever sad since we met. Hearing him cry made me cry too. We were both crying on the phone, he kept begging me, that he was desperate to see me and needed my permission. I was weak, common! who was I kidding? I was dying to see him too. I agreed, I asked him to come. To my surprise, he told me he was sitting in his car, at the hotel's car park, that he came there every day, just to spy at me. And that every time I went out shopping with Linda and Vera, he always followed us. How touching was that? I Loved this man, I didn't need a prophet to tell me that. Eric, and I were a perfect pair. We complemented each other perfectly. Where one of us was weak or lacking in one area of our lives, the other was strong and had more than enough for both of us. I was his patience since he so often seemed to have none, his casualness when he took things too seriously, his logic when his lack of patience made him too hasty or rash. For me, he was my confidant to tell my deepest, darkest secrets and fears to, my strong shoulder to cry on, my rock in the stormy seas of life. More than anything, though, we each were the seemingly inexhaustible fountains of love that the other drank from every day until tragedy struck. Vera and Linda quickly excused themselves. They asked me to call when I needed them and I nodded. I left the door ajar, just a few inches away from being closed, one couldn't see into the room from the gap. I waited for Eric. I was nervous, I didn't know what to do when I came face to face with Eric, irrespective of the tears welling up in my eyes and pouring down my cheeks, I was calm. I heard a knock on the door, a soft knock, it spoke volume, it was a knock of a scared person, a person who didn't know what to expect at the other side of the door. I didn't answer, he knocked again, I didn't respond. He must have realized the door was not closed because he pushed it open. As soon as he saw me, he ran to me and threw his arms around me, 
"My Princess, Please forgive me." 
He fell to his knees, groveling and begging at my feet like the poorest, most abject beggar. 
"I would do anything, pay any price, to make it right. Just please, for the love of God, don't give up on me." 

I had never seen Eric cry nor this miserable. I cried as I helped him get up to his feet. I couldn't resist hugging him, so close, so tight. None of us wanted to let go. 

"Eric, you should have said something, now it's too late, what do you want me to do? I didn't leave you, how could I? You left me! Your father turned his back on me." 

"I'm sorry my Love, Please forgive me." 

"Eric, what will my forgiving you change? Nothing can be done. I'm aware of the customs and traditions. There's absolutely nothing we can do. Gift beat me to it. It's not your fault." 

"Oh my love, my princess, Lulu, I Love you, I love you so much." 

Eric squeezed me tighter, I wanted to tell him that I loved him too, but the words couldn't come out. He looked into my eyes, searching to read me and get a response, but it wouldn't come. Obviously, my heart was still very much hurting and bitter, so saying it back was a bit difficult for me. Just being in his arms melted me up to the depth of my soul. I was dying for him to kiss me, I realized I had been away from him for days and my body couldn't take it anymore. I wanted him to take me right there and then, I was dying for him to rip off my clothes and fuck me like a hungry lion in heat. I wanted to taste his lips so badly, my feets were trembling with passion. 

As if Eric read my mind, he grasped my face with both hands and placed his wanton mouth upon mine. So sensual and powerful, I could cum with only the passionate kisses Eric bestowed upon my mouth. Kisses so wet and sweet and deep, his tongue masterfully plunged into my mouth. Eric is a man that knows his way around a woman's pleasure spots. A man practiced in finding gratification in the fulfillment of his partner's sexual needs while satisfying his own lustful passions. Still kissing me, his eager hands stopped to fondle my voluptuous breasts, gently cupping them then twisting and pulling my nipples erect. I felt myself quiver at his touch. He noticed it and pressed his hardening manhood against my eager body. Even through his pants, I could feel his rock hard shaft starting to throb. Brushing his crotch lightly, I noticed a growing wet spot appearing. Oh how I wanted to touch and rub his cock and to feel his thickness and his hardness in my hand. He quickly pulled away though, unbuttoned his shirt and began to unzip his pants. As I watched his clothing drop to the floor, I noticed he had no boxers on. His cock, as usual, nothing short of magnificent! It sprung forcefully forward visible were a few small drops of pre-cum dribbling out the end of his suckable head. I licked my lips, my mouth watering just thinking about wrapping it around his gorgeous cock. His balls hung teasingly beneath his stiff rod. The anticipation of what he will do next was almost unbearable. My heart was pounding as he pressed himself against me once again. His breath came faster as he sucked on my bottom lip, his tongue slipped out from between his lips. He licked my eyelids and then my chin lightly as it traveled down the front of my neck. The tip of his hard wet tongue slid down to my heaving chest as he gently circled one nipple and then the other. My body was tingling as he rubbed his face back and forth between my breasts, stopped and took one nipple and then the other into his hungry mouth. Sucking so hard I thought he will begin to draw milk from my ravaged mounds. Back and forth between my big tits, sucking and rubbing, I begged him to let me play with his body as I reached for his strong chest. He just stared deeply once again into my pleading eyes and shook his head, no. While grabbing and rubbing my ass he whispered into my ear, 
"You like me sucking on your titties, don't you?" 

"Oh yes," was all I could manage for a reply. 

"It makes you wet, doesn't it?" he hissed. 

"Oh yes, very wet, please suck them some more. Please finger-fuck me! I've missed you so much. These past few days has been hell without you." I implored him. 

"All in good time, baby," he grinned widely.

Positioning himself behind me, he slid his soft tongue into my right ear then my left, slowly licking both ears as he gently blew. His mouth sucked my neck and I felt his hot breathe as he squeezed my left breast. The sensation sent chills throughout my trembling body. He drove me crazy. I felt the moisture in my pussy gush and he immediately noticed my puussy's aroma. While stroking my left breast, his right hand slippped between my legs as it ran up my silky inner thigh and gently started rubbing my swollen pussy. He gestured for me to spread my legs further and lean back so he could better play with my glistening clit, I gladly complied, at that point, I would deny him nothing. My nostrils inhaled his raw male musk. I needed him in my mouth and my pussy so badly. He slid his rock hard dick in between my ass cheeks. I felt myself swaying with his motion as his fingers continued to rub all around my slick pussy lips. He let out a quiet moan as he whispered, 

"You're so hot and wet." 

My pussy spurted again with his words and I was quite unable to stifle my own multiplying moans. He found the little nub of my swollen clit and rubbed all around it and over it and then trapped it between two of his fingers as he glided up and down the sides. Gripping my breasts, he cupped and squeezed them tugging more forcefully on each erected nipple. Twisting my knobs between his fingers while rolling and pinching them. From behind me he said, 
"Your ass cheeks feel so good around my dick, I can't wait to see my cum all over your back," 
He pushed first one finger and then another into my dripping pussy. I loved to feel his big man fingers penetrate me. 
'"It's so tight in there baby, I need to stretch you out a bit," he said anxiously. 

He could hear the sloshing sound as he twisted his fingers around inside my aching pussy then pulled them out suddenly. I gasped in frustration. 

"Ummmmmm, I want your cum all over me, on me and in me, I want your scent all over my body, I've missed you my Prince." I moaned and tried to reach around him to rub his balls, his cock still firmly between my ass cheeks. He pumped gently. 
The heel of his hand is pressed tightly against my clit as he shoved his two fingers back into my sopping love hole and he forcefully started to finger-fuck me. My orgasm assured, his fingers reached for my g-spot while still pressing his dripping cock inside of my ass cheeks. I lost control as my body exploded into its first climax. His fingers inside of me were relentless in their pressure forcing a scream of passion from my writhing body. Now covered with the honey from my cunt, slowly he pulled his fingers out and made me look at them while licking them clean of my juices. Maintaining his control, he held my trembling body up. My composure regained, finally he offered me his thrusting dick. I turned to face him, kissing his mouth wet and deep as I strokeed his throbbing cock. Our tongues met as we kissed and I slid my hand up and down his shaft very slowly and deliberately at first. Up and down, up and down, stopping at the head, my strong grip on his shaft making him thrust with pleasure. Pushing his tool up against his own skin, I let him feel his own hardness against his belly. Aroused and excited, he directed my other hand to touch his strong chest. I rubbed it firmly, sensuously, as I broke away from his lips. Slowly my tongue circled each of his nipples sucking gently on one and then the other. His ever-increasing moans of pleasure were a signal to me that he waas enjoying my motions. 

I slid my hand down to play with his balls, gently rubbing and squeezing them causing his hips to thrust forward. Playfully I stroked the head of his engorged dick, rubbing it gently and capturing his pre-cum on my fingertip. I stopped and showed him as I greedily shove my finger into my mouth. He tasted so good. I started to pump him faster, eager to feel his hot cum all over my waiting back. Up and down his shaft, increasing the pressure more and more as he started to thrust with my movements. Seeing him close to orgasm, I used my other hand to stroke the head of his cock while pumping his shaft. Now alternating between stroking his cock head, pumping his shaft and rubbing his balls, I whispered into his ear, 

"Fuck me hard baby," he grabbed me and turned me around. He placed his fuck stick on my back, it jerks, his balls got hard and he squirted his spunk all over my back. Several streams shoot out. It felt to hot, so sticky and so thick. 

My ass and back, dripped with his cum, and he started  to rub it into my skin. His powerful hands felt so good. I wanted to cover myself in his love juice like a fine lotion and I embraced his scent as though it was an expensive perfume. My fingers captured some of his sweet nectar for my mouth. 

"Does it taste good Princess?" I heard him growl in my ear. 

"Yes, baby, yes, I want more, please give me more," I said excitedly. 

"We're just getting started, my cock needs cleaning, lick it and suck it," he said as he looked down at his glistening shaft. 

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. 
"Yes my Prince, I've missed tasting your cock," I said as I directed him to sit down and make himself comfortable. 

Seeing his glorious dick lying between his legs, I couldn't  help but lick my lips in anticipation. I got down on my knees and gently started lapping up the remaining cum on his dick, paying close attention to his sensitive helmet where a few precious drops of his hot juice still remained. He looked down at me as I looked up at him, licking his shaft, softly, slowly at first and then swirling my tongue over the head of his cock once again and under the corona. I stopped at the frenulum and gently gapped it with the point of my saliva soaked tongue making sure there was plenty of my own drool for lubrication as I slid my mouth over his cock. While I was licking and gently sucking, his gorgeous rod started to twitch and stiffen. I gently bit his hardness. 
"Oh baby, that feels so good," he moaned softly. 
He placed his hands on top of my head and pushed my face down into his crotch. I inhaled his dick. Ummmmmmmmm, I loved to smell his dick and couldn't wait to smell my pussy on it. I licked his balls, one then the other. I loved his luscious balls, the holders of all his hot seed. Then finally, I took one ball and then the other into my mouth and swirled my tongue around each gently licking and sucking as he groaned in ecstasy. 
He started thrusting slowly; I knew he was ready to be sucked. 

"Suck my dick, suck it hard, ummmmmm," he stood up and grabbed the back of my head as he shoved his shaft into my mouth forcefully. 
"Suck it, lick my cock baby! Show me you love it!" he commanded. "I've missed your mouth on my cock Lulu." he said with a loud moan while stroking my hair.

My pussy started dripping again. He pulled his dick out of my mouth, looked down at me and asked, 

"You want me to fuck your pussy don't you?" knowing the answer to his own question. 
"You want to feel my steely sword sliding up to the hilt into your sopping sheathe don't you?" 
he says groaning even louder now. 
"Your pussy is a perfect fit for my weapon." 

 I looked up at him, "Yes baby, I want to feel you shove you cock up inside me, I want to feel you pounding my pussy. Please fill me full of your cum. I want your hot seed dripping from my cunt down my thighs," as I moaned.

"The harder you suck my dick the harder I will fuck you," he grunted as he thrusts his cock back into my mouth and grinds his hips against my face. I sucked him hard, harder than I have ever sucked him before. His balls, against my chin, his cock completely buried inside my mouth and deep in my throat almost gagging me. I could hardly breathe my mouth was so full of his big, stiff shaft. I loved it though! I began tasting more and more of his pre-cum and knew he was getting close to climaxing again. 

"Stick your fingers into your pussy and fuck yourself for me while my dick is in your mouth!" he commanded me loudly. 
I slid one finger into my pussy and then another and started pumping them inside me. It got him off to watch me finger-fuck myself. His thrusts were almost viscous, pounding my mouth. 
"Yes baby, take it all, suck it, I am going to cum in your mouth!" he groaned still holding the back of my head, his fingers entangled in my hair. I felt his balls twitching and getting harder and harder.

For me, I was about to cum again, my fingers deep in my pussy and his cock fucking my mouth. A few more thrusts is all it would take as I touched the base of his throbbing shaft, pulled it back, and stroked his balls with my free hand. 

"I am cumming again," I screamed in my mind. He didn't need me to tell him he just knew it by my movements, with that, he exploded into my hungry mouth. I felt his hot cum hit the back of my throat. So much cum I had to swallow a couple of times just to keep up with him. He pumped the final remnants of his cum into my mouth and his balls relaxed, emptied of their hot semen. I relished the last few drops, opened my mouth to show him his spunk on my tongue, and then I swallowed. He has always loved to watch me swallow his juice and lick up any that dribbles down my chin and swallow it too. 

"Good girl, now lick my dick clean again and maybe I will fuck your wet pussy. You know you want me to," he said stroking my head, looking down at me. 

I smiled up at him then greedily licked his cock again savoring his nectar making sure to get every last drop, then gently I kissed his glorious shaft, head and balls. We moved to the bed now. He said his cock felt kind of sore so I rushed to the bathroom to get a warm, wet towel to place over his throbbing sore cock. I was careful to make sure it was not too hot as I placed it on his aching cock. 

"Ummmmmm, that feels nice baby. Come over here and sit on my face, I want to lick your pussy,' he hisses. "My cock will be ready to go in a few minutes," he smiled his usual wicked smile. 

I quickly slid my pussy over his waiting, hungry mouth. He spread my legs further apart with his powerful hands and started to lick my swollen clit with his long, soft, wet tongue. He rubbed my butt hole as he laps up all my cunt honey. He quickly thrust his tongue up into my dripping pussy and inserted a finger gently into my ass. I ground my pussy harder onto his mouth to help him push his tongue into me deeper. The sensation of his finger in my ass and his tongue in my pussy was almost too much to bear. He rubbed my ass in small, hard circles as his tongue continued to probe my writhing pussy. Underneath the washcloth, I noticed the outline of his stiffening shaft. He took his tongue out of me and inserted two of his fingers and finger-fucks my pussy hard, fast and deep again. 

"Your pussy is so tight baby. I can't wait to shove my dick up there," he moaned loudly. 

With his free hand, he reached up to play with my tits, tugging on my nipples, squeezing and pinching them.

I looked at the washcloth and saw the outline of his engorged cock rising. The washcloth hung proudly from the tip of his cock like a flag on a massive flagpole. He pulled me around to face him. 

"Okay, spread your legs and ride my dick. I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before and you're going to help me do it," he said softly. 

I quickly positioned myself over his erect cock, but as I attempted to slide down his hot pole, he held me in mid-air and said, 
"Why should I fuck you?" 
My frustration was apparent as I gasped with a wide-eyed flash of my hungry eyes. 

"What do you mean, baby? I almost shrieked at him. "Please, I need your cock inside of me!" I begged. "You promised if I sucked your cock really good you would fuck my tight little pussy. Please baby, please fuck me, fuck me now."

I tried to forcefully lower myself down on his shaft, but Eric has always been too strong, he just held me above him with the head of his dick just inside me, teasing my wanton love hole. 

"Please baby, let me fuck myself on your gorgeous, thick love stick." I smiled down at him with that same wild look in my eyes. He continued to hold me above him, smiling a sadistic smile. I began wiggling, trying more forcefully to lower myself onto him. 

He grinned at me and said, "Lulu, you didn't tell me you Love me back. Don't you love me anymore? I don't want to fuck a woman who has stopped loving me. This cock is only meant for the woman that loves me. Say you Love me and I'll let you have my cock in you wet pussy. You know you need this cock and this cock needs your pussy.  Say you Love me Lulu." 

I couldn't take the tease anymore. I cried, I didn't want to tell Eric what he wanted to hear. But the truth was that I Love him. How could I not love him. I didn't want to say it but I needed him inside me. I couldn't take it anymore.With the way my pussy was dripping, I lost my mind and screamed at the top of my voice. 
"Yes! Yes! Yes! Eric I Love you!! I Love you so much, I love you with every fiber in my body, I love you Eric. I love your lips, your eyes, your fingers, your entire body, I love your cock. Please my love, let me ride your cock. Let my pussy feel your cock my Prince. P L E A S E!!!!!!!

Finally he said softly, "Oh Lulu, those words hit the deepest part of my heart, you may have been begging for my cock, but those words came from your heart. I love you so much my princess." then his voice changed from the soft sweet voice to a macho role play kind as if he wanted to prove to me that he's still in charge, 

"Well, I guess you have begged enough. You definitely are a good cocksucker baby. I'll fuck you now." He released me and I lowered my eager, dripping puussy onto his rock hard cock. I heard myself let out a loud satisfied moan as I bent down for a moment to cover his soft lips with a deep kiss, the taste of my juices still there. I felt his cock head slip between my soaked pussy lips and then the shaft slid up filling me full of his cock. I groaned from the shear pleasure. "Oh baby, your dick feels so good," as I sat upright and ground my hips down on him.

A satisfied moan escaped his lips as I pressed my pussy against him harder, wanting his cock all the way inside of me. I wanted to feel his balls. His cock was pulsating. 
"Ummmmm, I feel your pussy sucking my cock, it feels so good," he whispered. His powerful hands rubbed my big tits as he played with my nipples again. Pulling me down, he took one and then the other into his hungry mouth as he sucked and gently bit them, then he released each one. His cock thrust slowly into me as he played with my dangling breasts, so deep inside of me I could almost taste him. Holding one nipple between his teeth letting me know he was in control, he released it when he was ready and allowed me to sit up rocking myself back and forth on him, grinding and pushing. He stuffed his hot rod to the furry hilt inside me as my juices began to cover his balls. 

My well-trained pussy muscles griped and his cock further, contracting and letting go and then contracting and letting go again. I was ready to cum as I savagely pounded my throbbing pussy against him. He held my hips, pulling me down and helping my cunt consume his stiff shaft. He slid his finger onto my clit and rubbed it hard. That does it! I started bucking up and down, back and forth as I felt myself climax. My pussy gushed as I came, the sticky liquid covered his balls, his thighs and the bed underneath us. Oblivious to anything but his hot rod filling my snatch, I screamed in ecstasy, breathing hard as I collapsed onto his broad chest. I felt waves of elation as my pussy pulsed and contracted around his thick cock. My orgasm seemed endless. My body was quivering and panting with pleasure. Pleasure that only Eric could give me. His hands started to stroke my hair as he let me rest for a moment. Gently he kissed my forehead. 

"I love you Lulu. Please don't leave me." He whispered into my ear.
"Oh Shut up Eric." I retorted as my breath began to return to normal. 
He rolled me over onto my stomach and ordered me to raise my ass into the air. 
"I am going to fuck you doggy now, spread your legs wide for me let me show you how much I've missed your pussy." he commanded. 
I raised my pussy up and put a pillow under myy waist to give him full access. He stroked my sopping hole and slid two of his fingers in first, then he pulled them out and spread my sex juices onto my ass. Then he rubbed the head of his cock on the outside of my pussy lips. He found my love hole and thrusted the silky soft head of his dick in just enough to tease me then he pulled out. I groaned with frustration and then shear elation as he thrusted back into me hard and deep. He started rocking gently in and out of me, holding my hips so I couldn't get away. I submited to him completely as his shaft continued to slid in and out of my slippery hole. He pulled all the way out again and then thrusted just the head in, pulled it out, and then rammed his full length to the hilt into me hard and fast. I heared him moaning. 
"You pussy feels so good baby, so wet and so tight, I love fucking you, ummmmmmmmmmm," 
He pounded my pussy deep, hard and fast, driving every last inch into my writhing love hole. I begged him not to stop. He responded with powerful, long forceful strokes. I felt his balls slapping the outsides of my gushing pussy as he achieved maximum penetration brushing my cervix lightly.
I heard him grunting as his animal passions took over. Wildly thrusting into my aching cunt. He felt the juice from my pussy dripping onto his balls. 

"Make me cum baby!" I screamed. "Make me moan like only you can!" as I lost control. 
He was oblivious, intent on one purpose, filling my snatch with his cum. I met each one of his thrusts by grinding back onto his dick. All that existed at that time was his dick, my pussy and our orgasm. We came together in a tremendous explosion of passion. Both of us howling like wild animals. I felt his hot seed spurt into me. His cock twitching and throbbing as it deposited the sticky load deep inside my womb. My canal pulsating and grabbing his manhood so it couldn't escape. We were both breathless, our hearts pounded as he held my hips. I begged him to leave his cock in me for a while longer as my pussy milked him of every last drop of his delicious spunk. Both of us spent, my pussy released his cock and we collapsed into each other's arms, our sweat soaked bodies intertwined on the sex juice soaked bed. I felt his cum start to dribble out of my pussy. It was so good. I took his hand between my legs and let him feel his juice escaping, He smiled. 

After we had obeyed our bodies call for passion, we were back to reality, we were sane again. I began wondering where we stood, where I stood. What's next? Nothing could be done, Eric was stuck with Gift and her pregnancy and there was nothing either of us could do about it. Wouldn't it make more sense if I just let him go? What was the point? 

"Eric, you need to leave." I said to him. 

"Lulu, what now?" he replied. 

"After this what next? Nothing can stop your marriage to Gift. She has won, so why don't we just stop fooling ourselves? What's the point?" 

"Lulu, please calm down. I will figure something out." 

"Just leave. Please." 

I practically kicked Eric out of the hotel. It was of no use, nothing could be done, none of us had the power to turn back the hands of time and stop Eric from going to the club that fateful night. So what's the point? Whether we liked it or not, the customs and traditions were against us. Gift has ruined my life in the worst possible way. She wants to marry Eric right? No problem, she had the backing of the King too, very well, but she will hear from me. Gift will feel my wrath. A day will come she will pay for the pain I feel, she will surfer, she will cry the same way I have cried, her heart will bleed, just like mine bled. On that day, I will look her in the eyes, and call her 'My best friend'. 

       To Be Continued.......

June 17, 2015

Lucy's Vengeance 2

I can see them! I see them clearly, but they can't see me. She is laughing in a very evil and seductive way. I keep asking myself how I got here? I see his face clearly, but her face, I cant figure just yet. Who is she and what is she doing with him? How did she get here? Her smile was making me sick to my stomach, all I wanted to do was grab her by the throat and snuff life out of her. I wish I could put an end to this, but I couldn't. I was helpless, I felt ignored. I stood still and watched, and I prayed she didn't succeed. She turned finally and looked at me, but she didn't care, she knew I was spying on them, but she didn't make any attempt to stop, she didn't even bother to call his attention to me, she seemed glad that he didn't notice me. When I saw him resist her angrily, I was pleased. I was glad that she has only succeeded in making a slut and a fool out of herself by coming here. Part of me loved seeing her humiliated and rejected, and another part of me wanted her to drop dead. But I saw him loosing his balance, I wanted to barge in and rescue him. But I couldn't move, I  was overwhelmed by the need to see how this was going to end. That feeling of reluctance yet you want to go on. I kept asking myself; Who is she? Why is she here? What does she want?

"Get out of here" he growled. 

But she stared at him and smiled. Her stare was unflinching.  There was power in that smile, the sweet siren song of seduction. 

"By the time I'm done with you, you will not be able to live without me." She said.

He tried to stand, but he's feet were shaky, he felt very weak. 

"What have you done to me? What did you put in my drink? You stupid Bitch." He asked. 

But she stood there with a grin. She stepped close to him tried to touch him, but he swung a blow at her with all his might  but to his utter surprise, by the time his fist reached her, she was no longer there. Seemingly moving without effort, she danced backward, his blow harmlessly fanning the air in front of her breast. He swung again at her, and she ducked under the blow. As she did, the top of her dress fell forward, and he found himself unexpectedly starring down the front of her little dress, her breasts exposed to his view. They were huge, large nubs of flesh, topped by cherry nipples that he suddenly longed to touch and taste.That glimpse of her flesh froze him in his tracks. He stumbled and fell.  

"Naughty, naughty!" She grinned. "I think you were distracted there for a moment."

"You are good, you stupid slut. And you use your seductive assets rather cleverly. But you aren't good enough." He grimaced.  ‎

She curtsied to him, lifting her short dress high enough for him to see that she wore nothing covering her Pussy. 

"We'll see," she giggled. 

 "All right, Bitch, Let's finish this. Get out of here or I will do something you will regret." he announced, then got up and charged at her again.

She ducked under his grasp, but he managed to catch a wisp of her dress, his fingers clenched the material, and it ripped. She pulled free, but when she turned to face him, much of her tender flesh was exposed. Her right hip and thigh were now bare, brazenly exposed; her left breast now dangled above a tear in her dress. He was mesmerized yet again. His knees felt weak once more, and he felt strange, uncertain tingling sensations running up and down his spine. 
He shook his head furiously as if to shake off what he just saw. 
Realizing her seductive skills, he laughed, even as he shook his head once again to clear his mind. 

"Is that all you've got, Slut?"

She grinned up at him. "Oh, I've got lots more than that. Come and see." 

She walked seductively in her heels towards him, making to lift her dress again to show him her pussy. He pretended not to notice her and when she had gotten very close to him, he let her kiss him. He lifts his right hand and caresses her face down to her shoulder, and when he had gotten to her neck, he grabbed it in a bid to strangle her.

"Why don't you just leave me alone? What did you put in my drink? Why am I weak and shaky? Did you poison me?" 

"No, I couldn't poison you. Let go of me, you are strangling me. Ok fine! It's just a little something, a drug that has a sedative and calming effect without inducing sleep. That's all, I swear, its not poison. How can I kill you when I only want you to fuck me and make me yours."

"I've never liked you, right from the first day I saw you, I knew there was something evil about you. I can't find my phone so I can't call the doctor, I can't scream for help because I'm too weak. But I want you to leave, I could kill you here and nothing will happen." 

He pulls her closer to him, her breasts slammed against his thick chest, he wrapped his muscular arm around her neck, knocking breath from her lungs. He holds her tight as she squirms. 
Her squirming had not been aimless. Her arms, slick from sweat, wriggled in his grasp, and she reached beneath for something. She danced her fingers into his pants while she was searching for something to hold. Knowingly or unknowingly, ‎what she found was his cock, stiff inside his pants. With a skilled, practiced hand that displayed a talent even more impressive than her seductiveness,  she squirms her hand further and found the flesh of cock.  Her finger wrapped around his shaft, making him instantly fully erect. With a tender touch, she began teasing his cock, stroking the underside of his shaft with her fingertips. He gasps, his grip weakens and suddenly she spun free. 
‎Again, he fell to the floor, he raised his face and looked up at her, she stood barely clothed, intensely conscious of her long perfect legs, her bare breasts, both of then now dangling fetchingly.

"So that is your plan, you vicious slut? I understand you now perfectly. You want to seduce me?"

She giggled. "Something like that, Sexy." She grinned "And there is nothing you can do about it. I want you and I got to have you."

Enraged, he got up and sprung at her, his fists flying through the air, whistling past her face. She ducked under his arms and dropped below his grasp, her hands once again finding his cock.

"Ohh Sexy, you're so tough, yet so tender to my touch. Don't you want me to touch it? Don't you want me to see it? Don't you want to see all of me?" she whispered, her head bent close to his cock. He could feel her breath on his skin. 

Suddenly, the weakness consumed him. His knees wobbled, and the world went gray and dim. Her touch was sapping his will, obliterating all but his lust.
With a final valiant effort he reached down to grab her again, his hands clenching around her upper arms. But again, she stepped back, too quick for him to hold, once again, he found only what was left of her dress, and when she pulled back it ripped loudly, falling to the ground in shreds. She stood before him now, naked and bare. He starred at her breasts, and his eyes traced down to her body, through her flat stomach, down to her trimmed pussy. He was compley lost as his cock throbbed.

"My Sexy, you don't seem as strong now as you did before! What could be the problem?" She taunted.

He grinned back, acting far braver than he felt. 

"You Bitch, you put something in my drink. I won't be acting like this ordinarily. You are just a Bitch but trust me, this body of mine does not belong to you and it never will." 

‎"I guess we'll see about that, won't we?" She teased. 

She suddenly jumped to the side and leapt onto his back like an untamed monkey. Her arms and legs encircled him, and he began to spin in a circle, trying to fling her off. But then her lips found his neck, and she began to whisper.

"Common Sexy Prince, can you feel my bare breasts against your back? Can you imagine touching them, touching me all over? Wouldn't that be nice?" she said softly.

His struggles began to  weaken. The arousal was building to a point where it eclipsed all else.‎ She continued her torture. 

"I want to touch you My Prince. I want to see your cock in my hand. I want to taste your cock, stop resisting."

He reached back desperately and his hand found her hair. His fingers locked, grabbing powerfully, and he prepared to throw her from his back like a rag doll. But then ... just as he was about to to fling her like a useless rag doll, she reaches down into his pant and found his stiffness once again. This time her hand moved quickly, fingers around his shaft, stroking his cock all the way up and down his length. Trying to ignore the sensation of pleasure that was far beyond any he'd ever known, he pulled with his arm with all his strength.

Instead, she just giggled and clung to him even more tightly. 

"Ouch, My Prince! That hurts a little! Why are you pulling my hair? Stop trying to hurt me, it only makes me want you more and more. I've always loved it rough. So don't think you can hurt me, I'm loving it."

 She released his cock for a moment and reached up to easily slap his hand away. When she reached down again, searching for his cock, he found her wrist and held on, trying to keep her from touching him again. But she was strong, immensely strong, many times stronger than him.
She pushed downward, and all his strength couldn't stop her. In a few seconds her hand was buried in his pant again, teasing his throbbing hardness.
Her hand continued to work its magic, slipping and sliding up and down his hard cock. He tried to grab her, but she wrapped her arm around him, holding him still. He tried but he could not break her grasp.‎ His struggles grew feebler with every passing second. She giggled at his helplessness. She still stood behind him, but lowered her feet to the ground. He may have dwarfed her with his height and he weighed twice her weight , but she was clearly in command of the situation and there was nothing he could do.

"Are you ready to give yourself to me now Sexy Prince?" she taunted.

"Never!" he growled.

Her lips kissed his helpless arms, leaving trails of soft wetness, sending thrills up and down his spine, making him harder, more desperate, and ever weaker.

"Well, then ... let's just see what's hidden down here, shall we?" She whispered. 

Her talented fingers released his cock and instead began working on the band around his pant. He spun and faced her and again he grabbed her throat but she was too quick and too skilled. By the time his hands found her throat, his pant fell free. He was as naked as she was. Before he could squeeze her frail neck, both of her hands fell to his cock ,which sprang free and pointed skyward, swaying back and forth like a tree in the wind. She began to stroke him with both hands, she raised her right hand and spat into it and then she returned it to his cock which was now slippery from her saliva and his precum, creating a slick friction that allowed her to rub him even faster. He moaned, and she dropped one hand lower, cupping and fondling his balls.

His hands weakened, and he released his grasp on her neck. His arms fell to his sides helplessly.

"No!" he groaned, somewhere between ecstasy and despair. For the first time, he realized that he was destined to be taken by her. 

"Yes!" She whispered. She leaned close to him, still fondling him with her right hand. He looked down at her body, really studying her for the first time, taking in the sight of her firm breasts pressed against his flat stomach, seeing the curve of her ass, so luscious and round. The smoldering embers of lust inside him suddenly burst into an inferno.

"Do you like what you see, My Prince?" She teased.

"Yes," he whispered helplessly. "Ohgod, yes. I love what I see."

She grinned as she encircled him again, pressing her breasts against his back. He closed his eyes as she started stroking his cock from behind. Her arms clamps around him somehow both holding him firm and stroking him with such invincible tenderness. The sweet sensations from her hands on his cock was too much for him, His legs could no longer carry him, he staggered through his pants which was around his ankle then he collapsed. But then, falling slowly like a mighty tree felled in a forest, he slid downwards, his face brushing against her firm breasts as he slipped to his knees. She stood in front of him, still naked and pressed her pubic on his face and he could smell her. 

"Do you love the way I smell?" She asked. 

"Oh yes, yes I do." 

"Can I taste your cock now?" 

"No, let me go you slut." he growled. 

"Oh really? I see I have to take you on my own since you won't just give me you. You are a really pretty strong, to still be able to resist me after consuming the stuff I put in your drink." 

She lifted her left leg and put it on his chest, then she pushed him forcefully and he finally fell on his back to the floor, his hard cock pointing to the sky. She pulled his pants off his ankle 
"You are gonna love my kiss on your cock. Feel free to tell me when to stop." she said and grasped his cock again. She whipped her long hair to one side and bent down low. She had positioned herself so her head was right above his erect cock. She licked the tip slowly and spread her saliva all over it, she even looked up seductively as she did it. Her eyes sparkling like sapphire. 

"Oh Fuck! What the hell are you doing to me you Bitch?" he moaned. 

He closed his eyes to take in the feeling. He felt her mouth engulf the tip, the warmth combined with the sensation of her probing tongue made him roll his eyes back in pure ecstasy. She released the head with a pop, followed by a slurping noise. 

"Oh god No! Please don't stop. You can't stop now." he begged. 

She grinned and said, "Tell me what you want" 

"Suck my cock" he replied. 

"Suck my cock What?" she taunted. 

"Suck my cock PLEASE." 

He felt her fondle his balls and then, without warning, she took the entire length of his shaft into her mouth, her lips circling the base. He almost blew his load. She stayed that way for a moment. She wanted to feel his cock throb in her mouth. Then she began to release it, slowly, ever so slowly, a coat of saliva trailing her lips. She then licked all the way from the base to the tip, only to take in his cock again. He looked down and watched, she ran her tongue in circles over and around the massive head. Soon, her eyes slipped closed, and she began to sway her body up and down as she ravaged the swollen head of his cock with her mouth and tongue. He watched with amusement as she began to moan deep in her throat. She was driving herself into a frenzy. With perfect control of his body and mind, he allowed his cock to grow harder and larger as she worshipped it. She began to pump the shaft with both hands. 

"Take it into your throat, Princess, choke on that cock" he commanded.

She obeyed, her lips stretching to fit around the enormous head of his cock.  She was only able to take a few inches into her throat before she pulled away, coughing and blinking. She bent down again and took his cock in her mouth, her head began to bob up and down without pause, sucking and slurping as her hand massaged the parts exposed. He couldn't believe how good she was at this. He was unable to control himself. 

"Ohmylord, you are good, this is what you've always wanted from me right? To defeat me and make me helpless yeah. Ohhh You are having your way with me. Ohh fuck, my cock feels so good. I love your mouth on my cock. I'm close, oh fuck I'm gonna cum." he screamed.

Just then she took it all in again, the sensation of her compressing throat sent him over the edge. He emptied his load deep into her welcoming throat as she continued to swallow and suck him with a hunger, milking him of every drop. When he regained his senses, she was looking at him as she licked her lips clean. 

"Your turn," she said as she lifted herself up and sat on his face.

She pressed her pussy against his lips. He didn't want to disappoint her. He pushed is tongue into her moist pussy. The taste was new to him. The scent was driving him crazy, he inhaled it deep into his lungs, savouring it. He probed with his tongue and licked and sucked without care. She began to pull his head when he licked the right places. 
"Deeper," she cooed as she began to rock back and forth, fucking his face as she moaned.

They fell into a rhythm, her cunt getting wetter and wetter. Her juices were flowing freely as she continued to grind her pussy into his face. While he lapped it up, she began to rub her clit with a finger, parting the lips of her cunt further, revealing its moist wet folds. 

"Oh Fuck! I feel your mouth on me. Oh holy shit. It is incredible. The way you lick me, the way you suck my clit. Eat that pussy, Sexy Prince." she moaned.

He buried his tongue in as deep as possible. Before long, she had a violent orgasm; her whole body shook as he swallowed the flowing nectar. His entire face was now covered by her juices. 

"Clean me," she said in a flat tone. He didn't have the strength to lift her off him. He ran his tongue over the entire surface, lapping up her cum. He was exhausted. She slowly got off him and lay to the side panting. 
Strange, his erection was still as hard as ever. 
He soon regained his strength as it seemed the tranquilizer was wearing off gradually. He got up on his knees and then he knelt down behind her and yanked her onto her knees and rammed his cock right into her pussy. She screamed in mixture of pain and pleasure and tried to struggle, but his huge hands were holding her hips, so her struggles were meaningless. He groaned and growled as he rammed his cock deeper and deeper and deeper into her with each stroke. She whimpered in protest. From time to time he'd let her try to get away, but then he'd yank her back like a rag doll and thrust very deeply into her pussy with force, just to prove to her that she wasn't in charge anymore. He was determined to teach her a lesson.

"Noooo! not like this, fuck me nicely," she whimpered. 

"Ohhh! Are you scared? wasn't this what you wanted, Bitch?" he grimaced.

She struggled and he let her free. She got up and moved away from him. 

"What? Don't tell me I scared you or did I? It's nolonger what you bargained for? Isn't this what you wanted? Isn't my cock what you needed?" he growled. 

"No I don't want to. Not like this." she cooed. "Please let's end this now. You seem overwhelmed with rage." 

He followed her around the room and stood in the doorway, blocking her escape. She stood next to the bed, her arms crossed defensively over her chest and staring with trepidation at his naked body. Lust and fear battled for control in her eyes. 

"Is something the matter, Princess?"

She‎ shivered as though a cold wind blew through the room.
 "I think I should leave," she said uncertainly.

He laughed. "Is that what you want, Princess? Are you sure?" He walked slowly towards her. "Do you really want to leave me? Are you sure you don't want me to cum again and in your pussy?"

He held his hard cock in his hand and stroked it. She looked down at his cock for a long moment and when she looked back into his eyes, nothing remained but her lust. She nodded obediently. 

"I want to make you cum," she whispered, her words dripping with desire. "I want you to fuck me, My Prince. I want your incredible cock inside of me. Your cock was meant to be inside me."

He reached out and caressed her face gently. She nuzzled against his hand, kissing his thumb as it passed over her lips. With his other hand he cupped one of her firm breasts, the nipple hard against his palm. She let out a soft, contented moan. His hand tightened on her breast until she shifted her body uncomfortably. He held onto her hair and pulled her close to him, she cried out in surprise and some of the fear crept back onto her face. She looked down at his enormous, erect cock and backed away until her legs bumped into the bed behind her. She was trapped.

He slapped her hard across the face and she tumbled backwards onto the bed, arms and legs splayed. Her nipples were hard as diamonds. Her inner thighs glistened with the juices of her arousal. Her clit was red and swollen with desire. 

"That's for druging me," he announced, taking hold of his cock and guiding it towards her wet pussy.
"And this is for thinking you could defeat me," he said as he forced his massive cock inside of her.

She screamed in pain and ecstasy as she was penetrated by the enormous head of his cock. She was cumming uncontrollably by the time he was halfway inside of her, but he didn't stop. He slid inch after endless inch into her pussy as she cried out his name. Her eyes bulged with panic as she felt the enormity of his cock inside of her. He leaned forward and began to ravish her breasts, ignoring her cries. He took each nipple into his mouth in turn, biting down until he was satisfied with her screams. Her arms and legs thrashed uncontrollably as orgasm after orgasm tore through her body. He stood before her and began to pump his cock in and out of her. He looked down at her with satisfaction. Her body was drenched in sweat. She shook her head convulsively from side to side, trying desperately to regain control of her senses, but she stood no chance against his relentless sexual power. He reached down and wrapped his strong hands around her sides. Her glistening abdominal muscles were tight against his thumbs and his fingertips met at her spine. He easily lifted her off the bed and began to fuck her standing, slamming his full length into her with every thrust. She attempted to raise herself up and wrap her arms around his neck for support, but she was overwhelmed by the sheer force of his thrusts and she fell limp, moaning every time his cock pounded into her pussy. He fucked her like a toy doll until her cries grew hoarse. He dropped her unceremoniously onto the bed, his cock sliding out of her with a loud, wet smack. He stared down at her until the shivering subsided and she began to raise herself to her elbows.

"Are you done cumming?" he mocked.

"My god, Sexy Prince," she panted. "I didn't know it was possible to cum so hard and so long. And you're so huge..."

Her eyes dropped back to his cock, pointing straight at her. It was massive, majestic, and wet with her cum. She shuddered uncontrollably at the mere sight of it.
"I'm going to need days of rest."

He laughed cruelly. "You've had all the rest you're getting," he informed her. "Time to make me cum."

Her eyes grew wide with terror, but she relaxed slightly as he climbed onto the bed and straddled her chest, laying his cock between her firm tits. She cupped her breasts in her hands, pressing them against the sides of his cock.

"Will you let me taste it?" she pleaded, looking up at him in worship. His cock, soaked with her juices, slid smoothly between her breasts as he gently rocked his hips. The enormous head forced itself into her mouth with every slow, rhythmic thrust, and she sucked it greedily every time it came within reach. It was an unbearably erotic scene, watching his cock slide along her body and into her mouth, as sweat beaded on the swell of her breasts. He finally allowed his arousal to build towards a climax. Her eyes were squeezed shut as she clutched her breasts together and made love to his cock with her mouth at the apex of every thrust. He reached behind himself, running a hand down her slick, flat stomach until he reached her dripping, abused pussy. She emitted a muffled scream of pleasure as his fingers found her clit and began to tease it mercilessly. It was only moments before she was in the throes of another orgasm and he used it to propel himself closer to his own climax, fingering her clit with increasing vigor and shoving his cock deeper into her mouth with every thrust until she once again lost all control of body and mind, her limbs thrashing wildly as she moaned frantically.

"You want a taste it, Princess?" he asked venomously, gripping her head by a fistful of hair and forcing her to look into his eyes. His cock was now so large that she could no longer fit even the head fully into her mouth.

"You want my cum, bitch?" he demanded.

Her eyes were wide with panic when he erupted into her throat. He shot load after load of hot cum into her mouth all the while shouting taunts down at her. Every burst of semen was accompanied by a "Whore!", "Slut!", "evil bitch" or "Cunt!"

When he was finished, he climbed off of her chest and stood beside the bed, watching as she rolled onto her stomach and coughed feebly. His cock had grown to unthinkable proportions with the force of his orgasm, and remained as rock hard as when he first took her.

"What's this?" he asked with mock surprise. "You want me to fuck you from behind?" He slapped her bare ass, leaving a stinging red imprint of his hand across butt cheeks.
She looked over her shoulder, still coughing, and shook her head in alarm. "No! Please!" she managed. "I can't take anymore. You win. I am defeated. I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have drugged you, I added sexual enhancer to the tranquilizer, it was a liquid aphrodisiac. I think that's why your cock won't loose the erection. I'm sorry, forgive me, let me go PLEASE!"

"Aphrodisiac huh? What ever made you think I needed that to fuck a bitch like you? Ofcourse I can do great on my own. Well then, you deserve what you get here."
He chuckled and forced the head of his cock into her aching pussy. She cried out, though he was not sure if it was from pain or pleasure this time. Nor did he care. He mercilessly slid several inches of his cock into her. When her screams subsided, she looked back at him pleadingly.
"Please, no more, My Prince. I beg you," she begged. "I promise I won't tell anyone about this. I'll be your slave any other day you need me. I'll do anything you want. But, please, no more!"

"Oh, it's far too late for that," he said softly. "I'm not scared of you telling anyone, you started it, you drugged me, and look, you are in my house. You came here to get fucked. Now I'll show you what true sexual power is."

And he began to fuck her doggy as her ass bounced with every hard thrust. Her body was entirely limp, but he continued to fuck her without mercy. She stared into nothingness, her mouth hanging open, emitting pathetic high-pitched moans each time he tore another orgasm from her unwilling body. The tears had dried on her face, leaving streaks of makeup along her cheeks. Her hair was tangled and knotted from being cruelly gripped by his strong fingers as he held her bent over the side of bed, slamming his enormous cock into her over and over and over.

"Water, I need water, Please." she begged.

He pulled out of her and rolled on the bed to the side, he opened the table top fridge beside the bed and I got out a bottle of water, he opened the cover and handed it to her, she got up and sat on the bed, he watched as she gulped the entire bottled in just one pour. Then she tossed the bottle on the ground.

"Big mistake Sexy Prince. You just resuscitated me. Now I'm back with a big bang. Get ready to be defeated. I'm going to chew you up and spit you out, and you shall call me, Victory."

He looked at her and grinned. She looked into his eyes, uncertainty flashing across her face. He grabbed her and threw her back unto the bed. She writhed erotically, motioning him towards her. He laid ontop of her and sucked her nipples,  a soft sigh escaped her lips, and she writhed, whispering encouragement.

She folded her hands over the shaft and rocked her hips slightly, rubbing her wet pussy against the throbbing vein running along the underside of his cock. "Give it to me, Sexy Prince" she begged.

He grinned down at her again and he shifted his body and guided his cock into her pussy. He pressed his weight forward and the head of his cock was slowly swallowed by her pussy.
"Oooooh, yes!" she moaned. He watched her in amazement as she began to writhe beneath him, slithering her body downward to take inch after inch of his cock inside of her pussy. He gripped her breasts in his hands, pinching the nipples hard between his thumb and forefingers, and forced himself farther into her. She writhed sensually, her warm hands running over his skin, pulling him towards her and into her.

"Impressive," he said.
He leaned over her and pinned her arms above her head, his lips brushing against hers. "But you can't handle this!" he assured her, and thrust his full length inside of her. She screamed and clawed at his back. "That's right, Bitch," he grunted as he pulled back and slammed his cock inside of her again. "Your reign is finally at an end. You will learn not to drug and seduce men again. I'm going to teach you to respect yourself and other people's properties."

She wrapped her arms and legs around him tightly and pulled him into a deep, passionate kiss. "I'm not finished yet," she said when their lips parted. Clutching him from below, She began to thrust her body against his. The muscles of her pussy gripped him tightly and he felt his perfect control begin to falter.
 "You're good, Sexy Prince. The best I've ever seen. But you can't defeat me."

He closed his eyes and concentrated on regaining control. She was thrashing her body against his, licking his neck and biting at his ears. She's fucking him, he realized she's taken control. The orgasm was welling up inside of him and he was powerless to stop it. She had gotten too good. Too perfect. Too sexually intoxicating. He braced himself and made one final effort to fight it down. She fought like a wildcat beneath him, scratching, biting, and wildly fucking his massive cock. He reached out a hand and gripped her by the throat, pressing her down against the bed. His eyes narrowed with hatred and determination. Her mouth opened but no sound came out. Fear shone in her eyes.

"Nice try," he growled down at her. "But you'll have to do much better than that." He stared into her eyes as he summoned every bit of his sexual power. She gasped as his cock grew inside of her. He began to fuck her, slowly at first, but with gradually increasing speed and power. With each powerful thrust, his confidence grew until he had perfect control. And as his's power grew, she faded. He could taste the victory. Her unimaginable limit for sex had finally been reached. She screamed wordlessly as he tore down the last of her sexual defenses. In mere minutes she was sobbing and begging for mercy, but he showed her none. He fucked her without inhibition. He fucked her like a god, taking a mortal for his amusement. She fought feebly against him, but he was far too powerful for her.
Grinning, he looked down at his unthinkably large cock, sliding endlessly in and out of her once-perfect body. His victory was complete. He basked in the knowledge that he had triumphed over the best. He was the ultimate object of sexual perfection and every woman in the world would fall over themselves to be with him. Seeing she was defeated, he knew it was time.

He started grunting and thrusting faster and faster. "Oh shit. Oh fuck. I'm g'onna fill you up, fucking bitch. Oh fuck! I'm cumming, oh yeah!"

He grunts as sweat trickles down his back as he fucks her faster. Soon, she can feel his rhythm increase even faster as he starts to climax. He thrusts all the way in with every stroke as his balls slap and he fucks her like an animal. Her eyes widen and she shakes her head, begging him with her eyes. She bucks her hips, struggling, but the only result is that he drives in deeper inside of her. He looks down at her deep into her eyes and smiles as he shoves in one last time, groaning and grunting as his hard cock erupt deep inside of her. His hot cum fills her up entirely as he thrusts some more, milking his cock in her pussy. He groans, exhausted as he falls off her, finally exhausted.

"I hope you've learned your lesson, Princess?" he mocked. but she lay limb and freaked out.

Finally, I can see her face, she wasn't looking as happy as she was earlier, her eyes were teary and full of regret, I wanted to kill her but the pain in her eyes was doing that for me. I looked deep in her eyes, and I said to her "Gift, why? Why have you destroyed the only joy in my life? Why Gift? Why?"
She begged me with her eyes, I lost my cool, I grabbed a club from nowhere and made to strike her with it screaming at her at the top of my voice. "You stupid fool, you've betrayed me!" I charged at her, screaming and cursing at her. Just before I could strike her, a hand grabbed me by the shoulder and shook me.

"Lulu, what is wrong, wake up, open your eyes."

It was my mother, she was shaking me by the shoulder. I opened my eyes, I was in my room. It occurred to me that I was having a dream, or should I say a nightmare. I was panting, covered and soaked in my own sweat.

"Lulu, are you okay?" Mama asked.

"Yes Mama, I'm fine. I had a nightmare. I replied.

"It must have been terrible, I heard you screaming from my room. What was it about? Do you want to talk about it?"

"No Mama, I'm fine. What's the time?"

"Its 4am. Why do you ask?"

"I have to go to Eric's place Mama. And now."

"Lulu, why not wait till day break?"

"No Mama, I must go there now!"

"Then I guess the dream was about him? Well okay, if you must go, take your brother with you."

"No Mama, I want to do this alone. I've got to go see things for myself."

I got of the bed, grabbed my set of keys with my car keys and left the room. Mama asked me to change out of my night wear but I ran out of the house, the gate was opened and I drove out like a lunatic. My heart was beating fast, I could not control it. I was scared, I didn't know what I will find. But I needed to go over there, I knew my dreams, they sometimes come true, my dreams are like revelations. My heart was pounding but I needed to do this. I was practically the only person on the road by that time, fear gripped me but I didn't care, i drove as fast as I could. I honked at the estate gate, the men came outside, and asked me to put on my inner light, I did, when they saw me, they quickly opened the gate and greeted me, "Good morning Princess Lucy." they all chorused. But I didn't respond. I got to his house and parked just behind his car, I quickly jumped out of the car and I took out my set of keys, I opened the door, the living room was dark, I knew my way around the house even in darkness, I picked an empty bottle from the table, held it tightly and tiptoed into the corridor. I walked into Eric's room. There he was, lying on the bed, in his pyjamas, alone. There was no sign of Gift anywhere, just My Prince charming. Sleeping peacefully. I sighed in relief, I lift up my eyes and exhaled 'Thank God'. I dropped the empty bottle and brought out my phone from my pocket and sent a text to my mother, "Don't worry Mama. Everything is fine, Eric is fine too." I quietly sneaked into bed and coiled up into his arms, he grabbed me into his embrace without even knowing it as his was still closed. I slept peacefully in his arms. That was all that mattered. In the morning, Eric was surprised to see me there, he asked when I got there, I told him 4am, he was curios. So I told him I had a dream about Gift and him having sex.

"What? Are you kidding me? You are joking right?" he laughed.

"Eric, this is not a laughing matter, my dreams are not something to laugh about. I'm serious."

"My Princess, do you know some dreams are as a result of fears and thoughts? You must have thought about it. How can you even think I would have anything to do with Gift. You know I can't stand her. You know this."

"I know, but still, you must be careful. Please don't take anything from her, drink, food, even a gum. I mean it."

Eric laughed, he had never seen me like that. He asked me to tell him about the dream, and I gave him every detail. He got hard and we made wild love, it was so wild and sweet, very passionate. It was as if he was trying to prove something to me and I took him as he gave.
Everything was normal, I went home later that day and I explained what happened to my mother.

"Stay away from that girl, Lulu. She is bad news."
Mama warned again.

"Yes, I've heard you Mama. I will reduce the times I hang out with her and after my wedding in four months time, I will cut her off completely. That seems fair."

"I've made my point. the earlier you stay away from that girl, the better for all of us." Mama added and walked out of the room.

Weeks passed and I saw less of Gift and she didn't make any effort. I didn't know if I was the one avoiding her or if she was the avoiding me. But one thing was sure, we saw less of eachother. True, we saw often in the lecture hall, that ofcourse was inevitable, sometimes we would sit and hang out around the campus or we will just part ways. Even Linda and Vera were surprised at the distance between Gift and I but the surprising thing was that she made no effort. Feeling it's a blessing in disguise we didn't care. They were glad her aching stomach wasn't that much around. I also noticed Gift wasn't showing up at the aerobics field where we went to work out on Saturdays.

"Its been three weeks and she hasn't been to the field." Vera said.

"Yeah, that's true. I hope she's okay though. She's been looking funny as if she had gained weight. Yet she won't come for aerobics." Linda added.

"Oh! Please guys, are you calling my best friend 'Fat'? I said with a giggled.

"Noooo. You know it would be rude. I said she has gained weight, I didn't say she's Fat." Linda replied. And we all laughed.

But it was true that Gift was looking pale and her face was always swollen. I felt she could be sick and it made me very unhappy. I decided to confront her. If she was sick, I wanted to be there for her. I drove to her place and I saw a new car parked in her compound. I parked right next to it. Gift came out to meet me, she was surprised to see me, and I was curios of the shock she expressed.

"August Visitor! Lucy, am I safe?"

"Ohh Gift relax," I laughed. "Its not a crime for me to come visit my best friend. Or is it?"

"No dear. You are welcome. Sit down. So tell me, what brings you?"

"I will go straight to the point Gift, what's wrong with you? You've not been looking well, you know you can talk to me."

Gift sighed, she made to speak but paused and smiled. Then finally, she spoke.
"Lulu, you and I have come a long way. So I won't even bother lying to you. I'm pregnant Lulu. It was meant to be a one night stand. But here I am."

"Ohhhh Gift, congratulations. This is good news babes. Why ain't you excited about it? Who is the father?"

"Excited? Lucy, he's a married man. An old man without kids. I think he's wife is barren. So he needs the baby. He's the one that sent me the new car you see there. To ease my movement. I was planning on aborting it but I don't know how my mother found out and she forbade it. So I guess I'm stuck with this pregnancy."

She lowered her head to the ground. I put my hand on her chin and lifted her face up.

"Hey Hey Gift, don't say you are stuck. You are not stuck. Children are blessings. I'm so envious of you right now."

She hit me softly on the shoulder, we both laughed and she said, "oh keep quiet Lulu, what's there to be jealous about?"

"I'm serious Gift, Eric wanted us to start a family soon, but I didn't want to till after graduation. I'm the one with a man, but you beat me to having a baby. I'm going to see Eric tomorrow so we can fix a date. The next two months should be fine. Intact, I don't think getting pregnant now will be a bad idea."

"Goodluck with that dear. Unfortunately, I can't be your maid of honor. Who wants a fat and pregnant maid of honor?"

We laughed so hard. I felt closer to Gift. She wasn't a bad person after all. We bonded again, and she asked me to be the baby's godmother which I accepted. She also said she will take me to go see her baby's father soon and i told her that I couldn't wait. I went home very happy. I told my parents about it and they were happy for Gift.
I went to see Eric that evening and when I told him about Gift's story, he insisted we made out our own baby soon and that night, he fucked me like never before. Eric was like an animal that night, he pounced on me. I fell onto the bed with him on top of me. He kissed me really hard and carelessly, on my neck, my shoulders, my chest, my lips.

He slipped his hand beneath my bra and squeezed my breast hard. He was practically kneading my breasts but I loved it. He continued to kiss me with wet, slippery kisses. I took off my g-string and begged him to finger fuck me. He obliged. I was so wet he slipped in two fingers with no hesitation. At one time he was finger fucking me, squeezing my breast and kissing me at the same time. It was the sweetest confusion. I couldn't understand how he got like this, we've always had a good sex life but ever since I gave him every single details of the dream I had about Gift and him, he had become an animal in bed. I couldn't complain, I loved it, but I was worried about what he was thinking while fucking me like that. Could he be thinking of Gift? Was he thinking about the details I gave him? Oh well, I decided to put all that aside and enjoy the moment. The thought of that dream got me all fired up, dripping wet like never before and horny as a fucking slut. At last, I couldn't hold it anymore. I wanted to wrap my pussy around his cock. Very bluntly, I told him to stop what he's doing. I think he was taken by surprise but he did as I told him to. I unzipped his jeans and his big cock sprung out, hard and glistening with pre-cum, what a delight. I licked my lips. First I licked the tip of his cock a couple of times, and then I sucked him. He was moaning loudly and it turned me on even more. But it was him who begged me to fuck him. I sat on him and must have ridden him for ten minutes before I had my first orgasm. I felt so powerful sitting on his cock and riding him tiill my second orgasm. Then we fucked doggy style, he fucked me so hard it was a little painful but it was so good I didn't want to stop. My buttocks were slapping his thighs so loudly and he was moaning and I was moaning.  Suddenly he pulled out and came all over my back. He got a towel, wiped my back clean, then we both collapsed side by side into the bed. We had a few hours nap, woke up and fucked again. It continued every day and every night, everytime Eric and I got the chance, we fucked, every chance and everywhere. I wasn't scared of getting pregnant anymore, it would be a blessing.
Few days later, Eric went on a trip to America. He said he was going to finalize some business plans. I escorted him to the airport, he almost forgot his ticket but thank heavens I found it in time. I went to my house to be with my family, three weeks without Eric was going to be hell. I sometimes escorted him on most of his trips abroad but this time I couldn't because I was wrapping up my studies so leaving town would be a bad idea. I felt so lonely without Eric and it showed, everyone teased me about missing my Prince. The following day, I decided to pay Gift a visit. But funny enough, when I got to her house, there was nobody home, no one, the cars were not there. That was strange, her father hardly went out on a Saturday, but today was different. No one was home. I was a bit worried and concerned, I called her phones but she didn't pick. I said a silent prayer in my heart for her, I wished she was alright. I decided to pay my inlaws to be a visit. The Queen loved fresh vesetables so my mother had gotten fresh ones from her farm that morning. I decided to take them to the palace for the Queen. On getting to the palace, I saw a lot of cars parked outside, I couldn't even drive in, there was no space. I parked my car and treked into the palace, the place was so busy, I was confused, I knew the palace is usually always busy, but on this particular day, it seemed like a ceremony. If there was a ceremonony, how come I wasn't invited? Maybe it's because the Prince was not around. I strolled in, I saw the king on the throne and his Queen sitting beside him, the Prince's seat was empty. Ofcourse it will be, the Prince is out of the country. Then my eyes suddenly fell on the two people in uniform, kneeling in from of the King with with their head bowed and the King's hands were on their shoulders as if he was praying for them. After he finished blessing them, they got up and turned to face the crowd. Who did I see? What was happening here? I closed my eyes and shook my head. I opened my eyes again, who was I looking at, Eric and Gift, in a matching attire. The crowd was cheering for them, congratulating them. the joy on Gift's face was priceless as she danced to the music. Eric's eyes finally met mine, I stood there, frozen, shocked, whatever other word there was. Eric suddenly made to approach me, as he ran towards me, my feet wobbled, and I fainted. That's the last thing I remembered until I woke up in the Queen's chambers with the Queen wiping my face with a cold, wet towel while her maids stood and watched. As soon as I woke up, the Queen asked her maids to excuse us. They courteceid and left the room. So, there I was, alone in the Queen's private chambers, with the Queen, wondering what was next.  

                 To Be Continued...........